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Chapter 180: Difficult to cross Sea of Misery

Chapter 180 - Difficult to cross Sea of Misery

The flat small courtyard was like the quadrangle residence outside, a house that was simply built against a mountain wall, a brick-paved small path in the middle, leading to the door, grasses decorated both sides, it looked like no one did a proper upkeep of the place, weeds overgrown in many places.

And what was different from the meditation room outside was, on this house's door, a piece of rather thick heavy black curtain hung over it, and other than this door, there seemed not to be other windows or doors.

Ghost Li looked at this ordinary and common-looking small house, his throat suddenly felt dry, both of his hands involuntarily clenched tightly. He looked to PuHong Master but saw on PuHong's Master's face, his expression also looked extremely complicated, like regret, like pained, hard to put it in words, and he was too, looking at that little door in a trance.

For a moment, no one spoke, a period of silence, except from the grasses beside, somewhere, low insects cries were heard, not knowing what it was calling for.

For a long time, PuHong Master gently sighed and said, "Let's go in!"

Ghost Li's facial muscles twitched once, whispered, "Alright."

PuHong Master slowly walked up, he stretched his hand out and pulled opened the curtain, a sound of [zhi ya] and pushed opened the door.

Faint sounds, came from the rotor on the door, who knew how long it had been since someone pushed opened this door, heavy and desolate.

A burst of cold air, suddenly rushed out from the house, despite Ghost Li was still outside the door but with this cold draft, even with his level of cultivation, he still could not help but shuddered. In this little room, it seemed like one of the coldest place on earth.

Ghost Li frowned, had some hesitation, at this moment, PuHong Master's voice was heard from behind the curtain, said, "Little patron, come on right in!"

Ghost Li took a deep breath, shook his head, opened the curtains, strided in.

The curtains slowly fell, once again the door issued a desolate sound of [zhi ya], gently closed.

The small yard, again, resumed its peacefulness, FaXiang's figure slowly walked over from the front, looked at that plain house, softly chanted and bowed once, looking solemn and respectful.

The curtains lowered, the wooden door closed, because there wasn't any windows, the house was immediately in darkness.

The bone penetrating chill, instantly gushed over from all directions, like countless cold steel needles, stabbing into the flesh. Ghost Li had just recovered from a major injury, for a moment started to shudder a few times again, but he was after all not an ordinary human, he circulated the true ways in his body and regulated his breathings, slowly adjusted. Although the cold was unable to seep into his body but that icy cold bone penetrating chill, was still uncomfortable.

This small house on Mt Meru, was even colder than the inherently cold North pole.

Ghost Li was shocked, while he was feeling bewildered, he heard PuHong Master quietly sighed and said, "Junior brother, we have come to visit you, this person, you must have wanted to see him for a very long time!"

His voice was deep and carried a strange emotion, the chill in the house abruptly went down a few degrees, almost could freeze a human's body blood.

Then, a thread of weak light, white carrying faint silver light, slowly from ahead of PuHong Master and Ghost Li, at the end of the small house, lighted up.

That light was graceful and like snow, first the thread blossomed, then at the periphery of the light, another thread of silverish-white faint light slowly shone, approaching it, merging into one, one by one threads of faint light started to light up one after another, gradually emerging, a one chi square-like disc shape.

That light was gentle, pure white like snow, the light rose to a height less than one chi, at the end of it the light seemed to transform into bits of snowflake, like white fireflies, gently dancing, slowly descending, almost like an illusion.

Then, the threads of light, slowly merged, gradually became brighter, Ghost Li and PuHong Master heard a light whistling sound, it was pleasing to the ear, the white light surged, instantly released its brilliance, illuminating the entire house.

In that instant, PuHong Master chanted softly with his head bowed, and Ghost Li, instead in that instant, felt his entire blood froze, unable to feel any warmth at all, even his own heartbeat, seemed to pause in that moment.

