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Chapter 181: Ill-fated Relationship

Chapter 181 - Ill-fated Relationship

"That was several years ago, but in my mind, it seems like yesterday, so vivid, not a single detail forgotten."

PuHong Master's calm and unhurried voice drifted in the house, slowly started to recount the past.

"I remembered very clearly, it was a cloudy day, gloomy and heavy. That day, starting from the morning, my mind was unsettled but I couldn't figure out what was wrong, even I was distracted while doing the homework which I have always done. That kind of situation was rarely seen, I myself also did not know what the reason was, so that day I wasn't in a good mood."

"So it was like that, until evening, when the evening drum beat and I saw that the dusk was approaching, I felt slightly better. At that moment, I only thought that most likely my cultivation was not enough and was distracted for a moment. Unexpectedly on that day during twilight, suddenly, I heard a scream from outside Tian Yin Temple entrance."

Speaking till here, PuHong Master turned his head and looked at FaXiang.

FaXiang nodded, said, "Yes, at that time disciple was patrolling the entrance, saw someone fainted near the temple entrance, disciple hurried over to investigate, was PuZhi teacher uncle."

He sighed and continued, "PuZhi teacher uncle was unconscious, he looked extremely haggard but his face somehow, looked strangely red. It was until later that I found out, PuZhi teacher uncle, in order to extend his life, took the rare medicine 'Three Days Must Die Pill'."

Ghost Li was surprised when he heard that, the medicine pill was really unheard of, he couldn't help but ask, "What Three Days Must Die Pill?"

PuHong Master said, "This strange medicine is not used in the orthodox way, it was said in the former years, a strange person known as 'Ghost Doctor' in Evil Sect, created it using his wildest imagination. Heard that once this pill is taken, no matter how grave your injuries are, this pill will be able to stimulate your body's capacity and allow you to live three days more, and in these three days, you will have just enough strength of a normal person. However after the three days, the medicine will change to be the world's number one type of poison, even if your body is in a good condition with exceptional cultivation, you will not be able to defeat the efficacy of the strange medicine and die without question. That is why it has such an unusual name."

Ghost Li was silent.

PuHong Master continued, "At that time naturally we didn't know so much, after receiving FaXiang disciple's urgent report, I turned pale with fright. PuZhi junior brother was intelligent and had gifted aptitude, his cultivation was profound and had always been an outstanding talent in our Tian Yin Temple, I never expected that he would become like that. I immediately ordered them to bring him in, in the meditation room I tried to save him but he remained unconscious, his internal channels were in a mess, he was not only severely poisoned, his body was also heavily injured by a highly skilled martial artist, it was already at that stage where the lantern had exhausted the oil..."

Although it was already several years after the incident, PuHong Master's face revealed agonized and dejected expression, clearly this past incident had a huge impact on him.

"That night, I did all I could to save PuZhi junior brother but even though I exhausted all elixirs, spent all of my true vitality, I couldn't revive PuZhi junior brother, watching helplessly as his breathing became weaker and weaker, I was really in anguish. Could it be that my junior brother, would just die without knowing the reason?"

"His body was so severely injured, it would not be a surprise if he had died a few days earlier, however he struggled to return to Tian Yin Temple, evidently he had something to tell us before he dies, or it could be something urgent that he have to let us know."

PuHong Master heaved a long sigh, became quiet, as if in his mind, the day's incident again surfaced.

After a long while, FaXiang coughed softly beside, whispered, "Teacher, I was constantly with you and PuZhi teacher uncle during that time, for the rest of the events, let me relate it for you!"

PuHong Master silently nodded, did not speak.

FaXiang coughed once, continued on, "At that time I was always with teacher, watched teacher and PuFang teacher uncle and the rest tried their best to save PuZhi teacher uncle but it was to no avail, I was burning with impatience too. PuZhi teacher uncle had always treated me very well, I only blamed myself for my meagre skills, unable to do anything for him. Unexpectedly, when my teacher uncles and I were at lost at what to do anymore, that late night, PuZhi teacher uncle regained conscious by himself."

"Ah..." Ghost Li raised his brows, exclaimed softly and then quickly controlled himself, his face again turned cold.

FaXiang glanced at him, continued, "It was my shift to look after PuZhi teacher uncle, rejoicing, I immediately called teacher and PuFang teacher uncle over. Although it had been several years already but I can still clearly remember, PuZhi teacher uncle's look on that night, a look of death but only on his face, red like blood, it was really scary."

"Looking at PuZhi teacher uncle's condition taking a turn for the better, we were all extremely glad, although PuZhi teacher uncle looked strange but we couldn't care much at that moment. Teacher was about to ask PuZhi teacher uncle what exactly had happened, how did he get so severely injured? Unexpectedly...unexpectedly PuZhi teacher uncle the moment he saw teacher, he, he..."

