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Chapter 162: Lonely

Chapter 162 - Lonely

Deep, low roars were heard from all directions, on the plains two hundred miles outside of Qing Yun Hill, more and more strange demonic southern beasts gathered around, some of the beasts constantly howled to the sky. Among the groups of beasts, there were six, seven larger, far exceeding the surrounding common beasts, standing in the middle of the crowd, turning and growling, the surrounding beasts seemed to be especially fearful towards them.

The foggy misty rain, more and more of the dark clouds in the sky gathered, gradually in the clouds at the horizon's edge, some bright lights flashed, after a moment, finally rumbling sound of thunder was heard.

Dark and pressing onto the world's sky and earth, an unspeakable vicissitudes of life.

Lightning flashed past the horizon, reflecting a strong and vigorous shadow, the giant demonic bird which had just returned from HeYang City, descended from the sky, relying on the light from the lightning, the beasts saw the giant bird's claws clutching two people, for a moment, the hundreds demonic beasts near and far howled loudly, their roars forceful, making one's hair stands.

Huge wings soared and flapped in the wind and rain, the giant bird circled once above the beasts crowd, suddenly loosed its claws, the two human silhouettes like a stone, fell down, although the human figures flipped in mid-air but their limbs did not flail around and looked extremely stiff, most likely along the way, those two poor humans could not take the giant bird's powerful grip and died under the two giant claws.

The cries of the beasts on the ground immediately rose higher, sounds of teeth gnashing rose and fell, at least several beasts leapt up and pounced over instantly, in the dreary rain, blood indistinctly was seen and finally disappeared.

The giant bird which was circling the sky shrieked twice, again flew for a while then as if it had discovered something, kept its wings, descended from the sky, landed deep among dense cluster of beasts. Its huge body was about to land when suddenly its huge wings spread out, making a [hu] sound, the strong wind generated caused the surrounding several ferocious beasts to fall onto the ground, whining out.

A gust of strong wind, the giant bird flapped past the herd just like that, along the way countless of beasts bend their heads reverently to avoid, in the middle it encountered those few large powerful beasts, each stared at each other, refusing to show any weakness. The giant bird drifted, its body soared up and down at times, from the top of the beasts or leaping on the trees branches, at times when it encountered an inconceivable terrifying huge demonic beast, it passed directly underneath from the demonic beast.

Wind and rain swayed, lightnings flashed across the sky horizon, the giant bird in the storm drifted like a duckweed, finally, again making a sharp shriek, landed from the sky.

That was the densest area of the beasts herd, among waves of dark, pressing beasts, under the horizon of flashing lightnings, an oil-covered umbrella image suddenly flashed out, a few branches of peach blossom drawn on it, gently drifting in the storm.

The giant bird landed beside this umbrella, by now it could be clearly seen, a wooden stick was tied onto the umbrella's handle, increasing its length and inserted into a rock, and under the umbrella right now was a young man dressed in gorgeous silks, sitting underneath, holding a wine flask and cup, pouring wine and drinking. And beside the young man, TaoTie who was obviously looking sleepy lying on the rock, saw the giant bird landed, only slightly opened his eyes, took a glance and again closed it.

The surrounding beasts herd made restless roars, the giant bird landed on the ground, [gu gu] called out, waved with its huge wings, immediately blew several beasts out from the area, instantly cries of shock and anger were undulating but none of the beasts dared to come forward to challenge. The giant bird swept an arrogant gaze around, obviously viewed those beasts in disdain and then turned around and faced the young man but the next moment, it looked especially respectful.

"Gu gu, gu gu gu..." Facing the young man under the umbrella, the giant bird [gu gu] cried out for a while, that young man seemed to understand bird language, slowly nodded. The giant bird again

called out a few times and then stood where it was, after a moment it used its beak to clean up its body feathers, the falling rain, had long drenched it, after cleaning up a few times, it quickly gave up its efforts, looked up to the night sky, slowly tuck its head into its wings, avoiding the wind and rain.

The rain became heavier, that youth drank one cup one after another and never paused once, only occasionally in a trance, stared blankly in the distance for a moment and then silently looked down and again continued to drink. But no matter how much he drank, his face never revealed the slightest intoxication.

