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Cultivation Chat Group

Author: Legend Of Paladin

Lastchapter: 680 I want to fly up to the sky, as high as the sun!

Updated: 2018-12-18 09:06

680 I want to fly up to the sky, as high as the sun!
679 Oh, no! Venerable White and Song Shuhang were
678 He could simply rely on his face to make a living
677 This time, we“ll definitely catch the demodragon!
676 I“m losing hope in this world swayed by
675 Come, don“t take pity on me!
674 Not good, the senior sister is about to marry Thrice
Chapter 673: Immortal Master Copper Trigram, Fairy Lychee, and the daughter
Chapter 672: I wish for my ghost spirit to come back safely
Chapter 671: Its something that defies the principles of science and cultivation!
Chapter 670: Senior Northern River and the dumbfounded look on his face
Chapter 669: Seniors, please teach me the clone technique you use to flood the group
Chapter 668: Venerable White VS Senior White
Chapter 667: Senior Brother Gao Sheng bullying Ling Ye
Chapter 666: First act: Senior Brother Gao Sheng making his appearance
Chapter 665: Otherwise, we can just kick Thrice Reckless
Chapter 664: Dharma King Creation sending a voice message
Chapter 663: Fairy Lychee wants to play the role of the second female lead!
Chapter 662: Little friend Song Shuhang will forever live in our hearts
Chapter 661: Yes, we are Internet friends
Chapter 660: Script: OK; Movie Crew: OK; Actors: WIP!
Chapter 659: How can you find happiness in life without seeking death?
Chapter 658: Detective White
Chapter 657: The traps attracted some guests!
Chapter 656: Venerable White: How I wish we could start shooting the movie tomorrow!
Chapter 655: In the end, I still cant escape my fate?
Chapter 654: Venerable White is taking a look at the script!
Chapter 653: Do I have to use my pee to mark the territory as lions do?
Chapter 652: Preferential treatment
Chapter 651: How can the Lightning Palm be so simple?
Chapter 650: Who do you think you are? Guan Yu?
Chapter 649: My boss was just turned into a meat skewer, what to do now?
Chapter 648: Thats bad, I need to ask Cave Lord Dragon to get into action!
Chapter 647: Venerable White: I wish I could get a tree branch...
Chapter 646: Why do I continuously seek death?
Chapter 645: The wriggling Thrice Reckless
Chapter 644: Gao Moumou: Secret Face Typing Technique!
Chapter 643: This poor monk is the first-class screenwriter Swallow Cloud
Chapter 642: Monster dragon, eat my appraisal technique!
Chapter 641: The projection of the strange, muscular dragon
Chapter 640: ?Demon Subduing Buddhist Fist Technique?... One?
Chapter 639: My name is Tyrannical Saber— no, just Song One!
Chapter 638: Overturn the Mountain of Myriad Books, the Still Pond of Wisdom...
Chapter 637: What are my wildest inner desires?
Chapter 636: Ill grow taller
Chapter 635: The eruption in the Jingang Immortal Cave
Chapter 634: Senior Copper Trigram really f*cked me over!
Chapter 633: Waiting for you to open your umbrella and pass by my side...
Chapter 632: A traffic collision in the parking area
Chapter 631: 300,000 patients in urgent need of medical treatment!
Chapter 630: Martial Uncle Creation is the best!
Chapter 629: Dharma King Creation wants to start a live broadcast
Chapter 628: Sixteen comes out of secluded meditation!
Chapter 627: Immortal Fairy Bie Xue is now online!
Chapter 626: Fairy Lychee is in Africa?
Chapter 625: Bamboo-copter edition Daoist Priest Horizon
Chapter 624: Little monster, get a taste of the strength imparting technique of this daoist priest! (2 in 1)
Chapter 623: Little friend, dont worry. This daoist priest will scatter the heavenly tribulation for you!
Chapter 622: Appraisal technique: As long as you dont die, youll feel wonderful!
Chapter 621: There is no such thing as too much deception in war
Chapter 620: The heavenly tribulation can make use of military tactics and strategy, are you shocked?!
Chapter 619: Today, Ill completely grasp the cultivation technique!
Chapter 618: My friend, is it really fine for you to seek death like this?
Chapter 617: Mother?
Chapter 616: Copper Trigram and Doudou meeting
Chapter 615: Did Daoist Priest Horizon sneak attack you?
Chapter 614: A dead man cant bury the dead
Chapter 613: The invitation card of the Immortal Feast
Chapter 612: Little friend Song, do you know Fellow Daoist White?
Chapter 611: I wont accept it! I wont accept it!
Chapter 610: Today, I want to write until dawn! Dont try to stop me!
Chapter 609: Song Shuhang was extremely happy... or perhaps he wasnt!
Chapter 608: Three Ages Worldwide Express Delivery is worth your while!