FaXiang paused for a moment, it was to compose himself.

The room was silent, PuHong Master closed his eyes, softly chanting, the prayer beads in his hands turned, Ghost Li was instead listening with all of his attention.

FaXiang for some reason, looked terrible but he eventually still carried on.

"After PuZhi teacher uncle regained consciousness, he remained rather quiet but when teacher rushed over upon hearing the news, the moment he saw teacher, suddenly, like being agitated, he trembled all over, leapt up and sat on the bed."

"We were all shocked, PuZhi teacher uncle's face was still red like blood, a pair of eyes staring intently on teacher, stretched out his withered hand, pointed at teacher. Teacher immediately went over, grabbed his hand and was about to ask him, PuZhi teacher uncle instead..."

A moment of hesitation flashed past FaXiang's face, glanced at PuHong Master, PuHong Master's expression was unchanged, still with his eyes closed.

FaXiang after a slight moment of silence, continued, "PuZhi teacher uncle once he held teacher's hand, suddenly, it was as if he was totally devastated, like a child, burst out crying on teacher."

"What?" Ghost Li when he heard that, for a moment forgotten himself, stood up and stared at FaXiang.

In his heart, no matter what PuZhi holy monk had did but the impression he left him, how would he be such a person?

FaXiang sighed, said, "The three of us were shocked too and at lost, we didn't know what happened to PuZhi teacher uncle, why was he acting so oddly. But looking at PuZhi teacher uncle, he looked extremely remorseful and grieved, we didn't know what to do. PuZhi teacher uncle while crying, said to teacher: Senior brother, senior brother, junior brother deserves to die, did a heinous crime, even if I were to die ten thousand times, it will not be able to make up one ten thousandth of it!"

Ghost Li's eyes twitched but he did not speak.

FaXiang's voice was deep, continued, "The shock in my heart, at that moment was already to the brim, looking at teacher's expression, clearly he was like me too. PuZhi teacher uncle demeanour was unstable, almost like mad, we couldn't do anything and could only console him, hoped he would have a good rest and wait till his body recovers fully before doing anything."

"However PuZhi teacher uncle was obstinate, said in order to see us again at Tian Yin Temple, he had already took Three Days Must Die Pill and would definitely die in less than a day. Before dying, he had something very important to tell teacher and teacher uncle, and had something important to entrust. If his words were not heard before he died, then he would not go in peace."

"We were all shocked and anxious when we heard that but before PuZhi teacher uncle, we were helpless and could only let him talk. Initially I thought due to his severe injuries, PuZhi teacher uncle was delirious, nobody expected that with his words, he actually said such a treason against Buddhist heart and human relations, evil deed with infinite sin."

PuHong Master quietly sighed, clasped his palms together and chanted, "Amitabha!"

FaXiang also clasped his hands together and chanted, then looked at Ghost Li, saw his expression slowly turning ashen, continued, "PuZhi teacher uncle grabbed teacher's hand tightly, tears streaming down while recounting the events, the rest of us beside, the more we heard the more dumbfounded we were, almost to the stage where our blood ran cold. PuZhi teacher uncle said: To fulfil his desire to merge Buddhism and Taoism together, several days earlier he went up to Qing Yun Hill again to visit Qing Yun sect Head Reverend DaoXuan, expressed his own thoughts, unfortunately Reverend DaoXuan rejected him. Disappointed, he walked aimlessly down the mountain, came to a small village at the foot, that small village was called 'Grasstemple Village'..."

[Pa!] a muffled sound, almost at the same time when 'Grasstemple Village' was said, the table which Ghost Li had placed his hand on, under his agitated emotion, twisted one corner down, grinded it into powder, spilling finely down from his hands.

FaXiang glanced at that table, sighed quietly in his heart but still continued, "When PuZhi teacher uncle walked into the village and took a temporary rest in one of the diaphilated temple at the back of the village, by chance encountered a group of youths playing, saw two youths after arguing, one of the youth unable to let go of his temperament, almost did a regrettable fatal thing, fortunately PuZhi teacher uncle intervened in time and could be said to save one of the youth's life."

Ghost Li's facial expression again fluctuated, clenching his fists tightly, in his eyes, clearly revealed anguish.

"PuZhi teacher uncle did not think much about this small matter, however that day the sky was gloomy, looked as if a storm was approaching and so decided to stay for a night in the dilapidated temple. Unexpectedly it was that night, something happened..."

Ghost Li's head, buried deep down, refusing to allow anyone, to see his emotions.

The memories like knives, hacked down deep in his heart, blood gushed out like fountain, unable to hold back!

