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Chapter 155: Night Drinks

Chapter 155 - Night Drinks

Majestic Fox Mountain, Icy-cold stone room.

Ghost Li quietly looked at BiYao lying serenely on the ice stone platform, the women in slumber within the curls of the white mist, the corner of her mouth alway seemed to be smiling. At this moment, does she still have feelings, does she know someone is beside her protecting her?

Or to say, in her heart, she had never regretted and so therefore she looked so serene while sleeping?

As for these, Ghost Li had asked himself numerous times, he never knew the answer and did not dare to think about it, just that every time he thought of it, he seemed to receive another degree of suffering. However his body right now was getting worse, although because he had practised three volumes of the TianShu true way, these few days he had came to realize that the true ways of Buddha, Taoism, Evil had a way to merge together, his skills improved as the days went by but Sinister Orb's evil power seemed to be circulating in his body every day, like a pestering spirit, waiting for the final moment to perish with him.

That icy-cold feeling, Ghost Li had long been familiar with it, every since from his youth until now, it had always accompanied him! Even if he was to die, he probably would feel the cold like that and die!

He gave a wry smile, finally glanced at BiYao, this was the third day he was guarding BiYao alone.

"You have a good rest for a while, I will come back soon to see you." Ghost Li gently said, "Don't be afraid, your father and I are just temporarily away. Even if I were to die, I will still come back to see you before I die."

He looked at BiYao, smiled gently and then turned and walked out of the stone room. The light white mist floated, like a veil behind him.


The heavy stone door slowly closed behind him, Xiao Hui who was long awaiting at a side, jumped up his shoulder. Ghost Li's hand gently smoothed Xiao Hui's head, nodded his head and then walked all the way out. Along the way he would either reach out to the wall corners or after passing through a number of turns activated the traps, the layers of mechanisms in Majestic Fox Mountain Ghost King sect headquarters were all set, just the heavy stone doors, there were already more than ten closing down.

In the Majestic Fox Mountain right now, everywhere was the sounds of traps activating but there was only one human silhouette, Ghost Li, the others had long at three days ago, followed Ghost King into the Wildlands Holy Temple. The Majestic Fox Mountain right now, was empty and lonely, Ghost Li walked out of the mountain body, when the sun shone onto his body bringing a trace of warmth, he could not help but shivered.

[Rumbling ...] The last stone door slowly closed, covering up this huge mountain body, within it Ghost Li heard vague sounds of [Pa Ta] and knew that it was the sound of the trap setting in place, in the future if somebody who do not know how to activate the mechanism, and wistfully intent to force his way in through this more than a thousand jin rock, then he would need skills like a celestial being in order to do so.

The warm sun shone onto his body, Xiao Hui lying on his shoulder stretched out both of its arms, stretching itself, its mouth yawned. Ghost Li turned to it, smiled slightly, "Why, looking so bored and sleepy?"

Xiao Hui [zhi zhi] called twice, its monkey face showing the whites of its eyes, then it gestured and danced, kept pointing to outside of the mountain. Ghost Li smiled and said, "So you are bored ah, oh, the surroundings here are desolate, not even a few trees, no wonder you feel uncomfortable."

Xiao Hui immediately nodded earnestly, jumped down from Ghost Li's shoulder, [zhi zhi] calling, gesturing with his limbs. Ghost Li inhaled deeply, turned to look back at Majestic Fox Mountain which had by now, already merged with the mountain as one, no visible traces of the entrance could be seen, nodded his head and said, "Well, anyway, we have to wait a month before going in to visit BiYao, taking this time, let's take a walk around here."

Xiao Hui rejoiced, bounced on the ground, grinning broadly. Ghost Li was infected by its mood, his mood lightened, laughed and scolded, "Alright, still not coming up, if not you stay here by yourself."

