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Poison Genius Consort

Author: Jie Mo

Lastchapter: Chapter 678: Tang Li’s wedding 3

Updated: 2019-01-23 10:13

Chapter 678: Tang Li’s wedding 3
Chapter 677: Tang Li’s wedding 2
Chapter 676: Tang Li’s wedding 1
Chapter 675: In terms of taking liberties
Chapter 674: Consequences
Chapter 673: You betrayed this crown prince
Chapter 672: The true plan to lure the snake out of its hole
Chapter 671: The Duke of Qin makes a major move
Chapter 670: What are the results?
Chapter 669: Base and despicable, luring the snake out of its hole
Chapter 668: Aunt Ru, is it you?
Chapter 667: Who is the traitor?
Chapter 666: Feel this, my heart is warm
Chapter 665: Can you marry her without a heart?
Chapter 664: Proposing marriage, another disturbance appears
Chapter 663: He’s useful
Chapter 662: Beiyue, there’s hope
Chapter 661: You guys can go duke it ou
Chapter 660: It’s too late for Duanmu Yao to repen
Chapter 659: Long Feiye, are you saying it or no
Chapter 658: This wangfei is nothing but magnanimous
Chapter 657: Who stole her things?
Chapter 656: Defeat her with one move
Chapter 655: Thank goodness you like me too
Chapter 654: Remember to return it to your lordship
Chapter 653: A warning from master
Chapter 652: Chu Qingge offers advice
Chapter 651: If you’re hard-hearted, I’ll be unfair
Chapter 650: If you have the skills, come steal i
Chapter 649: Who’s more wicked?
Chapter 648: The accidental meeting at the door
Chapter 647: Master is a pitiful figure too
Chapter 646: Why should he?
Chapter 645: Unexpected situation
Chapter 644: Duanmu Yao is crippled
Chapter 643: Yunxi knows how to be wicked, too
Chapter 642: I’m only responsible for you
Chapter 641: Results of the negotiation
Chapter 640: Ye-Xi helps each other secure a definite victory
Chapter 639: Tang Clan, Yunxi’s coming
Chapter 638: Husband and wife’s professional inquiries
Chapter 637: Sister-in-law, do you have any drugs?
Chapter 636: The news breaks out
Chapter 635: Just who bullied whom?
Chapter 634: A successful scheme against Tang Li
Chapter 633: Chance encounter, long farewells
Chapter 632: What sort of person is the fiancée?
Chapter 631: Good news and bad news
Chapter 630: If force won’t get things done, use submission
Chapter 629: A heart-pounding event
Chapter 628: Sharing in their secrets
Chapter 627: The third trial (4)
Chapter 626: The third trial (3)
Chapter 625: The third trial (2)
Chapter 624: The third trial (1)
Chapter 623: Hmph, I’ll bite you all to death
Chapter 622: She fears that the spring breeze will never come again
Chapter 621: Admitting defeat is the solution
Chapter 620: Just who’s the idiot?
Chapter 619: Pill King, a plot afoot
Chapter 618: A soft and gentle heart is the most vicious kind
Chapter 617: Qi gege eats vinegar
Chapter 616: Celestial Mountain Sword Sect gets involved
Chapter 615: Concealing the facts, a big misunderstanding
Chapter 614: Concealing the facts, endless lies
Chapter 613: He really did take care of it in the past
Chapter 612: They come to a tacit understanding
Chapter 611: Verifying one’s identity
Chapter 610: He isn’t really angry
Chapter 609: Qin Wangfei loses her temper
Chapter 608: Comparing the Qin and Ning lords
Chapter 607: Gentleman.
Chapter 606: Where is Gu Beiyue?
Chapter 605: We cant owe him
Chapter 604: Difficulties, the Chu Clans choice
Chapter 603: A hug owed
Chapter 602: Abrupt change, Tianhui passes away
Chapter 601: When the hostage appeared
Chapter 600: Costing you an arm
Chapter 599: Panic, a quick battle to force a decision
Chapter 598: Riding on the same horse, the woman who’s the source of all troubles
Chapter 597: War beings, Cloud Realm Continent in chaos
Chapter 596: The imperial clan orphan still exists
Chapter 595: Then let’s destroy him
Chapter 594: Specifically asking for Gu Beiyue
Chapter 593: A certain man and woman team up
Chapter 592: Does it taste sour?
