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207 C4 recording: 6

 >location: C2 wasteroom

C4: [distant groans]

C4: [distantly] whe....where am I..?

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[shuffling with panicked crying]

C4: w-wha...? What is...? [slurs] who did this to me...? I...?


C4: C5? C5! I-I-

C4: It h-hurts! Where am I?

[Recorder is knocked closer. Voice is now clearer]

C4: Why? I didn't, I don't, [sobs]

[door opens]

C3: Woah woah hey! Cool it-

[sounds of struggling and crying]

C3: tsk, C4 calm down!

C4: I-It hurts! I'm sorry I'm sorry-

[more wailing]

>recording maxed