Chapter 607: This daoist priest will help you finish the plot
Chapter 606: Gao Moumous tragic plot
Chapter 605: I want the blood of demodragon
Chapter 604: There is a nice smell coming from your body
Chapter 603: Immortal Fairy Bie Xue and the fish-head shop (2 in 1)
Chapter 602: A white-haired grandpa wants to pass on to me several years worth of strength and skills
Chapter 601: The last spirit stone of the Fourth Stage rank
Chapter 600: Jiaojiao, I dont feel like eating dirt anymore
Chapter 599: Clenching the teeth and enduring the consequences!
Chapter 598: The sealed package of a cultivator from 130 years ago
Chapter 597: The new daoist robe of the western monk
Chapter 596: Copper Trigram: Fairy maiden, you sent into space the wrong person! (2 in 1)
Chapter 595: That day, I suddenly thought of shooting a movie
Chapter 594: F*ck, isnt that my good friend Gao Moumou?!
Chapter 593: Gao Moumou: Good brothers should share joys and sorrows
Chapter 592: Yu Jiaojiao: Shuhang, Ive caught the author
Chapter 591: Seven: Im going to kill that baboon!
Chapter 590: Is this retribution?
Chapter 589: The ocean-splitting attack of the master of the island!
Chapter 588: Wherever there is oppression, there will be resistance!
Chapter 587: The sad Sea King
Chapter 586: Quickly let me go! I have to pee!
Chapter 585: That day, the ghost spirit became pregnant
Chapter 584: Little friend Song, dont you want to sleep together with me?
Chapter 583: Did you get smacked in the face by the monkey king?
Chapter 582: What? Has my Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion perished?
Chapter 581: Main body, you have five minutes to mend my broken heart
Chapter 580: Ghost spirit: Im dying, Im dying, Im dying!
Chapter 579: Hopefully, it wont scare him too much
Chapter 578: Ferrying the soul of a Fifth Stage Spiritual Emperor
Chapter 577: Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber, the Saber of Destruction!
Chapter 576: A Seventh Stage Venerable?
Chapter 575: Leaving the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion for a stroll!
Chapter 574: The soul ferrying ceremony
Chapter 573: Brother Medicine Master, book me a hospital bed for another half a month!
Chapter 572: She loves taking selfies and living her life to the fullest!
Chapter 571: Heartless soul... come, die once!
Chapter 570: The head of the Immortal exploded (2 in 1)
Chapter 569: Little White, when your hair reaches- aaah!
Chapter 568: Fellow Daoist White, dont move!
Chapter 567: ?Diary of the Ascetic Senior Monk
Chapter 566: Would a cultivator of the Second Stage die after getting thrown down from a 35-story building? (2 in 1)
Chapter 565: The unexpected appearance of ghost cultivators
Chapter 564: Ill sacrifice myself to save others, here I come!
Chapter 563: The western monk was released from the prison
Chapter 562: Journey toward a sea of virtue
Chapter 561: Appraising oneself?
Chapter 560: Broadcasting the practice of Senior Sister Yes partner
Chapter 559: Swordsman Wooden Oxs gloves of passion
Chapter 558: Running for 5000 meters on four limbs
Chapter 557: Hugging each other and crying
Chapter 556: Then become my boyfriend!
Chapter 555: Fellow Daoist, do you have a girlfriend?
Chapter 554: The temperature of their fingers
Chapter 553: A hard-to-come-by kindred soul!
Chapter 552: I can feel it, its coming!
Chapter 551: The sobbing beauty
Chapter 550: The ?Tome of Never-Ending Tears?
Chapter 549: Is it out of control? Someone might die!
Chapter 548: A billion years old... rock
Chapter 547: 88,888 voices!
Chapter 546: Miss Chu Chus unbelievable expression
Chapter 545: Did Pavilion Master Chu forget about us?
Chapter 544: Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, frozen in time!
Chapter 543: There is an express delivery for you downstairs
Chapter 542: The Time City
Chapter 541: Have you come here to make fun of me?
Chapter 540: The Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion
Chapter 539: It just seems to be a beautiful misunderstanding
Chapter 538: I added a gentle-looking girl yesterday, her name is Yu Jiaojiao
Chapter 537: The descendant of the ancient witches
Chapter 536: Several unexpected guests
Chapter 535: Im going to grab that guy
Chapter 534: Shallot Song Shuhang
Chapter 533: Its melting~ My body is melting~ (2 in 1)
Chapter 532: The faintly bulging lower abdomen
Chapter 531: You can borrow my golden coffin for a while and lie inside
Chapter 530: Song One is the one and only
Chapter 529: The primordial treasure Nine Virtues Phoenix Saber
Chapter 528: Do you want to sign a contract with me and become the Eighth Cultivator of True Virtue?
Chapter 527: The inheritance of Venerable Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue?
Chapter 526: Do you want to sign a contract with me and become...
Chapter 525: The ?Holy Light Sword Technique
Chapter 524: The keyless entry system of the ancient grave
Chapter 523: Venerable Seventh Cultivator of True Virtues grave exploration guidebook
Chapter 522: The ?Steel Hands Technique?
