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Chapter 159: The Way of Ghost

 Chapter 159 - The Way of Ghost

Zhou YiXian and the rest were shocked, in this unearthly night in an instant they felt, the rays behind them were like stabs, even their hairs were standing up. That bit of dim dark-green other-worldly fire in the house, was quietly burning, from the gap between the house it slowly illuminated, an unexplainable mystery, even the night breeze around them sounded more and more like ghost wailings.

While the three of them were non-plussed and thought they were being discovered by the person in the house, that dim dark-green fire after being lighted was quiet and did not have any reaction, the three of them outside the house did not even dare to breathe out loud, after a long time, after confirming that the dim dark-green fire did not lighted up because of them, they were then secretly relieved but what followed after that, was curiosity mixed with fear.

Zhou YiXian frowning tightly, contemplated for a moment, made a gesture to Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist and then quietly moved forward, came to the side of the house. This mortuary had been abandoned for many years and had long been falling apart, he easily found a gap and crouched down, looking carefully into the house, Xiao Huan And Wild Dog Taoist also followed over, crouched down beside him and each found a gap to look quietly.

In the middle of the dark house, a dark green fire was giving out light, that fire was not any oil lamp fire, it was a tiny ball of light suspended in mid air, like a flame quietly burning. Mr Ghost figure was not seen in the house, only under the faint dark-green light illumination, the abandoned coffins looked especially creepy.

Outside the house, Xiao Huan's face turned more pale, her teeth gently biting her lower lip, looking up, on that altar table, Zhou YiXian's son, Zhou XingYun's memorial tablet was still there, the other tablets were still the same, lying scattered on the table, clearly although Mr Ghost was here but he had no interest in those tablets.

Zhou YiXian was relieved, seemed like when he saw his son's memorial tablet was safe and sound, he could laid down his worries. Xiao Huan suppressed her voice, whispered, "Grandfather, what do we do now?"

Zhou YiXian was not those chivalrous heroes, tonight risking his life here, was all for his son's tablet, now that he found out Mr Ghost had no interest in this tablet, his son was safe and sound, naturally he did not wish to stay any longer, furthermore the place was eerie and naturally not suited for Zhou YiXian, who knows if it would hinder his cultivation.

Since he had decided, Zhou YiXian turned and quietly said, "Let's go!"

Xiao Huan and Wild Dog both nodded, the three of them were about to turn to leave but unexpectedly at this moment, Zhou YiXian feeling relieved, did not pay attention to his footsteps, when he turned, he kicked something like a stick on the ground and immediately it rolled out from the courtyard, making a loud sound.

The three of them froze, Xiao Huan angrily said, "Grandfather!"

Zhou YiXian was full of embarrassment, while he was about to make up some excuses, suddenly a cold sneer was heard from behind, like a bone-penetrating cold, the decrepit wall behind them, suddenly collapsed, the darkness and dark-green light instantly surged out from that house, soon to envelope them three.

Zhou YiXian became pale, suddenly raised his hand, waved the yellow charm, anxiously said, "Quick go!"

His mouth urgently chanted, a series of strange sounds from his mouth, at that moment when the dark-green light touched his body, Zhou YiXian's yellow charm activated by the incantations, a yellowish-brown colour flashed past, Zhou YiXian disappeared into the thin air.

Almost at the same time, within the deep corners of the dark house, a surprised cry of "Yi" was heard. However although Zhou YiXian escaped in time, the dark-green light had arrived in a blink of an eye, Xiao Huan was halfway through her incantation and not to even mention Wild Dog Taoist, at this critical moment, the incantation which he was forced to remember suddenly vanished from his mind, staring tongue-tied, he could not even recite a single word and could only helplessly waved the yellow charm in his hand a few times, opened and closed his mouth a few times, looking comical.

The green light abruptly charged up, enveloped them in, the next moment an extremely icy wind pierced into their bodies from all directions, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist felt their entire bodies' blood being frozen up in an instant, they could no longer resist and a strong force generated out from the house, a sound of [wu] and both figures sucked in, unable to resist even the slightest.

The next minute, banging sounds were heard twice, most likely it was Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist's bodies that were thrown on the floor inside the house but for some reason, they did not make any noise, the eerie house suddenly plunged into a dead silence.

