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Chapter 170: Decisive Battle

Chapter 170 - Decisive Battle

Looking at the heavily wounded ferocious spiritual intelligent monster, it looked somehow to be in a sorry state, half of its body was ghastly white while the other side was burnt black, looking rather weird, even slightly comical. Just that those distant mocking laughter from the Good Faction disciples, this gigantic terrible monster slowly lifted its head, suddenly made an angry roar, its huge head opened its terrible mouth, a black gas like tornado burst forth, heading straight to those three in the mid-air.

Reverend DaoXuan and the others with their current level of skills, naturally would not be idle, their bodies leapt up high several zhangs, at the same time their bodies were enveloped in black-green, gold, red, three brilliant protective lights. However even if it was so, that black gas above this YunHai, in the violent winds, it did not disperse, its strange pungent smell could be detected over the distance, evidently extremely poisonous.

At the same time, the Beast Deity above the giant monster expressionlessly waved both of his hands, his positions strange, his movements crude, it seemed before the ancient times civilization, the movements during the far back ancient times to worship the Heavens. Following his actions, invisible strange forces surged over, the dark clouds in the sky once again gathered, thick and dark like ink, lightnings flashed and scurried within the clouds, illuminating the layers of darkness.

The people on the ground were shocked, not knowing what evil skills were displayed, just that ever since this Beast Deity appeared, the strange shaman skills he used were all devastating, everyone was all secretly afraid.

And in the mid-air, Reverend DaoXuan frowning tightly, suddenly waved, ordered all of the elders to retreat.

The dark clouds hung low, pressing very very low, finally someone noticed something amiss and cried out, following which, under everyone's stunned gazes, that layers and layers of dark clouds, hung lower and lower, finally from the Nine heavens, landed onto the mortal world, and on this YunHai, swallowed the Beast Deity and that gigantic ferocious monster in.

The dark clouds seemed to be at least several zhangs in circumference, the Good Faction people pulled back and many of those demon beasts who were at the YunHai were enveloped within it. Reverend DaoXuan and the others descended, stopped several zhangs away from that black clouds, their faces grim, staring intently at that rolling surging black clouds.

On the YunHai, right now it again descended into an eerie silence, just that, this stillness eventually was unable to remain for long. That black clouds gathered speed, even those people standing afar, could feel the evil surging power within it.

Finally, that mass of enormous black air, facing Reverend Daoxuan's direction, opened a small opening.

Without any light, like an eternal darkness, that inky black small hole coldly faced the front, the surrounding clouds suddenly spinned crazily, heading towards this small hole. And this small hole seemed to have no limits, swallowing all of the black air, slowly expanding, from one cun to one chi, from one chi to one zhang, in a short time, a most terrifying savage ferocious beast's face appeared before the three leaders.

From the recesses of the darkness, an wild and shrill roar, burst out with a rumble!

Instantly, all of the dark clouds moved and swayed, the entire mountain of TongTian Peak shook, that terrifying figure had totally turned red, flew out from that black dark hole, like an enormous beast howling to the sky, pounced towards Reverend DaoXuan.

Everyone changed countenance!

That Beast Deity young man who was standing at the top of this chaotic situation, looked up and howled to the sky, his clothes flapped crazily in the wind, accompanying it, that savage monster's angry roar below his feet, far surpassing him, like a mountain pressing down, the volume of it, incomparable to any in the world!

Only within this short moment of time, in the three masters' eyes, they could already tell this savage monster was bathed in blood, extremely savage but the most important thing was that its evil power had increased dramatically, the damage that the pure fire flame by Yun YiLan had long disappeared and instead seemed to be better. And right now when the black clouds dispersed, indistinctly it could be seen behind this evil monster, within the dark clouds, the piles of beasts' corpses were all like withered leaves, lay exhausted onto the ground.

The enormous figure bared its fangs and brandished its claws, covering the entire sky, the dark shadow instantly enveloped the three masters, Reverend DaoXuan's face was solemn, was about to make a move when suddenly PuHong Master quietly said, "Both fellow brothers, please step back slightly."

After speaking, PuHong Master moved forward two steps, facing that colossal shadow which was pouncing down from the sky, looking from afar, PuHong Master looked as tiny as an ant.

A golden light, released suddenly from his hands, in this sky full of vicious currents and dark clouds, dazzling like a spot of resplendent sun!

That enlightened eminent monk, revealing a look of benevolence, clasping both of his palms together, yet from the tip of his fingers, golden light abruptly released, growing in size, instantly resplendent, shooting out thousands of golden light, charging straight to the clouds. In the golden lights, a circular golden wheel magical weapon slowly was offered up, the golden light dazzling, the entire object was golden yellow, a diameter of one chi, golden arhat bodies images engraved along the outer ring, surrounding a Buddha in the middle holding a single palm upright, a real body of Buddha image benevolently delivering all from torment.

Far away, numerous people almost at the same time, cried out!

"The Great Compassion Golden Wheel..!"