Chapter 521: Its sunny today, lets sunbathe the magical treasures
Chapter 520: The Moon Princess
Chapter 519: The man that can sell anything
Chapter 518: We just lacked strong guys to put in the mines
Chapter 517: The fight for the demonic gourd
Chapter 516: Ding~ Congratulations for obtaining a set of broken home appliances!
Chapter 515: Hundred giants
Chapter 514: Immortal chef
Chapter 513: The ?Flame Substituting Technique? and the ?Blade Dragging Technique?
Chapter 512: I’m Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue
Chapter 511: What a tragedy
Chapter 510: Can you give me face and let this little friend go?
Chapter 509: The red-haired Spiritual Emperor
Chapter 508: Go, Mount Tai Seal… F*ck, wrong target!
Chapter 507: A group of cultivators demanding their payment
Chapter 506: The Soul Devouring Demonic Gourd
Chapter 505: The Jingang token of authority
Chapter 504: As a result, go into space!
Chapter 503: Not good, Shuhang is about to explode!
Chapter 502: Meeting again the professor that took an arrow in the knee
Chapter 501: Shuhang, have you decided when you’re ascending to heaven?
Chapter 500: Sideways King’s car and the unexpected traffic accident
Chapter 499: Venerable White’s exploration team getting wiped out
Chapter 498: The Flaming Saber Technique, eat it while it’s still warm!
Chapter 497: Hello, I’m looking for Baijing Street’s Traveling Sabersman
Chapter 496: People mustn’t be judged by their appearances
Chapter 495: The white-haired girl inside the ice coffin
Chapter 494: So cold, get me out of here!
Chapter 493: The horse dragon isn’t actually a horse
Chapter 492: I’m not the one in the wrong, the world is!
Chapter 491: Please, can you not mention these disgusting things while I’m eating?
Chapter 490: The Whale Swallowing Technique!
Chapter 489: The secret of the golden chain
Chapter 488: The demodragon medicine
Chapter 487: Actually, I’m a stallion spirit
Chapter 486: The Fiercely Kneeling on the Ground and Surrendering Technique
Chapter 485: I might as well try to give my cheat a go
Chapter 484: If you don’t need any of the above-mentioned things, please hang up
Chapter 483: Why would I want to escape?
Chapter 482: The poisonous snake hiding in the dark
Chapter 481: A sea urchin warrior in the friend list of a monster hunter
Chapter 480: Father, I want 365 dao names
Chapter 479: A new and refreshing feeling
Chapter 478: No problem, I’m in no way in a hurry!
Chapter 477: Another spirit beast crystal
Chapter 476: Borrowing spirit stones
Chapter 475: How about exploring an ancient grave?
Chapter 474: Pearls with the spiritual energy of a beast
Chapter 473: Don’t sing, we are on the same side!
Chapter 472: Another one is happy?
Chapter 471: The grave of Venerable Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue
Chapter 470: Three consecutive dreams
Chapter 469: F*ck, I hit the wrong person
Chapter 468: That’s happiness~
Chapter 467: Bewitching screams
Chapter 466: Fairy Lychee’s video broadcast
Chapter 465: Young Master Phoenix Slayer’s gift
Chapter 464: Song Shuhang’s disciples and followers
Chapter 463: So unlucky!
Chapter 462: A week has seven days!
Chapter 461: Daoist Priest China, Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou City, Baijing Street
Chapter 460: Those are not four-word dao names!
Chapter 459: A dao name must consist of four words!
Chapter 458: With the walkthrough in hand, I’m the absolute king of the world!
Chapter 457: Lie down and don’t move, let’s break through first!
Chapter 456: Experiencing the rewarding formation
Chapter 455: Congratulatory messages from all over the world
Chapter 454: I’ll make you happy!
Chapter 453: Not letting go of any opportunity to show off!
Chapter 452: How come it’s you again?
Chapter 451: The silver bracers
Chapter 450: Fellow Daoist Phoenix Slayer, will you sing for me?
Chapter 449: A relative of the Sea King?
Chapter 448: I’ve been imprisoned for 500 years
Chapter 447: The hand-guided tractor got flooded, anxiously waiting for a reply!
Chapter 446: Toward the sea
Chapter 445: The new Wielder of the Will has some issues
Chapter 444: Frozen little Shuhang
Chapter 443: Lady Onion entering into action
Chapter 442: Super Phoenix Slayer System, activate!
Chapter 441: A kamikaze driver is hiding amongst us
Chapter 440: Thrice Reckless Mad Saber’s fear
Chapter 439: Soft Feather with tears streaming down her face
Chapter 438: Intense fighting!
Chapter 437: Choose, either place amongst the first ten or go for a one month trip into space
Chapter 436: Hello Fellow Daoists watching from home, I’m Su Clan’s Seven
Chapter 435: I have comprehended the starter pistol formula!
