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Chapter 157: Paying Respect

 Chapter 157 - Paying Respect

Xiao YiCai lowered his voice, his expression turned slightly solemn, said, "Asking teacher uncle on teacher's behalf, the 'Heaven Secret Seal' behind Big Bamboo Valley, is it still safe and sound?"

Tian BuYi's expression changed, suddenly stood up, stared at the Xiao YiCai, Xiao YiCai also slowly stood up but took a step back instead. Tian BuYi watched Xiao YiCai for a while, his face's expression constantly changing, initially was shocked and surprise, slowly after calming down he looked to be contemplating and finally a strange glint seemed to flash past his eyes, he looked at Xiao YiCai, suddenly said, "Seems like senior brother DaoXuan really intended to pass his position of sect head to you in the future."

Xiao YiCai slightly bowed, said, "Teacher uncle overstates, disciple dare not."

Tian BuYi indifferently said, "He even told you this matter, his intention is obviously very clear. Forget it, this is TongTian Peak's matter, I can't be bothered too. But regarding the Heaven Secret Seal, " he paused, in a deep voice said, "This is no trivial matter and even concern Qing Yun destiny, at that time Qing Ye Founder once commanded the Qing Yun seven branches leaders, not to use unless out of absolute necessity..."

He took a deep breath, said, "The implications of it, all of us understands it very well. I just want to ask one question, does DaoXuan senior brother really thought about this carefully?"

Xiao YiCai's expression at the moment was also very solemn, after deliberating for a long time as if he dared not say the wrong word, nodded and said, "Yes, before disciple left, teacher had already solemnly instructed disciple."

Tian BuYi after contemplating for a moment, said, "Other than TongTian Peak and Big Bamboo Valley, what about the other five branches 'Heaven Secret Seal'?"

Xiao YiCai respectfully said, "For this matter, teacher has only told disciple and no others, because teacher thinks that in Qing Yun sect, Tian teacher uncle is the most prestigious and noble, therefore especially came here first to seek teacher uncle's opinion. As for the other five branches, disciple will pay a visit to the various leaders later."

Tian BuYi slowly nodded and sat back down, after thinking for a long time, he sighed and said, "The situation before us, has indeed come to a critical juncture, the fate of the common people are all depending on this war, if sect head senior brother wishes to go all out, I have nothing to say too. Just that after you go return, please relay one sentence to him for me."

Xiao YiCai looking respectful, said, "Yes, Tian teacher uncle please say, disciple will defintely convey it."

Tian BuYi's face slightly pale, said, "Once the seven branches Heaven Secret Seals are removed, the vicious energy that Qing Yun Hill suppressed for thousand years will inevitably be released, although there is still Zhu Xian Ancient Celestial Sword's energy to hold it and turn it into an unparalleled killing intention but the severe damage to the sword-holder, corrodes the foundation of the cultivation, it is not a laughing matter. DaoXuan senior brother's skills are exquisite and deep but this is a serious matter, it is better to ask him to consider carefully, to guard against the unexpected."

Xiao YiCai seriously said, "Yes, Tian teacher uncle's words, disciple will definitely convey it." After pausing for a moment, he continued, "Then if Tian teacher uncle has no other matter, disciple will first make a move."

Tian BuYi nodded, did not speak. Xiao YiCai saw his heavy mood, did not dare to speak more, slowly retreated out.

In the Observed Silence Hall, only Tian BuYi was left. He slowly turned around, looked at the Taoism San Qing Founder deity statue worshipped in the Observed Silence Hall, his expression complicated, after a long while he only sighed and did not say anything.

When Xiao YiCai flew back to TongTian Peak, it was already night, lights lit brightly on TongTian Peak, so it was many of the senior Qing Yun sect disciples, including the numerous Good Faction members who had came to Qing Yun, turning this paradise-like place into a slightly crowded and secular place.

However Xiao YiCai did not have the mood to bother about these, he went straight to the peak where Crystal Hall was, after asking the whereabouts of Reverend DaoXuan from Qing Yun junior disciples in Crystal Hall, he headed for Reverend DaoXuan's room at the inner quarters of Crystal Hall.

Coming to a secluded area of the rear rooms, Xiao YiCai stood before Reverend DaoXuan's room door, composed himself and was about to knock when Reverend DaoXuan's voice was heard from the room, saying, "Is it YiCai, come on in."

