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Chapter 174:

 Chapter 174 - Zhu Xian

Compared against the phenomenal great battle at the front of the mountain, this fight was very much different, the fight between Ghost Li and Lin JingYu these two childhood good friends, the scale was much smaller than the former but the intensity level seemed to surpass instead.

Nobody could ever imagine that! Once as close like brothers, in the end it turned out like this, the two figures at one moment separated, at another moment clashed, like a wild storm engulfing the surrounding areas of the Illusory Moon Cave, the trees were either struck down, uprooted or split into half, even the thick and solid great earth, by these two extremely fierce powers, became bumpy and rough, deep pits and broken stones everywhere.

If it was just comparing their cultivation and power levels, Ghost Li had different sects' true ways and also practised three volumes of Evil Sect classic , his skills level, actually definitely could not be used to compare against an ordinary martial artist, his skills could be said as one of the world's elite figures, even for Lin JingYu this kind of talent, he was not as good.

But at the moment the fight between the two of them, for some reason, it turned out to be quite well matched. If to compare their emotions, there were actually only two reasons, first would be that Lin JingYu was inherently hot-blooded, for the past decade he had been following that mysterious elder in the Founders Ancestral Hall to practise, what he learnt was a strong and fierce martial art which happened to stimulate his own potential, complementing his nature and the Dragon Slayer Sword's force of no return, the battle strength and force instead were actually higher level than his own skill level. And right now he was full of anger, each sword stroke fatal, almost like that hundred years ago legendary Wan JianYi, an impossible force.

And Ghost Li although his skills level was high, a solid foundation but it had a weak spot, which had been limiting him. At that time when he was practising both Qing Yun sect Taoism 'Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way' true way and Tian Yin Temple Buddhist sect 'Great Brahman Wisdom', each contradicting each other, causing his progress to proceed slowly and although later on he was fortunate to learn the general principles of Tian Shu and linked up the two remarkable true ways, greatly increasing his cultivation level but in his body, his foundation truth had already been changed to Evil Sect classic's strange arts.

Just that the skills were really enigmatic and profound, furthermore there was a con to it, although the general principles were all there but the cultivation truths in the book, were not complete within three volumes, at every critical junctures of training, there would be breaks, like as if one walks on a highway, going to and fro the great Tao (translator note: it could also mean main road), suddenly a precipice cut off before you, unable to proceed ahead, wishing to walk the other way but there was simply no way to go. So as such these various obstacles were really not little, these few years the Sinister Orb's vicious currents backlash, Ghost Li was helpless against it, mostly likely was because of this. As such for Ghost Li's cultivation, it could not be totally unleashed.

But even though it was so, Ghost Li with his number of true ways, how would it be trivial, art although was incomplete but it was after all an enigmatic skill since the creation of Heaven and Earth, the different ingenuity were not what an ordinary person could imagine.

The two of them fought for a long time and eventually it was still Ghost Li who gradually gained the upper hand, the Sinister Orb's red rays and blood stench, like a venomous snake spitting, gradually suppressing the Dragon Slayer Sword's jade-light.

Lin JingYu was shocked and angry, although for the past ten years Ghost Li betrayed Qing Yun and joined the Evil Sect, becoming a foe with the Good Faction but he had never fought directly with Qing Yun. And Lin JingYu had always been practising in the Founders Ancestral Hall so although both of them had seen each other once in southwest Death Marsh but it could be said that they had never fought each other before. And in Lin JingYu's heart, Ghost Li's image was actually most probably still that simple and slow Zhang Xiao Fan.

From young till adult, from the GrassTemple Village to Qing Yun Hill, Lin JingYu was always stronger than Zhang Xiao Fan in every aspect, although in his heart he had always regarded Zhang Xiao Fan as his own brother but unwittingly, with his proud character since young, in many matters he still disdained Zhang Xiao Fan. And for many years, things were what he had imagined, Zhang Xiao Fan was not as clever as him, not as good-looking as him, coming up to Qing Yun Hill, many of the seniors also fought to take him as disciple and yet nobody paid attention to Zhang Xiao Fan. And in the later days, both of them trained separately, he went on to Long Shou Valley and Zhang Xiao Fan to Big Bamboo Valley, his cultivation skills even fared worse than him.