The long night, cold and silent, nothing moved inside or outside the house, a mist gently drifted past in the dark night, giving one a feeling of unreal, only that unearthly fire in the house, still silently burning, reminding one of the existence of the strange things here.

Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist had been sucked into the house by the green light for a very long time but since then there wasn't any sound coming out from the house, and the only one who escaped, Zhou YiXian, had also disappeared. Time in this stillness, passed by minute by minute, as if the one in the house was also especially patient, quietly waiting.

In the silence, suddenly a human figure appeared at the entrance, it was Zhou YiXian, he was frowning tightly and seemed hesitant but eventually he shook his head, sighed and slowly walked over to the house.

Reaching the door, before he could think, a sound of [zhi ya] was heard from the door, it automatically opened, the faint green light inside, silently shone onto Zhou YiXian.

"Please come in!" An emotionless voice, rang out from inside the house.

Zhou YiXian composed himself, went in, he looked around and soon found Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist both lying on the ground next to the altar, a quick glance and seemed like they were not hurt but both of them were staring with eyes wide opened at him, their mouths moved a few times but no sound was made, it was very strange, wondered if it could be that they were controlled by some strange techniques.

And the most attention-grabbing object in the house, was that bit of faint green fire hanging in mid-air, at the moment it was above that coffin that Zhou YiXian noticed in the day, and in the coffin below it, right now Mr Ghost's emotionless voice was heard.

"'Land Escape Strange Skill' has been long lost for many years, didn't expect to see it again today, I wondered which master is your distinguished self be?"

Zhou YiXian was silent, watching that coffin, quietly said, "Both of them are young and ignorant, your distinguished self is an exceptional master, don't have to be so calculating with those juniors right?"

Mr Ghost lightly said, "You flatter me, I am just a lonely ghost, dare not take the title of some exceptional master. In the day I have already told all of you not to come here again but you all defy my order, what is the reason for it?"

Zhou YiXian's eyes flickered, unhurriedly said, "This is where my deceased son's spiritual tablet is, where his spirit travelled to the afterlife, you are from The Way of Ghost, how can I not be worried?"

Mr Ghost's voice suddenly paused, after a while drawled, "How do you know I am from The Way of Ghost?"

Zhou YiXian said, "You take shelter in a place of Yin energy, sleeps in a Yin coffin, also uses 'Netherworld Ghost Fire' to absorb the unearthly ghostly energy of this hundred-years old mortuary, nourishing your own body, this level of deep skill from The Way of Ghost, one who has not immerse long in The Way of Ghost for many years cannot use it."

Mr Ghost was silent for a long time, said, "Your distinguished self is really an expert, I have been disrespectful."

Zhou YiXian's face had a rarely seen seriousness, said, "You are also a person who sees reason, naturally know what I was worrying? Although my dead son has passed away for many years but this useless father cannot let him be dead without peace. But today coming over and witnessing, your distinguished self is not someone who misuse his skills, I am now also assured."

Having said that, Zhou YiXian actually bowed to that coffin. Mr Ghost sneered, his tone cold, heard from the coffin, "You don't have to lick my boots that way, capturing humans souls this kind of lowly tactic, I of course will not do it but all of you have violate my prohibition and so are guilty."

Zhou YiXian's countenance changed, he gave a dry cough and said, "Er, actually this is a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding! Your distinguished self is an exceptional master, why..."

Mr Ghost snorted, ignoring Zhou YiXian's tactic of delaying him, the green ghostly fire in the mid-air suddenly shook, instantly became brighter. Zhou YiXian's face looked troubled, watched that spot of ghostly fire.

Green light flashed, the fire gradually became bigger, when it grew to be the size of a fist, the whole room was already enveloped by green light, even Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist who were on the ground, their faces already reflected green.

Suddenly, [pong] a sound, the green light wavered, that Netherworld Ghost Fire instantly split opened, from one to five, went in five directions, followed closely by numerous dark red lights projected soundlessly from the green light, connected to each other, formed a five-star formation, emitting auras of eerie ghostly energy from the mid-air, hit them directly in the face.

Zhou YiXian's face looked solemn, his pupils slightly contracted, indistinctly looking over, there seemed to be sweat on his forehead.