Chapter 434: The huge express delivery box
Chapter 433: The seasoned driver ran into some difficulties
Chapter 432: Senior, can I borrow your brain for a bit?
Chapter 431: Mastering the Inverted Scale Saber Technique
Chapter 430: Young Master Phoenix Slayer’s request
Chapter 429: Great Master Profound Principle’s obsessive-compulsive disorder
Chapter 428: Little friend Shuhang, here is your kasaya!
Chapter 427: Woof, woof! Mr. Yellow Mountain is my loyal little dog!
Chapter 426: The so-called ‘nemesis’?
Chapter 425: The spectators should also have their share
Chapter 424: Doudou’s nemesis
Chapter 423: Senior Song’s expression package
Chapter 422: Song Shuhang, how come it’s you again?!
Chapter 421: A fearsome cooperation between giants
Chapter 420: Do you want to sweep countless battlefields without suffering a single defeat?
Chapter 419: What is Senior Song’s clone eating?
Chapter 418: An innate inability in regards to sword techniques
Chapter 417: Senior Song, don’t die!
Chapter 416: It seems it will be very interesting to disassemble you
Chapter 415: Summoning Venerable White!
Chapter 414: The eyeball of the Sea King
Chapter 413: Dying while transforming
Chapter 412: Scattering sword qi
Chapter 411: Ah? Pew~
Chapter 410: All the scrolls are gathered
Chapter 409: Song of the Stupid Yellow Mountain
Chapter 408: Blood Bone
Chapter 407: A beautiful saber attack
Chapter 406: Gathering the scrolls to summon the ‘1S edition’
Chapter 405: Ostracized by his fellow daoists?
Chapter 404: The seniors of the group using misdirection
Chapter 403: Strange phenomena appearing while discussing profound principles
Chapter 402: A Blood Demon Boss suddenly spawning in the countryside
Chapter 401: The 21st-century good neighbor
Chapter 400: If I were to turn into a… no, wait!
Chapter 399: Sea Urchin Warriors’ 20 Years of Mandatory Education Manual
Chapter 398: The emerald-green kasaya
Chapter 397: Venerable White’s interjections
Chapter 396: True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s gift
Chapter 395: I want to hold a hand-guided tractor competition
Chapter 394: Fellow Daoist Medicine Master, prepare another two beds!
Chapter 393: Because of you, the green grass smells even better~
Chapter 392: There is no such thing as an absolute defense in this world
Chapter 391: It’s time to leave
Chapter 390: Look at things from another angle!
Chapter 389: Venerable Spirit Butterfly casually passing by
Chapter 388: Committing suicide with a weird smile
Chapter 387: Soft Feather the Valkyrie
Chapter 386: Noooooooo!
Chapter 385: Where did Song Shuhang go?
Chapter 384: Where did Senior White go?
Chapter 383: Grandpa Chu
Chapter 382: Advancing to the Second Stage True Master Realm
Chapter 381: Did they take drugs?
Chapter 380: It’s her, Immortal Master Copper Trigram!
Chapter 379: Why aren’t you using the sword?!
Chapter 378: The Second Stage True Master of the Illusory Sword School!
Chapter 377: A living cheat
Chapter 376: Chu Chu’s smile
Chapter 375: What Miss Soft Feather says is reasonable!
Chapter 374: Chu Chu’s request
Chapter 373: Let’s watch together the meteor shower descending onto the Grievance Settling Platform!
Chapter 372: What a coincidence! Fellow Daoist is also flying!
Chapter 371: Aaaaaaaaah~
Chapter 370: Coiling flight feature, activate!
Chapter 369: Careful, a missile is rushing over here!
Chapter 368: Even if we’re a bit late, shall we still inaugurate the event?
Chapter 367: Song Shuhang will reach the battleground in ten minutes!
Chapter 366: It looks like a missile!
Chapter 365: The start of the battle on the Grievance Settling Platform!
Chapter 364: Doudou: I’ll pass by the doors of home nine times without entering!
Chapter 363: Hmph, I’ll pass by the doors of home three times without entering!
Chapter 362: Soft Feather’s message
Chapter 361: Quick, let me wake up from this goddamn dream!
Chapter 360: From today onwards, I won’t swear an oath so easily!
Chapter 359: Shuhang, how about becoming a girl?
Chapter 358: A wonderful dream
Chapter 357: Where’s the pause button?
Chapter 356: A beautiful reverse mermaid!
Chapter 355: One step away!
Chapter 354: Hello, open the door. I’m here to deliver a package!
Chapter 353: Twin-dragons shapeshifting gate!
Chapter 352: Let’s kidnap an author and have him write the plot
Chapter 351: Senior White, let’s shoot a movie!
Chapter 350: I want to fly higher and higher
Chapter 349: Change of plans, change the distance of the tsunami to fifty meters
Chapter 348: Hello, is it Fellow Daoist Tyrant Flood Dragon? I would like schedule a huge tsunami in advance
Chapter 347: Disposable Song Shuhang 001 edition
Chapter 346: The plan to capture Song Shuhang!
