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The Charm of Soul Pets

Author: Fishs Sky

Lastchapter: Chapter 464: Enter the Enemy’s Territory Alone

Updated: 2019-01-20 10:24

Chapter 464: Enter the Enemy’s Territory Alone
Chapter 463: Jungle Massacre, The Victor That Emerges 2
Chapter 462: Jungle Massacre, The Victor That Emerges
Chapter 461: A Wide Net In Waiting, Zhuo Xiao
Chapter 460: New Companion, Princess Jin Rou
Chapter 459: Seventh Realm, Cruel Realm Passing
Chapter 458: High Class Monarch, White Nightmare 2
Chapter 457: High Class Monarch, White Nightmare 1
Chapter 456: Dangerous Person, Chu Mu
Chapter 455: Departed World Gate, Seconds under the Other Pupil
Chapter 454: Hidden Expert, Luo Region Sect’s Jiang Zhi (2)
Chapter 453: Hidden Expert, Luo Region Sect Jiang Zhi
Chapter 452: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting One Person Pass (5)
Chapter 451: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting One Person Pass (4)
Chapter 450: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting Even One Person Pass (3)
Chapter 449: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting Even One Person Pass (2)
Chapter 448: Nightmare Realm Defender, Not Letting Even One Person Pass (1)
Chapter 447: Black Hand Behind the Scenes, Defector Young Woman
Chapter 446: Twelve Years, Exposed with One Word
Chapter 445: The Name that Shook the Realm, Soul Palace Chu Chen
Chapter 444: Soulless Dragon Species
Chapter 443: Sacred Region, Surprised Discovery of the Cyan Hidden Dragon!
Chapter 442: Wilted Sacred Blue Flower, Searching For Clues
Chapter 441: Overlapping Flames, Three Layers of Burning Flames
Chapter 440: Dream Back to Flower Sea, Terrifying Charm Girl
Chapter 439: Sacred Holy Region’s Riddle, Only One Direction
Chapter 438: Defector Young Woman - Human, Soul Pet?
Chapter 437: Second Realm, Hunting in the Sacred Holy Region (2)
Chapter 436: Second Realm, Hunting in the Sacred Holy Realm (1)
Chapter 435: The Hug after the Battle, Fluserting the Beauty’s Heart
Chapter 434: Sound of Victory, Highest Honor!
Chapter 433: Can Be Knocked Down, Cannot Be Defeated (2)
Chapter 432: Can be Defeated, Cannot be Knocked Down (2)
Chapter 431: Can Be Knocked Down, Cannot Be Defeated (1)
Chapter 430: The Fourth Wave, Invincible Fighting Beasts
Chapter 429: The Final Fighting Beast Howl
Chapter 428: Experienced with Group Battles
Chapter 427: Third Beast Fighting Wave, Terror Wolf Pack
Chapter 426: Peak Commander, Tenth Phase Flame Bird
Chapter 425: Beast Fighting Challenge Progressively Increasing in Difficulty
Chapter 424: First Realm, Honor Challenge
Chapter 423: Clash, Ghost King vs Protruding Bone Beast
Chapter 422: Commander Rank Difficulty, Completely Evolved Creature
Chapter 421: First Realm, Fighting Beast
Chapter 420: Li Hong, 10 Years as Master of the Throne
Chapter 419: Mo Xie, Thirteen Inferno Hells
Chapter 418: Realm Defender, Chu Mu
Chapter 417: New Pet, Binding Wind Spirit (2)
Chapter 416: New Soul Pet: Binding Wind Spirit(1)
Chapter 415: Wind Spirit Tear: Ninth Phase
Chapter 414: Wind Spirit Tears, Ninth Phase Binding Wind Spirit (1)
Chapter 413: Millionth Rank, Soul Pet Empire
Chapter 412: Ancient Wind Path, Wind Tribe
Chapter 411: Cooperate with the Binding Wind Spirit
Chapter 410: Binding Wind Holy Region, Embarking on a New Training Expedition
Chapter 409: Psychic Soul Pet Trainer, Chu Mu
Chapter 408: Soul Cleansing, Memory Wipe
Chapter 407: Power, Spirituality, Wisdom
Chapter 406: Mo Xie vs Binding Wind Spirit (2)
Chapter 404: Trending Name, Shocking Tian Xia (Shocking the World)
Chapter 403: Soul Alliances Secret, Memory Fluid
Chapter 402: Obliterating heart, Slaughtering Pool Beast
Chapter 401: Shen Yicheng? I Said To Kill Him!