Finally, that flask of wine was empty, fell gently from the hand in the wind and rain, landed on the ground full of mud. The young man slowly stood up, a stir went around the beasts herd, revealing extreme fear in their eyes. Just that in the young man's eyes, those innumerable beasts were nothing, not at all concerned about them. In his eyes, at the moment only silently looking at the sky, the looming dark clouds, wind and rain whistling.

TaoTie gave a low cry, stood up at his side.

The young man was silent, turned and gently patted TaoTie's head, after a long time said, "Do you also feel lonely, TaoTie?..."

The TaoTie growled but in the end no one knew what it meant, that young man lifted his head and looked at the sky, after a very long time, did not speak again.

At Qing Yun Hill's summit, on TongTian Peak, a night of heavy rain and it was still raining, those Good Faction members as the leader of the three major Good Faction sects was gathering at Crystal Hall for discussion, arguments were heard from time to time. And above those, the three great masters, Qing Yun Hill Reverend DaoXuan, Tian Yin Temple PuHong Master and FenXiang Valley Yun YiLan were also quietly in discussion, the three of them were frowning tightly, clearly preoccupied, deeply worried about the imminent demonic beasts catastrophe.

Suddenly, sounds of urgent footsteps was heard outside the Crystal Hall, everyone was startled, Qing Yun Hill the oldest branch disciple Xiao YiCai with quick steps walked into Crystal Hall, pausing slightly, nodded in greetings to the Good Faction members and then quickly went straight to Reverend DaoXuan, whispered in his ear.

The crowd watched the two men, saw Xiao YiCai's solemn expression, unusual from the norm and after he had spoken, Reverend DaoXuan's usual serious expression was even more without any smile, leaving only a solemn expression, gradually, everyone started to tense up, vaguely felt an inexplicable pressure slowly descending upon this place.

Reverend DaoXuan after listening to Xiao YiCai, glanced at him, quietly asked in return, Xiao YiCai silently nodded, his expression definite. Reverend DaoXuan heaved a long sigh, nodded his head, Xiao YiCai then quietly turned and stood behind Reverend DaoXuan.

PuHong Master and Yun YiLan by now could also tell, PuHong Master chanted and said, "Amitabha, DaoXuan Sect Head, could it be there is news of the beasts?"

Reverend DaoXuan nodded his head, stood up, a stir of commotion went through the Good Faction members in the scene.

Reverend DaoXuan focused his mind, a firm determined expression gradually shown on his face, loudly and clearly said, "Fellow Good Faction friends, we have just received a message, a large group of demonic beasts has already appeared in the wilderness two hundred miles from Qing Yun Hill, soon they will arrive and HeYang City at the foot of the mountain, has also begun to discovered sporadic traces of the demonic monsters."

Once he had spoken, it immediately caused a commotion, for a moment, panic, fear, anger, sighs etc various expressions appeared on the crowd's faces, the calamity suppressing on their hearts for the past days had finally arrived.

Reverend DaoXuan watched the crowd's reactions, pressed down with both of his hands, the hubbub slowly died down, until it turned quiet, Reverend DaoXuan loudly said, "Everyone, now that the catastrophe is before us, the common people's lives are depending on us to battle this demonic beasts, everyone of you here are all cultivated masters embracing the True Way, seeking livelihood for the common people, the approaching battle, you and I will spare no effort, what is known as the Will of Heaven unrestrained, surely Heaven never seals off all exits, although these evil monsters are running wild now but most likely they will not last long."

The crowd, was silent for a while, someone spoke, "Reverend is right."

"Reverend please be assured, with so many highly skilled martial artists here, we will fight together with all of our might, surely it will not be hard to win against those monsters!"

"It is, exactly..."

All of a sudden as if being inspired, the crowd began to look relaxed and happy, after all no matter what, other than the three major sects, there was still these experts. To look further, on this Qing Yun Hill, there was still the legendary all-conquering, invincible Zhu Xian Sword Formation, looking at Reverend DaoXuan's full of confident expression, what was there more to be worried about?

