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Chapter 177: Man in black

 Chapter 177 - Man in black

Wild winds torrential rains, there was still no signs of it ceasing.

In the darkness, spots and bits of brightness swept past, they were the magical weapons in Qing Yun disciples' hands, using the weapons' lights, they searched in the storm. Here was already close to the boundary of Qing Yun rear mountain, thick dense forests, ancient trees grew thickly, vegetation exuberant, coupled with the terrible weather, thunder rumbled and lightning flashed across the horizon, from time to time lightning cracked down from the sky, striking the forest, often splitting a tree, it was really a terrifying scene.

Before the might of Heaven and Earth, those slightly weaker disciples, could not help but were terrified, trembled with fear. And in the darkness, those spots of brightness, looked like trembling fireflies, flying incessantly, illuminating just a little area around them.


Above the dark clouds in the sky, another clash of thunder exploding, the people on the ground felt ringing in their ears, struck dumb and turned pale. It had been more than four hours since the search for Ghost Li started but they still had not found any traces of him, many started to feel apprehensive in their hearts, couldn't be that the evildoer had escaped?

In fact, it was not unjustifiable, Ghost Li as Evil Sect Ghost King Sect vice head, his skills as expected was superb, although he seemed to be wounded by Zhu Xian ancient sword four hours ago but who knew how heavily wounded he was? As long as he was not at the edge of death, most likely Ghost Li would have the ability to quietly sneak away!

This thought quietly reverberated in many of the Qing Yun disciples' minds, just that their teachers pushed and rebuked them from behind, in the end they did not dare to give up and could only continue to search. Few could imagine, in the darkness recesses not far ahead of them, Ghost Li seriously injured, too weak to escape, clinging onto the last hope, creeping in the muddy ground.

Dim light in the darkness, suddenly someone shouted loudly. "Stop, everyone stop!"

The person's voice carried off far into the darkness, even the rumbling of thunder in the horizon, could not cover his voice, this was clearly a senior with deep skills. Ghost Li lay motionless on the ground, letting the rain hit his body, hearing the voice he instead felt it sounded familiar but for the moment, he was unable to recall who this person was?

But it was clear that the surrounding Qing Yun disciples were extremely respectful and trusting of this person, almost at the same time when he shouted, the Qing Yun disciples could be heard stopping immediately, stood where they were and ceased talking. In the winds and rain, the clamorous search swiftly quietened down, indistinctly in the woods, not knowing whose panting breaths.

The storm turned more frantic!

There seemed to be someone carefully listening to something.

Ghost Li felt a chill suddenly penetrating into his heart and lungs, his entire body cold, there was actually a creepy kind of strange feeling. As if this eerie silence, compared to that loud shout of search, was even more daunting.

After a moment, suddenly a voice lightly said, "Father, what is it, could it be you heard something?"

Ghost Li was startled, he was very familiar with this voice, that was his once good friend ── Zeng ShuShu, a moment later he knew who the elder was directing this area of search, it was the head of Return of the Wind Valley Zeng ShuChang, also Zeng ShuShu's father, and the Qing Yun disciples searching this area, mostly were Return of the Wind Valley disciples.

Zeng ShuChang enjoyed a reputation for a long time and indeed he was really not ordinary, in this racket of storm, he was still able to detect the unusual noise made by Ghost Li but at the moment the dark jungle before him, five fingers could not be seen, other than the storm there was no other news. Even himself, could not help but also doubted if that slightest sound he had heard, could it be he had mistaken, or it could be with so many people searching, they could have startled some animals and caused that.

After contemplating for a moment, Zeng ShuCang frowned in the darkness, waved his hand and said, "All disciples separate, form a row, not more than three chi apart, slowly search ahead, not to miss even a gap."

Ghost Li was stunned, with a fine search like that, he almost did not have any chance of escaping, just when he was panicking, Zeng ShuShu anxiously said, "Father, the forest is so huge, assigning the disciples here to conduct such an intensive search, then won't other areas be unsearched?"

Zeng ShuCang lightly said, "I have my reasons, you don't have to say anymore, quickly go."