Chapter 591: First time meeting the general
Chapter 590: A bet with 50 percent success
Chapter 589: Coming on their own initiative
Chapter 588: Blood siblings of the Di Clan
Chapter 587: Golden aura, birth of a sage emperor
Chapter 586: So breezy and carefree
Chapter 585: The history of the protectors
Chapter 584: Noble Consort Ning has no son
Chapter 583: Fierce yet mysterious people
Chapter 582: Earthshaking, a contest of strength between titans
Chapter 581: Trust thrown to the dogs
Chapter 580: Feigning, real or pretend?
Chapter 579: Shocking, who’s been held under duress?
Chapter 578: The Chu Clan has to have a plot
Chapter 577: Definitely won’t hold back
Chapter 576: Who has the better move?
Chapter 575: Even the mother is jealous
Chapter 574: A promise, forever and ever
Chapter 573: Sowing discord, the Duke of Qin’s huge stakes
Chapter 572: Paying a massive price
Chapter 571: Trying too hard, doing too much
Chapter 570: From interrogation to seduction
Chapter 569: First battle, the price of a sharp tongue
Chapter 568: Secret, the whole world knows
Chapter 567: Inferior to a femme fatale
Chapter 566: Agree or disagree?
Chapter 565: Who’s the ultimate winner?
Chapter 564: Interrogation, playing wicked
Chapter 563: Interrogation, Wood of Ten-Thousand Poisons
Chapter 562: Words appear on the blank stele
Chapter 561: Midnight dreams of Little Qi (4)
Chapter 560: Midnight dreams of Little Qi (3)
Chapter 559: Midnight dreams of Little Qi (2)
Chapter 558: Midnight dreams of Little Qi (1)
Chapter 557: Is it that great to live forever?
Chapter 556: Go back and tell her
Chapter 555: Fighting back after being oppressed (2)
Chapter 554: Fighting back after being oppressed (1)
Chapter 553: Strange, who put out the fire?
Chapter 552: She said, we’ll stand by your side
Chapter 551: I won’t forgive you the second time around
Chapter 550: Can you be any stupider?
Chapter 549: Critical juncture, he’s going to jump off a cliff
Chapter 548: Successfully taken in
Chapter 547: Would it hurt him?
Chapter 546: Travesty, stripped of noble titles
Chapter 545: Beiyue’s doting ways
Chapter 544: It was there from the start
Chapter 543: Accompany His Highness Duke of Qin for a meal
Chapter 542: Toxic teardrops again
Chapter 541: Who has the most tragic end?
Chapter 540: Obtaining a piece of evidence
Chapter 539: Men, make a vow
Chapter 538: A joke, claiming ties of kinship
Chapter 537: His Highness Duke of Qin’s been tamed
Chapter 536: Willing to pledge loyalty for generations
Chapter 535: Pill King at the Grand Medicine Testing Convention
Chapter 534: Exposé at the Grand Medicine Testing Convention
Chapter 533: Cheating at the Grand Medicine Testing Convention
Chapter 532: Admitting defeat at the Grand Medicine Testing Convention
Chapter 531: Competing at the Grand Medicine Testing Convention
Chapter 530: Unforeseen circumstances at the Grand Medicine Testing Convention
Chapter 529: Trumping up countercharges at the Grand Medicine Testing Convention
Chapter 528: Substitute for the Grand Medicine Testing Convention
Chapter 527: Teaching with words and personal examples
Chapter 526: No one received them as guests
Chapter 525: Do you know? I like him
Chapter 524: Meat on the chopping block
Chapter 523: The beginning of unrest at Medicine City
Chapter 522: Never let her know
Chapter 521: Ouyang Ningnuo’s thoughts
Chapter 520: Mu Linger’s marriage affairs
Chapter 519: Two men discuss their terms
Chapter 518: Men, duke it out
Chapter 517: Su Xiaoyu finds her out
Chapter 516: Gu Qi Sha, wait for me
Chapter 515: Perfectly justified to capture her
Chapter 514: Will he come?
