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Chapter 184: Wordless Jade Wall

 Chapter 184 - Wordless Jade Wall

The bell tolled, again reverberated around Mt Meru, announcing the start of another new day.

The rising morning sun, a small little halo peeking out from the east horizon, spilling a thread of light into the world. Early morning on the mountain path, it was already full of commoners, following the path and stairs towards the imposing temple, many of them carrying joss sticks and candles for worship, plain devotion on their faces.

Among them some families also brought their children along for prayers, the children innocent and pure, they were not tired from walking on the mountain path instead many young ones jumped around and ran ahead and back, looking excited.

The morning mist had not dispersed completely, lingered outside Tian Yin Temple, the damp moisture could be still felt in the air. The monks whom had risen early had completed their mandatory morning lessons, right now were sweeping the courtyard, gently sweeping the trees leaves which had fallen during the night, to the side.

The entire Tian Yin Temple, right now appeared solemn and peaceful, immersing in the faint mountain breeze, accompanying the breeze, there was still a faint fragrance from the leaves.

The bell peals drifted, guiding the people below the mountain, also hovered in the temple, awaking the people who were sound asleep.

He from slumber, slowly awakened.

How long had it been, sleeping at ease, waking up calmly, even in his sleep, there wasn't even dreams, only deep sleep, peaceful deep sleep.

So, this was such a feeling of happiness.

He quietly listened to the bell tolled, as if the tolls were not drifting in the vast world outside the house, instead in his heart, he even had this feeling that the bell, tolled especially for him.

Until, the tolling of the bell gradually ceased, he then slowly got up, opened the room door and walked out, lifting his head, expanded his chest, inhaled deeply.

The damp air in the mountain gushed into his heart, on his face, a rare expression of satisfaction slowly appeared, he really wished to continue standing like that, just that at that moment, a sound was heard outside the courtyard entrance.

"Zhang patron, you have awakened?"

Ghost Li turned over, saw FaXiang smiling, standing not far from the door entrance looking at him, then nodded, said, "Morning!"

FaXiang assessed him with two glances, smiled and said, "Patron after this period of quiet recuperation, most of your injuries have already healed, just that it is said the initial recovery from a serious illness, thirty percent it will relapse, patron still need to watch out for yourself. Mt Meru topography is rather elevated, the days and nights are different from the secular land, the chill is heavy here, patron must be careful."

Ghost Li nodded, said, "Thanks for the concern, I will remember it. Also, not sure if abbot PuHong Master is free today, I hope to visit master, will like to bother him for a moment."

FaXiang smiled and said, "Such a coincidence, I am carrying my teacher's instructions, came especially to invite Zhang patron to meet teacher after your morning meal."

Ghost Li was surprised, said, "Why, abbot master is also looking for me?"

FaXiang said, "This little monk won't know but guess it would be to enquire after your injuries!"

Ghost Li was silent for a moment, said, "Since it is so, I will go pay a visit to abbot master in just a moment."

FaXiang brought his palms together, said, "Patron do not have to hurry, abbot has especially instructed just now, not to hasten patron. Teacher is still at Little Tian Yin Temple meditation room, if patron is free later, just go ahead by yourself."

FaXiang smiled faintly, said, "In Tian Yin Temple, only if patron wish to, patron can go anywhere you want to, there is nothing to be concerned of."

Ghost Li's heart was moved, looked at FaXiang, FaXiang's words indistinctly had obvious subtle meaning, as if they already treated him like one of Tian Yin Temple people, or maybe, in those Tian Yin Temple monks' hearts, he who once prostrated before PuZhi's seat, eventually was also considered one of Tian Yin Temple?

FaXiang turned and retreated, Ghost Li watched his back figure, silent for a moment and then returned to his own meditation room.

From the moment he stepped foot onto the summit, Ghost Li involuntarily paused his body slightly, to him, this was really a place that stirred all sorts of different emotions in him.

Under the morning sun, Little Tian Yin Temple simple and unadorned situated ahead, the low walls, small courtyards, where were the signs of that soul-stirring night?

Looking back, gazing, indistinct human voices again travelled over from Tian Yin Temple, the prosperous joss sticks offered, a bustling sight, or maybe, those people who were living peacefully, instead were happier?