Chapter 399: Undead Zhan Ye vs Ninth Phase Monarch (2)
Chapter 398: Undying Zhan Ye vs Ninth Phase Monarch (1)
Chapter 397: Bloodsucking Devil Tree Battle Soldiers Great Battle with the Devil Poison Vine
Chapter 396: Angry Beyond Imagination, Chu Mu(2)
Chapter 395: Angry Beyond Imagination, Chu Mu (1)
Chapter 394: Helpless Ye Qingzi
Chapter 393: Mysterious Medicine, Memory Fluid
Chapter 392: Ye Siblings Great Enemy, Shen Yichen
Chapter 391: Descendant of Undying Immortal, Ye Qingzi
Chapter 390: Night Operation (2)
Chapter 389: Night Operation (1)
Chapter 388: Leap through By Buildup, Eighth Phase Fifth Stage
Chapter 387: Eighth Rank New Soul Technique (2)
Chapter 386: New Eighth Rank Soul Technique (1)
Chapter 385: Luo Region Sect, Merchant Alliance, Soul Alliance
Chapter 384: Chu Clan Exile, Chu Tianqi
Chapter 383: Chu Family Brothers, Reunite in a Foreign Land
Chapter 382: Marketplace, Encountering Old Friends
Chapter 381: Another Chance at Capturing a Child Binding Wind Spirit
Chapter 380: Advanced Towering Ice, Eighth phase Ning
Chapter 379: Eccentric Teen, Chu Mu
Chapter 378: Accidentally Capturing a Mature Binding Wind Spirit
Chapter 377: Onslaught of Mental Demons, A Struggle of Willpower
Chapter 376: Life and Death, Tenth Rank Wind!
Chapter 375: Wind Monarch, Binding Wind Spirit!
Chapter 374: Four Great Wind Zones, Unknown World
Chapter 373: The Sobbing Monuments Enormous Painting, A Distant Memory
Chapter 372: Soul Palace Seven Sacred Grounds, Binding Wind Region (2)
Chapter 371: Soul Palace Seven Sacred Grounds, Binding Wind Region (1)
Chapter 370: Eighth Phase High Stage Night Thunder Dream Beast
Chapter 369: Violent Ghost King (2)
Chapter 368: Rock type Monarch, Violent Ghost Monarch
Chapter 367: Return, Rematch against Luo Peng
Chapter 366: Hellish Training, Desert Nomad
Chapter 365: Soul Pet Worlds Devil, Qin Ye!
Chapter 364: Emperor Species Mo Ye, Defying Rank
Chapter 363: Kill Thousands, Sudden Appearance of Expert
Chapter 362: The Third Tier
Chapter 361: Abnormal Level Young Expert
Chapter 360: Violent Scorpions from Four Sides, Sand Bone Basin
Chapter 359: Complete Counter, Ghost Kings Might
Chapter 358: Mysterious Housha Region, No One Has Stepped Foot Here Before
Chapter 357: Spoils of War After a Bloody Fight
Chapter 356: Moonlight, Blood and a Fierce Battle
Chapter 355: Eighth Phase, Demon Night Dream (2)
Chapter 354: Eighth Phase, Demon Night Dream (1)
Chapter 353: A Must Win Fierce Battle
Chapter 352: Only Fighting Will Result in Survival
Chapter 351: Accidentally Running into Fear Wolf Territory
Chapter 350: Life and Death Chase in the Yellow Sand
Chapter 349: Alarmed Nightmare Palace Lu Lishan
Chapter 348: Wait for the Trap, Natural Wood Trap
Chapter 347: Destructive Power, Ninth Rank hurricane
Chapter 346: Wind Spirit Guard, Tenth Phase Storm
Chapter 345: Evil Eye Demonic Pupil, Using Someone Elses Power to Clear the Path
Chapter 344: Lu Shanli, the most powerful second tier
Chapter 343: Ancient City, Night Encounter with Nightmare Palace
Chapter 342: Monarch Ghost Transformation, Absolute Defense
Chapter 341: Ruined Pillar Broken Wall, Nine Snake Lichen
Chapter 340: Mo Xies Evolution, Eighth Phase Inferno Fox
Chapter 339: Ancient City, Ancient Wind Spirit
Chapter 338: Second Grades Strongest, Hunter Wang Xu
Chapter 337: Invisible Black Hand, Xia Guanghan
Chapter 336: The Highest Authority Female
Chapter 335: Ten Years One Person, Realm Thrones
Chapter 334: A Win Drenched in Blood (2)
Chapter 333: A Win Drenched in Blood (1)
Chapter 332: Bloodthirsty Rage, Time of the Grim Reaper
Chapter 331: Scary Battle Surpassing Ranks
Chapter 330 - Nearing the Perfect Phase and Stage, Ninth Phase Terror Wolf
Chapter 329: Challenging Ones Limits, Eighth Rank Bewildering World
Chapter 328: Tenth level, Folding Skies Bewildering World
Chapter 327: Travelling East, Putting Out a Net
Chapter 326: Battle of the Realms Strength Ranking
Chapter 325: Ive Killed People Before, Conveniently Hunting (2)
Chapter 324: I Used to Kill, Hunting was just a Hobby (1)
Chapter 323: Glamorous Counterattack, Natural Wood Trap
Chapter 322: Decisive Fight, New Hunting King (2)
Chapter 321: Decisive Fight, New Hunting King (1)
Chapter 320: Soul Palace, Seven Diagram Saint Pets
Chapter 319: Opponent, Eighth Rank Title Female Soul Pet Trainer
Chapter 318: Chu Chen, What Person Is He?
