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Chapter 154: Unfilial

Chapter 154 - Unfilial

Qing Yun Hill TongTian Peak, Crystal Hall.

"What?" with an incredulous cry, Reverend DaoXuan exclaimed, "The three main Evil Sect branches after the battle with the demon beasts, the entire force annihilated?"

Standing below three people who were the current Good Faction leaders and with many seniors standing or sitting beside, Xiao YiCai, FaXiang, Lu XueQi and the rest of the Good Faction disciples who had returned to Qing Yun Hill, did not speak, only the lead Xiao YiCai affirmatively nodded, said, "Yes, Teacher, the seven of us witnessed it ourselves, in the southwest Venomous Serpent Valley corpses lay everywhere, too horrible to look at, the Evil Sect indeed suffered a heavy blow, including SanMiao Madame and etc HeHuan Sect, Wan Du Clan many of the public figures, we have already found their corpses, only the main figures from Ghost King sect were not found but perhaps because of the fact that the demon beasts devour humans so..."

Lu XueQi who was standing behind turned pale again, as if this matter and that tragic scene had been constantly on her mind, impossible to get rid of, however in any case, right now she was able to control her own emotions and her face did not give much away, others did not seem to notice anything, only ShuiYue Master who was sitting in front of the crowd, this person who had brought up Lu XueQi, noticed that the ice-frost indifferent face of Lu XueQi, seemed to show some distress.

ShuiYue Master's brow wrinkled slightly, gently sighed, did not speak.

At the moment the crowd in Crystal Hall was in a commotion, their voices getting louder and louder, looking at the faces of these Good Faction elites, some were surprised, some fear and many more had mixed expressions, delight and shock, come to think of it, it is also true, the Evil Sect and Good Faction had been foes for unknown number of years, the Good Faction's several attempts to exterminate them were unsuccessful, unexpectedly this time they were wiped out by the demon beasts in one fell swoop, it was really a pleasant surprise. But since the Evil Sect was able to hold their own against the Good Faction, their forces naturally could not be underestimated but they had such a tragic fate against the demon beasts, those seated were not fools, anyone could also infer, the next target of the demon beasts must be Qing Yun Hill where the world's Good Faction convened.

And now the world's last hope, the Good Faction, would they be able to block this unprecedented catastrophe?

Nobody's heart knew the answer!

The three giant pillars of Good Faction who were sitting at the forefront, Reverend DaoXuan, Pu Hong Master and Yun YiLan, after quietly discussing for a period, all were frowning, then

Reverend DaoXuan spoke some words, Pu Hong Master and Yun YiLan nodded their heads, indicating their agreement. Following which Reverend DaoXuan stood up, coughed once.

The private discussions in Crystal Hall immediately toned down, everyone looked towards Reverend DaoXuan, Reverend DaoXuan's face was solemn, until the crowd completely

quietened down, in a heavy voice said, "Various fellow friends, everyone has heard the incident clearly just now. The Evil Sect has unexpectedly fall, it is completely out of our expectations but as for the details, whether there is still any evildoers who made it out of that battle, we still have to investigate thoroughly, however right now that matter is not important anymore."

His face grim, eyes glinting, not of anger but of power, solemnly said, "Various fellow cultivators, now that the catastrophe is right in front of us, the common people in misery, the demon beasts evildoers' might, is really unsettling. But we as the Good Faction people, there is no reason for us to retreat anymore. This matter is complicated, I and Pu Hong Master and Yun valley master wish to have a good discussion and then decide. Everyone also please go back first, take a good rest, the great battle most likely is near, at that time, for the common people, depends on everyone to give their best!"

The crowd nodded and answered, Reverend DaoXuang revealed a trace of a smile, Pu Hong Master and Yun YiLan also stood up, walked to the rear rooms, Reverend DaoXuan was about to follow along when suddenly he thought of something, spoke to Xiao YiCai,"YiCai, you too come along, tell us again in detail about the situation."

Xiao YiCai acknowledged, strided up, followed behind Reverend DaoXuan into the rear quarters.

In the Hall after these three revered elders left, immediately became bustling with noise and excitement, the crowd formed small groups, discussing spiritedly, other than Xiao YiCai who had followed Reverend DaoXuan in, the other six disciples who had went to the southwest, were all crowded around, the people speaking at the same time, enquiring about the details, at times exclaimed out, shook their heads, sighed etc various different kinds of expressions and sounds.

And in the crowd, Lu XueQi had remained silent, her eyes indifferent but she seemed not to see those faces in front of her, instead staring at some distant place.

