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Chapter 167: Forbidden Place

Chapter 167 - Forbidden Place

The flood of demon beasts looked infinite, wave and wave crashed over crazily, with those gigantic demons as the arrow's head, viciously smashed onto the Good Faction's light screen. The light screen wavered and looked shaky, the young disciples started to look afraid, Xiao YiCai frowned, he knew that if they do not repulse those gigantic demons, most likely the situation would get out of control.

Xiao YiCai gave a shout, called out to the surrounding disciples and took the lead to charge to the gigantic demon which was nearby, just when his figure moved, a gust of strong wind blew from behind out of a sudden, a figure flashed past him like lightning, heading towards that demon.

Xiao YiCai looked at that figure and was startled a moment, although the figure's clothes was dyed red with blood but the figure was graceful, cold and beautiful, it was Lu XueQi. Above the innumerable black demons and Good Faction's light screen, Lu XueQi, going against the wind, headed straight up, towards that demon which was several times larger than her.

A figure appeared beside him, it was Zeng ShuShu, he who had always been fine and delicate was also covered with blood and dirt, urgently said to Xiao YiCai, "Xiao senior brother, let's quickly go help her."

Xiao YiCai quickly nodded and rushed up. The gigantic demon that they were heading to, was that white-boned demon snake which once appeared in southern border Miao tribe's Seven Mile Cave, under the dark clouds, its skeleton was cast a strange pale color and the three pairs of brightly coloured wings connected directly on its bones, beat non-stopped, looking even more strange.

Right now, the snake coiled it's almost three zhangs long huge body up, flapped its wings behind, its tongue constantly flicking, emitting gases of black air, glaring at the light screen. Every time its giant head brushed past, immediately some Good Faction disciples who were slightly lower-skilled, died a violent death, either bitten to death by the huge mouth or poisoned by the black poisonous gas, perished when the poison reached their hearts.

The white-boned snake killed many in succession, looking at the Good Faction disciples scattering away before it, its giant mouth opened and closed, although there was no telling its expression from its flesh-less face but evidently it was extremely contemptuous. And just when it was at the peak of its contempt, a white shadow suddenly flashed before it, there seemed to be a light shout, a cold clear voice, a beautiful woman appeared out of thin air, the blue celestial sword in her hands flashing with a brilliant light, striking down from the air.

A roar was heard from the white-boned snake's skeleton, it did not have the slightest intention to avoid, ignoring that TianYa celestial sword, it opened its giant mouth, revealing two white eerie giant fangs, biting down towards Lu XueQi.

That bigger-than-human fangs glimmering with cold white light, descended from the sky, Lu XueQi facing that terrible scene, her face's expression unchanging, ignored that demon snake, TianYa celestial light shining even brighter, charging up to the sky, in the blanket of black gases, like a phoenix cry in the Nine Heavens, that instant it severed the black gases, split the dark clouds, before the demon snake could react, chopped down three chi below the white-boned snake's head.


The deep, low muffled sound seemed to emit from deep within its body, initially it was a deep low sound, in a blink it seemed to be the roar of a wild beast. The white-boned demon snake was stunned for a moment, momentarily ceased its attacks, looked down and saw on its chest bones where TianYa had struck, a faint crack suddenly appeared, growing bigger rapidly, the next moment an explosive crackling sound was heard, smashed bones splattering.

TianYa Celestial Sword was a Nine Heavens celestial weapon, even though it was an unparalleled evil animal, it was also hurt by the TianYa sword.

The demon snake made an earth-shattering wild cry, two balls of fire like unearthly fire suddenly erupted from its deeply-sunken eyes sockets, evidently extremely incensed, immediately ignoring the rest of the people, shaking its huge head, lunged straight towards Lu XueQi.

And at this moment, Xiao YiCai, Zeng ShuShu etc had already arrived, shouting in unison, their magical weapons flying up at the same time, with Lu XueQi's TianYa celestial sword blocked the blow which was as powerful as a thunderbolt.

