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Invincible Conqueror

Author: Shen Jian

Lastchapter: Chapter 121: Hunt!

Updated: 2017-05-13 16:12

Chapter 121: Hunt!
Chapter 120: Spirit Beast!
Chapter 119: Kill Them All!
Chapter 118: Crawl from Here
Chapter 117: Duan Wuhen
Chapter 116: Duanren Empire Intervention
Chapter 115: A Heavenly Treasure is About to Appear!
Chapter 114: The Vision Manifestation of Heavenly Treasure Appears!
Chapter 113: Leaving In Embarrassmen
Chapter 112: The Yang Family’s Arrival!
Chapter 111: Of Course We Won’t Let It End Like This!
Chapter 110: Kaiser Lion Transformation
Chapter 109: Yang An is Here!
Chapter 108: What, Do You Dare to Do Something To Me?
Chapter 107: Really Is the Patriarch’s Old Man?
Chapter 106: "I’m His Old Man!"
Chapter 105: Running Into Each Other Again
Chapter 104: Slander and Trus
Chapter 103: Running into Bandits
Chapter 102: The Yuwai Kingdom
Chapter 101: Breakthrough ? the Ninth Order
Chapter 100: Yu Ming Missing
Chapter 99: This Freak of a Man!
Chapter 98: Wings of Demon
Chapter 97: Four Years Passed
Chapter 96: Arrest Him
Chapter 95: The Martial Ning Family
Chapter 94: Strange Little Town
Chapter 93: Class Advancement Tes
Chapter 92: Opening the First Layer of Linglong Treasure Pagoda
Chapter 91: Breakthrough to the Seventh Order
Chapter 90: Wrath of the Nether King
Chapter 89: Back to Tianxuan Mansion
Chapter 88: Are There So Many Coincidences?
Chapter 87: Let Them Eat at the Floor Below
Chapter 86: Huang Ming and Sons, Killed
Chapter 85: Gifted to Me
Chapter 84: Eldest Uncle is Wrong
Chapter 83: What Thingy is Big Sword Sect!
Chapter 82: Roll Out Here!
Chapter 81: Dad Was Wounded!
Chapter 80: Mishap in the Eastern Courtyard
Chapter 79: Huang Xiaolong Goes Home
Chapter 78: Heavenly Treasure List Number One
Chapter 77: Heavenly Treasure
Chapter 76: Asura’s Gate Headquarters
Chapter 75: Pagoda
Chapter 74: Cultivating In The Dragon Flame Valley
Chapter 73: The Academy Competition Comes to An End
Chapter 72: Huang Xiaolong’s Martial Spiri
Chapter 71: Call Out Your Martial Spiri
Chapter 70: Unwilling to Throw in the Towel Without A Figh
Chapter 69: Not Necessarily
Chapter 68: King Lu Zhe
Chapter 67: The Academy’s Annual Competition Begins
Chapter 66: Should Be A Tie
Chapter 65: Return to the Royal City
Chapter 64: Just One Sword Strike
Chapter 63: Underground Giant Tree
Chapter 62: Poison Blood Palm
Chapter 61: Eradicate the Marshal’s Mansion?
Chapter 60: Isn’t he your Illegitimate Son?
Chapter 59: Receive Huang Xiaolong as a Disciple?
Chapter 58: You Didn’t Understand My Meaning?
Chapter 57: What Kind of Heaven-defying Talent is this?
Chapter 56: Four Breaths?
Chapter 55: Challenge All New Students!
Chapter 54: New Students Assessmen
Chapter 53: Be
Chapter 52: Invincible Throughout?
Chapter 51: Something Big Happened!
Chapter 50: Dare to Hurt Young Master!
Chapter 49: Ought to be beheaded!
Chapter 48: Revoked Qualifications
Chapter 47: Sovereign Invincible Throughout!
Chapter 46: Imperial City Battle
Chapter 45: Meeting Li Lu Again
Chapter 44: Stolen From Our Auction House
Chapter 43: Duanren Empire
Chapter 42: Xiantian Warrior
Chapter 41: Who Dares to Hurt My Junior Brother!
Chapter 40: Junior Brother’s in Trouble!
Chapter 39: Marshal’s Not In?
Chapter 38: At The Delicious Restaurant!
Chapter 37: Notify The Duke’s Mansion
Chapter 36: Luo Tong Royal City
Chapter 35: Martial Spirit Strengthening
Chapter 34: Framed
Chapter 33: Asura Demon Claw
Chapter 32: Fei Hou’s Martial Spiri
Chapter 31: Silvermoon Fores
Chapter 30: Leaving Huang Clan Manor
Chapter 29: Asura Sword Skill – Second Style
Chapter 28: The Peak of Late-Tenth Order!
Chapter 27: This is Truly Fair
Chapter 26: Fear?
Chapter 25: The Annual Clan Assembly is Here Again!
Chapter 24: Protecting Loved Ones
Chapter 23: Making an Exhibition of Oneself
Chapter 22 : Just a Lowly Slave, What Qualifications?
Chapter 21: Asura’s Gate Disciple
Chapter 20: Li Mu’s Celebration
Chapter 19: Body Metamorphose Scripture – Fourth Stage
Chapter 18: Battle Skill Training
Chapter 17: Only Huang Wei Is Going In
Chapter 16: Breakthrough Fourth Order
Chapter 15: A Slipped Of Hand
Chapter 14: Second Order Warrior!
Chapter 13: Hit Until Your Dad Can’t Recognize You!
Chapter 12: The Annual Clan Assembly Begins
Chapter 11: How Did You Advanced To First Order?
Chapter 10: Thousand Year Old Leirion Heart Grass
Chapter 09: Sabers of Asura
Chapter 08: Fortuitous Adventure at the Bottom of the Lake
Chapter 07: An Odd Valley
Chapter 06: It Is Useless to Beg Me!
Chapter 05: Wants To Cripple Both Of My Arms?
Chapter 04: The Annual Clan Assembly
Chapter 03: Only Xiaolong is Excluded
Chapter 02: Grade Seven Martial Spirits?
Chapter 01: Snow Wind Continen