Suddenly a stir went through the crowd and then a path was made out, Small Bamboo Valley head ShuYue Master walked in, WenMin and other beautiful Small Bamboo Valley female disciples followed along. Lu XueQi recovered her senses, saw her teacher before her and staring at herself, her lips moved, quietly called out, "Master." Then, lowered her head.

ShuiYue Master's face was expressionless, said, "Sect Head Reverend is discussing with the other seniors on this matter, there will not be any other matters here for the time being, you will follow me back to Small Bamboo Valley first."

Lu Xueqi nodded, whispered, "Yes."

ShuiYue Master, ignoring the rest, headed first out of the Crystal Hall, Lu XueQi following. Qing Yun factions heads' reputations were not trivial, the other Good Faction members mostly were very respectful of her, all made way to let out a path. Looking at Lu XueQi about to follow her teacher out of the Hall, Li Xun who was standing at a side had a trace of anxiety on his face, stepped one foot out and was about to say something when suddenly a silhouette blocked in front of him, Li Xun was taken aback and upon closer look, it was ShuiYue Master's eldest disciple, WenMin.

WenMin smiled and said, "Li senior brother, XueQi junior sister must be very tired from her travel, better let her have a good rest. And this time she was away for quite some time, my teacher must have a lot to say to her."

Li Xun glanced at WenMin a few times, a disappointed look on his face but eventually still stepped back, said, "Alright but like to request WenMin senior sister to please take good care of ..."

Before Li Xun could finish, WenMin smiled and said, "Li senior brother please be assured, XueQi and I are same sect sisters, we are closer than real siblings, what must be done or said, I will naturally do and say."

Li Xun's face reddened, nodded his head and no longer spoke, retreated to the side, WenMin with a few other female disciples, also walked out of the Hall, very soon, Qing Yun Hill Small Bamboo Peak group of people had already disappeared before the people's sights.

X x x

Along the way they rode the clouds and mounted the mist, from TongTian Peak back to Small Bamboo Valley. After ShuiYue Master landed, her face aloof, did not speak to anyone and walked directly to the Small Bamboo Valley Hall, the group respectfully stood at where they were, watching their teacher.

Until their teacher's figure disappeared into the building, Lu XueQi's eyes looked lost, standing motionless at where she was, until WenMin patted her shoulder.

WenMin's eyes carried a trace of worry, whispered, "Junior sister, what happened to you, look at how lost you are and didn't respond even calling you a few times?"

Lu XueQi was startled for a moment, a trace of a smile forced out, said, "I'm sorry, senior sister."

WenMin shook her head, said, "Why are you saying sorry to me? We are all sisters, don't have to be so formal. Oh right, I noticed something off with teacher's expression, I will go to take a look at her, you too had a long journey, go back first to take a good rest."

Lu XueQi was silent for a moment, quietly said, "I'm afraid teacher is still mad at me."

WenMin looked at this most beautiful and most talented junior sister of the same faction, suddenly felt that on her pale face, although still as beautiful but looking thinner and pallid than before. WenMin sighed in her heart, hugged Lu XueQi's shoulder, softly said, "Silly girl, don't think foolish thoughts, how teacher has always treated you, we and you yourself know it. It will be alright, I will go take a look now."

Lu XueQi silently nodded, WenMin smiled, left some instructions with the other junior sisters and was about to leave when a girl walked out from the door ahead, it was that young girl XiaoShi on the night where Ghost Li had secretly sneaked up to Small Bamboo Valley, because of her young age and meagre cultivation, therefore she had always stayed on Small Bamboo Valley, ShuiYue Master found her intelligent and lovely and so kept her around her.

XiaoShi glanced over their direction, with quick steps walked over to WenMin and Lu XueQi. WenMin with a "Ai", until XiaoShi reached them, said, "XiaoShi, why did you come out, didn't teacher just returned? You should go wait on her."

XiaoShi nodded, glanced at Lu XueQi, said, "Big senior sister, various senior sisters, teacher wants me to come over and ask XueQi senior sister to go to 'Quiet Bamboo Pavilion' to see her."

WenMin was surprised, turned back to look Lu XueQi, Lu XueQi's lips moved, a complex expression passed her eyes and then said: "Alright, I will go now." After speaking, she walked straight ahead and soon disappeared into the buildings.

WenMin looked while Lu XueQi left, brows frowning, spoke to XiaoShi, "XiaoShi, did teacher say anything else, why did she ask XueQi to go over?"

XiaoShi shook her head, "Nope, after teacher came back, she kept to herself, after a while she told me to ask XueQi senior sister to see her."

WenMin with a "O", for the moment also could not deduce the reason, shook her head, spoke to the other junior sisters, "Alright, it seems like there is no other matters, all of you go back first and rest."