Reverend DaoXuan under the numerous Good Faction members' stares, slowly smile, spoke a few words to the crowd and walked to the inner quarters with PuHong Master, Yun YiLan, Xiao YiCai and the rest.

Once they had left the crowd's line of vision, Reverend DaoXuan's face immediately turned heavy and PuHong Master and Yun YiLan's expressions were the same, the group of them reached the secluded room, Xiao YiCai was the last and shut the door.

Reverend DaoXuan turned and spoke to Xiao YiCai, "Yi'er, elaborate the details"


Xiao YiCai nodded, said, "Yes. Disciple made an inspection to HeYang City at the foot of the mountain, within a day received reports in succession, especially at the top of the city wall, disciple personally saw a huge demon bird appeared, looking at its appearance, it looked very similar to the 'Asura Bird' among the rumoured thirteen evil beasts recently."

Reverend DaoXuan met the glances of the other two masters, their expressions heavy, Xiao YiCai solemnly said, "In addition, the other fellow sect disciples who are secretly scouting in the surrounding all reported that they had discovered sporadic trails of the demonic beasts, especially most concentrated southwest two hundred miles but the few disciples who were scouting two hundred miles beyond, disciple waited for a long time but did not receive news of them."

Xiao YiCai spoke till here, his face gradually became downcast, Reverend DaoXuan's face was composed and Yun YiLan beside him sighed, PuHong Master quietly chanted.

Reverend DaoXuan pondered for a moment, nodded his head, to Xiao YiCai said, "Seems like it will not be wrong, the demon beasts are really here, YiCai, " he looked at his most beloved disciple, said, "Make one more trip down hill, inform all of the disciples distributed in the areas to all come back, the range to be hundred miles around Qing Yun Hill, be sure to exhort them, not to overstep the boundary when investigating and most definitely not to make a move against the demons on their own, in order to prevent any accidents."

Xiao YiCai nodded his head, as if recalling something, said, "Teacher, then what about those commoners of HeYang City?"

Reverend DaoXuan was silent for a moment and turned around and looked at PuHong Master and Yun YiLan, PuHong Master clasped his hands together and bend his head, Yun YiLan faintly said, "Now that things have come to such, everything will be lead by Reverend Sect Head, will like to ask Reverend sect head to make the decision."

Reverend DaoXuan lifted his head slightly, an indication of his gratitude and then pondered a moment, spoke to Xiao YiCai, "This is indeed tricky but HeYang City is really too dangerous and we currently have no means to go down and protect the people. You immediately go downhill to HeYang City, lead all of our Qing Yun Hill disciples in the city and tell the common people to hasten to the north, minimally they have to travel past Qing Yun mountain ranges. Those beast demons' target right now is the Good Faction at Qing Yun Hill and not those commoners, maybe it could at least ensure their safety."

Xiao YiCai was nonplussed for a moment but looking at Reverend DaoXuan's expressionless face, in the end he still silently nodded and quietly said, "Yes, then disciple will go now."

Reverend DaoXuan said, "There is one more thing, quickly notify the other six branches leaders, to come to TongTian Peak immediately, I want to see them now, there is something that needs to be discussed."

Xiao YiCai nodded and said, "Yes, disciple will go now."

Reverend DaoXuan sighed and said, "Be careful on your journey, go!"

Xiao YiCai nodded his head and retreated.

X x x

"Illusory Moon Cave?" Zhou YiXian surprised, frowning, a rare serious look appeared on his face, after hesitating for a moment, said, "Why are you asking that?"

Ghost Li indifferently said, "Aren't you always knowledgeable and have wide experience, I am suddenly interested in this cave so asking you about it, how much do you know about this cave?"

Zhou YiXian glanced at Ghost Li, he looked calm and collected, there was no telling what he was thinking, a look of mystery. At that moment, they were still in HeYang City but the city's mood right now was totally different from last night, where the giant bird had appeared, the people's fears had finally became a fact, the anxious folks under the overwhelming pressure of fear, more and more people were already at the brink of collapsing, from time to time some folks were seen shouting gibberish on the street, their behaviours like madman.