Chapter 345: Shattered hope
Chapter 344: True Monarch White Crane’s arrival
Chapter 343: Venerable White’s mass express delivery
Chapter 342: It feels quite good to the touch
Chapter 341: Hiss, did you guys see what I found? A stupid lone fish!
Chapter 340: White Crane, Venerable Spirit Butterfly, Iron Trigram… and a bald Song Shuhang! (2 in 1)
Chapter 339: Shuhang, how about going against the stream? (2 in 1)
Chapter 338: An upgraded version of the disposable flying sword 005 edition!
Chapter 337: The newly developed disposable flying sword 005 edition
Chapter 336: Senior White playing with ants
Chapter 335: I should light a candle for little friend Song Shuhang while I’m at it
Chapter 334: Lady Onion, where’s your upper body?
Chapter 333: Senior White’s expression package flying off the shelves
Chapter 332: Soft Feather, the signal isn’t too good here. Can you send it into the group chat so that I can download it later?
Chapter 331: What is the opposite of luck in love? Anxiously waiting for a reply!
Chapter 330: Immortal Master Copper Trigram
Chapter 329: Were you able to catch that girl?
Chapter 328: I have yet to mail you the Chinese language professor
Chapter 327: Wrong subject, what to do?
Chapter 326: Primitive men reciting from memory the ?Three-Character Classic?
Chapter 325: Confucius said: If you peel off the skin, only the tender meat is left!
Chapter 324: Can a virgin boy have children?
Chapter 323: I’m not crying, sand just got into my eyes
Chapter 322: Time for my fapping arm to enter action! (2 in 1)
Chapter 321: Look, a flying whale!
Chapter 320: I’m dashingly sinking toward the bottom of the sea
Chapter 319: What kind of monstrous human is this?
Chapter 318: Fellow Daoist, wait a moment!
Chapter 317: The size-reducing purse made from the shed skin of the Little Finger Snake
Chapter 316: Sorry, wrong page!
Chapter 315: The conversation suddenly became serious
Chapter 314: The damaged Southern Heavenly Gate
Chapter 313: Shaving her head and exchanging the gray robe for a white dress
Chapter 312: A series of pregnancies just by holding hands
Chapter 311: Did someone carelessly press a button to fast-forward my life?
Chapter 310: The seventh wish
Chapter 309: Senior White’s expression package
Chapter 308: The small white dragon inside the crystal coffin
Chapter 307: A spirit beast senior with an incurable disease
Chapter 306: Let’s row!
Chapter 305: I wish for the peace on Earth… wait, I was just kidding!
Chapter 304: The heart of a pure and innocent girl
Chapter 303: I have many things I wish to do
Chapter 302: The Little Finger Snake
Chapter 301: Do you want to know more about the Heavenly Island?
Chapter 300: Zhuge Zhongyang’s horrifying nightmare!
Chapter 299: The small and exquisite Zhuge Yue
Chapter 298: Forgetting past enmity?
Chapter 297: I’m the same Nine Lanterns you enjoyed 300 years ago (2 in 1)
Chapter 296: This is too simple, something seems fishy!
Chapter 295: [Y/N]?
Chapter 294: Evil creatures, scram!
Chapter 293: Flaming Saber: Simplified Edition
Chapter 292: In the end, Song Shuhang was really a martial arts expert?!
Chapter 291: Beheaded with one slash
Chapter 290: The shrinking big lizard
Chapter 289: Hello, the stain of my life!
Chapter 288: Reality? Illusion?
Chapter 287: What’s worse than being helpless? Being super helpless, of course!
Chapter 286: Gymnastics gorillas!
Chapter 285: Prodigious gorillas
Chapter 284: Slice, slice, slice the airplane!
Chapter 283: The disappearing passengers and the mysterious particles of light
Chapter 282: Excuse me, can anyone fly a plane?
Chapter 281: Venerable White: Don’t worry, I can act as a matchmaker!
Chapter 280: Not subdued by force, do you want honor?
Chapter 279: Quick, ask Shuhang who’s the person chasing us!
Chapter 278: Heavens, what a coincidence!
Chapter 277: The fearful branch tracking technique
Chapter 276: A man that makes other feel jealous
Chapter 275: Monster hunters
Chapter 274: Pooping while riding on someone’s back!
Chapter 273: Venerable White: I’ll personally look for Doudou!
Chapter 272: You sure know how to sweet talk!
Chapter 271: The problem of imparting basic knowledge to the natives
Chapter 270: You need to pay remuneration, Lady Onion!
Chapter 269: Marry! Marry! I’ll marry you!
Chapter 268: Even if one falls, a thousand will arise!
Chapter 267: A masked thief? Or is it an assassin?
Chapter 266: Twin-Tailed Senior White!
Chapter 265: Shuhang, let’s have fun in the East China Sea!
