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177 C6: recording 3

 >location: c6 room

[distant sounds of humming from another room]

C6: [quietly] cameras.. cameras... Fuck it's always the cameras! I can't see shit!

[thud as something is thrown against the wall]

C6: of course the only thing i'm allowed to see why now is my own fucking door. A1 must be fucking with me.

[groan of anger]


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C6: this fucking humming isn't helping either... C4 hasn't shut up in so long....


[Door opens]

C6: What is this fucker stalling for...?

[Sounds of C4 humming]

C4: oh....

[sounds of tapping]

C6: [Whispering] why are they....?


[distant tapping]

C6: ...fuck...

>recording ends