But only deafening crashing sounds were heard, the light beams flashed crazily, Xiao YiCai and the others felt a great jolt to their bodies, almost fell from the air, fortunately they were all outstanding talents from the young generation, their skills level were not low, each stabilized their body but looking at each other, they looked pale, this level of terrible monster, the powerful strength of the demon was really unexpected, it was an effort even when they combined their strengths, not to mention behind it, that mysterious Beast Deity.

Although they repulsed the snake but the people was not to be trifled with, not one of their weapons was mediocre, several blue, white, yellow lights shot up, landed heavily on the snake's skull, one even cracked a small piece of bone. The demon snake again roared, the unearthly fires in its eyes surged, almost without any moment to rest, again madly attacked, obviously abhorred this group of people.

Xiao YiCai, Lu XueQi, Zeng ShuShu all flew up, the demon snake's attacks were too fierce, in any case they could not block it and following its gigantic mouth attack, thick black poisonous gases shot out, a feeling of nausea even from afar, without any choice, the group with their agile reflexes, surrounded this huge snake and started to besiege it.

At the scene, there were a total of six gigantic beasts but after the initial panic, with the elite disciples led by Xiao YiCai, ranging from some to several people, contained these beasts, although the demons were powerful and not only they were unable to gain victory, it caused a strain on them but eventually they controlled the situation, the light screen once again started to become firm.

Outside the Crystal Hall, Reverend DaoXuan and the rest were looking solemn, their brows frowning tightly, the battle was turning intense, there was no telling how many number of livings in that wind and rain reeking of blood, had instantly lost their lives. Reverend DaoXuan watched the situation below, in the crowd, without even mentioning the innumerable black suppressing beasts, that six gigantic demons, right now seemed to gaining morale, with Xiao YiCai and the elite disciples fighting many to one, at the moment were all slowly showing weakness, looking like they could not hold on much longer.

Reverend DaoXuan with his solemn face, looked for another moment and then again to the sky, that infinite dark clouds in the firmament, rolling and surging, getting lower and lower.

Yun YiLan coughed once beside him, quietly said, "DaoXuan senior brother, the situation now, is it..."

He did not continue on but Reverend DaoXuan was not a slow person, naturally understood and right now the situation was indeed turning dangerous, he turned his head to Yun YiLan, nodded his head, said, "Valley master don't worry."

After speaking, he looked behind him, behind the three of them, several branch elders were standing behind them, they were either grey-haired or carried celestial-demeanour, it could be said these Qing Yun sect elders and the other seniors of the other branches, were already the last strength of the Good Faction.

Reverend DaoXuan was silent for a long time, finally slowly said, "Everyone, head down!"

Nobody spoke, after Reverend's words, the last several of them, some slightly nodded or cupped their hands in return gestures, light beams instantly scurried across, the last several elders of Good Faction leapt up at the same time, headed towards the foot of the mountain.

And outside Crystal Hall, other than Reverend DaoXuan, PuHong and Yun YiLan, there were still six people, it was the other branches' leaders of Qing Yun sect other than TongTian Peak, for some reason, surprisingly they did not enter the battle.

Reverend DaoXuan faced them, nodded his head and said, "Everyone, seems like the situation is at its critical juncture, that matter in the original plan, will have to depend on all of you."

Among the six leaders, QiHao and the other newly appointed young juniors came forward to pay their respect, only Tian BuYi, Zeng ShuChang and ShuiYue Master, the three of them looked calm, after listening to Reverend DaoXuan's instructions, the rest of them also seemed to be aware of the matter, their faces did not reveal surprise, only an indistinct hazy look seemed to flash past Tian BuYi's face.

Immediately the six people made a bow to Reverend DaoXuan and then flew up, however they all headed to different directions, seemed like they were all flying to their own mountains. Only Tian BuYi for some reason, paused and turned to look at Reverend DaoXuan.

Reverend DaoXuan was surprised, said, "Tian junior brother, what is it?"