Chapter 317: Young Man vs Middle Aged Man
Chapter 316: A Competition Without Age Restriction
Chapter 315: Hundred Million, Nine Tail Inferno Fox Heart
Chapter 314: You Didnt Treat Me Well Enough, Nightmare Palace
Chapter 313: A Womans Favorite, Butterfly Species Monarch
Chapter 312: The First to Arrive, Glamorous Smokescreen
Chapter 311: Break Through the Tunnel Alone
Chapter 310: Narrow Hidden Blade Path, Savage Bugs Everywhere (2)
Chapter 309: Narrow Hidden Blade Path, Savage Bugs Everywhere (1)
Chapter 308: Burn Ones Boat, Entering the Valley
Chapter 307: Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail
Chapter 306: Startled and Frightened Xia Guanghan
Chapter 305: Battle of the Realm, Emperor Soul Pet
Chapter 304: Nightmare Palace God, Half Devil
Chapter 303: Ice Cold, Deep Pond Removing Devil
Chapter 302: Human and Devil, Devil and Human
Chapter 301: The Fall of Many Experts, Shattered Heaven Strange Mark
Chapter 300: Not a Single One Will Leave Alive
Chapter 299: Memory Steal Anger of Sealing
Chapter 298 Mass Killing of Soul Pets Dimensional Devil Flame Sea
Chapter 297: The Strongest Soul Pet Formation in Li Citys History
Chapter 296: Approach the Battle Tenth Phase Pseudo-Emperor
Chapter 295: Supreme Diagram, Hidden Dragon and Half Devil
Chapter 294: Arrival, The Devil that Shocked the World (4)
Chapter 293: Arrival, The Devil That Shocked The World (3)
Chapter 292: Descent, World Startling Devil (2)
Chapter 291: Descent, World Startling Devil (1)
Chapter 290: From the Nine Underworlds, the Evil Devil Monarch
Chapter 289: Other Pupil, Devil Monarch, Chu Mu
Chapter 288: Eighth Rank Battle Technique, Five Night Inferno Fox Diagram
Chapter 287: Metamorphosis against a Powerful Opponent, Seventh Phase Mo Xie
Chapter 286: White Devil Flames In A Summit Contest
Chapter 285: The Great Battle of Li City, Hidden Dragons Might
Chapter 284: The Great Fight of Li City, Hidden Dragons Might
Chapter 283: The Great Fight of Li City, Hidden Dragons Might
Chapter 282: The Great Fight of Li City, Hidden Dragons Might
Chapter 281: Collision of Power, Dragon VS Beast
Chapter 280: Obliterating Heart, Killing the Gluttonous Insect Monster
Chapter 279: One of Five Summits, Xiao Ren
Chapter 278: The Cyan Hidden Dragon Awakens
Chapter 277: Half Devil vs Gluttonous Insect Monster
Chapter 276: White Pupil Burning
Chapter 275: A Race Against Time
Chapter 274: Split Off Reproduction, Cyan Hidden Dragon
Chapter 273: Underground World, Innards of a God (2)
Chapter 272: Underground World, Innards of a God (1)
Chapter 271: Doubled Plot
Chapter 270: Yu He, Dead
Chapter 269: Corpse Type Is Still The Same, Absorb
Chapter 268: Corpse Diagram, Corpse-Like Decay
Chapter 267: Shockwave Kill, Nine Tail Hammer
Chapter 266: Fighting Yu He in the Old Hall
Chapter 265: Confrontation of Schemes
Chapter 264: Beautys Night Words
Chapter 263: Finding the Cyan Hidden Dragon
Chapter 262: Kill Yu He, Palace Lord Yus Favor
Chapter 261: An Arena That Belongs To Only The Big Factions
Chapter 260: Whoever kills Duan Xinhe gets the Dragon Egg
Chapter 259: I am Yu He, Dong Qings Old Wound
Chapter 258: Comparing Calmness? Comparing Attitude?