Chapter 513: Willing or unwilling?
Chapter 512: Do as you please, you’re in charge
Chapter 511: Will he show up?
Chapter 510: Raising a ruckus all the way home
Chapter 509: Han Yunxi, you’re the one robbing us outright
Chapter 508: Mu Yingdong, you’re simply robbing us outright
Chapter 507: We’ll be cooperating long-term
Chapter 506: Why don’t you leave?
Chapter 505: He’s the most suspect
Chapter 504: Pretending for a lifetime
Chapter 503: Drink your medicine
Chapter 502: Getting the greatest gains
Chapter 501: The Duke of Qin is the first to leave the city
Chapter 500: Antidote, do you believe him or me?
Chapter 499: The Duke of Qin’s instigation
Chapter 498: A summons, His Highness personally arrives
Chapter 497: The scales tip
Chapter 496: Obsession
Chapter 495: The start of unrest
Chapter 494: She doesn’t dare to consider the truth
Chapter 493: Do I need to explain my actions to you?
Chapter 492: The gentleman finds out
Chapter 491: Her medical pouch
Chapter 490: Try and yell at her again
Chapter 489: Searching in all eight directions
Chapter 488: Who kept the Duke of Qin behind?
Chapter 487: Do you want them to catch adulterers in the act?
Chapter 486: Lass, just repay me with your body
Chapter 485: This fellow won’t die
Chapter 484: Unexpected turncoats
Chapter 483: So, Imperial Physician Gu knows how to joke
Chapter 482: Extremely sour
Chapter 481: Halfway through the slaughter, a girl appears
Chapter 480: The aftermath of bribing the Duke of Qin
Chapter 479: Who moved into the Duke of Qin’s estate?
Chapter 478: The Duke of Qin’s generous piece of work
Chapter 477: Lil Thing’s miraculous help
Chapter 476: Wait until we find it first
Chapter 475: Sarcastically prodding into action, wanting to cry but having no tears
Chapter 474: Han Yunxi says one thing and means another
Chapter 473: Is this a villain doing dirty to a villain?
Chapter 472: Busy, bustling Han Yunxi
Chapter 471: What the white-robed gentleman detests
Chapter 470: Lie to me once, I’ll count it as 100 times
Chapter 469: We need to find Qishao to help
Chapter 468: If you want me, then you can have me
Chapter 467: The exact same move aimed for the heart
Chapter 466: Han Yunxi’s serious side
Chapter 465: A very provoking sight
Chapter 464: Contesting over quantities
Chapter 463: An angry wangfei
Chapter 462: No way to refute
Chapter 461: Hand over Mute Granny
Chapter 460: Your lordship rather likes wine red
Chapter 459: I’ll boil them to death
Chapter 458: Unexpected situation
Chapter 457: A human heart must have compassion
Chapter 456: Giving her a thorough lesson
Chapter 455: Indignant, wanting to claim damages
Chapter 454: You’re your lordship’s wangfei
Chapter 453: Are you closing the distance to me?
Chapter 452: So comfortable
Chapter 451: Establishing a new imperial clan
Chapter 450: The facts are like so
Chapter 449: With regards to happiness
Chapter 448: Fiendish genius leaves a move
Chapter 447: Does he really not want her anymore?
Chapter 446: The Seven Noble Families’ Nether Clan
Chapter 445: What did she see?
Chapter 444: Is there, isn’t there
Chapter 443: Completely soaked
Chapter 442: Long time no see
Chapter 441: Already fed up with it
Chapter 440: Descendants of nobility
Chapter 439: Losing him massive face
Chapter 438: Careful, there’s a high-level expert
Chapter 437: This young master kills without mercy
Chapter 436: A fellow brother and His Excellency
Chapter 435: This fellow wants you dead
Chapter 434: An accident, or premeditated?