He quietly turned around, walked into Little Tian Yin Temple, soon, the unique quietness of this place enveloped him, in the whole courtyard, seemed like only his footsteps reverberated.

When he reached that meditation room entrance, Ghost Li stopped, subconsciously glanced towards the back of the yard, that small path was blocked by the boundary walls but he could still see that it extended towards the back, just that at this moment, that last courtyard, most probably only a blank slate remained!

Like, humans who came empty handed, left empty handed.

He knocked on the door, very quickly, PuHong Master's voice was heard, "Is it Zhang little patron, quickly come in!"

Ghost Li faintly acknowledged, pushed the door opened and walked in. In the room right now, PuHong Master was alone and sitting on his meditation room, a smile on his face greeting Ghost Li who had just walked in.

Ghost Li nodded to PuHong Master, said, "Master, I heard from FaXiang that you are looking for me?"

PuHong Master instead asked, "That's right but I heard that little patron happens to also have something to discuss with me?"

Ghost Li pondered for a moment, nodded and said, "Yes, actually it's not a big deal, mainly that I have troubled you all for many days, now that my injuries are almost healed, I really should not continue to trouble."

PuHong Master smiled, said, "Little patron you're too formal."

Ghost Li shook his head and said, "That day at the foot of Qing Yun Hill, master has already saved my life, and afterwhich here, master helped to undo the knot in my heart, I am really beyond grateful. Just that I am afterall from Evil sect, in the long run, inevitably this will hurt the clean reputation of your honorable temple."

PuHong solemnly said, "Little patron, I have a word, not sure if I should say it?"

Ghost Li said, "Master please say."

PuHong nodded his head and said, "Since so, forgive this old monk direct words. Looking at little patron's physiognomy and complexion, you are absolutely not an utterly evil disciple, degenerated into the Evil Way, it is because your fate dictates it so, definitely not little patron's mistake. And little patron has such a predestined relationship with PuZhi junior brother, which is also a predestined affinity with our Buddha, and even so an affinity with Tian Yin Temple. Only if little patron is willing to turn back to the shore, Tian Yin Temple will naturally do our utmost to shield you, not to mention Qing Yun sect, even if the world's Good Faction all come together, our temple will not fear the slightest. Buddha said, enlightening a person is utmost merit, little patron since you are a person with affinity, why not put down the secular baggage, receive this peace and be at ease, isn't this better?"

Having said that, his expression earnest, looking at Ghost Li.

Ghost Li naturally did not expect PuHong would say such words, for the moment was stunned. These few days in this Tian Yin Temple, his mind and heart was completely different from the past, main difference was he was comfortable and at peace, deep in his heart, he very much liked it that way, just that men like him, in the end still had matters he could not put down.

He was silent for a long time before slowly raising his head, bowing deeply to PuHong Master, said, "I know, master is sincere to me, deliberately enlighten the ignorant and stubborn, however I am a secular man, bobbing along with the waves, in the secular world, there are even more countless of worries but yet I am unable to give them up. Master's good intentions, forgive my inability to accept."

Having said that, he heaved a long sigh, about to turn around and walk off, PuHong Master instead said, "Patron don't go yet."

Ghost Li said, "Master, is there anything else?"

PuHong Master looked like he was contemplating, slowly said, "Patron's heart is like a huge rock, this old monk will not dare to force too but if patron is willing to, our humble temple has a request, hope that patron will grant it."

Ghost Li was slightly surprised, said, "What is it, abbot master there is no harm saying it."

PuHong Master looked at him, said, "PuZhi junior brother met with such an ending, although it is because of his own sins, an unforgivable crime but tracing it to the source, that evil object, 'Sinister Orb' cannot avoid responsibility. And now that PuZhi junior brother had already passed away but this evil object is still on patron's body, encroaching onto little patron!"

Ghost Li was silent for a moment, said, "Master meaning..."

PuHong Master brought his palms together, said, "Little patron don't get me wrong, this old monk has no other intention. This Sinister Orb contains strong evil power, harming others and yourself. That time after PuZhi junior brother passed away, for several years this old monk grieves and laments, never once did not think about that, received Heaven's bequeathed sympathy, actually thought of an idea, maybe it is a method to restrain Sinister Orb this type of evil object's vicious energy. Not sure if little patron is willing to try?"