Chapter 257: The Meeting Of Many Factions
Chapter 256: Underground Palace, Fake Masked Man
Chapter 255: Gluttonous Insect Monster Group
Chapter 254: Pursued by Death Through the City
Chapter 253: The Hundred Mothers Master
Chapter 252: Hidden Dragons White Cocoon Silk
Chapter 251: Exterminating Savage Creatures (2)
Chapter 250: Exterminating Savage Creatures (1)
Chapter 249: Cyan Hidden Dragon
Chapter 248: Attached Pet, Hundred Mother
Chapter 247: Devil Tree Battle Soldiers Poison Effect
Chapter 246: Devil Tree, Fighting One Versus Ten
Chapter 245: Nightmare Tree, Fighting One Versus Ten
Chapter 244: Searching for the Savages in a Rainy Night
Chapter 243: Devil Tree Battle Soldiers Transformation
Chapter 242: A Case With Boundless Danger
Chapter 241: Terrifying Plot
Chapter 240: Strange Demon Claw
Chapter 239: Night City Scare
Chapter 238: Li Citys Savage Creature (2)
Chapter 237: Li Citys Savage Creature
Chapter 236: Speed and Dodging, Li City Chase
Chapter 235: Kingdom Capital, Li City
Chapter 234: The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragons Level
Chapter 233: Whereabout of the Split Off Dragon Egg
Chapter 232: Eighth rank wood type soul crystal
Chapter 231: Ancient Azure Devil Tree
Chapter 230: Bell Noise Concubine
Chapter 229: Marsh Corpse Hand
Chapter 228: End of the Dark Forest
Chapter 227: Multikill, Bloody Devil Tree Battle Soldier
Chapter 226: The Strongest Absorbing, Life Force Absorbing (2)
Chapter 225: The Strongest Absorbing, Life Force Absorbing (1)
Chapter 224: Mutated Bloodsuck
Chapter 223: Devil Tree, Wood Finger Prison
Chapter 222: Abnormal Lineage, Coronary Bloodwood Demon
Chapter 221: Evoked Brave Jungle
Chapter 220: The Trap of Bloodsucking Wood Demon
Chapter 219: Thousand Wood City, Bloodsucking Wood
Chapter 218: Transcend, Yu Citys Appointed Fight
Chapter 217: Yu Hes Release
Chapter 217: Yu Hes Release
Chapter 216: Poisoned Ye Wansheng
Chapter 215: The Tenth Young Master
Chapter 214: Act First Talk Later
Chapter 213: Unbridled Inside Soul Palaces Great Hall
Chapter 212: Conspirer, Yu He
Chapter 211: Absolutely Better, Monarch Rank Talent
Chapter 210: The Ghost Kings Acknowledgement
Chapter 209: Capture War, the Battle with Ghost King (2)
Chapter 208: Capture War, the Battle with Ghost King (1)
Chapter 207: Monarchs Soul Scaring Chase
Chapter 206: Take A Risk, Gliding on Heavenly Crystal Peak
Chapter 205: Heavenly Crystal Peaks Master, Hegemonic Monarch
Chapter 204: Mental Combat against Ghost King
Chapter 203: Midair Flesh Fight, Zhan Ye vs Ice Winged Tiger (2)
Chapter 202: Midair Flesh Fight, Zhan Ye vs Ice Winged Tiger (1)
Chapter 201: Monarch Guard, Sturdy Rock General!
Chapter 200: Sixth Phase Ninth Stage, Getting Braver As It Fights
Chapter 199: Mass Kill, Severe Towering Ice
Chapter 198: Chaotic Fight on the Mountain Peak, Coming Across Life in Desperate Straits
Chapter 197: 800 Crafty Rock Guards!