He was like a frozen icicle standing there, staring in a daze deep into the light, there wasn't any other thoughts in his mind anymore, only two words reverberated --


The weak light was like snow, brilliant and flowing, emitting from the disc pure- white like jade, at the same time giving off an uncanny chill. And on top of that one chi square like round disc, a person sat, it was that person who changed Zhang Xian Fan's life, the one whom Ghost Li etched into his heart - PuZhi.

Looking from afar, PuZhi's face was life-like, although his skin looked extremely pale, without a single trace of life but upon careful inspection, there wasn't any sign of shriveled flesh. Moreover, he was still like that compassionate and kind old monk in Zhang Xiao Fan's memory, not a single change, just that in his expression, there was an additional indistinct anguish.

Other than his body.

PuZhi's body for some reason, was half of his original size, and because it was so, he could sit cross-legged on that pure white jade disc, the chill in this room was assaulting but there wasn't any ice seen placed around, most likely it was because of this unusual treasure. And assuming that PuZhi's remains could be preserved for such a long time was most probably also due to this treasure's power.

Just that Ghost Li's mind couldn't think that much, the compassionate-looking monk sitting on the jade disc, was clearly the one etched deeply in his heart, for several years, never once forgotten.

Was it hate?

Was it gratitude?

In his mind, for a moment it was empty, for a moment it was like a storm, thunder and lightning rumbled, thousands of anguish, ten thousands of resentment, all for a moment washed over his heart!

That kind monk, was the person who saved his life, the person who taught him the true way and treated him like a son, but it was also this compassionate-looking monk, destroyed his entire life, made him suffered day and night, like falling into the Hell's abyss...

Gratitude, resentment intertwined, initially he thought it was only in his heart, unexpectedly today this moment, he could see his face once again.

Ghost Li under agitated emotions, could barely stand straight, his head swam, his body fell to the side. At this moment, a gentle and warm hand stretched out from beside, supported him, at the same time a familiar energy, it was Buddhist true way Great Brahman Wisdom, travelled from that hand, deep and profound, slowly calmed Ghost Li's heart which was filled with agitated blood.

"Amitabha Buddha, little patron, do not be too agitated, your health is more important." PuHong Master's calm voice, softly heard beside.

Ghost Li, like being shook awake, clenched his teeth, took a deep breath, released PuHong's hand and stood straight once again, but then his eyes, never once left PuZhi's face. In the faint light, PuZhi's kind face, that trace of anguish, seemed deeper.

PuHong Master beside, carefully assessed Ghost Li, in his eyes, this young man's indefinite expression due to his current pain, fluctuated in the faint light, right now this moment, Ghost Li was not that renowned world's Evil Sect sorcerer, instead was an ordinary person to him, like, that young man many years ago.

He gently sighed, his eyes deep, turned and looked at PuZhi ahead, slowly went up, staring at PuZhi's face, quietly said, "Junior brother, your last wish, senior brother me has already fulfilled it for you, senior brother is useless, unable to save you then. Evil cause results in evil consequence, your own debts you need to experience yourself. This was what you said at that time, hope you will let go of your previous life sin soon, reincarnate and head to the afterlife. Amitabha!"

He clasped his palms together at PuZhi's remains, bowed and then walked straight out, before he walked out of the door, he faintly said, "Little patron, I think you will want to be alone with PuZhi junior brother for a while! I will be in that mediation room ahead, if you need anything, just come look for me."

Ghost Li did not speak, almost like turning a deaf ear, right now in his eyes, there was only PuZhi monk in that faint light.

PuHong Master sighed, pulled out the door and lifted the curtain, walked out. The house, shrouded in a blanket of stillness.

Ghost Li slowly, slowly moved his feet, little by little walked towards PuZhi.

He seemed to fear something, somehow at lost, clearly he was once gnashing his teeth in bitter hatred, but for some reason, this moment, his heart was pouring with infinite sorrow.

That person was quietly sitting there, without any life, but as if he was waiting for something, even his face with anguish, seemed to have a desire and anticipation.