These various situations, all clearly revealed that Zhang Xiao Fan was really incomparable to him, just that after Qing Yun Hill seven branches contest, Zhang Xiao Fan for some reason had some good luck, could actually squeeze into the top four, and he himself at that time was matched against senior brother QiHao and was defeated, although he felt somehow depressed but assuming that the crowd also knew the reason for that, Lin JingYu's opinions did not change much. All along, he viewed Zhang Xiao Fan like his brother, when Zhang Xiao Fan was being bullied, he sternly came forward, as if he was looking after his good-for-nothing brother.

Until the breakup today, fighting till life and death, Lin JingYu shockingly discovered, this person whom he had always regarded as someone below him, unknowingly seemed like he had already surpassed himself.

An inexplicable fury abruptly burned from his heart, Lin JingYu's dashing face, suddenly looked somehow savage. He with his proud character, the only drawback was that he loved to go to the extremes, at that moment, he could not accept the fact.

The jade-green light shone, like an arrogant dragon roaring wildly, countered-back in fury.

In the intense fight, the purple gas column that both of them were circulating around, as a result from the Heaven Secret Seal being broken, was several times thicker than before, the roaring purple gas, had already enveloped both of them. Lin JingYu was in an inferior position yet suddenly retaliating, his strokes striking over like toppling the mountains and overturning the seas. Ghost Li was shocked, watched as Lin JingYu approaching with his sword, each sword stance swift, although the force was powerful but he disregarded his own safety, attacking with all of his might.

Ghost Li frowning tightly, right now they had been fighting for quite a while, or maybe because this was Qing Yun sacred ground and furthermore with the purple gas column triggered by Zhu Xian ancient sword, in the beginning, the vicious currents aroused in Ghost Li's heart, it not only did not control his mind as before, instead it allowed his body's pure power to take over, gradually reducing, Ghost Li's head slowly regained clarity.

Just that above their heads in the sky, was that Zhu Xian sword formation, for ten years not a single night or day he did not think about this, it was really carved in bones and engraved in the heart, BiYao's image moreover did not stop appearing before him, mentally draining and heart breaking. And this person before him, after he became clear-headed, Ghost Li recalled the years of friendship and right now his anger, most likely was also triggered by him, recalling that old man from the Founders Ancestral Hall, Ghost Li felt some guilt, as such, gradually did not have the mood to fight.

Heaving a long sigh, with his perturbed mind, Ghost Li did not have the mood to continue the fight, only felt that right now this place, was really an unbearable agony, and wished to leave, his heart also had a suffering thought, couldn't wait to return to Majestic Fox Mountain immediately, looked at BiYao and to tell her all of it.

And this moment, Lin JingYu before him had already a sword out of the thin air, approaching with a sharp whistling, the jade-ray like lightning, broke out of the long sky. Ghost Li's face was heavy, he stepped three steps back, the Soul-devouring stick struck down from the top, hit upon the Dragon Slayer Sword blade.

Lin JingYu's body shook greatly, felt a strange incomparable stench of blood evil current travelling over from that firestick-like black stick, at the same time there was a strange sucking power, stimulating his body blood, about to gush outwards, almost uncontrollable.

Lin JingYu turned pale, knew most likely it was that evil sinister magical weapon in Ghost Li's hand but his nature was upright and unyielding, he was not only unafraid, did not retreat and instead advance, Dragon Slayer Sword like a dragon swimming under the sword, rebounded up, disregarding his open chest, heading straight and attacking Ghost Li in the face.

Ghost Li's eyes flashed, at that moment if he were to make a move, although he himself could not avoid being heavily injured but had ninety percent confidence of fatally hitting Lin JingYu, just that looking at this familiar face, Ghost Li's mind suddenly flashed with the image of both of them playing at that time, and then, BiYao's smile.

In this world, how many are there that I still cherished, still left in this world?

As if laughing at himself, he laughed bitterly and asked himself, taking back the Soul-Devouring evil stick, at this imminent peril crisis, leapt up into the air, avoided it. Just that his bitter smile was caught by Lin JingYu, like ridiculing him, infuriating him even more.

And at this moment, Ghost Li who was in the air suddenly was shocked, looked far away, saw a white figure, swiftly like lightning floated over, until the person saw clearly the situation scene, like receiving a shock, on the absolutely beautiful face, it revealed a mix of pleasant surprise, indistinct grief and joy expressions, even her voice, seemed to be trembling.

"'s really you..."

It was Lu XueQi.

On her snow-white face, unknowingly since when, for the first time in her life, two teardrops quietly rolled down.