Chapter 196: Mountain Peak Lone Fight
Chapter 195: The Ghost King on the Peak
Chapter 194: Cold Crushing Imprint, Seventh Rank Ice Technique
Chapter 193: Evolution, Seventh Phase Ning
Chapter 192: Crafty Rock Guard Group
Chapter 191: Escape, Danger
Chapter 190: Elemental Sects Trap
Chapter 189: Nings Broken Ice Domain
Chapter 188: Raging Flame Whirlpool, Raging Flame Fairy
Chapter 187: Mid Mountain Rock Cave
Chapter 186: Colored Sky North Mountain, Heavenly Crystal Peak Monarch
Chapter 185: Comprehend, Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 184: Soul Palace Young Master
Chapter 183: Ghost King
Chapter 182: Soul Capture Success
Chapter 183: Ghost King
Chapter 182: Soul Capture Success
Chapter 181: Four Colored Porcelain Spirit
Chapter 180: Untitled
Chapter 179: Ice Air Fairy vs. Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 178: Elemental Wall Design
Chapter 177: Tianxia Road
Chapter 176: Monument Tears1
Chapter 175: Swaying Mysterious Heaven Boundary Monument (2)
Chapter 174: Swaying Mysterious Heaven Boundary Monument (1)1
Chapter 173: Brave Stinging Heart, Sixth Phase Sixth Stage
Chapter 172: Forty Million Gold Coin Equipped Soul Pet
Chapter 171: Zhanli Kingdom, Elemental Sect
Chapter 170: Lost Soul Pet, Lost Ye Wansheng
Chapter 169: Insect Egg, Shiny Golden Gold Coins
Chapter 168: Zhan Yes New Technique, Heavenly Splitting Claw
Chapter 167: Eighth Phase Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect (2)
Chapter 166: Eighth Phase Six Winged Heavenly Devil Insect
Chapter 165: Entering Devil Insect Lair (2)
Chapter 164: Enter Devil Insect Lair (1)
Chapter 163: Insect Blood, Insect Guts
Chapter 162: Abandoned City, Lair Calamity
Chapter 161: Brave Stinging Heart
Chapter 160: Soul Teacher Ye Qingzi
Chapter 159: Same Species Devour, Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect
Chapter 158: Ninth Rank Heavenly Flame, Thousand Bugs Extinction! (2)
Chapter 157: Ninth Rank Heavenly Flame, Thousand Insect Obliteration! (1)
Chapter 156: Imprisoned in the Hibernating Desolation, Transforming Into A Half Devil
Chapter 155: The Scare of The Ninth Phase Monarch
Chapter 154: Insect Calamity, Hibernating Desolation(2)
Chapter 153: Insect Calamity, Hibernating Desolation (1)
Chapter 152: The Princess Taking Troubles To Heart
Chapter 151: Mountain Top Shaking, Heavenly Flame Rite
Chapter 150: Monarch vs. Monarch
Chapter 149: White Demonic Devil Flames, Spirit Master Chu Mu
Chapter 148: Awaken White Nightmare, Devilishly Alluring Princess!
Chapter 147: Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox VS Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox
Chapter 146: Insufferably Arrogant, The True Chu Mu
Chapter 145: Face Strong Opponent, Princess Joins the Battle
Chapter 144: White Clothed Guard, Powerful Main Pet
Chapter 143: Three Forms of Punishment, You Can Pick Any
Chapter 142: Insta Kill Purple Senluo
Chapter 141: Extravagant Gamble, Single Control vs Triple Control
Chapter 140: Clear the Place and Resolve the Battle!
Chapter 139: Chu Mu VS Chu Yue (2)
Chapter 138: Chu Mu vs Chu Yue (1)
Chapter 137: Coordinating With Ye Qingzi to Fight the Chu Family Experts
Chapter 136: Sealed Pet, Self-Destruction
Chapter 135: Invitation To Take Part In A Competition
Chapter 134: Chu Yue? Ill Stomp You All The Same!
Chapter 133: Single Control Challenging Chu Mus Triple Control?
Chapter 132: Ice Air Fairys Imposing Manner
Chapter 131: Ill Single Control, You Can Summon Whatever
Chapter 130: Hundred Valley, Eternal Blood Fruit
Chapter 129: Budding Emotions of Childhood, Chu Qian
Chapter 128: Chu Chen, Are You Stronger Than Chu Mu?
Chapter 127: Glazed Ice, Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 126: You Really Dont Have An Interest In My Sister?