Tian BuYi hesitated a moment, lowered his voice, said, "Sect Head senior brother, after the Heaven Secret Seal is opened, the vicious energy of Zhu Xian Ancient Sword will increase greatly, the backlash of the power is an impossible force, you must be extremely careful, do not, do not lose your integrity..."

Reverend DaoXuan was silent for a moment, looking solemn, nodded his head and said, "Tian junior brother, we have known each other for many years, I know what you mean. Don't worry, even if there is to be any incidents, for the common people, I can't care that much too!"

Tian BuYi's facial muscles twitched but in the end did not say anything more, he looked at Reverend DaoXuan's face, nodded, shook his sleeve, red yellow light flashed, supporting him and flew up the sky, heading towards Big Bamboo Valley.

Intense fighting sounds were heard indistinctly from the mountain ahead, until it reached the rear of TongTian Peak, it was already inaudible, the faint mist dispersed, faint birds cries, this place was like another realm. Just that what was similar was, in this tranquil place, there was still shadows of swords' glints, bloody covert fightings.

The dark-green Dragon Slayer Sword glimmering with faint light, the sword body seemed to be trembling too, as if in mourning. The old man had lost his life, quietly lay on the ground, his head lying skewed. Kneeling beside him Lin JingYu's face was a terrifying red, a pair of eyes changing with different colours of fury, clenching his teeth tightly, although he was still but in the stillness, indistinctly there was some madness.

In the shadows of the woods, the black Mr Ghost was still there, like a spirit watching Lin JingYu from the back, his eyes from the fallen Wan JianYi to Lin JingYu and in the end, on that Dragon Slayer Sword. Then, he suddenly seemed to recall something, turned his head and looked towards the direction where the Illusory Moon Cave was.

That path, cold and lonely, solitary extending ahead, not a single movement seen.

Under the black veil, nobody could see Mr Ghost's expression.

Lin JingYu's mind right now was in a mess, the sudden murder of Wan JianYi, made him fell into a near-madness state of mind. Ever since that upheaval in Qing Yun ten years ago, his mentor teacher Taoist CangSong betraying Qing Yun, the sudden appearance of Wan JianYi, his breadth of knowledge and bearing, all became the person that Lin JingYu revered. For ten years, he trained hard under the guidance of Wan JianYi, in his heart he had already regarded this enigma old man to be his teacher and father, had the utmost respect for him.

And at this moment, the person that he most revered had became a corpse, lying in front of him, and he did not even know who the murderer was, not to say avenging him. Sorrow, pain and despair, agitated Lin JingYu's somewhat quick-temper character, making him looked as if he was closer and closer to madness.

At this time, suddenly from the woods behind, a sound was heard.

Lin JingYu was shocked, whipped his body around, saw movements in the woods, a figure suddenly appeared and then quickly, like lightning, ran out. The speed was astonishing, with Lin JingYu's level of skills, even he could only see a fuzzy shadow.

At this time and place, the sudden appearance of this mysterious figure, what did it mean?

Lin JingYu's body reacted faster than his brain, almost at the same time, he seized his sword, as swift as the wind and quick as lightning pursued, he did not consider once that if this person was really the murderer and with his level of skills to be able to kill Wan JianYi, how terrifying this person could be. In Lin JingYu's heart right now, other than revenge he had no other thoughts. And the ten years of time that Wan JianYi taught him, the Dragon Slayer Sword had always been moving forward courageously, retreat was not even an option, like their lives!

That black shadow was extremely fast, it had already left the Founders Ancestral Hall, pausing slightly at the three-ways junction, with a [sou] sound, headed towards the Illusory Moon Cave. Lin JingYu immediately pursued, his eyes looked as if fire was about to be breathe out, looking at that indistinct figure, he did not even contemplate, his figure like lightning, instantly entered the small path which was forbidden to Qing Yun disciples, toward the direction of the cave.

The mountain breeze blew over, the branches gently shook, making a rustling sound, soon the place fell into silence, only that desolate old man, lay quietly on the ground, looking at the clouds and sky, quietly passing by.