Chapter 433: Something big happens at the estate
Chapter 432: A tender heart severs itself from the gentleman
Chapter 431: Very beautiful
Chapter 430: Everyone admires, envies, and hates
Chapter 429: He dotes on a woman so well
Chapter 428: Han Yunxi finally stumbles
Chapter 427: Cheap shots from cheap shots
Chapter 426: A complicated situation
Chapter 425: His Highness Duke of Qin has his little moods too
Chapter 424: Deliver the Buddha to the west
Chapter 423: A status she dislikes
Chapter 422: Awarding a drink of water
Chapter 421: Does this count as protecting you?
Chapter 420: I’ll give you a piece of my loyal heart
Chapter 419: We have to find Gu Qi Sha
Chapter 418: Unexpectedly, the situation turns urgent
Chapter 417: It doesn’t have anything to do with you
Chapter 416: I’ll serve you for a lifetime
Chapter 415: Qishao’s out of the loop
Chapter 414: What’s there to talk about?
Chapter 413: Have him bring it over
Chapter 412: The Duke of Qin reveals his weak spot
Chapter 411: Guess your lordship’s thoughts
Chapter 410: Pride of the Duke of Qin
Chapter 409: Definitely taking liberties
Chapter 408: A storm is coming, yet you’re still at ease
Chapter 407: Bloodstain, accidental discovery
Chapter 406: The duke’s rage dashes to the skies
Chapter 405: Bristling rage on her pretty face
Chapter 404: Wangfei’s wrath
Chapter 403: Satisfactory retaliation
Chapter 402: They actually found it
Chapter 401: Intense rivalry
Chapter 400: A pretty good mood
Chapter 399: Trade consortium, taking a step back
Chapter 398: Overwhelming victory
Chapter 397: Unexpectedly, it’s her
Chapter 396: A sincere heart
Chapter 395: Is Your Highness planning a surprise?
Chapter 394: Only he’s allowed to bully
Chapter 393: Qi gege
Chapter 393: Qi gege
Chapter 392: Yunxi’s intuition
Chapter 391: His lies, her honesty
Chapter 390: A white-robed gentleman comes for tea
Chapter 389: Wangfei can’t know
Chapter 388: Anyone can make mistakes, forgive them when you can
Chapter 387: Emperor Tianhui is so vexed
Chapter 386: But he’s not willing
Chapter 385: Esteemed wangfei is impressive
Chapter 384: Are you done pretending yet?
Chapter 383: Time to give up the grain
Chapter 382: Someone wants to trap His Highness Duke of Qin
Chapter 381: Long Feiye’s methods
Chapter 380: Crash…for your lordship
Chapter 379: You can afford to cause a scourge with your lordship
Chapter 378: His Highness Duke of Qin embezzles
Chapter 377: Reward, I want your everything
Chapter 376: Cut, cut, cut
Chapter 375: Haggling, who’s the most ruthless one?
Chapter 374: Hopeless, dragging Northern Li underwater
Chapter 373: I like that perfect cunning
Chapter 372: Then let’s use my feet
Chapter 371: Who’s the one who can’t help it?
Chapter 370: The first riot in black market history
Chapter 369: Black market, Yunxi’s brilliant scheme
Chapter 368: Not even going to the disaster area
Chapter 367: It’ll just be you for the future
Chapter 366: How about serving by your side?
Chapter 365: Long Feiye, I missed you so much
Chapter 364: Gu Beiyue’s worries
Chapter 363: The most formidable man
Chapter 362: Concern for the chaos
Chapter 361: Results bear fruit
Chapter 360: Constantly protecting you
Chapter 359: Is there anything more tragic than this?
Chapter 358: Your lordship will remember
Chapter 357: The Duke of Qin is the worst (3)
Chapter 356: The Duke of Qin is the worst (2)
Chapter 355: The Duke of Qin is the worst (1)
Chapter 354: A feeling of admiration surges like a river
Chapter 353: Outwardly docile, inwardly devious
Chapter 352: Flaunting wealth ahead of the marriage
Chapter 351: Why wouldn’t she take revenge?
Chapter 350: Has his feelings changed?
Chapter 349: Never going back
Chapter 348: Wedding, big news
Chapter 347: Your Highness, you took offense
Chapter 346: I’m happy because you’re unhappy
Chapter 345: Truly unhappy
Chapter 344: A big disaster
Chapter 343: What was the motive?
