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123 Day: 13

 i tried cleaning up the room but i don't know where a lot of the stuff came from!

i'm just sitting on my bed for now but i dunno what to do

mom hasn't come back yet

i think she might still be mad at me...

well i'm gonna clean up as best as i can so when she comes back she'll be happy!


her computer keeps dinging?

it keeps making a lot of noises but i dunno if i should look at it

it seems important

but if mom catches me o n it again she'll get ever more madder! But what if they need our help? or my help! what if they know who i am and want to talk? maybe they're even nice as well! Or my age! oh but.. i don't want to make mom mad anymore.

she's always mad at me.

sso maybe not

i don't know what to do