In the dark Zeng ShuShu was nonplussed, did not dare to say anymore and only turned to move forward. In the darkness, for a moment no one spoke but the spots of lights could be seen moving forward in the storm, gradually forming a long snake, slowly advancing.

For some reason, the atmosphere in the woods suddenly became somehow strange, that racket just now, everyone was agitated and nobody felt fear, right now this silence, somehow it made them felt some hair-raising feelings in their hearts.

Because of the cultivated weapons, the light from the magical weapons in those Qing Yun disciples' hands generally could not be cast very far and had limited brightness but they were joined and slowly advanced, soon, from Ghost Li's hiding place, it was only less than two zhang away.


Suddenly, Zeng ShuCang loudly shouted, dozens of surrounding Qing Yun Hill Return of the Wind Valley disciples paused at the same time, Zeng ShuShu was surprised, walked to his father, from the weak light cast from the weapon, Zeng ShuCang looked grave.

"What is it father?"

Zeng ShuCang's eyes were deep, stared into the darkness ahead but where his eyes thought, was not where Ghost Li was concealed, instead, it was to the opposite direction parallel straight to the far and deep dense woods.

In the darkness recesses, there seemed to be nothing but it also seemed to be filled with countless of demon and spirits figures, howling and dancing madly in the storm.

""Something is wrong..." under the dim light, Zeng ShuCang's facial wrinkles seemed to deepen, his eyes actually had apprehension but he was after all not an ordinary person, years of practice trained his heart to be composed, after coldly snorting, he had already made a decision.

[Zheng], a light whistle, everyone was surprised, Zeng ShuCang actually wielded his celestial sword, the sword ray appeared silvery white, in the dark storm it swallowed and spat out rays of light, bright and dazzling, completely different from those Qing Yun disciples in the surroundings.

But he was seen only remaining silent for a moment, loudly said, "I will be ahead, all of you remain the same, still according to what was just said, do a line search but follow behind me not less than one zhang, do not come near."

Everyone at the moment knew something was not right but with Zeng ShuCang around, they felt that they had someone as their pillar, Zeng ShuCang's face was solemn, holding his sword and walked ahead of the troops, and the others remained the same, just that they maintained one zhang distance from Zeng ShuCang, did not dare to go near.

This strange team, continued on like this slowly moving forward.

The unusual atmosphere, as if in this night of storm in the dense forest, gently panting...


Like the wind and rain howling but also like the roar of a beast, but suddenly realizing, it was his own heartbeat.

That heart, actually beat faster and faster!

Zeng ShuCang's old face reflected the brilliant light of the sword, became more grave, in the depths of the woods ahead, a faint mysterious hostility was felt, although it felt obscure and even unable to determine if it was a foe but the strange waves of palpitation in his heart, made him unable to belittle it.

That feeling, he had not felt it for a long time, recalling the last time, it seemed to be hundred years ago, he with Tian BuYi and a few, followed their senior brother Wan JianYi into the Wildlands, the scene of directly attacking the old nest of Evil Sect. The long years of time, in a blink it had already been so long...

But not knowing, if Wan JianYi senior brother who died an untimely death, had reincarnated?

This strange thought suddenly conjured in his mind, even he himself could not help but feel surprised and ridiculous. He inhaled deeply, boosted his spirit, for some reason, today really felt different from the others!


Another clash of thunder, exploded out of a sudden, the might of Heaven and Earth, for a moment shook the world, as if the great earth underneath, seemed to quake a few times. Almost at the same time, a lightning tore across the sky, broke out from the clouds, striking down into the mortal world.

Like a sharp knife of Heaven, slashing towards the mortal world!

Everyone was aghast, their hearts leapt out, some could not help themselves, suddenly someone who was looking only at the horizon, tripped and fell, gasping, he almost cursed out. Unexpectedly, when he turned back to look, illuminated by the lightning in the sky, before him a muddy body, lying motionless on the ground.

"Ah!" his voice desolate, suddenly rang out, "Here, here..."