Chapter 342: Beiyue, you’re the only one left
Chapter 341: Truth of the Medicine Fan
Chapter 340: The disappointing final conclusion
Chapter 339: Clever people may be victims of their own cleverness
Chapter 338: The pattern of a nightmare emerges
Chapter 337: Unexpected appearance of the Serpent Frui
Chapter 336: Asking you ’til you’re speechless
Chapter 335: Distressed to the point of rage
Chapter 334: For the estate’s matters, you decide
Chapter 333: So many things she doesn’t know
Chapter 332: Warmth like an April spring breeze
Chapter 331: He laughed
Chapter 330: Still pleased and unrestrained?
Chapter 329: No need for the original arrangements
Chapter 328: With regards to being biased
Chapter 327: The person that Emperor Tianhui fancies
Chapter 326: Homicide, the empress dowager’s invitation
Chapter 325: Wouldn’t you profit then?
Chapter 324: Let this fellow have a kick
Chapter 323: Voyeurism, what does she want to see?
Chapter 322: She can’t be helped
Chapter 321: Someone feels distress for her sake
Chapter 320: A good mama atones for her crimes with good deeds
Chapter 319: The world is bigger than you think
Chapter 318: The purpose of the uncle’s visit
Chapter 317: Medical supplement, hard to tell true from false
Chapter 316: You can’t die, keep living
Chapter 315: You were sent to poison
Chapter 314: Monarch’s Word, the sound of the qin is like the sound of your voice
Chapter 313: Respectable, winning without playing
Chapter 312: Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet (6)
Chapter 311: Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet (5)
Chapter 310: Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet (4)
Chapter 309: Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet (3)
Chapter 308: Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet (2)
Chapter 307: Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet (1)
Chapter 306: Actually, she saved her
Chapter 305: Three women on one stage
Chapter 304: Why investigate Gu Beiyue?
Chapter 303: His Highness Duke of Qin loses his temper
Chapter 302: Overthinking things?
Chapter 301: An ice-cold warning
Chapter 300: Where to move house?
Chapter 299: Both treasures are wanted
Chapter 298: I didn’t mean it
Chapter 297: Alarmed, the person’s disappeared
Chapter 296: She’ll never be it
Chapter 295: It’s enough if your lordship has you
Chapter 294: A cold duke can be warm hearted, too
Chapter 293: Are you coming over, or does your lordship have to make a move?
Chapter 292: Impending tempest
Chapter 291: Mute Granny’s tears
Chapter 290: Fine, I’ll wait until he comes
Chapter 289: Lil Thing accomplishes great deeds
Chapter 288: The Long Clan’s prize for capture
Chapter 287: Wrath, reward offers all over
Chapter 286: Tianxin, Mu Xin
Chapter 285: Forcibly kept, regardless of yes or no
Chapter 284: Before irresolution
Chapter 283: Asking him outright
Chapter 282: Little Genius Pet
Chapter 281: Pay the price for fooling around
Chapter 280: So you know that I have cares, too
Chapter 279: One vs. one
Chapter 278: The expert won’t let her say
Chapter 277: I’ll walk in the front with you
Chapter 276: Kill her if she’s useless
Chapter 275: A little something extra
Chapter 274: Lil Thing’s secret
Chapter 273: Meeting a gentleman upon his return
Chapter 272: The thing that disappointed Qishao
Chapter 271: She’s domineering, too
Chapter 270: Doing your best to help is a must
Chapter 269: Balancing sides, to say or not to say
Chapter 268: The real bully
Chapter 267: Too embarrassing
Chapter 266: Cross at the sight of her
Chapter 265: He’d probably kill you
Chapter 264: His lordship is willing to lose face
Chapter 263: Midnight, who’s arrived?
Chapter 262: Receiving without refusing the offer
Chapter 261: A chowhound appears
Chapter 260: Yunxi, hurry and go
Chapter 259: Not unless I’m dead
Chapter 258: Strange, a detour around them
Chapter 257: Never would have thought
Chapter 256: Someone disappeared
Chapter 255: Someone got there first
Chapter 254: Going together without prior consultation
Chapter 253: He admits it
Chapter 252: A married couple’s show of affection
Chapter 251: Anxious, promptly sitting down
Chapter 250: Protection from the Shadow Clan
Chapter 249: This old fellow would sure like to die
Chapter 248: Tang Li’s suspicions
Chapter 247: Settling accounts, killing without pardon
Chapter 246: Just who’s leading the way?