Chapter 125: Treasure, Eighth Level Soul Crystal
Chapter 124: Ye Qingzi, Water Heart Healing Heart
Chapter 123: Hegemon, Centipede Tail Boulder Devil
Chapter 123: Pervert Ye Wansheng
Chapter 122: Luo Region Yang Family, Kill (2)
Chapter 121: Luo Region Yang Family, Kill (1)
Chapter 120: Killing People Is To Make Money Faster
Chapter 119: Sixth Rank Cold Pool, Hegemon Soul Pet
Chapter 118: Spiritual Items Should Be Fought Over
Chapter 117: Slippery Slope, First Cold Pond
Chapter 116: Purple Robe Dream Beast, Trained After Birth
Chapter 115: Banding Together, Vagrant Brother and Sister
Chapter 114: Polar Ice, Sin Source Cold Pond
Chapter 113: Cold Beauty, Noble Woman Liu Binglan
Chapter 112: Untitled
Chapter 111: Scorching Hot Soul
Chapter 110: Starlight Soul Pet, Noble Woman
Chapter 109: Xia Guanghans Malicious Pledge
Chapter 108: Terrifying Galactic Demon Emperor
Chapter 107: Destructive Power, Three Layered Heavenly Flame Rite
Chapter 106: Half Devil Chu Mu VS. Xia Guanghan
Chapter 105: Advance to Spirit Master, Becoming the White Devil!
Chapter 104: Inner Darkness, Soul Backlash
Chapter 103: Xia Guanghans Soul Pet, Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon
Chapter 102: Demon Night Dream, Double Dream (2)
Chapter 101: Demon Night Dream, Double Dream (1)
Chapter 100: Earth Fiend Dream Demon, Terrifying Dream Trap
Chapter 99: Perfect Girl, Deserted Soul Pet
Chapter 98: Marvel, Half Man Half Soul Pet
Chapter 97-2: Ancient Firmament Wood, Magnificence of a Crown
Chapter 97: Ancient Firmament Wood, Magnificence of a Crown
Chapter 96: Trap, Demon Feast
Chapter 95: Dream Underworld, Reverse Killing While Escaping
Chapter 94: The Ninth Rank Misleading World, Mysterious Forest World
Chapter 83: Heavenly Flame Rite, Killing a Spirit Master
Chapter 92: Forbidden Territory, Breaking Free From Nightmare Palace
Chapter 91: Seizing the Princess
Chapter 90: Princesss Late Night Visit
Chapter 89: Aiming for the Strongest of the Young Generation
Chapter 88: Evil Pupil Scare, Mind Control!
Chapter 87: Mutation, Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox
Chapter 86: Tail is a Foxs Honor!
Chapter 85: Dyed In Blood, Silver Colored Fox
Chapter 84: Perfect Warrior Rank VS Perfect Commander Rank
Chapter 83: Exquisite Dodging, Exceptional Speed
Chapter 82: Jia Region Fight
Chapter 81: Fight Under The Heavens
Chapter 80: Coincidentally Encountering Princess Jin Rou
Chapter 79: Ancient City on the Plains, Jia City
Chapter 78: Greater Fame
Chapter 77: Wanting to Kill, Acting an Escape
Chapter 76: Meeting a Powerful Enemy Alone
Chapter 75: Advancement, Eighth Remembrance Spirit Teacher
Chapter 74: Exterminating the Yang Family (3)
Chapter 73: Exterminating the Yang Family (2)
Chapter 72: Exterminating the Yang Family (1)
Chapter 71: Nameless Old Servant
Chapter 70: Ghost Type Seal, Blood Devil Seal
Chapter 69: Ghost Wing White Bone Blood Devil
Chapter 68: Continuous Revival, The Undying Zhan Ye (2)
Chapter 67: Continuous Revival, The Undying Zhan Ye (1)
Chapter 66: Should I Laugh Or Cry? The Mo Yes Turn to Fight!
Chapter 65: Monarch White Nightmare, Disregarding Blue Flames!
Chapter 64: A Gorgeous Yet Intense Fight of Existence
Chapter 63: Luo Region Nightmare Prince VS Prison Island King
Chapter 62: Chu Mu, King of Prison Island!
Chapter 61: Yang Family, A Great Catastrophe Is Imminent
Chapter 60: You Yang Family, Anyone Who Comes Up, I, Chu Mu, Will Kill
Chapter 59: Yang Familys Mysterious Contestant
Chapter 58: Killing To Bring Out the Familys Honor
Chapter 57: A Person Is Going to Die, Not A Soul Pet (2)
Chapter 56: A Person Is Going to Die, Not A Soul Pet (1)
Chapter 55: Summoning Three. All Dead
Chapter 54: Instant Combined Kill!