The treasure of Buddhist sect had just appeared, the golden light immediately was beyond resplendent, with just PuHong Master's power, this golden light was no way inferior to that light screen made by hundreds of disciples. In the golden light, various Buddhist incantations indistinctly appeared, where it shone, dignified, solemn and merciful energy filled the air, contrasting obviously against that vicious currents ahead of it.

Just that, although facing this treasure which had not appeared for generations, that savage beast which leapt out deep from the dark clouds, full of murderous intention, under the Beast Deity's manipulation, did not show any slightest sign of retreat, continued to descend, leapt down with a crash and headed into the golden light.

Surprisingly, when that huge shadow and the resplendent golden light collided, there wasn't a slightest sound, not a catastrophic scene as one expected, the golden light suddenly turned around, surrounding from all directions and the black gas which originally filled the sky suddenly shrank but still flying forward, until the end, that savage huge body was compressed to less than one tenth or two tenth of its original size.

However, the remnant of the black gas turned darker, the vicious currents increased incessantly, in the indistinct roars and howls, this black arrow streaked across the sky, broke through the golden layers of defense, to PuHong Master.

The unearthly cold air, savage face, like the deepest darkness before his eyes!

PuHong Master closed his eyes and clasped his palms together, softly chanted incantations, light yet fast, like a song and yet not, like words but yet not. That wheel slowly rotated in the air, emitting thousands of golden light rays, dropped down and landed before PuHong, the Buddha figure and various arhats images, together facing this ancient cruel evil object.

In the golden light, their faces were like benevolence, like austere, benevolence to have compassion for the world's living things, austere in order to vanquish the devil massacre viciously, who would know, which face is the real face of Buddha?

The soft chants, turning louder, in a blink reverberated between Heaven and Earth!

The brilliant golden light burst forth, unable to view it with the naked eye, like a Buddhist fire burning ablaze the sky, swallowing the whole of the darkness before it, a huge golden halo appeared in the mid air. Such a majestic scene, it was really a rare sight, the crowd on YunHai were utterly shocked, felt awe at the unparallelled Buddha great powers.

Then, while everyone was in awe, that black colour which was intimidated by the unparallelled great power of Buddha, suddenly tenaciously flashed out from the golden light, in the resplendency, like a thin black needle, pierced onto the Great Compassion Golden Wheel.

On the treasured wheel, the compassionate Buddha's face in that instant, flashed past a black color, almost at the same time, the dignified incantations suddenly paused, the noise and excitement also strangely quietened down.

Everyone's gazes, immediately focused on that two figures in the golden light.

On PuHong Master's face, a trace of pain flashed past and that black gas like being revived again, swiftly grew larger and gradually took form, revealing the Beast Deity's figure.

The black gas gradually rose, the Good Faction people together turned pale. Looking from afar, the Beast Deity's face did not show any expression, even his eyes remained cold. Right now on the Golden Wheel, the Buddha's face started to show an unusual black, turning darker and darker, the original compassionate appearance also turned cruel, becoming more and more savage.

PuHong Master's expression changed greatly, his face turned dark, with a low roar, his monk robes rose without wind, his figure in that instant grew. As if being agitated, the golden light in the sky suddenly spinned, making light sharp sounds, rapidly returned to PuHong Master and condensed into a golden light ball, as big as a human palm, golden rays scurried around, like the daylight, even from afar one could feel the Buddhist power surging within it.

In the sky, the solemn incantations again started.

The golden light ball shone with brilliant light, slowly moved forward, under this dignified solemn Buddhist power urging, the black stain on the Golden Wheel Buddha's face slowly receded, started to resume its original appearance. And the Beast Deity seemed to sense something, his expression changed slightly.

The golden light ball finally met with the Great Compassionate Golden Wheel, out of a sudden, golden light shot inwards, the entire magical weapon Golden Wheel seemed to turn transparent, like the morning rays finally being released, the Buddha power as if flowing, like a volcano waiting to erupt, shone with numerous golden dazzling light the Buddhist incantations, shot forth.

In that instant, the entire sky seemed to turn into a golden sea, the golden lights gushed over the whole sky, no other colour could be seen. In this resplendent dazzling sea of light, it seemed there could be no evil beast that could survive.

Other than, that indistinct finger!

In the world enveloped in Buddhist light, in the recesses of the golden light, there seemed to be a thread of black gas, faint like smoke, lightly drifted up, at times concealed at times obvious, it seemed to be there but seemed like not, spiraling before the Golden Wheel, lightly on the Buddha's face, between the brows on that compassionate kind face, slightly touched it.

That touch, like a grain in the great sea, like a mustard seed in the Mount Xumi, compared to the sky full of Buddhist light, it was so insignificant. But, PuHong Master's face changed, in that flash his face darkened, like dead ash.

And so, everyone saw in that resplendent light, suddenly Heaven and Earth quaked, the golden lights in a turbulent, the monk who looked like a celestial, with a [wa] sound, spat out a mouthful of blood, dyed the Golden Wheel in front of it red.

The violent winds slowly died down, the chaotic sky also turned quiet, the golden light flickered and faded and slowly disappeared. PuHong Master's lips trembled, his body also staggered back, FaXiang and the rest behind him immediately dashed up, caught him.