That man, looked at her stunned, slowly landed from the air, that familiar face, for how many years that longing which etched in the memory?

In the beginning believing he was really dead, what kind of grief and anguish? If it was not for there was still outsider around, she practically wanted to fall into his arms and have a good cry.

Who is willing to be lonely for a lifetime?

Who is willing to spend the days alone?

If it wasn't because the feelings had turned so deep and uncontrollable, how would it be that clearly concerned but appeared to be cold like frost!

Ghost Li also felt stunned, opened his mouth and looked like he wanted to speak but was unable to say any words. Unexpectedly at this moment, Lin JingYu behind him did not stop, the Dragon Slayer Sword like wind like fire, shouted loudly, still sweeping over.

Ghost Li suddenly with a rude awakening, flipped to receive the enemy, he had already lost the key moment, the jade-green dazzling light, about to reach him, Ghost Li's evil currents on his face surged, the Sinister Orb in that instant turned red.

And at this imminent peril moment, suddenly, the once not long ago memories, faintly awakened again.

A fair hand, stretched out from beside, grabbed hold of Ghost Li's hand.

Ghost Li's body had a shock, suddenly, his body seemed to lose all energy, an emotional feeling from the depths about to burst forth gushed up his heart, a [weng weng] sound resounded deep inside his head, suddenly turned back, a cry of "BiYao" about to call out.

Just that he stopped in shock, blocking before him, white clothes floating, it was Lu XueQi.

[Qiang lang...]

Like the phoenix cry beyond the highest heavens, clear and melodious, pleasing to the ear, TianYa celestial sword like autumn waters flowing, unsheathed, a sword of irresistible force of Dragon Slayer Sword blocked off, Lu XueQi blocked before Ghost Li.

That delicate, pretty face, full of tenderness, how would it be bothered, all of the things in the world?

Lin JingYu angrily hollered, "Lu junior sister, are you crazy?"

Lu XueQi's body shook, like waking up from a dream, then, she quietly turned, looked at Ghost Li, her eyes misted yet gentle and beautiful, smiled gently, she slowly let go of Ghost Li's hand.

"Mad ah..." Lu XueQi smiled faintly, her eyes seemed to contain only Ghost Li, quietly said, "A long time ago, most probably I have already turned crazy!"

Ghost Li was silent, the vicious currents on his face dispersed, leaving only anguish flashed past his face, quietly bowed his head.

Lin JingYu was stunned, in the scene, turned quiet for the moment.

And at this moment, suddenly above the sky, a deafening loud crash was heard, the mountains immediately quaked violently, with their level of skills, they could not stand firm too.

The three of them were shocked, looked up at the sky, saw in the blue sky, that unequalled catastrophe, finally had reached the final moment.

X x x

The blazing white light, dazzling, nobody could ever see clearly that human figure in that ball of light. People could only see, the dazzling light in the sky illuminated the entire firmament, even the rising sun at the sky fringe also paled in comparison.

In the entire horizon, the Zhu Xian sword formation meteorological phenomena, right now only the main sword remained but the power contained within it, surpassed the entire sky of swords. The blazing white light which continued to intensify from Reverend DaoXuan's mass of radiance, shot out to the main sword, the entire sword's colour changed from seven colours to a single colour, from single white to pure white, its brilliance stretched for ten thousands zhang, like a wild sword about to pierce the sky.

In the violent winds, the Beast Deity hovered above the clouds, watching that celestial sword which should not appear in the mortal world, his savage face had a trace of vacant.

Before the ten thousands people' anticipated gazes, in the ten thousands wild-like joyous cheers, the huge blazing sword, slowly stirred, turned around, facing the Beast Deity. Just that movement, the surrounding black gas around the Beast Deity was forced to retreat several zhang by this natural foe-like white light.

Deep inside the white light, someone seemed to pant heavily, the voice hoarse, like a wild beast deep growl, a trapped beast roar.

The Beast Deity stared intently at that sword and mass of white light, after a long time, suddenly laughed out loudly, his voice was terrible and hoarse to begin with, right now laughing at the top of his voice, it was even more grating, the audience not one did not cast sidelong glances.

The Beast Deity only laughed loudly, his demeanour wild, as if in his heart, there was a world's most ridiculous thing, but eventually he only laughed wildly, did not say a word.