Ghost Li slowly walked to him, staring at PuZhi, both hands clenching tightly, his nails deeply entrenched into his flesh, but in the end he still released them.

Almost like losing his support, his body strengthless, like that, quietly fell sitting onto the floor, sat before PuZhi, silent.

The faint light glimmered, illuminating PuZhi and him, both of their figures!

Time, seemed to pause in this house, time flowed back at times, jumped at times, but eventually what remained unchanged were their hearts?

Even though one was still beating, another already still!


The morning bell, once again tolled, reverberated in every corner of Mt Meru, rising and falling, awakening one from dreams but also had a kind of effect which could bring one away from the secular world.

Mt Meru summit, little Tian Yin Temple, outside the quiet meditation room, knocking sounds on the door were heard.

PuHong Master raised his eyebrows and then slightly shook his head, sighed and said, "Is it FaXiang, come on in!"

FaXiang acknowledged and went in, walked over and bowed to PuHong Master, looking at his face, there seemed to be a trace of worry, said, "Teacher, it is already an entire day and night, Zhang patron still has not emerged."

PuHong Master shook his head, said, "Previous life ill-fated relationship, a lifetime of feelings and enmity, how can it be so easily accepted and let go!"

FaXiang clasped his palms together, quietly said, "Yes." Then frowned, said, "Teacher, I am worried about the 'Jade Ice Disc' in the house, although it can protect and preserve PuZhi teacher uncle's body to be immortal but the cold energy, is greatly detrimental to humans. And Zhang patron he has just recovered, his mind and heart are in pain and confusion, what if his condition... leaves any incompletely cured illness, how would we live up to PuZhi teacher uncle's final instructions?"

PuHong Master faintly said, "It's alright, I have already used Great Brahman Wisdom to protect his heart yesterday, moreover with his own cultivation level, although the cold energy is poisonous, I presume it would not be a problem."

FaXiang heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing it, clasped his hands together, "So that's how it is, disciple is also relieved."

PuHong Master nodded, at the same time glanced at FaXiang, said, "I see that you are very concerned about this Zhang patron, although your PuZhi teacher uncle had left his last wishes but as for yourself, seemed to view him differently too!"

FaXiang smiled and said, "Teacher has exceptional insight, it is indeed so."

Speaking, he seemed to recall the past, sighed and said, "Frankly, ever since I first saw Zhang patron until today, it has been, like the blink of an eye, ten years. For ten years, disciple's Buddhist studies and training might have small improvement, compared to one's lifetime it is like an infant learning to walk, hardly any changes. Only this Zhang patron, looking at his life, a stormy sea, one climax after another, great sorrows and hardships, gratitude grievances affections enmities, the various sufferings mentioned by Buddha, each was experienced fully by him."

PuHong Master's countenance changed slightly, clasped his palms together and chanted softly.

FaXiang continued, "Disciple also once thought about this Zhang patron during the late nights before sleep, also placed myself in his shoes, tried to imagine the various sufferings on disciple's ownself. Unfortunately disciple's Buddhist studies eventually is still meagre, actually was terrified and had fear. Buddha said the conscious mind world is after all a bag of skin, in the end merely dust, only this path of the heart, the importance is to comprehend. Each time disciple thought of this, recall Zhang patron's rough life and today he is still able to sustain on persistently, disciple honestly admires."

Speaking till here, FaXiang's expression suddenly changed, kneeled before PuHong Master.

PuHong Master was stunned, said, "What is this for?"

FaXiang quietly said, "Teacher, disciple's cultivation is low, unable to comprehend the Buddhist Dharma fully and yet towards Zhang patron this kind of figure who agonizes over the demons in his heart, disciple really can't bear to. Beseech teacher to use your remarkable ability, with our Buddha boundless power, enlighten and show him the direction; with Buddhist mercifulness transform his evil tendencies, make him leave the demons in his heart and the sea of misery. This is also a great merit, fulfil the above Heaven's benevolent heart, console below deceased PuZhi teacher uncle. Teacher have mercy!"