PuHong Master gave a bitter laugh, looked at that void in front of him, clasped his palms together, "Patron's skills are really powerful, it is really something this old monk has not seen before, admirable, admirable!"

On Qing Yun Hill TongTian Peak, the numerous Good Faction disciples were dumbfounded.

In the mid-air, the golden lights dispersed, the black air revived once again, like leaping out from the empty air, a sharp whistle, that gigantic ferocious evil beast reappeared again, made one wondered such a huge body, in that intense fight just now, why did they not see it and now it just reborn again like that?

And above its head, that figure which under the horizon, not one of the Good Faction did not cast their glances in fear towards him, his face was paler, for the first time his cold face had an indistinct tiredness, only his eyes remained cold. However when his eyes landed on PuHong Master, his expression eventually slightly changed, coldly snorted.

"The Central Plains cultivated skills, are really out of the ordinary."

PuHong Master nodded slightly, he actually intended to say a few words to persuade him but looking at his expression, he knew it would be in vain and so under FaXiang and the others support, backed down.

Among the three leaders, two had already lost to this mysterious evil person, the crowd at TongTian Peak changed countenance. And over at Beast Deity side, ten thousands of beasts howled together, their morales high.

And at this moment, a sound of roar, from behind the crowd, in TongTian Peak Crystal Hall, in the cold icy pool, an enormous whirlpool suddenly appeared, the pool rapidly spinned, turning faster and faster, that tiger roar like dragons singing became louder and louder, and actually suppressed those innumerable demonic beasts' cries down.

And in the icy cold pool, the water column as if being stimulated, suddenly rose, as straight as a brush it flew up to the sky, until several zhangs high, the water column did not scatter, like a wild flower burst forth, Qing Yun Hill Celestial Beast Guardian Water Kirin's colossal body emerged.

The disciples on TongTian Peak were first shocked, following which wild cheers of joy were heard, their morales boosted greatly. The water kirin before everyone's stares, raised his head and howled long to the sky, shook its head and tail, leaving the water column and flew forward, landed among the clouds.

The water column then dropped down with a crash, a loud rumble like a mountain torrent, splattered the surrounding icy pool wet and cold, the Good Faction disciples who couldn't escape in time, looked quite a sorry state.

But most of the people, couldn't care much, their gazes were all looking up to the sky. The water kirin glared angrily with its wide eyes, roaring ceaselessly, hovering in the mid air, and a dark-green figure, slowly landed, onto the water kirin, facing the front, that Beast Deity which seemed invincible.

Reverend DaoXuan!

The Beast Deity's detached expression did not change, met Reverend DaoXuan's stare across the air. And that huge ferocious evil monster below his feet facing the water kirin, at the same time roared with the same ferocity back, and the water kirin facing such monster, evidently did not have any slightest good feeling, looked even more ferocious, bared its fangs and roared back.

In the roar, the water kirin suddenly lifted its head, faint dark-green light flashed past, spat out a long sword which looked like stone, hovered in the sky, Reverend DaoXuan stretched out his right hand and caught it.

In that instant, suddenly, the entire Qing Yun Hill was silent, and the next moment, a deafening roar like a torrent burst forth.

Zhu Xian Ancient Sword!

The legendary considered unexcelled in the world, an all-conquering Zhu Xian Ancient Sword, the Good Faction supreme celestial weapon to subdue demon and vanquish evil, finally after ten years, again appeared in the mortal world.

A beam of light, from that legendary ancient sword, like gentle water quietly flowing, travelled to Reverend DaoXuan's body. In the countless cheers, the moment Reverend DaoXuan held the sword handle, for some reason, his body trembled slightly, then, he again exert force, steadily, heavily, held Zhu Xian Ancient Sword in his hand.

"Heaven bestowed Celestial Sword, to vanquish Evil!"

Reverend DaoXuan did not look different, his expression calm, his hand holding Zhu Xian, pointing at the Beast Deity, in the people's eyes, he was like a celestial which could not be profane.

Under the sword, countless cheered. And before the sword, the Beast Deity looked at that ancient sword for a long time, and then intently at Reverend DaoXuan, suddenly a change appeared on his cold face, he actually shook his head and laughed, his laughter loud and bright, reverberated between Heaven and Earth, in it mixed with a few sounds of low coughs.

"Good sword, good sword!" Beast Deity actually clapped his hands and praised, however in his words, there were subtle mocking intentions, said, "With this supreme savage sword, even I have some reservations, unexpectedly it is in your hands, it is really...hahahahaha..."

He did not continue and like he was looking at something most ridiculous in his life for the first time, he couldn't hold back and laugh out loud, confounding the rest of the people.

Facing that savage person, Reverend DaoXuan's expression did not change, and did not refute, only breathed deeply, briefly closed his eyes and opened, his eyes glinting, instantly, a brilliant light from Zhu Xian Ancient Sword, released out.

The water kirin howled to the sky!

The Beast Deity suddenly stopped laughing, his face revealed seriousness, facing ahead.

And all of the people below, held their breaths, everyone knew, the fight between these two, was already the final battle.

The final ending of this catastrophe, is finally here!