Chapter 53: The Weakest, Chu Mu, Leading The Fight
Chapter 52: Its Only That My Life is a Bit Tenacious
Chapter 51: Preliminary Competition of the Recommendation
Chapter 50: Cleansing the Chu Familys Inner Dirt
Chapter 49: Chu Familys Overbearing Eldest Young Lady
Chapter 48: Using the Yang Familys Money to Auction Against the Yang Family (2)
Chapter 47: Using the Yang Familys Money to Auction Against the Yang Family (1)
Chapter 46: Robbing and Killing Yang Mantian Father and Child(2)
Chapter 45: Robbing and Killing Yang Mantian Father and Child (1)
Chapter 44: Mo Ye, A Technique that Drove Opponents Crazy
Chapter 43: Devil Tree Demon
Chapter 42: Let Blood Rain
Chapter 41: Commotion in the Auction House
Chapter 40: Dark Night High Winds, Killing Night
Chapter 39: Territory Crisis(2)
Chapter 38: Territory Crisis(1)
Chapter 37: Causing the Entire Gangluo City to Shake in My Presence
Chapter 36: New Soul Pet - Mo Ye
Chapter 35: Raging Flame to the Rescue
Chapter 34: Family Group Encountering Misfortune
Chapter 33: Abandoned Soul Pet
Chapter 32: Mo Ye VS Mo Ye
Chapter 31: The Soul Pet With Exceptional Healing Ability(2)
Chapter 30: The Soul Pet With Exceptional Healing Ability (1)
Chapter 29: Tenaciously Fighting Mo Ye
Chapter 28: Chu Familys Clan Pet, Mo Ye
Chapter 27: Forest Gap, Forest Thing
Chapter 26: Im Fine, But We May Not Be Soon
Chapter 25: Abnormally Strong Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 24: Mo Xie Looks Upon the Fight With Contempt
Chapter 23: Things Are Different Now, A Powerful Chu Mu
Chapter 22: I, Chu Mu, Did Not Die. I, Chu Mu, Have Returned
Chapter 21: Nightmare Thunder Dream Beast, Incredible Speed
Chapter 20: Commander Rank Gale Colt
Chapter 19: Qin Familys Young Lady, Qin Menger
Chapter 18: Bestowed a Sixth Level Soul Armor
Chapter 17: The White Nightmare That Devours Nightmares
Chapter 16: Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox vs Blue Nightmare
Chapter 15: The Prison Island King That Lost A Soul
Chapter 14: The Fight Starts Now
Chapter 13: Killing People, Its Become Normal
Chapter 12: Effective Killing Weapon, Cold Poison Invasion
Chapter 11: One Day, Challenging Five People
Chapter 10: Luo Region Nightmare Prince, Yang Luosen
Chapter 9: Nightmare Palace
Chapter 8: Title, Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince
Chapter 7: Ice Air Fairy VS Blue Nightmare(2)
Chapter 6: Ice Air Fairy VS Blue Nightmare(1)
Chapter 5: If Hes Still Alive, This Position Might Not Be Yours
Chapter 4: Treasure, Violent Blood Pupil
Chapter 3: Split Off Hidden Dragon Egg
Chapter 2: Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon VS Mysterious Unknown Creature
Chapter 1: Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon
Chapter 114: Emerging from the Pupa, Ancient Soul Pet
Chapter 113: Yang Lengcang
Chapter 112: Molten Fury, Two Fires Merge
Chapter 111: Dream Shatter: Nightmare Descends
Chapter 110: Battle of the Silk Covered Skies
Chapter 109: Bug Kingdom, The Innards of a God
Chapter 108: Night Thunder Dream Beast
Chapter 107: Monarch Rank, White Nightmare
Chapter 106: Three Years
Chapter 105: The Most Beautiful Thing in the Heart
Chapter 104: Killing Cao Yi(2)
Chapter 103: Killing Cao Yi(1)
Chapter 102: Elegant Figure in the Rain
Chapter 101: New Soul Pet, Devil Tree Battle Soldier
Chapter 100: Metamorphosis of the Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 99: Soul Armor
Chapter 98: Illusion, Fatal Attack
Chapter 97: Wide Disparity
Chapter 96: Swallowing Star Wolf
Chapter 95: The Escaped Multi Colored Devil Tiger
Chapter 94: Old Injury, Defecting Soul Pet
Chapter 93: Ice Wall, Separation of Death
Chapter 92: Stalk and Assassinate
Chapter 91: Trapped Savage Beast (2)
Chapter 90: Trapped Savage Beast (1)