Ghost Li's countenance changed, the Sinister Orb although had infinite power but its vicious energy during these ten over years, made him suffered much, even his character, seemed to be changed gradually by it. Sometimes he also recalled PuZhi's situation, each time he thought of himself being controlled by this vicious energy too, he couldn't help but break out in cold sweat. However this matter could not be told to others after all, although he was worried but he did not have any good solution to it, unexpectedly today upon hearing PuHong Master's words, it instantly hit the matter close to his heart.

Ghost Li thought for a long time, then slowly said, "Didn't expect that abbot master has such a good plan, not sure how is it to be done?"

PuHong Master's face was serious, said, "The method is actually simple, frankly, it is only using the Buddha's remarkable powers, boundless mercy, to degrade all of this world's vicious energies. In the rear mountain of Tian Yin Temple, there is a 'Wordless Jade Wall', more than seven zhang tall, smooth like jade, it is said that Tian Yin Temple founder attained enlightenment under that Wordless Jade Wall, and from then started Tian Yin Temple."

Ghost Li frowned, did not understand the relations it had with the Sinister Orb, heard PuHong continued on, said, "It is from that realm, from the centre of Mt Meru, the Buddhist energy is the most solemn and propitious, little patron only need to sit there for a period of time and in addition, I will lead a group of monks to form the 'Vajra Ring' formation, with such strong propitious energy, maybe it can suppress the Sinister Orb's vicious energy that is in your body, we do not know."

Ghost Li's body trembled, he did not expect that PuHong Master had such exceptional foresight, had saw through that the internal channels in his body was in a disorder. After contemplating for a moment, decisively said, "Master's good intentions, I received it. Since then, I will sit under the Wordless Jade Wall for a few days. Just that after which, I will treat it as farewell and leave."

PuHong Master brought his palms together, nodded his head, smiled and said, "Patron just be assured, our humble temple will definitely not prevent patron."

Ghost Li nodded his head, turned and walked out. PuHong Master watched his back figure disappeared, sighed, muttered to himself, "Junior brother, if your spirit is in Heaven, you have to bless and protect this child..."

The Wordless Jade Wall was as what PuHong Master said, even though it was located at Mt Meru rear mountain, Ghost Li assumed it would be easy to find, however on that day, following FaXiang and FaShan who led the way, there was no sign of it after walking for almost an hour.

Ghost Li felt bewildered in his heart but did not speak it out, instead it was FaXiang who was attentive and noticed the puzzled look on Ghost Li's face, guessed his thoughts and smiled, said, "Zhang patron, are you thinking why is the Wordless Jade Wall so far away?"

Ghost Li did not deny, said, "Boldly asking senior brother, where exactly is this Wordless Jade Wall, and how did it come about?"

FaXiang laughed while walking, "This is quite a long story. When did the Wordless Jade Wall appear, naturally this nobody knows, it is only known that thousand years ago, when Tian Yin Temple founder was still an itinerant monk, travelling around, one day for some reason, strayed into Mt Meru lofty ridges and towering mountains and was lost, unable to get out. Having no choice, our founder walked randomly in this forest, it was also predestined Buddha affinity, the smooth like jade stone wall was spotted by him. At that moment, our founder was already hungry and thirsty and exhausted, and so rested under the wall."

FaXiang paused, Ghost Li could not help but asked, "Oh, then what happened later?"

A bifurcation appeared in the mountain path before FaXiang, FaXiang headed to the left and led Ghost Li down a slope, at the same time said, "It was said that our founder sat under the jade wall for three days and three nights, for some reason, gradually from unbearable hunger and thirst to a composed state, his heart at ease and his mind calmed, entered into our Buddhist Great Perfection Realm, after three days, he attained enlightenment under the Wordless Jade Wall. Other than that, it was said..."

FaXiang turned and smiled mysteriously to Ghost Li, continued, "It was further said, under the wall, our founder actually comprehended our Tian Yin Temple supreme true way Great Brahman Wisdom which is passed down from generations to generations, and so established Tian Yin Temple's position among the world's cultivation sects."

