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140 Day 30

 i don't remember what else i did yesterday?

i just blacked out and then when i woke up the black thingy on the door was gone!

I don't remember hearing the rumbling but it should be the start of a new cycle

I can see into the room now but i'm not too sure if like it either...

almost everything was covered in the black thingy, at least anything that i could see form the lights. At least the lights from the waste room, the computer and... the hallway outside. Something opened the door but i don't remember hearing anything open it. Did mom come back? she was the only other person who can open it right?

I think she's out there.

The floor is covered in the black stuff. I don't want to touch it again. Please don't tell mom but i'm about to throw some papers onto the floor so i can walk on it.

something is telling me that i have to get out.

Maybe i'll find mom