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Chapter 161: Struggle

Chapter 161 - Struggle

Dawn, when the sky was just brightening up, the sky around Qing Yun Hill was covered thick with dark clouds, raindrops fell soon after. The rain from small droplets to big, very quickly the world turned gray and misty, pitter patter sounds of raindrops everywhere, enveloped the lofty mountains in a water mist, appearing hazy and mysterious.

The sound of raindrops hitting the green bamboo leaves, as though for the past ten thousands years it had never changed, at Qing Yun Hill, it has always appeared lonely. The tips of the tile house eaves, moss grew on it due to the years, water droplets from drips turned into a water curtain, strings and strings like pearls fell down, landing on the floor paved with bluestones, splattering pearl-like fragments water beads.

Wind in the rain, bursts of rain swayed in waves, bringing faint moisture and mist of water, oscillating between the windowsill, as if sentimentally attached to something.

Lu XueQi stood alone before the window, watching the misty rain scenery outside the window, undulating, at this cold and chilly moment, it was as if only the sound of rain falling onto the bamboo leaves reverberated in-between Heaven and Earth mountains and rivers.

A slight breeze blew past, her black hair gently ruffled, the rain mists brushed past her face, like a wave of coldness seeping into the skin. She pursued her lips slightly, her hand supporting against the windowsill, the sound of rain, sounded far yet near, eventually all seemed to fall deep into her heart.

Wondered, if there were also ripples?

Footsteps were heard outside the house, someone gently knocked on the door, Lu XueQi silently looked back, quietly came out of her musing, walked over to open the door, her senior sister WenMin was standing there.

Lu XueQi smiled faintly, said: "Senior sister."

WenMin looked at her slightly haggard face, frowned and went in, Lu XueQi closed the door behind her, the two of them sat down in the simple house. WenMin first looked at the bed, saw that the bed was tidily made up, sighed and said, "You didn't sleep last night?"

Lu XueQi quietly said, "I can't sleep."

WenMin looked at Lu XueQi, felt a stab of pain in her heart, she had entered Small Bamboo Valley earlier than Lu XueQi and had always been on good relations with her, with Lu XueQi's aloof and proud character, other than their mentor, ShuiYue, only WenMin was the closest to her. Recently Lu XueQi had troubles endlessly, WenMin saw it all and was anxious, although she was worrying by herself but there was nothing she could do and could only watched helplessly as the relations between Lu XueQi, teacher and Qing Yun various elders turned more and more tensed.

For a moment the house was in silence, WenMin too did not know what to say, after a moment, Lu XueQi instead spoke, "Senior sister, this time because of me, I am really sorry."

WenMin was stunned, said, "What?"

Lu XueQi said, "I heard a few days ago Big Bamboo Valley Tian teacher uncle and SuRu teacher uncle personally brought Song Daren Song senior brother to propose marriage but teacher instead rejected and also got into a big argument with Tian teacher uncle."

WenMin gave a wry laugh, there was some bitterness in her laughter, slowly shaking her head, "Ai...that, that is nothing, to say this is also not because of you, he and I are not fated and we all know, teacher has always abhor Big Bamboo Valley."

Lu XueQi silently shook her head, said, "No it's not, that day was the day that I upset teacher, when I made her angry, I also dragged you down with it, if not with SuRu teacher uncle around, Tian teacher uncle was also willing to give such a big face and personally came to propose marriage, very likely your marriage proposal would be successful. But ...senior sister, I am really sorry!"

WenMin smiled, heaved a long sigh, said, "Enough said, don't blame yourself over it, aren't I doing well now and teacher is only mad for a period and not to say there wouldn't be a chance in the future." Pausing, she glanced at Lu XueQi, said, "Enough of my stuff, as for you, what is your plan exactly, you can't go on this deadlock with teacher indefinitely?"

Lu XueQi's face turned slightly pale, remained silent.

WenMin pondered for a long time, said, "Junior sister, I roughly know what is going on in your mind but you can't go on like this, Zhang...that person he after all has already joined the Evil sect, cast aside by the world's Good Faction and to take a step back and say, this time you went to the southwest, the battlefield where the fierce battle between the Evil sect and demonic beasts, the scenes over there you..."