In the horizon, the violent winds turned more and more intense and cold, Zhu Xian celestial sword's force became stronger and stronger, unknowingly since when, as if some voice from the Heaven and Hades travelled over, softly chanting a mysterious incantation, started to reverberate between Heaven and Earth.

That mass of blazing white light, suddenly rose into the air, landed on that resplendent Zhu Xian main sword hilt, almost at the same time, Zhu Xian sword formation suddenly activated, like a force that could break the Heaven, that sword attacked over with a scream, it seemed to be slow but in the Heavens and below the earth, there was not one place that could avoid it.

Encounter deity kill deity, encounter immortal kill immortal!

(translator note: kill immortal also means Zhu Xian)

In the current world, there was no longer any object that had such power.

The strong winds scattered the last of the clouds, all completely dispersed, nobody would know, right now facing this Zhu Xian wild sword that Beast Deity's heart, what exactly he was thinking?

Just that, he did not show the slightest fear and not even the slightest intention to retreat, welcoming the wind, welcoming the light, the enormous Beast Deity's body leapt up with gusto and actually headed straight towards Zhu Xian.

Heaven and Earth seemed to be still, the chaotic state seemed to stop breathing, everyone stared in shock at the clear sky, black and white the two colours traversed the sky, collided with a crash!

Nobody could describe the situation at that time, the sky collapsed, the earth splitted, Qing Yun Hill mountains in one day quaked thrice, this time was the strongest, the enormous mountain summit precipice, surfaced numerous cracks and gaps, numerous huge stones rolled from the mountains and dropped down. In the Jade Pool on TongTian Peak, water waves rose and rolled, the original calm water surface incessantly surged up few zhang high of water columns into the air.

And on the Qing Yun Hill top, the Good Faction members and the remaining beast demons, all were as silent as a cicada in cold weather, especially those demon beasts which were like beasts but not like beasts, right now were all in great shock, restless, madly roaring.

However, all of these comparing to the scene in the sky, seemed nothing, and nobody would care too.

The huge Zhu Xian sword traversed the horizon, struck down with a rumble. Where it passed by, sharp hissing sounds were heard in the sky, all of the things along the way, completely annihilated, leaving not a single trace. In the periphery of the wild sword blade, along the outside of the white light, dark red colour presented, not knowing if it's the intense air friction, or this blade itself was too intense.

That sword struck down with a rumble, the Beast Deity howled long to the sky, all of his arms joined before his chest, his strange eyes glared widely, at that moment where Zhu Xian sword struck down, the black gas multiplied, the strange hands stretched and withdrew, a shock of thunder rumbled in the horizon, he had forcibly catch hold of this celestial sword which seemed to be able to split the Heaven.

In that instant, in the Heaven and below on Earth, were all struck dumb with astonishment.

However, white light leapt up, illuminated ten thousands zhang, the huge Zhu Xian main sword emitted thunder rumbles, from the black hands like iron hoop, forcefully, slowly stabbed down.

One inch, one inch, and another inch.

The black hands one by one, gradually swallowed by the blazing light and dissipated. That wild sword now looked like, a supreme ferocious deity, brandishing its claws, taking lives, carrying infinite murderous intention, bit by bit stabbed down towards the Beast Deity's chest.

The black gas flickered, sharp whistles charging to the sky, black blood fluid sprayed out, the Zhu Xian sword finally stabbed into the Beast Deity's chest, and inching in, the blazing white light flickered intensely, like lightning flickering across the sky, hitting upon the Beast Deity's skin.

Skin and flesh, slowly faded, the huge body, seemed to begin to appear illusory, almost turning into a void by this earthshaking force. The light in Beast Deity's eyes turned weaker and weaker, in the end it could not fight against this unparallel celestial sword.

His figure under the Zhu Xian sword, became smaller and smaller but for some reason, as if the collision depleted the forces, following the Beast Deity's body shrinking, the huge Zhu Xian sword also started to shrink, only that mass of brilliance, was still that bright and dazzling.

This situation continued on, until the Beast Deity finally again reduced to a normal human size, the black gas shrouded for a moment and dispersed with a rumble, the crowd clearly saw, he again changed back to that youth, just that his appearance was pale, his hair in a disorder, evidently the defeat was determined.

And more importantly, almost at the same time when the black gas dispersed, Zhu Xian sword also dissipated but that mass of light still congealed in front of the Beast Deity, flickering incessantly, finally gathered before the two of them, metamorphosed into that stone yet not like stone, jade yet not like jade Zhu Xian ancient sword, stuck in the Beast Deity's chest, horizontally piercing out.