Ghost Li was stunned for a moment, shook his head, felt the legend of this Tian Yin Temple founder was quite amusing, several parts of the story felt unreal, actually also somehow absurd. Initially towards PuHong Master's method this time, he had some expectations but after hearing FaXiang narration of the story, he instead felt disheartened, could not help but secretly sighed.

FaXiang was observant, saw Ghost Li's change of expressions, only smiled and continued to lead the way, did not speak, as for the tall and sturdy FaShan monk behind them who remained silent all the way, also did not speak.

The three of them followed along the mountain path for about an hour, walked among the twisting lofty mountains, unknowingly had already left Tian Yin Temple far behind them, unable to see it again.

Ghost Li did not expect that the mountain terrain behind Tian Yin Temple was actually more extensive than he had imagined but watching the peaks and ridges, layers of green, the mountain breeze blew gently, along the way odd rocks towered, all kinds of strange things, or steep cliff waterfalls, pouring from the sky, rumbling and looking like jade belt.

Along the way, he felt his chest lifted, looking at the beautiful scenery in the surroundings, he instead did not feel that depressed anymore.

Suddenly FaXiang was heard saying, "It will be ahead."

Ghost Li was surprised, looked ahead but saw the path was still winding, beside the path was dense forest, the other side weeds and brambles, outside three chi was a cliff, where was the more than seven zhang tall Wordless Jade Wall that they said?

"Boldly asking senior brother, where is this jade wall?"

Smiling, FaXiang walked a few steps ahead, came to that cliff, looking back, said, "It is here."

Ghost Li went to his side, standing on the cliff, he looked up, saw the mist permeating below, like surging waves, turbulent, seemed like a valley. And an indistinct mountain silhouette could be seen in the distance, but it was at a very remote place.

Ghost Li pondered, turned and said to FaXiang, "Don't tell me it's in this valley?"

FaXiang smiled and said, "It is below our feet."

Ghost Li was stunned, FaXiang was already laughing and said, "Let's go down!"

Speaking, FaXiang leapt down, FaShan followed after.

Ghost Li standing on the cliff above, deliberated a moment but also jumped down.

Soul-devouring in the mist, flashed with dark-green light, slowly enveloped Ghost Li, protected him and slowly descended.

The mist seemed peculiar, appeared dense but not dense, threadlike entangling together, allowing the mountain breeze to ruffle it but it did not show any signs of dispersing. During the descend, Ghost Li looked towards the mountain wall but only saw white mist in front.

Feeling bewildered, he grasped and urged the Soul-devouring to go nearer to the mountain wall, he only saw layers of cloud-like mist scattering, slipping away to both sides before his eyes, just when he was focusing, suddenly, a silhouette appeared in front of him.

Ghost Li was startled and quickly paused his body, looking carefully, he received quite a big shock, before himself he saw someone who looked exactly like himself, with a shock look looking at himself.

That person's gaze was deep, his face appeared to show the vicissitudes of life, in his hand was also holding a Soul-devouring evil stick. While Ghost Li was in shock, a Sanskrit song was suddenly heard from the sky, like a heavy drum beat, heavily reverberated in his ear.

Following this Sanskrit song, a solemn and dignified force instantly charged up from an unknown realm below his feet, like an enormous wave shooting up to the sky and the surrounding mist immediately rolled up into it, consuming that figure completely. Ghost Li felt a pain in his heart, the ice-cold feeling in his body actually moved on its own accord, like repelling violently against this Buddhist force, retaliating back on its own.

In his shock, Ghost Li again felt that other than the evil power from the Sinister Orb stirring in his body, like being influence by this Buddhist energy, his own cultivation Great Brahman Wisdom also seemed unwilling to submit to another force, surged up, seemed intending to have a show-down with the Sinister Orb evil power.

Before even starting, his body already had such great impact, the energy in this realm, was really inconceivable. Ghost Li was shocked, for a moment forgotten about the strange silhouette, only urged his own cultivation, protected his heart and slowly descended.

Soon, the fog gradually thinned, the scene below his feet immediately became clear, it was a small stone platform, the surface smooth, a radius of three zhang, sparse trees, surrounded it were several Tian Yin Temple monks sitting around. These monks were either sitting near or far, in no order but it seemed to have implicit meaning, faint Buddhist power flowed within, indistinctly forming a formation.

