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124 Day: 14

 There... is a lot more things in the apartment.

Like a lot more.

I don't know how this many boxes came out.

I've spent the past few days trying to clean everything but the more iclean the more i realized i had more things to do! And alot of the things are all heavy and bulky so i've kinda just been stacking them against the wall.

alot of the boxes have alot of weird labels on them as well. they all have very long words that i don't understand or they're scratched off. there's a few words that i can read though like sick and dirty. i didn't want to but i took a peak at one of the boxes.

don't tell mom okay?

I just wanted to know what's in them.

it just looked reallyboring though. Just a whole bunch of papers with black marker all over them. I swear i didn't do them! i tried to read some of it as well but the black marker always covered alot of the paper...

i'll have to ask mom when she comes back