Chapter 89: Following Yang Clans Footsteps
Chapter 88: Stage Advance - Fifth Remembrance Spirit Soldier
Chapter 87: Soul Technique - Wind Dragon Bind
Chapter 86: Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox
Chapter 85: Species Mutation, Proud Mo Xie (2)
Chapter 84: Species Mutation, Proud Mo Xie (1)
Chapter 83: Fourth Phase Bloodthirsty Beast
Chapter 82: The Enemy Met with the Blade
Chapter 81: Rare Blood Beast, Yang Family
Chapter 80: The Ice Fairys Potential
Chapter 79: Dual Soul Summons
Chapter 78: Fragmented Map
Chapter 77: Innate First-Rate Ice Type Talent
Chapter 76: Capture- A New Soul Pet
Chapter 75: Ice Air Fairy
Chapter 74: Abnormal Metamorphosis, Gigantic Cocoon
Chapter 73: Cyan Bug Pupates
Chapter 72: Accidentally Entering the Resting Grounds of Ice Falcons
Chapter 71: Little Cyan Bugs Unprovoked Anger
Chapter 70: Middle Class Warrior Rank
Chapter 69: An Unknown Creature
Chapter 68: The Option of Seeking Death
Chapter 67: Prison Island - One out of Three Thousand Survives
Chapter 66: Opportunity to Live
Chapter 65: Unexpected Appearance, Fifth Phase White Nightmare
Chapter 64: Devil Fires Flame Awn - Burning Cao Yi
Chapter 63: White Flame, Chu Mus Anger
Chapter 62: Massacring the Entire Stadium (3)
Chapter 61: Slaughtering Everyone Present (2)
Chapter 60: Slaughtering Everyone Present (1)
Chapter 59: Declaration of Battle, The Fire of War Burns!
Chapter 58: Battle Awn - Reveal of Strength
Chapter 57: Fighting One Against Ten
Chapter 56: Mark, Seal Break
Chapter 55: Shadow Seizing Soul Fixation
Chapter 54: Comparable to a Commander Rank Soul Pet
Chapter 53: Striking Fox
Chapter 52: Instant Kill - Changing the Situation
Chapter 51: Triggering A Chaotic Battle
Chapter 50: Cao Yis Conspiracy
Chapter 49: Ten Man Free For All Battle
Chapter 48: Killing A Stage Two Gila Monster
Chapter 47: Heavenly Blue Gyokuro Pungen
Chapter 46: Second Phase Soul Pet Battle
Chapter 45: Not Enough Funds, Hunting Time
Chapter 44: Cyan Nightmare Main Island
Chapter 43: Water Sprite
Chapter 42: Leaving Cyan Nightmare Island
Chapter 41: New Battle Technique: Flaming Awn
Chapter 40: Training- Heading Towards a Ninetails Transformation
Chapter 39: Evolution: The Second Phase
Chapter 38: Murderer, Chu Mu
Chapter 37: Advanced Level Battle Technique and A Moon Blade
Chapter 36: If Youre Courting Death, Let Me Help You
Chapter 35: The Last Fight
Chapter 34: Victory: Ruthlessness When Least Expected
Chapter 33: Elimination, Death
Chapter 32: Fear Wolf, The Foremens Ruthlessness
Chapter 31: Chu Mu: The Strongest, Hidden The Most Deeply
Chapter 30: Death Notice: The Decisive Battle Has Been Shifted Forward
Chapter 29: The Foremens Anger
Chapter 28: Devil Crying in the Night
Chapter 27: Duo Type Soul Crystal
Chapter 26: Lethal Moonlight
Chapter 25: Pitiful Appearance, Mo Xies Disguise
Chapter 24: Soul Technique, Chong Mei
Chapter 23: The One Who Died Was Luo Chen
Chapter 22: Stage Nine Flametail
Chapter 21: Murder, The Indifferent Fox
Chapter 20: A Crisis Appears
Chapter 19: Ripping Apart the Hundred Eyed Palm
Chapter 18: Encountering a Powerful Enemy
Chapter 17: The Nightmares Advent
Chapter 16: Second Stage Defeating a Third Stage
Chapter 15: Ten Legged Centipede
Chapter 14: New Ability, Ripping Claw
Chapter 13: Provocation, Duel Invitation
Chapter 12: Grind, Train, Improve
Chapter 11: Growth, Stage Two Moonlight Fox
Chapter 10: The First Fight, Bramble Demon
Chapter 9: Soul Pact; Obtaining a Mutated Soul Pet
Chapter 8: Species Mutation, Moonlight Fox
Chapter 7: Surpassing 9th Stage Organism
Chapter 6: Trapping and Capturing a Soul Pet
Chapter 5: Bramble Demon
Chapter 4: Looking for a New Soul Pet
Chapter 3: Coerced into Death
Chapter 2: Survival Instinct
Chapter 1: Nightmare Island