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129 Day 19

 I am scared.

earlier the lights went out!

and i know big kids don't get scaed of the dark but i've never been in that much darkness for so long! i couldn't tell how long the lights went out.What's worse is that...


i've been trying to get the boxes over to the door but i don't want to. Cause what... what if mom comes back but she can't get back in? But what happens if the banging comes back? What if someone's out there but it's not mom?

where is mom?

i'm writing to you in the waste room right now. I decided to to hide in there. this will be my first time being alone during the end of a cycle... i've holed up with a few of the biscuits so hopefully i'll be fine.

the lights are flickering right now so i think i'm gonna try to sleep this off.

can't write with the lights off after all.