Xiao YiCai was nonplussed for a moment, immediately respectfully said, "Yes." Then gently pushed opened the door and went inside.

The room was very spacious, all of the furnishings had a scholarliness quality, other than a simple table, chairs and bed, were numerous books on the bookshelves placed at both sides of the room, many of which were old books but were neatly placed on the shelves, they looked like they had been read many times by their owner.

Reverend DaoXuan was sitting beside the study desk, his hand holding an old scroll, was reading it when he saw Xiao YiCai came in, he smiled and said, "You are back only now?"

Xiao YiCai respectfully bowed and said, "Yes, teacher."

Reverend DaoXuan nodded his head and said, "How is it?"

Xiao YiCai said, "The seven branches' leaders did not have any objection, all said to follow teacher's intention, only Big Bamboo Valley Tian teacher uncle..."

Reverend DaoXuan frowned and said, "Why, what different opinion does Tian junior brother has?"

Xiao YiCai quickly said, "It is not so, Tian teacher uncle did not object too, he only requested disciple to relay a few words to teacher."

Reverend DaoXuan was slightly surprised, said, "What words, tell me?"

Xiao YiCai repeated what Tian BuYi said, Reverend DaoXuan was silent after listening, Xiao YiCai secretly sneaked a glance at him, Reverend DaoXuan's expression looked complicated, he seemed to be thinking about something.

While Xiao YiCai was trying to guess what Reverend DaoXuan was thinking when Reverend DaoXuan suddenly said, "YiCai, what do you think of Tian teacher uncle this person?"

Xiao YiCai was surprised and did not know the subtle meaning of Reverend DaoXuan's words, he looked at him but did not see anything particular and so could only cautiously said, "Hm, disciple thinks, Tian teacher uncle this actually quite nice."

Reverend DaoXuan smiled, apparently was not bothered by this disciple tricky words, leisurely said, "Ah yes! He is a good man, he he, it must have been difficult with his looks at that time, his extraordinary talent could actually be discerned by someone..."

Reverend DaoXuan's words suddenly stopped, the room submerged into silence, Xiao YiCai moved his body slightly, felt somehow uneasy.

A moment later, Reverend DaoXuan said, "'You have been out for a day, and must be tired, go back and have a rest."

Xiao YiCai nodded, bowed and said, "Yes." Then slowly backed out.

Reverend DaoXuan watched his favourite disciple's figure gradually disappeared, was silent for a moment and then again viewed the dark black sky outside the window, slowly stood up and walked out, soon, his figure merged into the dark night of Qing Yun Hill.


Although it was late at night but at the Founders Ancestral Hall at the secluded back of TongTian Peak, the altar lamp was still burning in the dark, like an otherworldly fire. The old man who was keeping watch over the hall was still up, right now he was standing before the offering table for Qing Yun Hill generations of ancestors tablets, staring at the names within the dark shadows

Distantly, low insects cries were heard.

In the silence, there seemed to be heartbeat sounds!

The night breeze blew past, the altar lamp fire flickered, trembling like breathing, the old man slowly turned around, walked to the altar lamp, gently blocked the incoming wind, soon, the fire quietened down and started to burn steadily again. The old man gazed at this light, the light reflected in his eyes, like something was burning.

In the middle of the night, footsteps sounds were suddenly heard, the old man's brows wrinkled slightly, carefully listened and then slowly turned around, his old voice unhurriedly said, "Didn't expect that you will still come at such a late hour."

Reverend DaoXuan's figure, slowly emerged from the dark and walked into the Founders Ancestral hall.

In the dim light, the two elderly men met across each other, for a moment was stunned, caught unaware and suddenly realized, that the other party was actually so old and then thought, isn't he himself also the same case?

Reverend DaoXuan was silent, stared at that old man for a long time and then slowly came to the table, stood under the Qing Yun sect generations of ancestors' tablets, slowly straighten his body. The old man walked to his back and was too silent.

In the dark, invisible dignified aura emitted slowly from those, like deep scars that time could not erase. Reverend DaoXuan expressionless, picked up three incense sticks from the table, walked to the candle and lighted them, holding solemnly with both of his hands, respectfully bowed three times to the ancestral tablets and then stepped forward and inserted into the incense burner.

The faint smoke, curled up from burner, diffused in the mid-air, making those ancestral tablets looked even more hazy, indistinctly like a pair of eyes, coldly looking at these two old men and this world.