Chapter 245: The final hope appears
Chapter 244: Tomorrow night, I’ll take you with me
Chapter 243: Do you two plan on eloping?
Chapter 242: She has the right to be provocative
Chapter 241: A hopeless answer
Chapter 240: Suddenly, I miss you so much
Chapter 239: Does your husband know?
Chapter 238: Han Yunxi sheds her morals
Chapter 237: Antidote, heheheh
Chapter 236: Sticking to one’s guns, a pessimistic situation
Chapter 235: Chaos, the real and fake crown prince
Chapter 234: The unreliable Qishao
Chapter 233: Staying behind, what business have you tonight?
Chapter 232: Sickness, substitution
Chapter 231: Sweet nothings, so not domineering
Chapter 230: Silence, is he taking liberties with her?
Chapter 229: Truth, just who is he
Chapter 228: Abnormal kidnapping
Chapter 227: Favored protection, overthinking things
Chapter 226: Unexpected situation
Chapter 225: The actual motive is to protect
Chapter 224: Your presence brings light to my humble dwelling at the justice courts
Chapter 223: This is authoritative might
Chapter 222: Chronic complaint, sixth-rank doctor
Chapter 221: Your lordship’s matters have nothing to do with you
Chapter 220: Wangfei’s life is priceless
Chapter 219: You ignorant woman
Chapter 218: Angering you to stomp your feet
Chapter 217: Wangfei didn’t lose face
Chapter 216: Take a trip with your lordship
Chapter 215: Answer, it can go to hell
Chapter 214: Cultivating plants, powerful function
Chapter 213: Move back for your lordship
Chapter 212: Status, name matching reality
Chapter 211: Conditions, coming to terms is necessary
Chapter 210: Weighty information
Chapter 209: So foolish, so naive
Chapter 208: Consequences too ghastly to contemplate
Chapter 207: Stunned, a secret as large as the Heavens
Chapter 206: Murderous intentions, nobody knows
Chapter 205: Pear Blossom Teardrop Rain, exclusivity
Chapter 204: Hand strength, judged as a waste
Chapter 203: In the end, she still didn’t birth her
Chapter 202: It actually upgrades
Chapter 201: Peeking at her secret
Chapter 200: Interrogation, implicating the Tang Clan
Chapter 199: Older ginger is spicier
Chapter 198: Unexpectedly, he’s here to help
Chapter 197: No rush, who’s begging whom?
Chapter 196: Fury, he takes offence
Chapter 195: Do you have connections with the Tang Clan?
Chapter 194: Leave it with her
Chapter 193: Trial, he’s very pleased
Chapter 192: Just what does he want to do?
Chapter 191: Poisoning, he’s a bit impatient
Chapter 190: Surprisingly, he’s returned
Chapter 189: Hatred, it’s all because of you
Chapter 188: Who did it better?
Chapter 187: Wrath, investigate to the end
Chapter 186: Argument, overreaching oneself
Chapter 185: Doubts, but so what?
Chapter 184: Misfortune, the Han family’s difficulties
Chapter 183: Mockery finally fails
Chapter 182: Oddity, safely in storage
Chapter 181: Identity, so it was him
Chapter 180: Bewildered, he’s not poisoned
Chapter 179: Restricted area, terrifying poison
Chapter 178: Medicine City, splitting up
Chapter 177: Very convenient, very fishy
Chapter 176: Peeping, a guilty conscience
Chapter 175: Mufei, I’ve returned
Chapter 174: Eager, I’m here to save you
Chapter 173: A threat he’ll understand
Chapter 172: Pestilence, popular anxiety
Chapter 171: Refusing the decree, all because of you
Chapter 170: Misfortune, what a beastly bully
Chapter 169: Because your lordship does as he pleases
Chapter 168: What’s happened to you, Empress?
