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165 >C1 Recording: 1

 >Location: C1 room.

C1: okay and... [sounds of shuffling before clanging as the recorder is dropped] shit.

[more background noise]

C2: do we have to have that going?

C1: Yes. Yes we do. It's not like anyone else will hear this anyway.

[C2 whines as C1 huffs]

C1: just bare with it.

[Bed creaks as C2 sighs]

C2: I can't wrap my head around this though. Why are we just recording everything? Why this? why now?

C1: We can't disobey orders C2-

C2: we're already disobeying orders by seeing each other! Besides. Isn't it a bit off putting that A1, the main admin for this fucking server, made it so all the computers are unusable?


>Recording stopped

>Recording time: 2:02