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Chapter 164: Plotting

Chapter 164 - Plotting

Morning, a cool wind gently blowing at Qing Yun Hill, causing the mountain mist to slowly turn, like a thin gauze floating in the dense forest. The three-way intersection outside the Founder Ancestral Hall, Ghost Li, Mr Ghost and the cleaner elder stood in a triangle, facing each other in a delicate atmosphere.

The wrinkles on the old man's face moved, speaking slowly in a husky voice, "Both are not from Qing Yun Hill, why did you come secretly to this sacred Qing Yun place, and for what reason?"

Ghost Li was silent, his eyes assessed the old man for a moment. Mr Ghost stood six feet from him, with both of their skills, they need not fear anyone but between them, very obviously neither trusted the other.

However at this moment, Mr Ghost's eyes, hidden behind the black veil, had been staring at the old man, his eyes bright and piercing, looked like it had another strange feeling.

That old man seemed to sense something, turned shakily around and looked at Mr Ghost, said, "This master, you have been staring at this senile, do you perhaps have any words to say?"

Mr Ghost suddenly laughed and said, "You are just an old man guarding Qing Yun Hill Founders Ancestral Hall, why did you have to meddle, this young man here..." He pointed at Ghost Li, said, "He has long heard of Qing Yu Hill Illusory Moon Cave and wants to go in and take a look, will this old gentleman let him pass?"

Ghost Li standing at a distance, suddenly coldly sneered, said, "Before coming up, you and I have already agreed, I will enter Illusory Moon Cave to distract Qing Yun Sect while you will take the opportunity to sneak into Qing Yun Founders Ancestral Hall, destroy all of Qing Yun sect ancestors spirit tablets and humiliate Qing Yun sect, why is it that when we are here, you are still not going in?"

Mr Ghost stifled, looked at Ghost Li, Ghost Li's face was solemn, his expression serious and stern, even if he was to refute his words, it would also be hard for others to believe, Mr Ghost looked at him for a long time, as though giving a wry smile, slightly shook his head.

The old man looked at Ghost Li and looked at Mr Ghost again, his face gradually turned cold, the sharp gaze in his eyes slowly turned bright, indifferently said, "It seems like no matter what, both have ill intentions against Qing Yun. Just that Qing Yun sacred ground, senile me have been looking after for many years, if both intend to wreak havoc, will have to be first over my body."

He said it so indifferently, facing the two mysterious and unfamiliar characters, slowly straightened his body.

In the dense forest after the early morning, the distant sounds of crisp bird cries, suddenly paused and disappeared, only the mountain mist which filled the mountain was still drifting, lingering around them.

Decades of time in life, seemed to quietly flow past in this stillness, became the crow's feet at one's eyes.

Mr Ghost suddenly said, "How is your left hand, still good?"

Ghost Li and the old man were stunned at the same time, Ghost Li naturally did not understand the reason for Mr Ghost's sudden words but the old man obviously trembled, both of his eyes staring at Mr Ghost, unable to move.

In the early morning, in the mist, the old man stared for a long time, suddenly heaved a long sigh, the stunned expression slowly disappeared, unhurriedly said, "It's you?"

Mr Ghost smiled and said, "It's me."

He paused, his eyes looking at the old man's face, even his voice carried some emotion, said, "These past few years, why did you age so much? Look at you like this, who would still recognize you as the once famous Qing Yun sect Wan JianYi!"

The old man heard the words, 'Wan JianYi', his body suddenly trembled, as if the three words were like sharp knives, one by one stabbed into his heart, even his aged-scarred face, revealed agitation rarely seen.

"Wan JianYi, he he, Wan JianYi..."

He muttered the name, complicated and anguish expressions appeared on his face.

Ghost Li frowned, Wan JianYi this name, he had heard it before when he was still Qing Yun sect disciple, just that he never expected this legendary presumed dead for many years figure would still be alive, and that the one which caused an internal strife among the Qing Yun various branch leaders and Taoist Cang Song who because of that person, betrayed Qing Yun, would actually turned into such a humble old man.

The cold wind blew past, brushed past the clothes of the three people, in this misty surreal mountain, the past seemed to reverberate around here too.

Until, the once Wan JianYi, once viewed the world with arrogance, now instead a wrinkled old man, slowly looked up.

[Pei] a light sound, issued from his hands. Ghost Li and Mr Ghost both looked over at the same time, saw light gray powder streaming down, the decrepit broom in Wan JianYi's hand, in his agitated mood, was crushed into powder, scattered onto the ground.

The mountain breeze blew, blowing away the powder on the ground little by little, Wan JianYi stared at the residue in his hand but now disappeared without a trace. Following which, he lifted his head and stared at Mr Ghost, word by word said, "If it wasn't for you that time, I would have become an invalid, I am indebted to you and I have always remembered it."