Ghost Li carefully looked, suddenly felt somehow familiar, carefully thinking, he recalled an image of a Buddhist mantra primitive character.

Ghost Li very quickly reached the ground, looking around, saw FaXiang and FaShan were already sitting among the monks, clasping their palms together in silent, with their heads bowed and not looking at him. And the leader of the monks, was Tian Yin Temple abbot PuHong Master, sitting below on his left, whom Ghost Li had saw him before, was PuFang holy monk who had demonstrated his great martial prowess on Qing Yun Hill.

Instead it was a monk who was sitting below on his right, looked rather weird, Ghost Li had never seen him before but looking at his haggard face, complexion sallow, like a dying person, and his aged appearance, was even far older than PuHong Master. Just that he did not know who this person was but he was ranked together with PuHong and PuFang these two holy monks, evidently was a great figure in Tian Yin Temple.

Ghost Li without further words, bowed to PuHong Master, PuHong Master clasped his palms back in greetings, smiled and said, "Little patron has come."

Ghost Li nodded, "Yes but what does abbot wants me to do?"

PuHong Master pointed to the platform, said, "None other, little patron only has to sit on that platform, meditate and sit for a few days."

Ghost Li nodded his head, looked back to that platform and then looked up again at the surrounding, saw the thick mist lingering above but where was the legendary Wordless Jade Wall? He could not help but ask, "Abbot Master I will like to ask, where is the Wordless Jade Wall?"

PuHong Master smiled, "Little patron will see it in a moment."

Ghost Li was surprised, nodded his head, turned around and was about to sit on that platform when suddenly a faint sharp whistle was heard in the sky, it was wind, it was the howl of a beast, traversing the clouds and mist, a beam of brilliant light following closely behind, tore opened a crack in the thick mist, shone down onto Ghost Li.

Ghost Li retreated a step back, looked up and saw within the valley rumbling sounds, like undulating peals of thunders, waves suddenly formed in the thick mist like sea, from gentle risings turning into huge waves, billows undulating, following which many more cracks appeared, the thick mist also became thinner and thinner, revealing beams after beams, rays and rays of light.

Facing this spectacular sight, Ghost Li watched for a long time, the thick mist finally dispersed completely, light shone down, instantly resplendent light filled the world, nobody could look at the light directly. After a moment, it gradually dimmed.

When Ghost Li once again opened his eyes, he got a shock, saw the legendary Wordless Jade Wall.

It was just In front of him, behind that small stone platform, under the cliff, a precipice that looked like mirror, hanging down perfectly straight, more than seven zhang high, more than four zhang wide, the texture like jade but not jade, extremely smooth, reflecting the beauty of heaven and earth, near and far mountains, actually were all in this jade wall. And Ghost Li with the other Tian Yin Temple monks under this wall, looked insignificant like ants.

Compared with the creations of heaven and earth, humans were so tiny!

Ghost Li was silent, after a long time let out a long breath, without a word, went up to the platform sat cross-legged down, did not look at anyone, took a deep breath and closed his eyes, sat there like that motionless.

PuHong Master watched Ghost Li for a long time, turned to the monks behind and nodded his head.

Dozens of Tian Yin Temple monks, including PuHong Master, PuFang holy monk and that mysterious monk beside PuHong, FaXiang, FaShan etc, brought their palms together and chanted.

Dozens of faint golden lights, slowly rose, indistinct Sanskrit song, seemed to come from the sky!

Suddenly, golden light increased greatly, in the monks formation, golden light flowed, dignified Buddhist energy, the golden light from the monks turned more and more dazzling, after a moment deafening rumbles were heard, a golden resplendent large 'Buddha' incantation appeared above the formation, slowly rising.

The Sanskrit song became louder and louder, heaven and earth solemn, that golden Buddha word rose higher and higher, slowly reached the mid-air, erected. In the sunlight of the horizon, glowing more and more resplendently.