Chapter 167: The domineering Duke of Qin
Chapter 166: The Duke of Qin’s heavy price
Chapter 165: Cruel torture, hanging by a hair
Chapter 164: Poisoned, it has to be you
Chapter 163: Frightened, this is a corpse
Chapter 162: New Year’s Eve, shielding shortcomings at the family banquet
Chapter 161: No chance to make concessions
Chapter 160: Entanglements, his stance
Chapter 159: A show of strength, you asked for it
Chapter 158: Keeping silent, she’s self-aware
Chapter 157: The rice is cooked
Chapter 156: The flavor of suffering in silence
Chapter 155: Wrath, meeting a plot with a plot
Chapter 154: Dirty tactics
Chapter 153: Time’s up, the winners and losers decided
Chapter 152: The rules are set, the stakes are huge
Chapter 151: Drinking contest, no end of trouble
Chapter 150: This wangfei is just that outrageous
Chapter 149: Secret, carefree spirits
Chapter 148: Marriage talks are so suffocating
Chapter 147: Keeping silent, no one asks
Chapter 146: On this matter, the emperor reaches a compromise
Chapter 145: Opportune, formidable
Chapter 144: The chronically-ill Imperial Physician
Chapter 143: A chance encounter, brushing past
Chapter 142: Stifled, not to one’s liking
Chapter 141: Han Yunxi gets taken advantage of
Chapter 140: Heart moved, accepting you
Chapter 139: Asking for help, I’ll play you a round
Chapter 138: Attacked
Chapter 137: His Highness Duke of Qin personally appears
Chapter 136: Look quickly, something’s happened
Chapter 135: Anxiety, is there poison?
Chapter 134: Conviction, putting one’s all into the fight
Chapter 133: Unreconciled, publicizing the bet
Chapter 132: Lofty words, rectifying her name
Chapter 131: Behind the scenes, just one step short
Chapter 130: No mercy for a bad end
Chapter 129: A choice at the critical moment
Chapter 128: Intense, the true situation
Chapter 127: Confrontation, everyone gathers
Chapter 126: Argument, who wins the counter?
Chapter 125: Havoc at the Duke of Qin’s estate
Chapter 124: Going back, an unfortunate turn of events
Chapter 123: Feeding medicine, on the edge of losing control
Chapter 122: Piqued, the wangfei pardons
Chapter 121: Disappointment, so that’s how it is
Chapter 120: Danger, a thousand pounds hangs by a thread
Chapter 119: Your daddy doesn’t like the looks of you
Chapter 118: Unforeseen, the master appears
Chapter 117: You didn’t disappoint your lordship
Chapter 116: Lair, late by one step
Chapter 115: His name is Gu Qishao
Chapter 114: Vigil, waiting for what?
Chapter 113: Fortune amidst misfortune
Chapter 112: Terrified, to confess or not confess
Chapter 111: Poison Human, a fierce foe
Chapter 110: The assassin exceeds all expectations
Chapter 109: Shared hopes
Chapter 108: Most likely suspect
Chapter 107: An extremely comfortable technique
Chapter 106: Close questioning, locking onto the target
Chapter 105: Teashop, another clue appears
Chapter 104: Night visit, life hanging by a thread
Chapter 103: Unexpectedly, she’s the one in most danger
Chapter 102: Interrogation, fiendish tactics
Chapter 101: Unmasking the secret, expert behind the scenes
Chapter 100: Domineering, one of his people
Chapter 99: Hold it, let’s make a deal
Chapter 98: Living in fortune without knowing fortune
Chapter 97: There’s matters to attend to, there really are
Chapter 96: A promise, ten days later
Chapter 95: Unforeseen, surprise appearance of snake venom
Chapter 94: Forced to answer, Madame Li speaks up
Chapter 93: Demanding with ample reason
Chapter 92: Oath, I’ll protect you when I grow up
Chapter 91: A chance encounter, a glib tongue
Chapter 90: Tea leaves, results of the investigation
Chapter 89: Madame Li’s many secrets
Chapter 88: Drinking tea, each with her own thoughts
Chapter 87: Your lordship will take care of the snake poison
Chapter 86: Status of the storehouse
Chapter 85: The low-profile Madame Li
Chapter 84: Impressive might, different degrees of punishment (2)
Chapter 83: Impressive might, different degrees of punishment (1)
Chapter 82: Stay strong, well done!