Mr Ghost lightly said, "You and I felt like old friends at the first meeting, at northwest wildlands and that PuZhi monk..."

Ghost Li who had been standing silently by the side suddenly shook, his eyes glimmered brightly.

Mr Ghost and Wan JianYi did not notice Ghost Li's expression change, continued, "Although the three of us were from different sects but at least we have made acquaintance once. Now that PuZhi has passed away for many years and there wasn't any news of you for a long time, unexpectedly we can still meet today, my trip to Qing Yun is considered not in vain." His words of feelings, conveyed his emotions.

The tensed expression on Wan JianYi, gradually relaxed, sighed and said, "Yes, I never thought that, I can still meet old friends...stop there!"'

Halfway through his words, he voice suddenly turned urgent, broke off with a shout, it was Ghost Li who had silently turned around, unwilling to listen to the two of them speaking about the past, walked off by himself towards the Illusory Moon Cave.

Wan JianYi sneered, he only raised a hand, his withered palm out of a sudden seemed to become bigger and longer like a thousand times, grabbed from the back like a giant claw.

Ghost Li paused his footsteps, did not even turn back, the spot where his wrist was shaking, a flash at the top of his head, a circular image drawn in the air, instantly surged with light, it was TaiJi image, dark-green light glimmering. Wan JianYi's giant claw was held up by the light, immediately deflected back but in just this short time, Wan JianYi's withered body was already before Ghost Li, a shocked expression once again appeared on his face, said, "Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way? Who exactly are you?"

Mr Ghost's voice was heard from behind, said, "He is an important figure at the current Evil Sect Ghost King Sect!"

Ghost Li frowned but still did not speak.

Wan JianYi assessed him with a few glances, nodded his head and said, "So you are the Zhang Xiao Fan who was cast out of Qing Yun sect ten years ago and joined the Evil Sect?"

Ghost Li's face like frost, coldly said, "Move."

Wan JianYi did not have the slightest intention to give way but after assessing Ghost Li, suddenly sighed and said, "Tian junior brother is actually able to cultivate out a disciple like you, it is really great."

Ghost Li's expression changed but immediately snorted, his face showing even some arrogance, as if regarding this celebrated Wan JianYi as nothing, strided and walked. Wan JianYi straightened his body, clasped his hands behind, showed not a sign of avoiding.

Watching as the two approached nearer, Wan JianYi suddenly frowned, his body rose sharply from the ground, almost at the same time, the ground below him groaned, instantly cracked, flashing with cold dark-green light from the Soul-Devouring, shooting sharply out.

Wan JianYi in the air, his body swayed, suddenly with a loud shout, shook the surroundings, he actually bare-handedly grabbed towards the Soul-Devouring which was pursuing over. The Sinister Orb at the tip of the Soul-Devouring immediately glowed brightly red, lines of dark red strands all lighted up, mixed in the black light, even without hesitation, charged straight ahead.

Black gases surged and rolled, red lights flashed darkly, in an instant all around them darkened down but Wan JianYi unexpectedly charged down, as if the unearthly harsh atmosphere had no effect on him. Ghost Li's countenance changed, this level of cultivation and skills, it could be said this was his first time seeing it.

Looking like Wan JianYi was about to grab this ominous object in his hands, but in this short moment, suddenly in the black red light, on the Sinister Orb, a strange pattern surfaced out deep from within, from small to big, from dark to bright, in an instant standing out from the black air and strange lights, brilliant golden light, it was a Buddhist incantation, '', a burst of vigorous and pure force, within it a certain strangeness, hit back at Wan JianYi's palm.


Wan JianYi and Ghost Li moved backwards at the same time, the Soul-Devouring magical weapon in the air also flew back to Ghost Li's hand.

Wan JianYi paused in mid-air, his face slightly pale, staring at Ghost Li, spoke word by word, "The Great Brahman Wisdom!"

Ghost Li expressionless but he was stunned secretly, the level of cultivation of this person in front of him, was really unfathomable, these ten over years, this was the first time he saw someone who was able to resist Soul-devouring evil power bare-handedly.

While he was secretly shocked, he did not know the shock that Wan JianYi had. Wan JianYi at that time was already an exceptional rare talent, his skills far surpassed his fellow sect's disciples, other than Reverend DaoXuan who was comparable to him, he viewed the rest with disdain. Later on although he met with misfortune one after another, his fate bumpy and rough but this day facing this junior, that innate air of arrogance in him was still as before.

Just that after exchanging moves with Ghost Li, he was really surprised, the evil power of the Sinister Orb was strange and ferocious, although he looked unharmed but it had already influence the agitation of his body's blood. And when Ghost Li displayed the Buddhism True Way the Great Brahman Wisdom, merging Taoism and Evil sect true ways together as one, perfectly, even him with his level of skills, was at his wits' end, forced to retreat, he could not help but was greatly shocked.

