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216 >C6 recording: 9

 >Location: B1 waste room.

[feed is interuppted by several glitching]

C6: come on you-[unintellgiable]-got to keep it together. They're depending on you you fucking [more unintellgiable angry yells]

[audio cuts out before coming back]

[door opens]

C6: what the fuck? Why-[unintellgiable]

[grunting and sounds of slight choking]

C6:[wheezing] g-get off me you fucking dick!

[more unintelligble yells and hissing]

B2: -Stay. Out. Of. This.

[C6 lets out a loud gasp of air before the sound of something heavy hits the floor. C6 continues to pant as footsteps leave and the door promptly shuts]


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C6: ...fuck...

>recording ends