Xiao Hui's head shrank, [suo] a sound and again up on Ghost Li's shoulder, [he he] smiling. Ghost Li shook his head, a smile on his lips too, his hands moved, a familiar coldness surfaced again, Ghost Li seemed to think of something, hesitated for a moment. Xiao Hui feeling puzzled, [zhi zhi] twice, Ghost Li turned to look at it, then faintly smiled, softly said, "Life is lonely, why bother to think so much?"

Xiao Hui's eyes blinked twice, apparently it did not quite understand the words, Ghost Li did not say anything more, a flip of his hand, dark-green light glowed, the Soul-Absorbing stick appeared, carrying them a monkey and a human, straight up to the blue sky, leaving Majestic Fox Mountain.

X x x

The most populated place on Majestic Fox Mountain, was a small town two hundred miles northeast, called "Three Fortune Town". Three Fortune town population was not much,

but there were a few villages around and so reluctantly, it could also be considered lively. In the past, for the sake of secrecy, the Ghost King sect never bought their food and other daily necessities from Three Fortunes Town, instead they went to the farther town to buy, to prevent the Good Faction or the Evil sect other factions from discovering where the headquarters was. But before the Ghost King sect disciples return to their mountain, many of them would rest at Three Fortunes Town.

In the past, Ghost Li also passed by Three Fortunes Town with Xiao Hui, although not many times but Xiao Hui was extremely clever, it clearly remembered, right now they had just left Majestic Fox Mountain, Xiao Hui waving desperately at Ghost Li's shoulder, kept pointing to the direction of Three Fortunes Town, apparently it wanted to go to Three Fortunes Town to eat and drink. Ghost Li shook his head but did not say anything, turned and headed to the direction of Three Fortunes Town.

A distance of two hundred miles away, to the cultivated Taoist practitioners who could fly, it was not that far.Among the blue sky and white clouds, a flash of dark green light with an indistinct black energy, streaked across the sky.

Xiao Hui crouched restlessly on his shoulder, at times tilting its head, its long tail swayed to and fro, wondered was it that it was anticipating the moment of savouring the delicacies. Ghost Li while wielding the Soul-Absorbing stick, gazed downwards, the area around Majestic Fox Mountain needed nothing more to say, a stretch of desolate bare mountains, after leaving Majestic Fox Mountain range, the terrain was relatively flat but the wilderness, it was the same with no signs of inhabitation, looking down, only a desolate path in the wilderness lonely extended out, wondered where it leads to?

Ghost Li suddenly sighed but did not say anything, only Xiao Hui was slightly weird, took a few more glances at its master.

After flying less than one hour in the direction of northeast, they have already reached the tip of Three Fortunes Town, from far clusters of houses could be seen, Xiao Hui was already excited, [zhi zhi] calling, pointing down. Ghost Li smiled and said, "Alright, we will go down."

The dark green light flashed, a sharp [si si] sound was heard in the sky, descending from the sky, landed on the streets of Three Fortunes Town. However once he landed, Ghost Li frowned. Xiao Hui jumped down from his shoulder, scratched its head, obviously feeling bewildered. After a moment, as if it had sensed something, its three eyes lit up at the same time, [zhi zhi] calling, looking slightly nervous.

The Three Fortunes Town in front of them, looked as if it had turned into an empty town, most of the surrounding housing were still intact, only a few spots looked damaged but the entire town of people had completely disappeared. The deathly silence, shrouded above this small town.

Ghost Li snorted, comprehended in his heart, needless to say, the place's appearance here, most likely was due to the demon beasts catastrophe. The people in the town might have escaped in time to the north, if they were slower, most probably they could not avoid the fate of being food for the beasts. A proper small town and yet turned into this state. And thinking further, on the Divine Land right now, how many towns had this similar fate too?

A wind was blowing from a distance, disturbing up some sand from the streets, in this warm day, the wind seemed to be cold. Xiao Hui seemed to be uneasy, went near Ghost Li, at the same time glancing around, Ghost Li bent over, picked up Xiao Hui, muttered, "It's nothing."