WenMin suddenly stopped and did not continue, because at that moment Lu XueQi's face seemed to instantly turn pale, even her bright, clear eyes, also seemed to be etched with deep pain.

The room was silent for a long time, the pitter sounds of the rain outside the window, wordlessly lonely.

Finally, WenMin whispered, "Most probably he is really not in the mortal world anymore, you being this persistent, you yourself will only suffer."

Lu XueQi was pale, did not speak and slowly stood up, went to the windowsill and gazed out, that blanket of mist in the mountain, misty lingering, like in a dream, even rain spray and water droplets at this moment, seemed to feel surreal in the coldness.

"I know..." This cold and beautiful woman, in this misty rain, gently said, "He might be really gone, sometimes I have also thought about it, actually to him, this may be also a release. I also know, teacher's rebuke, is not wrong, it is me who is in the wrong, I should not be carried away by my wishful thinking, I should not...should not..."

Her voice suddenly choked, WenMin stood up, was about to go comfort her when she suddenly turned, a figure of white floated, like a lonely cloud.

Her eyes seemed to have tears, sparkling and clear, with a trace of melancholy that was never there before, said, "Senior sister, I know it all but I just cannot let it go. Even though I sever this affection a thousand times, I still cannot sever it, unable to escape from it. After returning from the southwest, I have told myself countless time, he is dead, he is dead and everything is over. But every night after I fell asleep, I dreamt about that horrible scene at the Venomous Serpent Valley, dreamt that he by the demonic beasts..."

Lu XueQi suddenly stopped, looked agitated, till WenMin felt worried but Lu XueQi soon calmed down, only her eyes, still looked grieved, "Then, I woke up, in cold sweat, like in an icehouse!"

She looked at WenMin silently and then her expression gradually turned fragile, as if her body was also beginning to tremble, said, "Senior sister, I, what happened to me, what exactly happened to me?" She suddenly fell into WenMin's arms, WenMin hugged her shoulders, felt her weak body shivering, from her ears, came the sound of her quiet voice.

"Senior sister, I can't take it anymore, I really cannot take it anymore..."

WenMin was silent, tightly held Lu XueQi who had never been so fragile, this once aloof and proud girl, right now seemed to be the most broken-hearted and disconsolated person in the world.


Silence once again descended, the rain sounded anxious outside the window, quiet sobs still seemed to be heard in the wind. Outside the small house, at the edge of the bamboo forest, ShuiYue Master was standing still silently, holding a oil-clothed black-green umbrella, stared at that house in the storm.

Then she slowly turned away and disappeared into the bamboo forest.

Between Heaven and Earth, the sound of the wind and rain whistling, it was a desolate time.

In HeYang City, it was also raining like that. Zhou YiXian, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist the three of them walked out from another remote alley, converged into the dense crowd on the main street, tried to take a few steps and was pushed to the sides, for one, there was simply too many people and difficult to walk, two, they should first take shelter from the rain and discuss their plans.

And this time they were divided into two factions, Xiao Huan insisted to return to that mortuary to take a look again, Zhou YiXian adamantly refused, Wild Dog Taoist this time, unprecedentedly supported Zhou YiXian.

Xiao Huan singularly was weak but she had a clever tongue, debated one against two, including although Wild Dog Taoist had different views with her this time but he was as usual, unable to speak once Xiao Huan glared at him so most of the time only Zhou YiXian alone protested.

Right now the three of them was standing at the roadside, Zhou YiXian quietly said, "You silly girl, what do you want to go back to that dangerous place, to court death?"

Xiao Huan curled her lips, said, "And to say you have lived to such an old age, Grandpa, do you know there is something called morality?"

Zhou YiXian angrily said, "Morality? Moral fart! What moral do you speak of when you are dead, that guy who is like a ghost is so powerful, aren't we courting death if we go back?"

Wild Dog Taoist nodded in the side, said: "That's right, it is really not appropriate to go back..."

Xiao Huan shot a stare over, Wild Dog Taoist's heart jumped and was unable to continue.

Xiao Huan looked back at Zhou YiXian, said, "Grandpa, if it was not for him last night, we would have been dead and won't be here arguing about morality or not. Is it wrong to go back and take a look?"