[Ge!] a muffled sound, that disciple's shout was suddenly cut off but in that moment, it had already alerted everyone, immediately all turned and leapt over.

A black figure leapt up from the ground but before he could stand firm, his body wavered a few times, almost collapsing. Instantly several magical weapons mixed with the rain and winds hit over.

Ghost Li's heart sunk but he was unwilling to be caught without a fight, gritted his teeth he flew forward, unexpectedly taking only a few steps, a severe pain in his chest, he could not sustain and fell head down.

The crowd behind him cheered, a few Qing Yun disciples had already rushed up, stretched out their hands to grab Ghost Li.

And at this moment, suddenly, the darkness in the dense forest seemed to expand, like a beast's soundless cry, deep inside the darkness a light ray flashed past.

Zeng ShuCang's eyes instantly widened, immediately he leapt forward, at the same time harshly shouted, "All disciples retreat, fast!"

The Qing Yun disciples before they could react, Zeng ShuCang solitary leapt into the darkness ahead, the celestial sword in his hand initially was bright and dazzling but when he entered into that darkness, it was never seen, angry shouts and whistling were heard unceasingly.

Just when the Qing Yun disciples were at a lost, a strange figure shot out from the darkness ahead, heading to where Ghost Li was lying, at the same time also towards the Qing Yun disciples. With the help of from the small spots of light, this figure was totally enveloped by black shadows, revealing only a pair of eyes, glinting.

Qing Yun disciples loudly shouted, unsheathed their swords and charged up, unexpectedly this person was highly skilled, without seeing him wielding his weapon, he instead stretched out his hand and grabbed for the nearest disciple.

That disciple was shocked but did not panic, the weapon in his hand slashed down, that man in black did not make any sound, took no notice, his stance did not change, before the crowd, grabbed that weapon with his hand. Everyone was shocked, before they could react, that person shook forcefully, the Qing Yun disciple was thrown flying out, and that weapon was snatched over by that man.

The level of this person's skills, was extremely powerful. In the darkness ahead, Zeng ShuCang bellowed incessantly but he seemed to be held back by someone, unable to extricate himself to come forward to help, this strange night, inconceivably there were that many mysterious highly skilled masters lying in ambush.

Although the enemy's skills was extremely high but these Qing Yun disciples were all from renown sect and not ordinary sect disciples, shocked but no one ran off, instead all wielded their weapons and leapt forward.

That man in black seemed anxious and impatient, exerting strength in his hand, that stolen weapon immediately dazzled with brightness, far surpassing the glow when it was in that young disciple's hand, the light flashed, the sound of wind sharp, it chopped down from the air, a grand halo directly struck towards the group. The Qing Yun disciples cried out, a hubbub of shouts, all retreated to meet the enemy. Unexpectedly although that person's impetus was great but it was just an empty show of strength, with one stroke he forced everyone back a few steps, did not continue the fight and straightaway carried up Ghost Li who was lying helplessly on the ground, not knowing if he had already fainted, swiftly flew towards the darkness at the back.

Qing Yun disciples were all taken aback and incensed, surprised that this mysterious person who charged out of nowhere was so highly skilled, incensed that Ghost Li who was in their hands was taken away again. Ghost Li was the scourge of Qing Yun sect, and because he came from Qing Yun sect, everyone in Qing Yun sect had long wanted to get rid of this person, now that they were robbed halfway, how could they take this lying down, all started to pursue.

After pursuing for a while, suddenly a shout, bright light flashed, shot out from the darkness, to the crowd, this sword ray seemed to be striking towards themselves, quickly paused their bodies to meet the enemy. Only Zeng ShuShu managed to reach and flew up, moved his sword but he felt a shock to his palm and involuntarily stepped back, however the incoming sword was deflected by him, flew towards the sky, the next instant it fell inverted, [pu] a sound into the mud, it was that celestial sword which was snatched, still making a [weng weng] sound.

And with this moment of delay, that man in black had already like an apparition, swiftly vanishing into the darkness with Ghost Li, and Zeng ShuCang who was battling fiercely in the darkness, right now with a sudden shout, someone seemed to make a muffled groan, blood light appeared.