Xiao Hui's eyes blinked, seemed to quieten down with Ghost Li beside, Ghost Li breathed deeply, slowly walked forward, Xiao Hui crawled to his shoulder and no longer made any noise, quietly looked around.

The town other than the sound of the wind, was silent, Ghost Li walked forward, after walked half of the street, saw the doors and windows of various households were shut tightly but some had their doors opened, not sure if it was the demon beast who had barged in. Only that along the way, they did not see any corpse, seemed like the commoners here had ran to the north when they heard the news.

At this time, suddenly a burst of cold wind, a dangling door on the left side of the street with a [pong] sound dropped down, echoed in the empty street. Ghost Li and Xiao Hui turned around and looked at the same time, saw behind the door, an arm fell weakly on the wooden board, unmoving, at the same time a faint smell of blood in the air.

Ghost Li quietly looked for that direction for a while, then turned and continued to walk forward, Xiao Hui instead kept turning back to look at that arm.

In the past Ghost Li had came to Three Fortunes Town a few time, therefore he was quite familiar with the place. He slowly walked, was silent for a long time and then said, "I remember there is a tavern ahead, let's go there, maybe we can still find something for you to eat."

Xiao Hui [zhi zhi] called out twice.

Footsteps sounded on the street, seemed especially loud, the cold wind blowing in gusts from behind, very quickly, walking along the street, they came to the tavern. The sign of the tavern had fallen from the door, landing face-front on the entrance, covered with a layer of dust. Ghost Li glanced at this wooden board, stepped on it, leaving a footprint behind.

Suddenly, Xiao Hui quietly called out, stared into the tavern, Ghost Li's body suddenly stopped. After a while, a deep roar was heard from the tavern.

Was it demon beast? This was Ghost Li's first reaction but this roar, sounded slightly familiar.

[Roar ...]

Xiao Hui suddenly shrieked, scurried into the tarven, Ghost Li was taken aback, did not know the reason for its agitation but Xiao Hui had always been close to him, and could be said to be his only partner, no matter how he could not allow Xiao Hui to face the mysterious thing along. Watching Xiao Hui soon disappearing into the tarven, Ghost Li's countenance changed, his body moved, he was already chasing after it.

The next moment, he was in the tavern, after he took a good look at the thing inside the tarven, he could not help but was shocked.

The tavern was in a mess, pots and pans were everywhere, broken pieces piling up, the tables and chairs were also in a disarray, a few were still intact, a thick layer of dust could be seen on the tables. But in such a dilapidated pub, there was a perfect table in the middle, a pot of wine and a few glasses were placed on it, sitting next to it was a young man dressed in bright silk clothing, and on the empty space between he and Ghost Li, a monster and Xiao Hui was facing each other, its looks ferocious and terrible, in its deep roars it had a slight trace of surprise, it was the evil beast "TaoTie".

It was that day in the barren hills and deep forests, that mysterious boy that Ghost Li met.

TaoTie stretched its long neck, staring with its four huge eyes, staring at Xiao Hui but Xiao Hui's expression was not as tense as before, instead it looked happy, [zhi zhi] called out twice, grinning, slowly walked up, wanted to touch TaoTie's head.

TaoTie growled once, apparently unused to Xiao Hui's action, Xiao Hui paused, its three eyes blinked, went around TaoTie's body twice, from the left to the right, and from the right to the left. TaoTie's long neck turned, followed Xiao Hui's body, making a few growls but it sounded not as hostile, obviously towards this three-eyed monkey, TaoTie had some good feelings, just that not sure if it was because it had met a greedy guy like it which was rare and therefore looking at it with a different look...

By then that youth also saw Ghost Li, remained seated but his expression also looked startled, evidently he did not expect to meet Ghost Li here. But his expression soon resumed, smiled and nodded to Ghost Li. Ghost Li was not any less surprised and had more doubts on this young man's identity, to be able to appear in this dead town's tavern, without asking, this person's origin could be deduce, extremely strange.