Zhou YiXian without changing his expression, said, "It is indeed because we were saved by him, so we have to cherish our lives, otherwise, if we walk right into the trap and again landed into the tiger's mouth, then wouldn't it be letting down Ghost's Li's good intention?"

Xiao Huan stifled, for a moment could not think of anything to refute Zhou YiXian, Zhou YiXian could not help but be conceited, [hehe] smiled and said, "Nothing to say right?"

Xiao Huan angrily said, "You know it well that that man is eerie and unfathomable, aren't you a bit concern about your savior?"

Zhou YiXian calmly, said, "Do not worry, Ghost Li that fellow has skills and magical weapon, to compare the ghostly energy, I'm afraid his is even more sinister than that coffin, even if he wants to die it would also be difficult, what are you worry about?" Pausing for a while, he said, "And to say, didn't you give him a reading ten years ago, and you said it that time, this person has a one in a thousand 'Chaos Devil Physiognomy', although stormy situations with twists and turns but it is not a short-lived premature life, then what are you still worrying for..."

"Why, have you read my fortune before?" Out of a sudden, a voice was heard beside them, the three startled, turned around and saw Ghost Li appearing beside them, in broad daylight, it was as if he had flashed out from the rain.

By now although the rain was quite heavy but the number of refugees in the city was really a lot and most of them were terrified of the imminent arrival of the demonic beasts and so were not bother about the rain. In fact, these past few days, there were cases in HeYang City where the people who were too tightly-wrought lost control, fortunately Qing Yun Sect disciples were maintaining order in the city and most of them arrived within a short time to deal with it. However the people were in a state of panic and also caused this city to be immersed in a madness-borderline atmosphere all day.

Xiao Huan and the rest were all startled and then Xiao Huan was overjoyed, could not help but softly cried, "It's you..."

Zhou YiXian and Wild Dog Taoist instead frowned together at the same time, Zhou YiXian snorted and actually said the same words, "It's you..."

Ghost Li ignored them, first looked at Xiao Huan, saw the genuine obvious joy on her young face, his eyes could not help but revealed a trace of warmth, nodded slightly, said,: "It is me."

On Ghost Li's shoulder, drenched because of the rain, the monkey Xiao Hui, also [zhizhi] called out to Xiao Huan, grinned, it seemed to be delighted too to see Xiao Huan.

Xiao Huan smiled happily, spoke to Xiao Hui, "You still remembered me! He he." Then, she looked up at Ghost Li, hesitated for a moment, said, "Last night you, you all right?"

Ghost Li nodded and said, "I'm fine."

Xiao Huan was then relieved, took a few more glances at Ghost Li, suddenly for some reason, turned red, her eyes shifted to Xiao Hui, smiled and opened her arms, said, "Come, come over and let me hug."

Xiao Hui [zhi zhi] giggled twice, suddenly leapt with both feets, left Ghost Li's shoulder and jumped straight to Xiao Huan's arms. Xiao Huan laughed, felt the wet fur of the monkey and was about to take out a cloth to wipe it, unexpectedly the monkey seemed to feel uncomfortable too and suddenly shook its body, immediately water beads sprayed everywhere. Xiao Huan cried out but was unwilling to let the monkey down and so quickly closed her eyes, soon her face and clothes were wet because of the monkey.

Xiao Huan opened her eyes, stared at Xiao Hui, the monkey's three eyes blinked, unmoving. Xiao Huan humphed, threw out her hands and threw Xiao Hui back to Ghost Li, Xiao Hui climbed up back to Ghost Li's shoulder, saw Xiao Huan hastened to arrange her clothing, could not help but [zhi zhi] laughed out loud.

Xiao Huan did not know whether to laugh or cry, bit her lower lips and secretly glanced at Ghost Li, then lowered her head and arranged her clothes, Ghost Li turned to look at Zhou YiXian, Zhou YiXian felt somehow guilty, said, "Hey, stinky brat, I was your savior once, don't act recklessly."

Ghost Li pondered for a moment, looked around and saw the commoners around them were occupied with themselves, no one noticed them and so asked Zhou YiXian, "What are you exactly?"

Zhou YiXian lifted his head up, said, "Old man me is a master."

Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist were stunned, evidently the answer made one felt very strange.

But Ghost Li was clearly ignoring this 'master', calmly and directly asked, "Last night your Land Escape Strange Skill, it has been lost for a long time but legend said that this art was the ability of Qing Yun Sect founder ancestor Qing YunZi who roamed the JiangHu, why would you have it?"

He looked at Zhou YiXian, said, "What is your relationship with Qing Yun sect?"

Zhou YiXian after a moment of silence, said, "Alright! Things have come to such, I will no longer deceive you all..." Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist were shocked, saw Zhou YiXian's solemn face and did not look like he was kidding, could not help but turned serious too.

Zhou YiXian was heard slowly speaking, "Things are actually like this, old man me during my youth was a young and handsome, romantic and suave, talented and smart, peerless...uh, don't have to look at me this way, I will say it directly alright. When I was young, I gathered herbs for a living, once when I entered deep into the mountains to gather herbs, I accidentally fell into a thousands zhang-tall clif..."

Ghost Li, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist all frowned at the same time but Zhou YiXian seemed to get more and more excited as he continued, "But old man me was lucky, a pine tree caught my clothes in mid-air, blocked most of the fall and then I fell down again, unexpectedly there was a pool at the bottom and so old man me was fortunate that I did not die..."

Xiao Huan could not help but interrupted, "Grandfather, why is it that I seemed to hear your story from somewhere and seems like many people also have also said it before, a lot of historical romance storytellings' heroes have all fell once like that from a cliff..."

Zhou YiXian glared at Xiao Huan angrily, "is it me telling it or you, shut up. Uh, where was I, oh, down the cliff but my life is lucky, I did not die and then I even accidentally discovered a secret manual left by a senior master unknown number of years before, old man me has a natural aptitude and am intelligent, I comprehended the secret manual under the cliff, absorbing the spiritual energies of Heaven and Earth as food, time travelled back and forth and finally old man me efforts finally came to a fruition, achieved Tao and become a celestial..."

Ghost Li coldly said, "Other than your name, where else do you resemble a celestial?"

Zhou YiXian stifled a bit, looking a little embarrassed but immediately resumed his normal expression, sternly said, "Old man me for the world's common people, do good deeds and accumulate merits, that is why I roam the world."

Ghost Li indifferently said, "Then are you going to tell me, your Land Escape Strange Skill is learnt from that manual?"

Zhou YiXian nodded again and again, seriously said, "It is, you are worth teaching." But after speaking, he turned to face them, not only Ghost Li but Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist's faces clearly showed 'do not believe' words.

Ghost Li looked at this person, he naturally would not believe that pack of lies but since Zhou YiXian fabricated such story, whatever it was, he was unwilling to reveal his identity. However although this person had connections with Qing Yun Hill but because he had once stayed with this person before and frankly there was nothing inappropriate, and besides to Ghost Li, more or less he would always view them differently.

As such, Ghost Li did not press him further but also did not wish to speak more, was about to say a few words to them and then leave when suddenly at this moment, a burst of cries and screams were heard from the crowd somewhere south of the city, the sound was extremely mournful


Everyone was surprised and looked back, the people next to them on the streets also did the same, a stir went through the street full of people, the towering city walls were originally were filled with people, right now all were running and scattering away. In the misty rain, a mournful scream sounded across the horizon, a huge ferocious bird opened its wings, a pair of big eyes glimmered with blood-red fierce light, pouncing down from the sky, both of its wings expanded out, it was actually almost as wide as half of the city gates, extremely terrible.

Huge winds created by this giant bird, the strong winds attacked, the mast on the city walls snapped over by the winds. Everyone on the wall was terrified, ran away in all directions, the giant bird descended from the sky, a sharp scream, its huge sharp claws like a devil's hand, seized two people who were fleeing and then ascended and disappeared in the sky.

The whole city instantly turned silent, after a long time, not sure who was the first to cry out, "Demonic beasts, the demonic beasts are here, we are finished! ..."

At that instant, the entire city dissolved into a hysteria, countless people howled, cries were heard everywhere, a scene of chaos.

Only between Heaven and Earth that misty rain, continued to fall quietly, as if nothing had happened!