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204 C3 recording: 7

 >location: C2 room

C3: it's been... [pauses as he licks his lips] The others are sleeping.

C3: C2 and C4 that is.

[Sigh as he scratches his beard]

C3: C6 she... Sorry They went back into their room. Something about needing to restart their server in case A1 or whoever tries to take it over.

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C3: So much happened this cycle... The mold growing, the opening up of the server, seeing C6 in her-fuck. I mean their element.


C3: W...With all this uh... With all this stuff we've been doing. Things going against our protocol... Is it even worth trying to stick to it?

C3: [mumbling] what's the point of saying 'they' anyway?

[distant groaning and shuffling]

C3: shit, sorry C2. You go back to sleep.

C2: [slurred] C3..? what's goin-

C3: Nothin. Had to move you cause my leg was getting sleepy. You just worry about getting some sleep alright?

C2: mm hm...

[light snores as C3 sighs out in relief]

C3: well... At least one good thing came out of this mess...

C3: I have more people to stay with...

[Door opens]

C3: Ah C6!

[Bed creaking as well as footsteps]

C3: [distantly] Welcome home!

>recording ends