Chapter 264: Bamboo Slips Formation
Chapter 263: Arranging a formation with bamboo splits
Chapter 262: Doudou kidnapped the small monk and ran away
Chapter 261: Size reducing purse
Chapter 260: Senior Song, are you surprised?! Eh? What?
Chapter 259: Shuhang, you have another oversized express package!
Chapter 258: The small monk’s plan and Soft Feather’s plan
Chapter 257: Emptying stomach-pumping hands
Chapter 256: The strings of karma and the city in the sky!
Chapter 255: If I were a green onion?
Chapter 254: Meeting plot with plot
Chapter 253: How come I can’t cut this green onion?
Chapter 252: This blade seems quite sharp!
Chapter 251: Absolutely prohibited!
Chapter 250: Shuhang, why are you bending over your waist?
Chapter 249: Unexpectedly, I was forced to use this move once again!
Chapter 248: Afterward… they enjoyed themselves to their heart’s content!
Chapter 247: The meteorite… exploded!
Chapter 246: Shuhang, going around with forged documents is a crime!
Chapter 245: Meteorite and cracks
Chapter 244: Tractor God Old Lu: My poor waist!
Chapter 243: Zhao Yaya: Wait, is that Uncle?
Chapter 242: There is something wrong with this speed!
Chapter 241: Papa Song: My liver is about to explode!
Chapter 240: What is Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist trying to do?
Chapter 239: A shooting star streaking across the sky, let’s wish something!
Chapter 238: Studying isn’t worth bird’s poop!
Chapter 237: Rich men have their own unique way of thinking
Chapter 236: Question: How Cool is it to Operate a Hand-Guided Tractor?
Chapter 235: There seems to be strange things in the midst!
Chapter 234: Fighting and seeking death until the end
Chapter 233: The youth in green clothes riding a white horse has come again?
Chapter 232: A criminal wearing a pekingese mask racing on the streets!
Chapter 231: I’ll spank you till you shit all over the place!
Chapter 230: Benefactor Cao, there is someone looking for you
Chapter 229: Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist is having a sense of crisis!
Chapter 228: Benefactor Cao, you need to be spanked if you lie. Ah~
Chapter 227: Did the sleeping gas lose its effectiveness?
Chapter 226: Benefactor, do you buy children here?
Chapter 225: The small monk: I’m going out to make some money for my hemorrhoids operation!
Chapter 224: Their abilities to stir trouble are topping one another!
Chapter 223: Anthony is taking a long time to take off his helmet!
Chapter 222: True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s deep depression!
Chapter 221: A pekingese flying an airplane!
Chapter 220: Ah? Where did Instructor Li Jr. go?
Chapter 219: Senior White: Let me repair this huge hole!
Chapter 218: We’re gonna crash, dammit, Senior’s distracted!
Chapter 217: Shuhang, should I teach you the Turtle Breathing Technique?
Chapter 216: You think you can reach space with a helicopter? Laughable!
Chapter 215: A Supersonic Helicopter!
Chapter 214: The champion of the riding sword competition who loves to race on flying swords!
Chapter 213: The space suit and Senior White’s misunderstanding
Chapter 212: Can you let me eat in peace?
Chapter 211: Flying into the sky? Of course not, we’re aiming for space!
Chapter 210: What to do if you were in seclusion for so long that you grew hemorrhoids?
Chapter 209: Ah~ That familiar scream!
Chapter 208: The love of a father is as big as a mountain: Venerable Spirit Butterfly
Chapter 207: Using cultivation techniques while playing basketball is a very shameful behavior!
Chapter 206: Senior’s loots and a worried Shuhang!
Chapter 205: Northern River’s Loose Cultivator lost his memory?
Chapter 204: This speed is fast to the point of being incurable!
Chapter 203: Haha, I finally broke the seal and emerged!
Chapter 202: Do you find Venerable White attractive?
Chapter 201: Fear not, I have the Blood Evasion Technique!
Chapter 200: A tragic aerial collision!
Chapter 199: Chapter 199 - A shameful trump card
Chapter 198: Disposable flying sword, launch!
Chapter 197: Is it a natural calamity or a man-made disaster?
Chapter 196: Such good luck smells fishy!
Chapter 195: My luck is pretty good today?
Chapter 194: This time, did I royally screw up?
Chapter 193: Are you threatening me?
Chapter 192: I’m getting out of the car to exercise a bit!
Chapter 191: Senior White’s blessing
Chapter 190: Cultivator-style bungee jump and a selfie with Venerable White
Chapter 189: Daoist technique, Daoist technique!
Chapter 188: The disciple of a Daoist Priest is a Great Master
Chapter 187: This is like hitting someone who is already down!
Chapter 186: When your hair reaches your waist, will you marry me?
Chapter 185: Different kinds of style!
Chapter 184: A young man decked in a green robe riding a white horse
Chapter 183: Did I travel to another world?
Chapter 182: It’s an incurable disease!