At this time Xiao Hui had already went near TaoTie, suddenly opened its mouth and laughed, stretched its hand to explore, patted a few times on TaoTie's head. TaoTie made a low growl, its four eyes staring at Xiao Hui, looking ferocious but Xiao Hui looked not a bit afraid instead was amused, patted a few more times, made a strange and a funny [pu pu] sound.

TaoTie seemed helpless against the monkey, made a snort and lay down, no longer minding Xiao Hui. Xiao Hui seemed to like this strange monster, went near TaoTie and touched here and there, extremely affection.

That mysterious youth looked away from the two spiritual beasts, looked at Ghost Li, smiled and said, "Seems like they really got along well."

Ghost Li nodded and smiled too.

The young man patted the chair next to him, said, "Actually we can be considered quite fated, the Heavens and Earth are so huge and we actually meet here. Brother why don't you come over here and sit, let's drink a cup and also chat a bit."

Ghost Li glanced at Xiao Hui and TaoTie, saw that Xiao Hui's attention was all on TaoTie, said, "Alright", and walked slowly over but to another side and took a chair, sat at the other side of the table.

That young handsome face had a faint smile, reached for a clean cup, placed before Ghost Li, then filled it up with wine, smiled and said, "Brother came to this deserted town, wonder what it is for?".

Ghost Li did not answer, looked at the young man, quietly said, "Then what are you here for?"

The young man smiled and said, "I passed by here and discovered that it still has a few glasses of wine remaining, and so rested here for a moment, enjoying the wine by myself".

Ghost Li turned to look at Xiao Hui, said, "If I said I was also bringing this monkey to look for wine here, do you believe it?"

That young man was surprised, looked at Xiao Hui, suddenly laughed out, clapped his hands said, "Believe, why not! Come come come, you and I drink up, life is lonely, it is rare that there is still a person with affinity, in the desolated secluded corner of the ends of the earth, looking for wine together".

Having said that, he raised his glass to Ghost Li and then drained it. Ghost Li looked at him intently, slowly repeating the words, "Life is lonely, he he, life is lonely..."

He suddenly laughed out, that laugh was full of vicissitudes of life, raised his glass and downed it. A fire-like taste of wine, from his throat straight to his abdomen, the wine on this desolate town, was actually this strong.

The young man laughed, "How is it?"

Ghost Li looked up, reached over for the wine jug, filled up the two glasses, said, "Good wine!"

The young man smiled deeper, slapped the table, laughed and said, "Good, it is really a good wine." In his laughter, the young man's expression gradually looked excited, suddenly loudly recited:


"The past feelings, vicissitudes of life,

Do you still remember, the broken-hearted person.

White hair withered lamp going to the ends of the earth,

A reign of loneliness for hangover..."

Until the end, his voice gradually turned desolate, his face also somewhat looked lonely. After he finished, he looked down and was quiet, Ghost Li quietly looked at him, downed the glass of wine before him.

X x x

Night, the cold wind gradually picked up, the lonely town made [wu wu] sounds, like someone quietly crying in the distant.

The night was dark, black like dark waves, swallowing the great earth. The monkey fell asleep on TaoTie's body and that ferocious animal at the moment was also lazily lying on the ground.

In the tavern, everywhere was dark, Ghost Li and the young man sat in the darkness, no one had the intention to get up and look for the candle.

Perhaps in the dark, they seemed to be more comfortable.

All day long, they sat face to face like that, occasionally exchanged a few irrelevant conversations, occasionally drank a few glasses of wine, and most of the time, seemed like they brought up each other's past, remained silent, contemplating their past.

In such a cold night, in the desolate corners of the ends of the earth, two strangers seemed like they have known each other for their whole life, indifferently getting along.