When the formation was slowly forming opposite him, Zhou YiXian hesitated for a moment, took two steps back, pulled out several yellow paper charms from his bosom and without saying he first stuck four on himself and then at the surrounding ground, chairs, broken rocks, he stuck on a few, it seemed disorganized but a faint response seeming to be coming from it.

Just when Zhou YiXian finished his formation, Mr Ghost's formation had also completed, at that moment, a light flashed from the five-star formation, immediately the entire house was suddenly filled with ghosts wails, extremely ear-piercing.

Zhou YiXian trembled, exclaimed, "Ghost Howl Break!"

The ghost howl seemingly invisible but like all-conquering, from the formation a stern and sharp light broke out, the rubbles and broken woods along its path flew out upon touch, even the sturdy slabstone was slashed with a deep cut.

Zhou YiXian's white hairs fluttered in the wind, both of his hands stretched out quickly, two yellow charms stuck above his ears, immediately the pain shown on his face receded, followed by his mouth reciting something, his right finger like a sword, stabbed the paper charm, his eyes wide opened suddenly, stared at that ghost howling.

The next moment, the ghost howl collided with Zhou YiXian, almost at the same time, that four pieces of paper charms on Zhou YiXian's body and the ones on the ground all lighted up, swiftly condensed into a bunch of green light blocking in front of Zhou YiXian.


A loud bang and Zhou YiXian's body flew out, crashed into a ruined wall and dropped down. In the house, the yellow charms floated in the air, helplessly scattering away and that five spots of fire above Mr Ghost coffin, once again condensed into one, quietly burning.

Zhou YiXian panted heavily, struggling for a while on the ground and slowly climbed up, laughed bitterly, "I am this old already and you are really not letting me go?"

Mr Ghost after a moment of silence, said, "Your insight, experience, knowledge, all are incomparable to an ordinary person, but why is your cultivation at such a low level?"

Zhou YiXian wiped off a faint dribble of blood from his mouth, indifferently said, "So what if my skills are low, there are so many people keen on cultivating Tao in the world, so many highly skilled cultivated martial artists, how many are as carefree as me?"

This time Mr Ghost was silent for a long while and then without speaking, that ghost fire suddenly shook and swiftly flew towards Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist, pausing above them.

Zhou YiXian was shocked and while he was panicking, that Netherworld Ghost Fire circled around them once and flew back to Mr Ghost's coffin, the next moment, for some inexplicable reason, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist bodies moved, at the same time crying out softly and then scrambled up, seemed like Mr Ghost had released the spell on them.

Zhou YiXian was surprised and happy, quickly spoke to the coffin, "Thank you, we will go now, go right now, in the future we will not come even if we are beaten to death."

When he finished, he signaled with his eyes to Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist, the two of them were naturally anxious to leave too, nodded earnestly but when they were about to stride off, Mr Ghost's cold voice was suddenly heard again, "I released them, it does not mean I will spare you all."

The three of them were surprised, Zhou YiXian asked in shock, "What did you say?"

Mr Ghost sneered, said, "The three of you came here again to spy out me, and even know my secret of The Way of Ghost, greatly violated my taboo, now I will let the three of you attack me together, so that you all can die without regrets."

Xiao Huan and the rest turned pale, Zhou YiXian had just fought with him and knew this person's skills were deep and unfathomable and he could not fight against him, he could only meekly said, "Your distinguished self is an exceptional master, know that we bear you no malice, only worrying my dead son's soul will be disturbed so then..."

Before he could finished, Mr Ghost suddenly shouted, "Don't need to say anymore, look out for the fire!"

That ghost fire in the mid-air again lighted up, the ghost energy once again filled up the house. Zhou YiXian's expression changed greatly, before he could speak, that ghost fire again formed the five-star formation, a sound of shriek, it was that all-conquering ghost howl projected out again, rushing over.

Wild Dog Taoist cried out in his heart, rushed before Xiao Huan, took out his Beast Fang weapon and had it before him, Zhou YiXian shouted, "Can't block it, quickly avoid it..." But while speaking, that ghost howl seemed to be much faster than before, in a blink it was already before Wild Dog Taoist, in that instant Wild Dog Taoist felt a powerful wind like a knife in his face, especially both of his ears felt stabbing pain, his entire being like among thousands of sharp swords, helplessly being slaughtered.