Chapter 81: Storehouse key, grab it if you have the guts
Chapter 80: Han Family’s presumptuous young master
Chapter 79: The clues must be accurate
Chapter 78: Bet with huge stakes
Chapter 77: Guilty conscience, why is wangfei hiding?
Chapter 76: A peerless young lord
Chapter 75: The truth exceeds expectations (2)
Chapter 74: The truth exceeds expectations (1)
Chapter 73: Saving a life, father and daughter negotiate
Chapter 72: Prosperity, buying popular support
Chapter 71: Acrid encounter with a poisoned tongue
Chapter 70: Startled, to go so far as bribery
Chapter 69: Close questioning, is this it?
Chapter 68: Definite diagnosis, three generations’ death penalty
Chapter 67: Disturbance, who’s the most certain one?
Chapter 66: Anxious, the critical moment
Chapter 65: Obtained, meeting again in the future
Chapter 64: I won’t stop you from admitting defeat
Chapter 63: The useless trash defies the natural order
Chapter 62: A threat, Pill Fiend remembers a grudge
Chapter 61: Competition between women
Chapter 60: Unforeseen, senior brother and junior sister
Chapter 59: Rival in love, the white-robed female
Chapter 58: A fall and his choice
Chapter 57: Snake fight, formidable strength
Chapter 56: Forceful, go with your lordship
Chapter 55: The truth must be concealed
Chapter 54: Hope, a method for treatment
Chapter 53: With certainty, he’s wrong
Chapter 52: Strange illness, a pregnant man
Chapter 51: Courage, going all out
Chapter 50: Emperor’s decree, a frightful thing
Chapter 49: The white lotus suffers a defeat
Chapter 48: Because she wanted to wed you
Chapter 47: But I’m still really scared
Chapter 46: Your lordship forbids you from being scared
Chapter 45: Warmth of an angel’s wings
Chapter 44: Vent your anger to your heart’s content
Chapter 43: Demanding medicine for treatment
Chapter 42: Incomparably anxious, a life for a life
Chapter 41: Urgent business, her countermeasure
Chapter 40: Vicious, she wants to kill
Chapter 39: Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law’s big quarrel
Chapter 38: Grand Concubine Yi returns
Chapter 37: A call, the young general remembers a kindness
Chapter 36: Letting you have a good look
Chapter 35: Meting punishment, the fox exploits the tiger’s might
Chapter 34: Anxious, awaiting the results
Chapter 33: Savior, just wait obediently
Chapter 32: Rescue effort, racing against time
Chapter 31: In for a penny, in for a pound
Chapter 30: Giving you a chance to escape
Chapter 29: Relying on your warmth
Chapter 28: Unyielding before illegal punishment (2)
Chapter 27: Unyielding before illegal punishment (1)
Chapter 26: Humiliation, an aggressive lesson
Chapter 25: Unexpectedly, the patient condition’s changed
Chapter 24: It takes backbone to ask for money
Chapter 23: Suspicions without evidence
Chapter 22: Counterattack, using needles on the acupoints
Chapter 21: The useless trash speaks for herself
Chapter 20: Urgent rescue
Chapter 19: Formula for the antidote
Chapter 18: Most respected man
Chapter 17: The close and intimate empress dowager
Chapter 16: Sending you off like a rushing river[1]
Chapter 15: Rather interesting, rather righteous
Chapter 14: No confidence at heart
Chapter 13: A drop of red on the white handkerchief
Chapter 12: A clever bribe
Chapter 11: Where do you want his lordship to go?
Chapter 10: Take off your clothes
Chapter 9: Mysterious man
Chapter 8: Into the nuptial chambers
Chapter 7: Whose beauty can cause the fall of a country?
Chapter 6: The auspicious hour’s arrived
Chapter 5: A familiar warning
Chapter 4: Then let her keep waiting
Chapter 3: Not leaving, this sister’s no pushover
Chapter 2: Shameful, come back tomorrow
Chapter 1: Surprise, she’s getting married