The cold wind [suo suo], blowing past the scene, the mist gently drifted, looking like it was about to disperse.

Wan JianYi looked at Ghost Li for a long while, nodded his head and said, "It really is every JiangShan generation has its talent, didn't expect that in my remaining years, this old man can still meet someone like you, considered at least Heaven did not let me down."

Ghost Li frowned, did not quite understand the meaning of his words. Only Mr Ghost who was standing at the back, softly sighed once, seemed to be feel the old friend he once had, after many years, that arrogant and obstinate spirit still had not change. But just when he was sighing, that pair of eyes glimmered with strange glint, staring intently at Wan JianYi.

Ghost Li coldly said, "Make way."

Wan JianYi looked at him, that young man in front of him, cold and arrogant, that expression, suddenly looked so familiar. He suddenly laughed out loud, his expression had that slight bit of forlorn but soon replaced by lofty sentiments, gave a long laugh and said, "Good, good, good, as expected a young man. The mortals in the world by right should be disregarded! But if you want to cross, then you have to depend on your own ability!"

Ghost Li with a long whistle, did not speak much, leapt up. Wan JianYI's pupils contracted, suddenly moved back, his body flew to the edge of the dense forest, his right hand grabbed one pine tree which a person could wrap one's arms around, with a loud shout, in that instant the surroundings quaked, in the rumbling sounds, the huge pine tree was uprooted, like a giant arm horizontally in the air.

Wan JianYi's hand propping up the giant tree, standing imposingly in mid-air, where was that once wretched stooped appearance? Looking at him, highly-spirited and vigorous, his face excited, his features wide opened, it was that unparalleled look of that time.

"Come, " Wan JianYi shouted loudly, like a thunder passing by, "You have the Sinister Orb, come take a look at my Qing Yun giant tree?"

His body wavered, in that instant the tree moved, [wu wu] a sound, in a blink turned extremely swift, the sky was all of the tree's shadow, blotting out the sky and covering the earth charging over, the urgent sound of the wind, there was no longer other sounds.

Ghost Li's face changed greatly, flipped in the tree's shadow, that giant tree was like a giant surging wave, and also like an endless tide, waves after waves, each higher than another, pursuing under the clear sky, the mountain mists also seemed to tremble.

The wind passed through the trees, turned into a violent wind, evolved into a vortex in the air, swallowing up the world, Ghost Li was in the heart of the vortex, surrounding him were the dancing shadows of trees, the strong wind cut his face like knives, it was as if if he wasn't careful, he would be cut to pieces by this sharp object.

Wan JianYi was laughing wildly non-stopped, as if once again he was back to the time where he ruled the world, his face expression looking even more excited, all of his attention on Ghost Li. Ghost Li in whirlwind, suddenly clenched his teeth, the tree shadow like a mountain looming nearing, this time he did not dodge, raising his right hand, the Soul-devouring glimmering with eerie dark red light flew out, in the hundreds of trees shadows, with a [pu] sound, accurately nailed itself on the tree, in that instant demonic power danced, streams of red lights leapt up from the Sinister Orb, winding past the trunk, where it passed by, the bark split and cracked, broken debris flew up.

In that instant, one third of the tree trunk was already devoured by this evil power but Wan JianYi was not surprised, instead he laughed, with a long laugh, chopped down with his left hand, the tree trunk brushed past by the invisible wind, immediately like tofu, was cut off. The front part of the trunk enveloped by the red light, issued a moan and dissolved into powder, scattered into the wind.

But Wan JianYi who was in front, propped up the trunk remnant, like propping the sky, his might and power unexcelled in the world. The sky filled with trees shadows immediately disappeared, the storm ceased, the violent wind stopped, the entire world seemed to pause in their breaths, all watching that figure flying in the air!

He descended from the sky, with a loud shout, raising the trunk rumbled down.

The forceful wind shrieked, rushing over with a piercing sound, three zhangs radius on the ground, with a crashing sound, stones and sands instantly flew out, only Ghost Li alone with his clothes flapping in the wind, his face pale, staring intently at the giant tree descending from the sky.

That strange whistle was like thunder shocking the ears, in a blink arrived, Ghost Li clenching his teeth tight, suddenly both of his hands waved around, TaiJi image spinning rapidly, rising abruptly up from the top of his head, blocking in front of the thunderous tree trunk.

The two great forces collided with a crash in mid-air, even the land and mountains around them also seemed to shake, the ground below Ghost Li, his feet had already sank in.

The front part of trunk was compressed by the great force of the TaiJi Xuan Qing Way Road, splitted completely, the wood splinters flew out everywhere, in a blink again turned into powder, scattered without a trace. But the trunk still pressed on, stabbing down inch by inch on the TaiJi image glimmering in the dark green light. Ghost Li's face turned paler, the demonic light of the Soul-devouring surged brighter, the Buddist incantation again appeared, below the TaiJi image, golden light shining, laying down another layer.