Speaking, he lay prostrate with both hands, bowed three times in succession.

PuHong Master shook his head and sighed, heaving a long sigh, said, "Foolish child! Foolish child! Do you know with your words, you have instead violated anger taboo. Furthermore, it is not that teacher is unwilling to enlighten this person, it is because he has experienced many hardships, a life of rough bumps, to this present day, his heart is already as firm as a boulder, not like an ordinary person whose heart can be moved. As what is said, Buddha in one's heart, each and every living creatures have affinity with Buddha, in the future whether it is to degenerate into the sea of misery, or return to paradise, all is but a single thought in his heart, I and the rest do not have any more power to exert on him."

FaXiang slowly stood up, bowed his head low and clasped his palms together, his face couldn't help but reveal disappointment however he quietly said, "Yes, disciple understands."

PuHong after a moment of silence, said, "You better go to the rear house and take a look at him, although the cold energy shouldn't be a problem but with his current condition, sustaining without water and food for a day, it is still not a good thing."

FaXiang acknowledged, composed himself, headed out, when he was about to open the door and go out, someone was already outside the door, sunlight shone from the person's back, the person's face cast in the shadows, for a moment unable to see clearly.

FaXiang was surprised, took a step back and could then see clearly it was Ghost Li who had unknowingly arrived at the doorstep of the house, quietly standing. Not seen for a day, Ghost Li did not seem tired but his face was extremely pale, his eyes bloodshot, most probably he did not once sleep for the whole night.

When he saw FaXiang, Ghost Li's lips moved, slowly nodded to FaXiang, FaXiang was stunned, clasped his palms in return. Ghost Li then slowly walked in, stood before PuHong Master.

PuHong Master like yesterday, sat cross-legged on the meditation bed, his hands holding the prayer beads, continuously rotating. When he saw Ghost Li looked like he had words to say, he was not surprised, indifferently spoke to FaXiang, "Bring a chair for little patron, and, you too sit down!"

FaXiang acknowledged, pulled a chair over for Ghost Li, he himself sat at one side.

PuHong Master was silent for a moment, said, "Whatever question that you wish to ask me, just go ahead and say."

Ghost Li's eyes seemed undecided, as if his heart until now was still in turmoil, after a long time, he was heard quietly speaking, "Why did Tian Yin Temple save me?"

PuHong clasped his palms together, said, "All things have consequences and each consequence has their cause, patron current's rough situation, mostly are due to evil consequences planted by Tian Yin Temple PuZhi junior brother, since it is so, Tian Yin Temple cannot leave you in the lurch."

Ghost Li snorted, said, "What you all did, aren't you afraid Qing Yun sect will fall out with you?"

PuHong Master smiled and said, "Afraid."

Ghost Li heard his honest reply, was instead surprised, said, "Then you still..."

PuHong Master shook his head and said, "Tian Yin Temple for generations has good relations with Qing Yun sect, our ancestors have too sternly admonished, not to destroy without considerations. That was why I instructed them to dress in black, without revealing any traces and bring you back."

Ghost Li sneered, "Qing Yun sect is full of highly skilled martial artists, what if your tracks were exposed?"

PuHong Master indifferently said, "I ordered them to hide their tracks, is for the friendship between the two sects, unwilling to create discord between the two Good Faction sects, that was why we had that strategy. But if there really was a mishap, then it wouldn't matter too, to save patron you, we have no choice but to fall out with them."

Ghost Li stared at PuHong Master, in a heavy voice said, "What exactly is the reason, for all of you to disregard everything and save me?"

PuHong Master this time, turned silent instead, Ghost Li did not pursue the question, only stared at him.

After a long time, PuHong Master gave a long sigh, said, "Do you wish to know, the incident which happened after PuZhi junior brother struggled to return to Tian Yin Temple with his last breath until he passed away?"

Ghost Li was shocked, for a moment speechless, looking at the pain in his eyes, it seemed like his heart was in another turmoil, finally, he quietly said, "Yes."

For some reason, his voice was somehow hoarse.