Zhou YiXian turned his eyes away, thoughts went through his mind, slowly said, "You, you are not planning to do anything strange right?"

Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist were all looking at Ghost Li too, Xiao Hui on Ghost Li's shoulder seemed to sense something too, grinned at them and made a monkey face. Ghost Li indifferently said, "What do you think I can do?"

Zhou YiXian made a dry laugh, said, "Actually I don't know much about the Illusory Moon Cave, this cave is also not very well-known, just that because thousand years ago that Qing Ye Founder achieved enlightenment after in seclusion inside there, at the same time Zhu Xian Ancient Sword appeared from there, the cave was then made famous, however these past years it has only been a place to keep the Zhu Xian Ancient Sword and only Qing Yun Sect Head can enter it, therefore its reputation also gradually died down."

Ghost Li said, "Oh, is there more?"

Zhou YiXian hesitated a moment, said, "I don't care what you want to do but that place, you'd better not go in."

Ghost Li's eyebrows raised, said, "Why?"

Zhou YiXian sighed and said, "It's not like you are not aware of your identity now, that Illusory Moon Cave is an important place in Qing Yun, what if you are discovered on Qing Yun Hill...You better not forget, right now on Qing Yun Hill, there is not just ten thousands of Good Faction people, what if your identity is exposed, I'm afraid even if you turned into a bird, it will also be hard for you to escape."

Ghost Li coldly said, "That is my business, you only need to tell me about the Illusory Moon Cave will do."

Zhou YiXian shook his head, murmured, "Nowadays these young people really do not have the patience ... alright! That cave is named Illusory Moon, rumours said that on the night of the full moon, in front of the cave there is a strange stone, colourful and magnificent, like illusion, like in a dream but more importantly, actually there is a natural area inside the cave, which will cause the person who walked past it, to fall into an illusion, if one's will is not firm and determine, he will sink deep within it, unable to extricate oneself, his entire life of cultivation will be destroyed in a single day."

Ghost Li was stunned for a moment, said, "What, there is such a thing?"

Zhou YiXian snorted, looked at Ghost Li from head to toe, said, "I advise you not to have wishful thinking, entering that Illusory Moon Cave, there is only a death path."

Ghost Li sneered, said, "How can you be sure?"

Zhou YiXian said, "I know you are unconvinced and also know that your character is tough but I will tell you the truth," his expression slowly turned solemn, an unexpected demeanor of sternness but not anger, in a deep voice said, "The so-called determined will, is not about your character, in my opinion, your whole life is winds rising and clouds scudding [translator's note: turbulent], the twists and turns are like mountains, the griefs in your heart are numerous, if you fall into the illusion, I'm afraid inevitably it will trigger the matters in your heart and you will not be able to free yourself."

He paused for a moment, as if somehow hesitant but after thinking for a moment, in the end still said, "And, the magical weapon on you is an extremely ominous and evil object, your body's blood and soul have long already merged with the Sinister Orb's evil power, this degree of evil object in that kind of illusion, will even be more detrimental and no help to you so I will advise you one sentence, better give up this thought."

Ghost Li looked at Zhou YiXian, like he was seeing this person for the first time, quietly watching, Zhou YiXian instead also looked straight back, after a long time, Ghost Li without speaking, slowly turned away.

At that moment, there was another commotion in HeYang City, a large number of Qing Yun disciples appeared on the streets, speaking loudly to the commoners. Zhou YiXian and the rest were stunned, squeezed in to hear, the Qing Yun disciples were announcing to the crowd, the demon beasts would soon be here, HeYang City was no longer safe and asked the people to head north, at least over the mountain ranges.

Zhou YiXian looked troubled after listening, shaking his head and sighed incessantly, turned to Xiao Huan and the rest, "Ai, this is bad, don't, where is Ghost Li that fellow?"

Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist were surprised and quickly turned but only saw the empty space behind them, the crowd was extremely packed, how would they be able to find Ghost Li's figure.

The sea of people, a hubbub of noise, Zhou YiXian standing among the crowd, frowned and shook his head, Xiao Huan beside him was silent, only gazed far ahead, after a long time, gently sighed, in that sound, there seemed to be some sadness.