The violent wind whistling, almost nobody could breathe, the wild wind ravaged, the two men in the green dense forest mountain fought each other oblivious of everything, each refusing to give way, except that dark figure flickering indistinctly.

Wan JianYi with an impassioned look, even the deep wrinkles right now had all disappeared, as if his time during his youth many years ago, all returned to his body at this moment.

That period of once endless excitement, haughty laughing at the world!

He made a long cry to the sky, like a dragon making a roar, that feeling of the violent wind hitting his face, like his entire body blood burning!

He laughed loudly and dashed down, all of his entire acquired skills burst forth onto that trunk, his entire lifetime of cultivation like a fire flame, rumbled out.

The Buddhist incantation instantly dispersed!

Layers of heavy pressure, like toppling the mountains and overturning the seas, pressed down, blood trickled out of Ghost Li's lips, his pale face suddenly another flush of red, spitted out a mouthful of fresh red blood, spraying onto the Soul-devouring.

Fresh blood dripping, quietly merging in, the icy-cold breath, reverberated deep from the heart.

Both of his eyes turned blood red!

By a hair's breath, suddenly, the howling violent wind in the sky stopped, the Gods-shocking-ghosts-worrying malevolent atmosphere disappeared, the figure like a celestial figure so mighty and powerful, suddenly started to waver, gradually losing strength.

A dark shadow, swiftly brushed past behind Wan JianYi and Ghost Li's true ways which had long been amassed, suddenly without the pressing power, immediately burst forth, dark green and golden lights, dark red demonic power, the three true ways merging into one great force instantly burst up into the sky, hitting squarely onto Wan JianYi's chest, in that instant, sounds of bone breaking like beads falling, [pi pi pa pa] sounded ceaselessly. Wan JianYi paused in mid-air, did not flew out, only that his body out of a sudden slacked down, starting from the chest, his entire body muscles seemed to lose their support, started an irreversible shrinking.

Ghost Li was stunned, the next moment, he subconsciously caught Wan JianYi's body, when his body landed in his hands, that aged body again told him, this was such a fragile old man. When the body was flipping down, he clearly saw, a black palm print at the back of Wan JianYi's body.

Ghost Li carrying Wan JianYi's body, landed, he and the breathless Wan JianYi at the same time turned back, the black figure standing among the mist which had not dispersed, it was Mr Ghost.

The glint in Ghost Li's eyes were like demonic fire, burning fiercely, he coldly said, "What did you do?"

Mr Ghost ignored him and instead looked at Wan JianYi, that old man at the brink of death, was also staring at him, just that, the expression in his eyes looked a lot more complicated.

The veil on Mr Ghost's face fluttered gently, not knowing whether was it also the agitation of his state of mind, only his voice, was still that emotionless, "After all these years, are you still like this? Still so trusting towards friends, not a slightest wary?"

Wan JianYi opened his mouth, looked as if he wanted to speak but when his mouth was opened, he vomited out a mouthful of fresh blood. His face turned rapidly pale, as if life was also quietly slipping away from him.

Then, he gently smiled, in the blood and pain, faintly smiled once, turned his head and looked at Ghost Li.

That look, for some reason at the moment, was instead gentle.

Ghost Li inhaled deeply, suddenly the rim of his eyes felt hot, this old man whom a moment ago, was still fighting till life and death, right now instead he did not dare to look directly at him in the eyes. He silently placed the old man down, stood up, quietly said, "If you have the Dragon Slayer Sword in your hand, I am definitely not your match."

Wan JianYi looked at this young man, both of his hands tightly clutching, his body seemed to be slightly trembling. Then, Ghost Li turned, stared at Mr Ghost. Mr Ghost did not avoid his stare, even the despise, disgust and abhor look which Ghost Li did not bother to conceal, he did not seem to care.

Ghost Li silently stared at him for a while and then without speaking, turned around and walked towards the mountain trail to Illusory Moon Cave, soon his figure disappeared.

Leaving only two people at the scene.

Mr Ghost slowly walked to Wan JianYi. The helpless old man lay on the ground, slowly raised his eyes, looked at him, blood continued to flow out from his mouth.

At this moment, suddenly, footsteps sound was heard from a distance, it was someone coming up, travelling through the mist, looked like the person would soon arrive.

Mr Ghost's countenance changed, black shadow swayed, in a blink disappeared into the mist.

A moment later, Lin JingYu figure flashed out from the mist, arrived at the scene and saw everything clearly.

The faint smile instantly froze, an incredulous expression in his eyes, that old man who had for the past decade lived with him, was covered in blood and lying weakly on the ground.


Lin JingYu dashed over, a look of despair on his face and he totally did not discovered, behind him, a black shadow flashed past.