FaXiang's voice unhurriedly reverberated, "It was night, PuZhi teacher uncle woke up with a start from his meditation, discovered that a sorcerer dressed in black had sneak into the village, intended to kidnap a youth who had extremely good aptitude. PuZhi teacher uncle naturally could not sit and watch and so saved that youth, but strangely, that sorcerer in black was unexpectedly malicious and crafty, actually used that youth as a pretence, his target was in fact PuZhi teacher uncle."

"That sorcerer in black secretly placed the 'Seven tailed Centipede' on that youth, with one hit struck PuZhi teacher uncle, following which while PuZhi teacher uncle's state of mind was in chaos, he used Evil sect sorcery to heavily injure PuZhi teacher uncle. And it was at that time, PuZhi teacher uncle then realized, the vicious attacks by that sorcerer in black, was all because of that greatly ominous sealed item, 'Sinister Orb' on PuZhi teacher uncle."

Ghost Li's shoulders moved but he did not raise his head up, from his sleeves, the Sinister Orb's familiar icy cold sensation faintly travelled up...

Thousands of feelings, ten thousands of emotions and enmities, when it all gushed up to your heart at the same time, you, what kind of feeling is that?

He was taciturn, silent, only his entire body was tensed, involuntarily, trembled slightly...

"Although that sorcerer's moves were treacherous and murderous but PuZhi teacher uncle was after all deeply skilled, even though he was heavily injured, he still managed to use Buddhist remarkable powers, fought with that sorcerer and both sides were heavily injured, although he was severely injured and on the brink of death but he still successfully chased that sorcerer temporarily away. However during that process, PuZhi teacher uncle discovered in shock, that person actually knew Qing Yun sect Taoism true way skills, evidently he had countless links with Qing Yun sect."

"When PuZhi teacher uncle was fighting with that sorcerer, for some reason, that youth which he had saved during daytime, came quietly to the dilapidated temple, after a few intense fights, that child was affected and fainted. After the fight, PuZhi teacher uncle chased that sorcerer away but he was also at his limit, severely injured and dying, he had no choice but to consume that 'Three Days Must Die Pill' which he happened to obtain it in the past, in order to extend his life."

"PuZhi teacher uncle firstly knew he was going to die, his mind was already in a mess and unable to handle matters calmly, secondly he was worried that that sorcerer would definitely be back to kill any witnesses, he himself did not fear but the villagers would most likely be annihilated totally by that extremely vicious sorcerer, then wouldn't he be committing a heinous sin. He intended to seek help from Qing Yun but that sorcerer was clearly involved with Qing Yun Hill, what if something happened to him after he went up the mountain, he was not afraid of losing his life but wouldn't he be impeding many lives."

FaXiang's face looked bleak, he seemed to feel sorrow for PuZhi's dilemma at that time.

"PuZhi teacher uncle many years ago, once toured the world, at the west great marsh incidentally subdued the world's most evil object, 'Sinister Orb', he, endowed with Heaven's merciful heart, used Buddhist remarkable powers and suppressed this evil object, day and night he carried it with him, to prevent it from harming the common people. However this Sinister Orb's cruel energy was innate, although protected by Buddhist powers but it still slyly corroded PuZhi teacher uncle's mind. Just that on usual days it was shielded by Buddhist powers so it was not discovered."

"That day, PuZhi teacher uncle facing a hopeless situation, he himself have to die and yet he had to implicate the people around him, and his entire lifetime grand wish to comprehend Buddhism and Taoism looked like it was going to turn into bubbles, he couldn't help but feel agitated and great sorrow, unexpectedly, when it was all looking hopeless, he actually...actually had the wildest fantasy, thought of another way, to realize his grand wish."

Ghost Li's breathing, started to slowly became hurried.

FaXiang paused for a moment, slowly continued, "PuZhi teacher uncle actually thought of privately passing the Tian Yin Temple Buddhist Supreme Great Brahman Wisdom to a youth, then let him try and join Qing Yun, as such, he could fulfil the grand wish of his lifetime. At that time he was brooding over the matter of Buddhism and Taoism merger, once he had that thought, it was like grasping a straw as lifeline, refused to let it go again. Following which he weighed the matter and chose to pass the Great Brahman Wisdom True Way mnemonic formula to that youth whom he had saved his life, at the same time instructed him not to reveal it to anyone, entrusted his entire lifetime of wish, onto that young man."

"Hei, hei hei...hei hei hei hei..." Ghost Li's extreme suppressed laughter, flowed out from his lowered head, carrying a few degrees of desolation, a few bitterness, and a few chokes with emotions.

Not knowing if he was mocking PuZhi, endless hatred, or was it resentment towards Heaven, complaining his own fate?