Everyone was stunned, not knowing whether was it Zeng ShuCang who was injured or the enemy, great debt of gratitude to teacher, right now they could not be bothered so much, all leapt forward. Just that when they reached halfway, Zeng ShuCang had already leapt out from the darkness, landed on the ground, blocked them, looking at his figure, although he was still able to move swiftly but his steps were staggered, at the same time he panted heavily, this short period of battle, to him, exhausted much of his strength.

After his panting calmed down, he immediately quietly said, "The enemies ahead are highly skilled and their numbers are not small, all of you must not be rash!"

Zeng ShuShu and the other younger disciples were stunned, they never expected that in this place, they would encountered such a situation.

Zeng ShuCang stared at that mass of darkness ahead, in a deep voice said, "Who are all of you, why are you all meddling in our Qing Yun sect matter? With your skills, you all would not be someone unknown, why not come out and talk!"

The winds raged and the rain poured impatiently, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, but for some reason, that mass of darkness deep inside the forest was still that dense, like ink that would not dissolve.

Nobody replied Zeng ShuCang's questions, there was only the sounds of the storm and breathing sounds of Qing Yun disciples, Zeng ShuShu quietly stepped forward, whispered, "Father, where are they from?"

Zeng ShuCang shook his head slightly, in a low voice said, "They deliberately concealed their identities, what they revealed were not their true skills, could not tell for the moment."

Speaking he frowned, raised his voice and shouted, "Gentlemen, still not revealing yourselves?"

His voice reverberated far into the forest but still no one replied, Zeng ShuCang's countenance suddenly changed, stamped his feet and said, "Damm, fall into a trap!"

Speaking, he leapt up, his celestial sword casting out resplendent light, this time to all surroundings, there was no longer any shadows shrouding, evidently those people had all escaped, came like the wind and left once they got their man, obviously it was all planned and calculated.

Zeng ShuCang heaved a long sigh, descended, Zeng ShuShu at the side directed the other disciples to continue to search the surroundings, to try and find any clues, and also quietly asked Zeng ShuCang, "Father, what is it?"

Zeng ShuCang's face revealed a trace of disappointment and then sighed and said, "Although we exchanged strokes hastily but indistinctly I could feel, these people were not using Evil Sect's skills, and furthermore if Evil Sect members came to rescue Ghost Li, they would not have to be in hiding. But, who were those that wanted to save this evildoer! And their numbers were not little and yet so highly skilled?"

Speaking, he frowned tightly, pondering. Zeng ShuShu did not speak, turned and looked ahead, the forest dense, darkness covered it, how would they see anything?

But, those who took Ghost Li, who were they? Nevertheless, Zeng ShuShu walked ahead, quietly told himself, it was after all better than in Qing Yun sect's hands...

As he thought that way, in this stormy night, in the thick woods, he seemed to recall ten years ago, the first time he met Ghost Li at Qing Yun Hill TongTian Peak.

After a long while, he sighed again in the darkness, continued to walk forward. No matter what the future would be, the path still had to be continued on now.

On the other side of the unknown dense woods, in the recesses of the darkness, there was another strange dark figure gazing from far onto Zeng ShuCang and the rest, it was Mr Ghost.

Right now his eyes seemed uncertain, looked perplexed, pondering, he was still bemused. After a long time, he watched as those Qing Yun disciples search area widened on but a person with a discerning eye would know immediately, this was the sign of giving up, searching like that, in this huge dense forest, how would they still be able to find someone?

As expected, in a short while, Zeng ShuCang's voice rang out again, "Forget it, all of you come back!"

Qing Yun disciples clearly could not wait for these words, started to walk back, Mr Ghost from far watched Zeng ShuCang did a headcount and then turned and led the disciples towards Qing Yun Hill, gradually disappearing in the dense forest.

He slowly emerged from the darkness, his eyes instead drifted to a distance, watched the direction where those mysterious men in black had headed, staring deeply.

In the storm, there seemed to be a voice quietly speaking, "There is actually still someone interested in him..."