Although Lin JingYu used all of his strength but he was still unable to catch up with that figure. The two rows of trees beside the path whizzed past but that figure ahead was still faintly indiscernible, Lin JingYu's initial anger had receded slightly and he could not help but secretly felt alarmed.

That mysterious figure's level of skill, he could imagined it but despite that, Lin JingYu still did not slow down the slightest, still using all of his efforts to pursue, just that at the corner ahead, that indistinct figure suddenly sped forward, entered into the dead end of the mountain topography, disappearing in sight.

Lin JingYu was anxious and angry, he used all of his strength, his entire body like an arrow leaving the bow, taut and tight, [suo] a sound and flew straight ahead, due to the speed and force, a sharp whistling sound was heard. When he reached that corner, although it was only a moment later, that black shadow had already disappeared, presented in front of him was, an ordinary cave, four characters engraved at the entrance: Illusory Moon Cave!

Lin JingYu was startled, paused his steps. He had joined Qing Yun sect for many years, naturally he wouldn't not know that this was a forbidden place and disciples were not allowed in, now that he had trespassed, it was already a serious offence. But he looked around, saw the dense ancient woods, other than this entrance there was no other unusual spots, that human figure had disappeared like that.

His face had conflicting expressions, hesitation flashed past but a strange glint was flashing in his eyes, anger eventually won. He lifted his feet, looking somehow hesitant but the next moment, he took the first step forward, towards the cave and walked.

Contrary to the chase earlier, Lin JingYu instead walked very slowly, as if the ordinary cave had something that made him hesitate but even it was so, he soon arrived at the cave entrance, inhaled deeply, clenched his teeth and walked in.

The cave was very small, at one glance he saw everything, there was no traces of the human figure.

Lin JingYu was stunned for a moment, disappointment flitted past his face but then his gaze fell onto most glaring spot of the cave: the pattern of TaiJi engraved onto the stone wall.

The TaiJi drawing reflected in his eyes, as if it was narrating the vicissitudes of the passage of time, the dilapidated fringe emitted an ancient scent. Lin JingYu stared intently at this drawing, after a long while, he slowly stretched out his hand, placed on the TaiJi drawing.

The material which was neither stone or jade, had a rough feeling of a whetstone sharpening the edges of his palm, there was no response. Lin JingYu's eyes piercing, used force to try and turn to the side.

Without any warning, even the stone wall itself did not show the slightest change, suddenly a burning heat radiated from that drawing, instantly attacked Lin JingYu's arm. Before Lin JingYu could react, his entire arm seemed to be roasting in burning flames, the blood in his body boiled, immediately his face turned red, his forehead covered with sweat.

Unexpectedly such an ordinary TaiJi drawing concealed such terrifying power shield, Lin JingYu was shocked, subconsciously wanted to retract his arm, unexpectedly his arm was firmly held on by some kind of invisible force, unable to withdraw his hand. At the same time, the cave walls around him suddenly began to issue a dull sound, like being awakened from a deep slumber.

The eccentric sounds became louder and louder, gradually gathering towards Lin JingYu, and in just a blink, where his palm was, had turned unbearably hot. Lin JingYu panicked, clenched his teeth, his body felt like bursting from the hot energy, he could only use all of his skills to resist, used his lifetime of training of Qing Yun sect TaiJi Xuan Qing Way and channelled it with all of his strength to his palm, hoping to resist that mysterious heat.

Just when Lin JingYu was feeling dizzy, his body heated up to a critical point, suddenly, the heat receded, and extremely fast, like a tide instantly disappearing from his body, to the point where Lin JingYu had not recover his senses.

Then, as if the surrounding strange noises were being appeased, it too slowly calmed down, the cave again resumed back its tranquility. The stunned Lin JingYu withdrew his hand, that TaiJi drawing at the same time turned, a lighter and different sound from before, was heard from the walls.

In front of Lin JingYu's surprised eyes, the perfect stone walls, opened up to two sides, revealing an extremely strange hole, and in the hole, a mist-like gas was rapidly spinning, in there everything was hazy, mysterious and unfathomable.