The group of women acknowledged and started to leave, WenMin glanced towards the direction that Lu XueQi left, felt a heavy feeling in her heart, for a moment a mixed of emotions welled in her heart.

"Quiet Bamboo Pavilion" was located at a secluded area of the Small Bamboo Valley's buildings, near the rear of the mountain, surrounded by verdant Tears of Bamboo, when the mountain breeze blew from time to time, the bamboo leaves gently shook, giving one a meditative feeling. ShuiYue Master liked to come here, staying by herself, therefore the other Small Bamboo Valley disciples were very familiar with this place.

Lu XueQi walked past the corridor, stepped onto the path made out of smooth small stones in the bamboo forest, meandering along the way, deep into the bamboo forest, soon arrived at the fine house made from bamboo, from the outside it looked simple, the outer walls made from beads, experienced countless of storms and time, right now had a faint mark of age. On both sides of the house, the small windows were opened and indistinctly could see the meditating silhouette of ShuiYue Master.

Lu XueQi walked to the door, at the same time using the door made out of bamboo as a cover, for some reason, she felt a little nervous and inhaled deeply once, said, "Teacher, I am XueQi, did you call me?"

ShuiYue Master's voice was heard from the house, calm and emotionless, "Yes, come in."

Lu XueQi bestirred herself, pushed the door and went in. The furnishings in the room were very simple, table and chairs and tea sets, a desk beside the window, paper, ink pen and ink on it, ShuiYue Master was a person who did not like luxury. Right now she was sitting before the desk, quietly watching the bamboo forest outside the window.

Lu XueQi walked to her back, watching ShuiYue Master's back figure, quietly said, "Teacher."

ShuiYue Master unhurriedly turned around and looked at Lu XueQi, Lu XueQi seemed unwilling to meet her teacher's eyes and lowered her head down. Teacher and disciple, both of them, nobody spoke, the atmosphere in the room turned somehow awkward. Actually, ShuiYue Master and Lu XueQi were both people not with many words, this kind of situation had also happened when they were alone together but somehow, this time today, between the teacher and her disciple, there seemed to have another strange unfamiliar feeling, distancing each other further than before.

After a while, ShuiYue Master broke the silence, her voice calmly asked: "This time you went to the southwest, along the way was it smooth-sailing?"

Lu XueQi nodded her head and said, "It was still alright, along the way the demon beasts were rampant but we all tried our best to avoid them and finally found a crazed Evil Sect disciple, which we then found the Venomous Serpent Valley, saw ..."

Her voice suddenly stopped, a trace of visible pain flashed past her face, even her body also seemed to tremble. ShuiYue Master looked at Lu XueQi, her eyes glimmering, as if she was contemplating something, after a moment, she looked at Lu XueQi, said, "Have you seen him?"

Lu XueQi was stunned, looked at her teacher, ShuiYue Master although her expression was calm but she seemed to have seen through to her heart. Lu XueQi's expression changed, quietly said,: "Teacher, what, what are you saying?"

ShuiYue Master coldly said, "I am referring to Zhang XiaoFan, who is also the current Ghost Li in Ghost King sect!"

ShuiYue Master's voice was not loud but to Lu XueQi, it was as if a thunder beside her ear, she abruptly lifted her head up, her face pale but the bright stare of her teacher standing before her was still staring at her eyes. Lu XueQi's lips opened and closed, closed tightly together, did not speak a word.

Silence, once again descended.

Time passed, ShuiYue Master's expression also slowly relaxed, her eyes while looking at Lu XueQi, also gradually had pity and pained expressions.

"Qi'er, how long are you going to lie to me?" ShuiYue Master looked at Lu XueQi, slowly said.

Lu XueQi's hands clenched tightly into a fist, the fair skin due to the force exerted turned white around the joints, it was clear at this moment, she was also extremely agitated. Just that looking at her mentor who had brought her up, her eyes gradually misted but in the end she with an effort held it back, clenched her teeth, she slowly kneeled down, before ShuiYue Master.

"It is disciple's fault, let down teacher's teachings." Her voice became smaller and smaller, her delicate back also seemed to be gently trembling.

ShuiYue Master heaved a long sigh, her eyes full of vicissitudes of life, as if from this disciple, she recalled back her past, even her own expression also had grief. She slowly turned and walked to the window, looking out to the green bamboos, swaying in the wind, just that that person, would he still remember this place?

"You can get up." ShuiYue Master faintly said.

There was no movement behind her, apparently Lu XueQi was still kneeling on the ground.

ShuiYue Master did not insist further, said, "Qi'er, you have been extremely bright, some things I thought even if I do not say it out, you should know."