"Offering incense in the middle of the night, is there any difficult problems?" The old man asked indifferently, his tone flat, like he was talking about something that had nothing to do with himself.

Reverend DaoXuan did not look back at him, his eyes staring at those dignified tablets behind the faint smoke, a moment later, he slowly said, "Say, after we have passed on, when the later generations offer sacrifices to us, what kind of feelings will they be having?"

The old man grunted, said, "For you, naturally it will be full of reverence, as for me, will anyone still remember me?"

Reverend DaoXuan did not take offence on the elderly's slightly sarcastic words, only faintly smiled. Then he quietly said, "Now that the catastrophe is before us, the world is plunged into misery, suffering from the rampant actions of the evil beasts. When I think of the inevitable war between Qing Yun and the evil beast, and the world's fate is at risk, all of these heavy responsibilities on my shoulder, I have not slept well for many days."

The old man brow frowned, said, "You are not complaining to me right? This is not like you."

Reverend DaoXuan looked at the old man a moment, suddenly laughed out and then sighed, "You and I our hundreds of years of friendship, it is only you who know me best."

The old man shook his head and said, "I know you? If so, I will not be here guarding the ancestral hall. Alright, let's not talk superfluous words, what exactly are you trying to say?"

Reverend DaoXuan seemed to be particularly tolerant of the elderly man, he retorted several times but DaoXuan did not mind, looking slightly solemn, he slowly said, "I have already decided, the implications of this battle is too great, for the survival of the common people, I want to remove the Heaven Secret Seals of the seven mountain summits of Qing Yun."

That old man's face suddenly froze, his brows frowning deeply, looked intently at DaoXuan, DaoXuan looked frankly back at him, after a long time later, the old man slowly said, "This matter, you have thought over it carefully?"

DaoXuan slowly nodded and said, "But today when I secretly informed the other six leaders, Tian BuYi requested someone to convey some words to me, advised me to be careful of the vicious energy backlash."

The old man smiled coldly, turned to face those ancestral tablets, after a long while, said, "It's not like you have not entered Illusory Moon Cave before, what is inside, you know if yourself." His voice suddenly turned gentler, also with a trace of helplessness, said, "Look out for yourself!"

Reverend DaoXuan did not speak, a moment later too raised his head, watching the shadows in the darkness, that silent dignity, seemed to be mocking silently in the dark.

Seven days later, the areas around Qing Yun Hill, started to have more and more news of the demonic beasts, within a radius of hundred miles, with HeYang City at the foot of the mountain as centre, everywhere refuges could be seen. As if right now the world, only that towering and lofty Qing Yun Hill, could give some comfort and security feelings to the people.

And in the hubbard of the crowds, HeYang City was the most chaotic, the streets were full of people, the city's inns were long full, the incoming refugees could only sleep in the open. Under such circumstances, the city's food supply had become extremely tight, fortunately the city was beside the river, they did not have to worry about the water supply.

Actually under such chaotic situation, it would be difficult to ensure that there would not be looting and murder and other bad things and the fact was, from time to time there was really such news, the previous day who and who had disappeared and today someone's corpse was on the street. But HeYang city was after all at the foot of Qing Yun Hill, Qing Yun Hill had also made some early preparations, dispatched a considerable number of disciples in the city to maintain order so in general those numerous refugees in this catastrophe, were still safe.

But, following the rumours of the demonic beasts spreading worse and worse with each day, who could predict what tomorrow would be like? Under these circumstances, HeYang City's atmosphere became more and more uneasy.

And also in such circumstances, Zhou YiXian who roamed the JiangHu together with his granddaughter, Xiao Huan, and Wild Dog Taoist, came to this city. Standing in the streets which used to be spacious, right now they could only see dense population of humans heads moving, it was crowded to the point where it was hard to even walk, Wild Dog Taoist was still alright but Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan was dumbfounded.

Relying on Wild Dog Taoist's sturdy body and fierce looking face, he opened the way for them, those weaker ones were pushed aside, those stronger ones who saw Wild Dog Taoist's face when they turned around, most did not dare to say anything. Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan followed Wild Dog closely, managed to move forward, sweating profusely along the way and finally passed through this street, into another small alley on the west side of the city.

The three walked on, although the secluded alley right now was also full of people but compared to the big street outside, here could said to be spacious. Zhou YiXian cursed softly, looked extremely pissed, forget it that I this old man have to run for my life, why are there so many people too running for their lives, in the end make me this old man so uncomfortable while running for my life and so on.