Reverend DaoXuan's figure, slowly emerged from the light, just that he did not look like his initial celestial appearance, instead had turned cruel, his eyes were blood red.

The Beast Deity heavily panting, coughing unceasingly, his lips trembling slightly, bended his head and looked at his chest.

The Zhu Xian sword was stabbed in his chest, blood flowing out, but it was not red.

He miserably laughed, heaved a long sigh, said, "!..."

Suddenly, he had just finished his words, joining his hands together, right now his body had regained a normal human appearance, his arms were also like normal human, but this joining of hands, clasped the Zhu Xian ancient sword between his palms, immediately black gas gushed, directly flowed into the Zhu Xian ancient sword blade.


A slight almost inaudible sound, was heard from the ancient sword, Reverend DaoXuan's countenance greatly changed, quickly glanced over, on the ancient sword, a line of crack clearly shown, horizontal on the sword.

Reverend DaoXuan was greatly shocked, loudly shouted, using all of his strength, pulled out the sword. Almost at the same time, the moment the sword left the Beast Deity's chest, as if a severe pain attacking his heart, the Beast Deity roared loudly, his voice desolate, his entire being flew up to the sky and backwards.

Reverend DaoXuan right now only felt the blood in his mind in a tumult like raging waves, a wave of murderous vicious currents tossed and turned like trying to break through his chest but he was after all had profound skills, knew no matter what he could not let the tiger return to the mountain, furthermore he had forced the Heaven Secret Seal opened, the veins of the earth's spiritual energies were too vigorous, it had already overloaded Zhu Xian sword, and from that hit from the Beast Deity, it left a fissure.

When he forced himself to take a deep breath and was about to pursue, out of a sudden a wave of strong force abruptly came from the Zhu Xian sword, directly hit his head, in that instant broke his body several hundred years of cultivated energy channels and acupoints, a loud ringing sound rang out. For a moment, his body trembled, blood flowed from the seven apertures in his head, his body wavered and with a loud cry, the Zhu Xian sword in his hand loosened, fell from the clouds.

This shocking scene bewildered the people on the ground, all were struck dumb, out of a sudden they saw a big change, the Beast Deity escaped with heavy injuries, Reverend DaoXuan instead collapsed, everyone immediately was in a chaos.

For a moment, there were some who went to pursue the Beast Deity, there were some who rushed forward to save Reverend DaoXuan, and some younger disciples who came out from their shock, suddenly discovered there were still numerous demon beasts staring vacantly on TongTian Peak, immediately attacked over, and how would the demon beasts allowed themselves to be capture willingly, at that moment on TongTiang Peak summit, another tumult of attack shouts.

And in this pandemonium, suddenly someone exclaimed, the voice was anxious and frantic, as if he had seen the most frightening thing in his life, "Zhu Xian...Zhu Xian sword? Where did Zhu Xian sword landed?..."

In that instant, on TongTian Peak, again another pandemonium, numerous people like headless flies, a scene of tumult.

X x x

The boundary at the back mountain.

The purple gas column in the Illusory Moon Cave slowly scattered, leaving only a little remnant of propitious vapours. That extraordinary scene in the sky just now, the three of them stared in shock.

Right now, they then regained their senses.

Lin JingYu inhaled deeply, calmed himself down, coldly spoke to Lu XueQi, "Lu junior sister, what is your meaning of this? Don't tell me you also want to betray the sect?"

Lu XueQi was stunned, opened her mouth to speak but turned and looked at Zhang Xiao Fan, eventually did not say anything.

Ghost Li stared at her deeply, both of their eyes met, as if looking deep into each other hearts...

Ghost Li smiled, turned and faced Lin JingYu, once again stood in front of Lu XueQi.

Lu XueQi viewed that back figure from the back, the light in her eyes glimmered, complicated and unclear.

Lin JingYu sneered, about to make a move.

And at this moment, suddenly a sharp whistle was heard from the sky, whistling over.

The three of them were surprised, moved back, something descended from the sky, seemed slow but actually fast, [pu] a sound landed on the ground, the solid stone slabs like beancurd, was stabbed deeply in by it.

This was a long sword, the quality odd, like stone and not like stone, its appearance primitive, on that sword blade with a thin crack, clearly engraved with two words - Zhu Xian!