Lu XueQi kneeling behind her, was motionless. ShuiYue Master continued, "You being entangled with that Zhang XiaoFan, for you, this is still a ill-fated relationship, do you know?"

Lu XueQi quietly acknowleged, her voice almost indiscernible, said, "Yes."

ShuiYue Master unhurriedly said, "Moreover Zhang XiaoFan has already betrayed the Good Faction, devouring blood and turning evil, this decade his actions, I do not have to say more on this to you. To tell you the truth, between you and him, right now has become the talk of the town, even your sect head teacher uncle DaoXuan also knows about it, just that those elders firstly considered you young and ignorance, secondly your aptitude, intelligence and hard-gain cultivation, again gave you another chance, you must not continue to obstinately persist in the wrong way!" Towards the end, ShuiYue Master's voice gradually turned urgent and harsher.

Lu XueQi's face turned paler but for some reason, her body stopped trembling.

ShuiYue Master's face slowly softened, turned and helped Lu XueQi up, gently said, "Qi'er, you are my most beloved disciple, in the branch, even among the entire seven branches younger generation of disciples, you have the highest aptitude of cultivation Tao, your future has boundless prospect. I have very high expectation of you, you know?"

Lu XueQi whispered, "Yes, teacher."

ShuiYue Master looked at her, said, "With your aptitude, in the future the leader of Small Bamboo Valley, naturally would be you, at that time you would be revered by thousands, meditating and comprehending Tao, as such, isn't it what you have dreamt of in the past?"

Lu XueQi was silent, only bowing slightly, on her beautiful face, other than her pale complexion, was the glint in her bright eyes slowly changing, the misted eyes had already disappeared.

ShuiYue Master sighed, said, "Go back and think about it carefully."

Lu XueQi stood before her but did not immediately turn to leave, instead slowly looked up and looked at her benevolent teacher who had raised her up.

"What is it Qi'er?" ShuiYue Master asked.

"Teacher," Lu XueQi slowly called out, said, "I have let you down."

ShuiYue Master shook her head and sighed, said, "What silly words are you saying."

Lu XueQi looked strange, a trace of agitation appeared on her usually indifferent face, even her breathing quickened. ShuiYue Master very quickly noticed that, frowned and looked at her, said, "What is it Qi'er?"

Lu XueQi, as if turbulent waves were set off in her heart, therefore making the expressions on her face changed but finally, facing ShuiYue Master, she quietly said, "Teacher, you're right, I am really muddle-headed, Zhang Xiaofan and I, I knew too, this is an ill-fated impossible relationship."

A trace of regret flashed past ShuiYue Master's eyes, she gently said, "Qi'er, return to the shore, as long as you sever the emotions, there is nothing great, at least, you still have teacher and Small Bamboo Valley, and Qing Yun Sect which could still accept you."

Lu XueQi abruptly looked up, the speed astonishing, on her elegant and beautiful face, was full of pain and sadness, even her voice was quivering, "Teacher, but I am unable to sever."

ShuiYue Master's face changed, stared intently at Lu XueQi, suddenly her hand raised and fell, [pa] a sound, giving Lu XueQi a slap heavily. Lu XueQi did not avoid it and did not step back, standing where she was motionless, she only bit her lips tightly, her body slowly trembling.

"You, what did you say?" ShuiYue Master's voice seemed to be also quivering but her words were filled with anger, "You, you this traitorous disciple, do you know what you're talking about?"

Lu XueQi's face had long turned white with not a trace of colour but she still met the eyes of ShuiYue Master, as if determined, determinedly said, "Teacher, you have adopted me since young, raised me up and taught me, my gratitude is deep beyond. XueQi is unfilial, made benevolent teacher to be so angry and upset, deserved to die..."

Her white clothes fluttered, once again kneeled in front of her teacher, said, "XueQi rather die and would not dare to betray benevolent teacher and Good Faction, if in the future I meet that Zhang XiaoFan again, disciple will do my best and take his life with TianYa Sword, if unsuccessful, then disciple will just die by his hands..."

ShuiYue Master started to look enraged but after hearing Lu XueQi's words, she then slowly calmed down but the following words, made her face changed again.

Lu XueQi kneeled in front of her, breathed deeply, her eyes looking away, at the ground before her, as if into her own heart, slowly said, "But this ill-fated sinful love, disciple is unable to cut if off, no longer able to sever!"

The room instantly turned deathly silent, as if even their breathings also paused, a moment later, ShuiYue Master's sharp stern loud scolding was heard, resounded in this house,

"You, you this traitorous disciple, you get out, get out, I never want to see you again!..."