As if activated by the Buddhist mantra, on that precipice, on the smooth jade wall a reflection of the Buddhist word slowly appeared but it was not like the usual mirror, instead started from small to big, gradually emitting golden light, the Buddhist word image slowly appearing and when it grew large on that jade wall, the Buddhist mantra in the air seemed to dim down.

Very quickly, the Buddhist mantra on that jade wall grew almost bigger than the one in the air, the entire wall dazzled with golden light, sparkling, accompanying the waves of SanSkrit song. Suddenly, on that jade wall a faint ray of golden Buddha light revealed, slowly shone out, enveloped Ghost Li who was sitting cross-legged.

Ghost Li's body trembled, a trace of pain shown on his face but he did not open his eyes, instead tolerated it. Very quickly, the pain expression on his face disappeared, sitting motionless.

The jade wall shone out faint Buddhist light, did not have any changes, the golden light slowly glimmered, an indescribable dignified feeling.

And surrounding Tian Yin Temple monks' countenances did not change too, chanting softly, the light on their formation flowed slowly, supporting the Buddhist mantra in the air.

Time flowed, quietly passed by like that...

After three days, the Buddhist mantra on the jade wall did not show the slightest sign of weakening, the faint Buddhist light shining, still enveloping Ghost Li.

Ghost Li's face was calm, these three days to him seemed the same, like the first day he arrived, instead it was the monks below PuHong Master, although the formation did not change but their faces faintly showed tiredness.

PuHong Master from his meditation slowly opened his eyes, looked to Ghost Li who was still sitting peacefully, after a long while sighed quietly, "Foolish child, foolish child, in the end still unable to let go?"

Speaking, he shook his head gently, sighed incessantly.

PuFang holy maid who was sitting on his left side lightly said, "We worked so hard, arranged this Buddhist Subdue Devil formation, first is to help him degrade Sinister Orb vicious energy, even more importantly, to resolve the demons in his heart. But his heart is tightly locked up, hard to eliminate the demons in his heart, even if the Sinister Orb vicious energy is neutralized, who knows one day if he will also turn into a demon too? The things that we did today, most likely are instead taking the side of the evildoer!"

PuHong Master frowned, his face darkened, said, "Junior brother, this young man has deep affinity with our Tian Yin Temple, no matter what we cannot give up lightly, why did you say such words?"

PuFang's countenance changed, brought his palms together, "Senior brother is right to lecture. I am not having any prejudice towards this young man, it is because of that time...that scene of our senior and junior brothers dying, my heart is in sorrow, I really do not wish to see him taking the evil route again. Junior brother spoke inappropriately, senior brother please chastise."

PuHong Master's face eased, said, "Not that I have not thought the same way as you, if not I would not lay down this Subdue Devil formation, deliberately used Buddhist true way great ability to enlighten him. But before this jade wall, he seemed to too..."

While speaking, suddenly in the tranquil and solemn mountain valley a loud sound issued out of thin air, the entire jade wall seemed to tremble once, the Buddhist mantra in the air and on the wall seemed to be shaking too.

PuHong Master and the other monks turned pale, in shock for a moment, quickly hastened their spells, unexpectedly a pain expression appeared on Ghost Li's face, the Soul-devouring which had been suppressed by Buddhist power these three days suddenly lighted up, a burst of black energy instantly covered his face.

PuHong Master did not expect that the Sinister Orb's evil power was so strong, after being suppressed for three days and three nights, it still had strength to resist, he was able to call everyone to hold on to the formation, Ghost Li who was unable to bear it any longer, issued a cry and leapt up.

The Buddhist mantra in the air suddenly dispersed, Ghost Li raised his head and made a long cry in the air, his demeanour like mad, at the same time turned and looked at the jade wall, saw that in addition, it had rays of red lights, the golden light and red rays, fighting incessantly.

While the lights were in chaos, strange forms varied and brilliant, a shock of thunder heard out of sudden in the horizon, the sky darkened down.

Winds and clouds rolled over from all directions, on the smooth jade wall, from top to bottom, spots like deep engraving, a row of characters appeared, other than that, numerous golden crude incomprehensible words, like seething on the jade wall between the golden light red rays glimmering and quivering, a dazzling display. And that row of words instead were unmistakably clear, it was --

Heaven and Earth heartless, treats all living things as straw dogs!