Xiao Huan behind him, was heard screaming, her voice full of fear, about to go and help but was stopped by that powerful wind from beside Wild Dog's body, the Ghost Howl Break abruptly stopped, Xiao Huan had nowhere to retreat and could not avoid, when it seemed like Xiao Huan was about to be hit by this powerful ghostly attack, at this critical juncture, suddenly a light [suo] was heard from outside the house, an object flashed, a black-green light like lightning flew before Xiao Huan and Wild Dog, a black stick which looked ordinary and blunt, slashing gently from top-down, suddenly the all-powerful Ghost Howl Break vanished, the howling in the house slowly quietened down.

Xiao Huan who had just came back from gates of Hell, whipped her head around, an uncontrollable joy on her face, she cried, "It's you..."

And almost at the same time, the Netherworld Ghost Fire slowly fused into one, Mr Ghost also coldly said, "You?"

Someone indifferently spoke from outside the door, "Yes, it is me." Following that voice, someone unhurriedly walked in, a long robe with hands clasped behind, a three-eyed grey monkey on his shoulder, it was Ghost Li.

Ghost Li glanced towards the three of them, Xiao Huan was beaming and looking at him with joy, Wild Dog Taoist on the other hand looked strange, glanced at him a few times and slowly retreated to a side.

Ghost Li felt bewildered but did not think much of it, unhurriedly walked to the middle of the room, the Soul-Absorbing Stick glimmered with strange light, slowly flew back to his hand.

Zhou YiXian glanced at Ghost Li, and glanced at Xiao Huan, suddenly grunted, said, "Brat, you must have long arrived at this area and actually did not render help, you know that me this old man is frail and old, and still watch me face this ghost thing, really harbour sinister motives you this fellow."

Xiao Huan frowned, glared at Zhou YiXian, called out, with some rebuke, "Grandfather!..."

Ghost Li did not seem to care, looked at him, said, "If not so, I won't know you actually have some connections with that old ancestor at Qing Yun Hill!"

Zhou YiXian's face changed, grunted, Ghost Li ignored him and slowly turned, faced that silent coffin.

Mr Ghost's voice slowly rang out, "Aren't you at Majestic Fox Mountain looking after BiYao, why did you come here?"

Ghost Li stared at the coffin, said, "I was about to ask you, you are not at the Wildlands Holy Temple, what are you doing here?"

Mr Ghost was silent for a moment, said, "In any case, you and I are after all from Ghost King sect, these three violated my taboo, infringed my privacy, I want to remove them, why are you obstructing?"

Zhou YiXian listened from the back, somehow his voice became louder now, loudly said, "Pei, you talked about killing so easily, don't tell me you think it is as easy as slaughtering pigs!"

Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist both glanced sideways at him, Zhou YiXian frowned, seemed to feel something amiss with himself too, mumbled a few words and quietened down.

Ghost Li coldly spoke to the coffin, "You cannot kill them."

Mr Ghost coldly sneered, said, "Why not?"

Ghost Li said, "Because I am here."

Mr Ghost paused, after a long while coldly said, "Don't tell me you are planning to come forward for them in force?"

Ghost Li's face was expressionless, said, "Yes, with me here, you cannot kill them."

A trace of joy flitted past Zhou YiXian's face, Xiao Huan watched Ghost Li's back figure intently, biting down on her lips, her eyes particularly bright, only Wild Dog Taoist did not look at Ghost Li, instead watched Xiao Huan for a moment from the side and then quietly stepped back.

That spot of Netherworld Ghost Fire in mid-air, suddenly started to light up, the faint green light again diffused out, Zhou YiXian and the rest turned pale but Ghost Li was still standing there, unmoving, coldly staring at that ball of fire, the Soul-absorbing stick in his hand also started to glow.

Right now, in the entire house, the one that was most carefree was Xiao Hui, it seemed not concerned at all about the impending fight in front of it, peering here and there, looking at the ghost fire for a moment, and then turned and glanced at Xiao Huan, made monkey faces at her, while its hand from time to time scratching its body.