Chapter 181: A new enmity added onto the old hatred
Chapter 180: Branch Leader Jing Mo’s trump card
Chapter 179: Even today I managed to survive!
Chapter 178: Grandpa Tubo’s invitation
Chapter 177: Renovating the entire house?
Chapter 176: Fairy Lychee
Chapter 175: Clues on the Meteor Sword
Chapter 174: Penniless Thief Sects Young Mistress Candy
Chapter 173: Doudou’s two seconds of glory
Chapter 172: Burning saber
Chapter 171: Look at me beating up six people alone!
Chapter 170: Walking Doudou
Chapter 169: A slash capable of burning the heavens
Chapter 168: The space travel of a domestic air conditioner
Chapter 167: Innate Skill of the Eye Aperture
Chapter 166: Do you obey?
Chapter 165: The ghost spirit underwent a mutation!
Chapter 164: A corpse bringing equipment from a thousand miles away, the gift is valuable but the sentiment is even more!
Chapter 163: Making a contract with the ghost spirit
Chapter 162: Zhuge Yue’s video
Chapter 161: I… I’m sorry! I got the wrong person!
Chapter 160: A pretty and delicate face, but a big and muscular body
Chapter 159: There is no reason to refuse
Chapter 158- Frost Air Immortal Chest?
Chapter 157- Actually, the whole group are my alt accounts!
Chapter 156- I feel like I’ve been left behind by the times every time I come out of seclusion!
Chapter 155- How terrifying is a senior who can fall on flat ground?
Chapter 154- Dou Dou + True Monarch White!
Chapter 153- Discussing the importance of a good teammate
Chapter 152- Cultivation Maniac True Monarch White!
Chapter 151: True Monarch White was dug away!
Chapter 150: The nameless Immortal sage statue that makes the heart beat
Chapter 149: A series of events that hurts the eyes!
Chapter 148: Looking forward to it!
Chapter 147: True Monarch, how many meanings does ‘all kinds’ have?
Chapter 146: Accompany me for a walk!
Chapter 145: Another emergency delivery!
Chapter 144: Giant dog: Borrowing your chat account to use!
Chapter 143: The dormitory’s unexpected visitor
Chapter 142: The nameless Immortal sage of the nameless temple
Chapter 141: One hundred million in call value… are you scared or not!
Chapter 140: True Monarch White is almost out
Chapter 139: Just call me Great Pressure of Mt.Books!
Chapter 138: Just stand there and don’t move!
Chapter 137: Little friend Shuhang, do you want some benefits?
Chapter 136: Chat Photo Album: Watch Senior Ah Qi trample the Moonsabre Sect
Chapter 135: Bloodbath in the Blue Origin Valley
Chapter 134: Why is Su Clan’s Ah Qi here?
Chapter 133: What each conspiracy needs
Chapter 132: I’m surnamed Song, and this is my identity card!
Chapter 131: What does one do when one meets a giant demonic beast?
Chapter 130: There are many things wrong with this first experience of the blue sky!
Chapter 129: The attacking weaklings!
Chapter 128: Where is the Moonsabre Sect?
Chapter 127: Put down the Su Clan descendant!
Chapter 126: The little miss doesn’t have much longer
Chapter 125: The refined Young Master Hai
Chapter 124: A valuable lead
Chapter 123: Incantation: Abbot Tongxuan is… The! Most ! HANDSOOOMMMMEEEE!
Chapter 122: The imprint from the flying sword
Chapter 121: I have half a Fasting Pill, do you want it?
Chapter 120: Have anything to eat?
Chapter 119: It’s you?
Chapter 118: Uncle, what about the basic trust between people?
Chapter 117: Sevenshine Wonderfruit and Immortal Farming Sect!
Chapter 116: Not bad abs
Chapter 115: Could we just hold hands?
Chapter 114: So it was actually an experimental edition!
Chapter 113: [Temporary Remote Sword Art]
Chapter 112: Capturing the Culprit
Chapter 111: The Robbed Delivery
Chapter 110: Shush, A Wild Uncle Appeared!
Chapter 109: Group Owner’s Heavenly Tool, Mass Chat Restriction Technique!
Chapter 108: Altar Master’s Vengeful Ghost?
Chapter 107: A Mournful Ghost’s Wail
Chapter 106: This Fire Controlling Artifact is Very Modern Yo!
Chapter 105: Secret Martial Arts Technique
Chapter 104: Oh, Chinese Kung Fu!
Chapter 103: Family of weirdos
Chapter 102: Zhuge Zhongyang
Chapter 101: Cursed
Chapter 100: Strange dream
Chapter 99: Why do seniors communicate through a chatting app?
Chapter 98: An amusing and rottenly good person
Chapter 97: One floor away from the destined person
Chapter 96: Ill Fate
Chapter 95: The inconceivable patient
Chapter 94: Uncle, I am not a swindler!
Chapter 93: Five-Way Spirit Contract Altar materials!