The alley was very long, twisted and turned, lesser and lesser people headed in, after walking about an hour, the three of them reached the end of the alley. There was no longer any refugees in this area, the reason was very simple, because there was morgue here but looking at this small morgue derelict courtyard, even half of its wooden door had fell to the ground, the other half missing, not sure if it was taken by people for firewood.

Zhou YiXian looked at this morgue, shook his head, sighed, Xiao Huan stood beside him, whispered, said, "Grandfather.'


Wild Dog was puzzled but he came from the Evil Sect and was not bothered by these ominous morgue, feeling slightly bewildered that Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan would come to this place.

Zhou YiXian after a long while, said, Let's go in! Anyway, this place should be relatively quiet."

When he finished, he first went inside, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog followed behind. They saw in the small courtyard, trees and grasses bleak and desolated, remnants of wood shavings and roof beams could be seen lying disorderly everywhere, there were some white stuffs in the grasses that glimmered. Xiao Huan looked pale and could not help but pulled Zhou YiXian's clothes.

Zhou YiXian turned and looked at her, quietly reassured her, "It's not the first time here, what are you afraid of, besides here is where your father lives, will he harm us?"

Xiao Huan nodded, her face looking better, Wild Dog Taoist frowning at the back but did not say anything.

Ahead of the courtyard was the door to the morgue, Zhou YiXian went up and saw the door was covered with dust, just how long did no one come, he did not speak, shook his head, another sigh and opened the door.

[Zhi ya...] the wooden door made a harsh sound, slowly retreated inside, a moldy smell assaulted them, in the dim light, three coffins were lying disorderly but the coffins' covers had already dropped to the side.

The years of desolation, as if in this small room, slowly emitted out. Zhou YiXian's mouth twitched, his face bleak, slowly walked in, disregarding those coffins, he walked straight to the offering table, looked at the spiritual tablets that were lying disorderly.

The room was quiet, it seemed that no one dared to speak. Zhou YiXian slowly stretched his hand out, picked up the tablets and slowly wiped the thick layer of dust, placed it beside and then found another one, and so on, when he cleared the seventh spiritual tablets, saw that the tablet read

[Tablet of Beloved Son of Zhou Xing Yun].

Zhou YiXian stopped, silently looked at the tablet, after gazing for a long time, Xiao Huan slowly walked over, saw the tablet in his hand, teared and quietly said, "Grandfather, keep father's spiritual tablet properly away!"

Zhou YiXian heaved a long sigh, his face looked desolate, nodded his head. Xiao Huan took the tablet from his hands, carefully placed it on the table and then stepped back, placed her hands together, respectfully bowed to the tablet, quietly said, "Father, I have come with grandfather again to visit you, these few years thanks to your blessing, although grandfather and I roam the world but everything is good. Today we came back to clean you up properly, hope you will not blame us."

She then respectfully bowed three times.

Wild Dog Taoist watched from the back, suddenly came to the front and also bowed three times to the tablet, Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan were instead shocked, Xiao Huan exclaimed, "Priest, why did you..."

Wild Dog Taoist did not look at Zhou YiXian's strange expression, said, "Since he is your father, he is also my senior, coming here, paying respect to senior, it is ought to."

Xiao Huan then felt relieved, nodded and said, "Then I thank you." She turned to the tablet and said, "Father, this is Wild Dog Taoist, he is a good man and gave a lot of help to grandfather and me."

Zhou YiXian snorted, said, "Is he considered a good person, [snort snort], harbouring evil intentions..."

Wild Dog Taoist's expression froze but Xiao Huan had already glared at Zhou YiXian, said, "Grandfather, how can you talk nonsense."

Zhou YiXian rolled up his eyes, turned around to look elsewhere, Wild Dog Taoist gratefully looked at Xiao Huan and was about to speak when suddenly his body stiffened and he abruptly turned around, Xiao Huan and Zhou YiXian seemed to sense something, almost at the same time looked towards the entrance.

In the desolate quiet morgue, at the entrance, suddenly a man in black appeared, even his face was also veiled in black, an unexplainable weirdness. The ambience created by Zhou YiXian and the rest, right now with the appearance of the man, suddenly sank into a even deathly silence.

Wild Dog Taoist's expression changed greatly, his lips moved a few times and finally slowly hoarsely said, "Mr Ghost..."