FaXiang waited for his laughter to end, a dejected look on his face, continued, "After everything was settled, PuZhi teacher uncle cast spells to make that youth fall asleep again, and because of the Three Days Must Die Pill's effect, his body strength was slowly returning, initially he intended to leave like that, rushed back to Tian Yin Temple within three days, to instruct his funeral affairs. Unexpectedly at that moment, he suddenly recalled, Qing Yun Sect was very strict in taking in disciples, and because he wanted to maintain his secret, he chose that youth and not that high aptitude youth, thinking carefully, Qing Yun Sect might not take that youth in."

"Watching as his greatest wish was about to go up in bubbles again, and his death was imminent, PuZhi teacher uncle's mind was in a mess, in addition his severe injuries, his Buddhist cultivation was already greatly damaged, far from his usual strength, the vicious energy in his body from that Sinister Orb, at that moment, flared up, finally created an irredeemable sin."

"When PuZhi teacher uncle's emotions were agitated, he was attacked by that vicious energy, in his chaotic state of mind, he only thought of racking his brains to find ways to fulfil his own wish. While he was pondering wildly, he actually thought of, what if that youth became an orphan, and it was due to a huge accident, because they were located at the foot of Qing Yun Hill, Qing Yun sect would definitely not sit by and watch..."

PuHong Master's face suddenly revealed grieved expression, the prayer beads in his hands rotated even quicker, his mouth also chanted incessantly.

"And so..." FaXiang's voice, right now seemed to tremble, "PuZhi teacher uncle actually thought of how, how, how to make this child an orphan, so that he could enter Qing Yun Sect. At that moment, he was already deranged, totally controlled by the evil power of the Sinister Orb, finally, he slowly entered the village, started...started to kill; And after seeing the first blood, he was out of control, the vicious character released, two hundred over villagers in the Grasstemple Village, were totally wiped out, and created this heinous sin!..."

"Enough, do not say it anymore!" Suddenly, Ghost Li shouted, abruptly stood up, on his face, it was already wet with tears.

"Do not" His voice hoarse, choking with emotions.

FaXiang was silent, slowly lowered his head. On the meditation bed, PuHong opened his eyes, slowly came down the bed, walked to Ghost Li, stretched his hand out and gently comforted Ghost Li on his shoulders, quietly said, "Child, if you wish to cry or curse, just do it! But the past matter, you will still have to finish listening to it."

Ghost Li choked with sobs.

PuHong Master quietly said, "When PuZhi teacher uncle regained his consciousness, the grave mistake was already made, standing at the pile of corpses and sea of blood, like the five thunders striking his head, he was totally dumbfounded. His entire life of merit and cultivation, not to mention going down the drain, harming so many innocent people, such a heinous crime, it almost tore his heart apart. In his muddle headedness, he deliriously rushed back to Tian Yin Temple, saw me, what he did was not for anything, it was only to confess to me everything, all of his sins. Filled with remorse, he beseeched me, based on our hundred years of brotherly relationship, to redeem one ten thousandth of his heinous sin, no matter what happens in the future, as long as you are in difficulty, we will definitely try our best to help."

Ghost Li tried hard to suppress his own feelings but hopelessly, never once cried for several years, a man who was strong like iron, right now reduced to a person in tears. His teeth bit hard into his lips, deeply sunk in, traces of blood flowed slowly out from the corner of his mouth, due to his agitated emotions, he had bit through his lips.

PuHong Master looked upset, said, "PuZhi junior brother after leaving his last wish, the venom took effect and he finally passed away. On his deathbed, he instructed that his remains not to be cremated and buried, to use Jade Ice Disc to guard it, leaving this remnant body, hope that in the future that youth named Zhang Xiao Fan, if he happens to know the truth, to invite him here and let him deal with this infinite sinful body. To flog or spit on and curse, or to grind the bones into dust and scatter it, all of the monks in Tian Yin Temple, no one is to intervene, this is to repay one ten thousandth of his sin."

Ghost Li whipped his head up, PuHong Master stared into his eyes, his face solemn and respectful, continued on unhurriedly, "What I have said, you have all understood! Junior brother's final wish, I have already fulfilled it for him. Now on how to deal with it, will follow your wishes. That small house in the backyard, what you wish to do with it, you just have to go over."

Ghost Li clenched his teeth tightly, his eyes deep, stared at PuHong Master. For some reason, PuHong Master did not wish to look into his eyes, slowly shifted his gaze.

Ghost Li's breathings became louder and louder, his chest rising up and down, the expressions on his face fluctuated in seconds, suddenly, as if he had made up his mind, abruptly turned, strided out, hearing his footsteps, it was headed towards that small house at the back.

FaXiang's countenance changed greatly, exclaimed, "Teacher!"

PuHong Master slowly shook his head, his face revealed deep anguish, spoke quietly, "Let him go! That was your PuZhi teacher uncle last wish. The bitterness of the affairs of the human life, how many are able to accept it? Amitabha..."

He gently clasped his palms together, silently chanted, in the room, instantly quietened down.

Frighteningly quiet!