Chapter 92: Black suitcase, money and… Qi and Blood Pill!
Chapter 91: Little friend Shuhang who receives deep admiration from his seniors
Chapter 90: Shuhang, learn driving!
Chapter 89: The Caucasian monk is shining
Chapter 88: Unfortunately, this lord doesn’t care about face at all!
Chapter 87: A path of survival? I’ll provide you one!
Chapter 86: Everybody get lost, let me pretend to be badass!
Chapter 85: My luck has finally turned for the better, haha!
Chapter 84: Underground wrestling match
Chapter 83: Illusion
Chapter 82: Caucasian monk and the site of the strange train accident
Chapter 81: Loli and going past his stop
Chapter 80: A lead has been found, time to set off!
Chapter 79: Second place… is yours!
Chapter 78: Armor Talisman, Sword Talisman, Exorcism Talisman!
Chapter 77: Another express delivery via air travel
Chapter 76: Seven Lives Talisman Mansion Master
Chapter 75: Beast headed tile with claw marks
Chapter 74: I’ll show you my resolve
Chapter 73: Trouble still came in the end!
Chapter 72: Resolve
Chapter 71:Tearing down a building with bare-hands isn’t a dream!
Chapter 70: Stink Pill
Chapter 69: You guys should’ve said that earlier, that’s fantastic!
Chapter 68: The female lecturer frightened to tears
Chapter 67: Mental energy trick
Chapter 66
Chapter 65: Looking for the enemy’s trail
Chapter 64: An invincible position
Chapter 63
Chapter 62: Yep, I’m framing you!
Chapter 61: Nice to meet you, my name’s Song Shuhang!
Chapter 60: Fear and…… joy
Chapter 59: Acute poison
Chapter 58: White True Monarch
Chapter 57: Fierce man Nan Haomeng
Chapter 56: The heart to be wary mustn’t be missing
Chapter 55: Zhao Yaya’s ballbusting Kick
Chapter 54: Zhao Yaya
Chapter 53: Good person Shuhang
Chapter 52: Meditation technique to form the true self
Chapter 51: Endure!
Chapter 50: Foundation Building Fist Technique and the right way to execute it
Chapter 49: A trick too wonderful for words
Chapter 48: Techniques must not be recklessly passed
Chapter 47: This is just a thumb drive
Chapter 46: Student Shuhang, have you offended someone recently?
Chapter 45: The girl backed up against the wall again
Chapter 44: Medicine Master’s Key
Chapter 43: Seclusion Grain Pill
Chapter 42: Altar Master who was Scared Silly
Chapter 41: Foundation building techniques
Chapter 40: This is a pretty fine Poison Dragon Grass
Chapter 39: Don’t worry, just a broken leg would suffice!
Chapter 38: The way a cultivator opens doors
Chapter 37: Do all little girls these days all have so much character?
Chapter 36: The young lady surrounded by hoodlums
Chapter 35: Do not be embarrassed, reply to me loudly!
Chapter 34: Medicine Master and reward
Chapter 33: Cultivation, is at my fingertips
Chapter 32: Loose cultivators and sects
Chapter 31: North River’s Loose Practitioner’s liver hurts
Chapter 30: Learning the truth in the morning, even if death comes in the evening it’s worth it!
Chapter 29: Running under the setting sun, this is the youthfulness I lost
Chapter 28: Last resort in a desperate situation, let’s go!
Chapter 27: Refining the Body Tempering Liquid!
Chapter 26: My Extraordinary Pill Furnace
Chapter 25: The two boxes of herbs
Chapter 24: Student Song Shuhang, here’s your express delivery
Chapter 23: Spiritual Butterfly Respected Sage’s Scheme
Chapter 22: An Unexpected Gift
Chapter 21: Poison Dragon Grass, how dangerous!
Chapter 20: Spirit Ghost
Chapter 19: Ghost Lamp Temple 50 years ago
Chapter 18: Meeting familiar faces in another place
Chapter 17: Investigation for Ghost Lamp Temple
Chapter 16: This matter feels a tad abnormal!
Chapter 15: Professor Renshui’s injury
Chapter 14: Let me send two chests of medicinal ingredients as my gift of thanks
Chapter 13: If……
Chapter 12: Senior Song, your phone is also out of battery
Chapter 11: Turn back suddenly, and discover that your destined person is there, by the waning lantern lights.
Chapter 10: A Brief Interlude While Strolling In The Streets
Chapter 9: The Other Luo Xin Street
Chapter 8: Soft Feather and Luo Xin Street
Chapter 7: The Group Of Delinquents That Got Wiped Out
Chapter 6: Copper Trigram’s Immortal Master
Chapter 5: I Believe In Science!
Chapter 4: H City’s 3rd stage – Houtian lightning tribulation
Chapter 3: One Pill Recipe
Chapter 2: Please Wait For Esteemed Me To Divinate
Chapter 1 : Mt. Yellow’s True Monarch and Nine Provinces (1) Group