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281 Main recording: 8

 \u003eLocation: Main hallway

[door opens before being promptly shut]

[B4 pants heavily as they grip the door knob]

B4: shit... shit... How'd the mold-how'd it get in the rations?

[pacing can be heard up and down the walls before abruptly stopping at the west. Presumably, before the large contamination spot]

[B4 inhales sharply]

B4: Wait... don't tell me... the... [gulps]

B4: isn't that why the rations are so fucking weird?

B4: isn't that why the rations tasted bad?

B4:... were they feeding us... were they feeding us m-mol-[gagging can be heard before the sound of vomiting resounded in the hallway]

[B4 starts to laugh through the vomiting. for sake of clarity, I will be dismissing instances of vomiting from their speech]

B4: hahaha, ha h a h a, H AH AH HA! OF COURSE.


B4: why would they /want/ us to be okay? We fucked up already! We fucked up the original test! This was all a test!

B4: of course they were feeding us that!

[B4 laughs hysterically before forcing themself to vomit again]

[this continues for sometime before another door opens]

B1: what the shit-4 what happened?

[B4 continues to vomit. More violent gagging noises are heard as B1 raises alarm and protests]

B1: holy shit stop that!

[B4's speech is mostly incoherent from the repeated vomiting and gagging noises but few words can be made out alongside multiple swear words:



out of system



purge it

tricked us


no more. no more.]

[B1 struggles to console 4 as vicious regurgitating noises comes from the other resident]

B1: fuck this-2! 2! Open up! I need help!

[B1 addresses 4 for some time before stomping forward. Followed by banging on a door]

B1: 2 this is bad! I need-I need the hysteric meds! Please!

[the knocking continues before a soft but muffled voice is heard from inside the room]

B2: [quietly] not now.. don't feel good. I'm sorry

B1: what the hell do you mean?!

[b2 doesn't respond]

B1: That's it. Come here 4.

[a struggle can b e heard as 4 is dragged across the floor. A door is kicked open]

\u003erecording stopped