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Chapter 150: Internal Conflict

 Chapter 150 - Internal Conflict

The night gradually darkened, the Venomous Serpent Valley which was immersed in the invisible tension throughout the day seemed to have slowly enter into deep slumber, the dim lights slowly

extinguished, other than that cold lonely mourning hall.

The mourning hall's doors were still opened, the bleak night wind [hu hu] blowing past, causing the candles which were still burning to flicker between darkness and light, casting strange shadows on the ground. In a distance outside the door, within the quietness, there seemed to be a whisper, like the sound of crying, like laughing quietly, yet it seemed just only the wind rustling the trees, the sounds sounded so unreal, making one have shivers.

Those few candles which were struggling on whilst at death's door, in their light which spilled outside the house, this night at the mountain valley, faint mist drifting past the house, like a light

smoke, in the darkness and shadows, drifting past and moving over, transforming into a variety of shapes.

In the mourning hall, that person who had been keeping vigil beside the coffin all night, was still Qin WuYan.

He was still kneeling before the tablet, head bowed, his eyes roving, it seemed like he was looking at some unknown place. The bronze basin in front of him was full of black paper ashes from burning the paper money, trembling with the night breeze that blew in time to time and occasionally one or two pieces of the ashes were scattered by the wind, leaving the bronze basin, floating slowly within the house and most likely would quietly land on the offering table in front of the coffin, among the three sacrificial animals.

In the unseen world of spirits, was there still a pair of eyes, watching all of these?

Footsteps suddenly rang, stepping onto the levelled floor and into the hall. Qin WuYan's body shook, no matter who it was, the footsteps behind, would not be a pleasant matter. He looked back, frowned, looking a little surprised, apparently the person who came was out of his expectation.

Reflected in his eyes was a tall but dressed differently from the common Evil sect disciples, a body-length robe, solemn angular face, it was Evil sect Wan Du Clan's honoured person, Taoist Cang Song.


Qin WuYan looked at Cang Song, Cang Song also looked at Qin WuYan, both of them did not speak and then Cang Song walked straight to the offering table, picked up the thin incense sticks placed on top of the table, lighted it up with the candle beside, facing the spirit tablet, respectfully bowed, stepped forward and inserted the incense into the incense burner.

Qin WuYan patiently watched Taoist Cang Song's every move, from the start to the end, when Taoist Cang Song once again turned around, Qin WuYan slightly bowed, returned the gratitude as the disciple, although he had no expression on his face but his voice was still calm and politely said, "Thank you Priest."

Taoist Cang Song nodded his head and said, "I with the elder was once host and guest, although this offer of incense is slightly late but it is my regards."

Qin WuYan still kneeling, looked to the spirit tablet, lightly said, "No worries, as long as priest has the sincerity, I guessed teacher's spirit will be very gratified."

Taoist Cang Song stared at Qin WuYan, after a while, suddenly smiled and said, "Qin GongZi, you don't seem to like me."

Qin WuYan raised his eyes slightly, he did not expect that Taoist Cang Song would suddenly asked such a question, felt puzzled but after glancing at Taoist Cang Song for a moment, his reply was still calm, "Priest you have misunderstood, your distinguished self is honoured as guest by my teacher and is also considered a venerable senior in Wan Du Clan, WuYan dare not be a poor host. But right now teacher has unfortunately leave his mortal frame, I am in grief and pain, if I have been disrespectful, senior please be magnanimous to forgive."

Taoist Cang Song was still wearing a smile, his gaze slowly shifted to God of Poison's spirit tablet in front of him, before the tablet, the box containing Wan Du Clan seal was still quietly lying there. Taoist Cang Song glanced at it and then suddenly from his body, low and strange sounds emitted out, like some insect cry, Qin WuYan's face slightly changed, Taoist Cang Song was also startled but then suddenly smiled and said, "Old clan head ah old clan head, you should be able to go in peace, look at your teachings, there is still such an exceptional disciple, it is really not easy!"

Qin WuYan's face turned heavy, a sharp glint indistinctly flashed past his eyes, in a deep voice said, "Priest, what did you say?"

Taoist Cang Song turned his head, smiled but did not speak, he only gently pulled his sleeve from his wrist. Qin WuYan's eyes pupil shrank, saw a small box tied closely to Taoist Cang Song's wrist, that series of strange cries again emitted from inside, clear and audible.

Taoist Cang Song's face had a mysterious smile, he slowly extended his hand to the tablet in front of him, once the box which was tied to his wrist went slightly near that box containing the seal, from the box before the tablet, a deep but clearly audible insect cry was heard, that cry was exactly the same from Taoist Cang Song's wrist box.

Taoist Cang Song slowly retracted his arm, turned around and looked at Qin WuYan, lightly said, "Seven-tailed Centipede?"

Qin WuYan inhaled deeply, closed his eyes, when he opened them again, the eyes were gleaming, his demeanour suddenly from that silent dejected figure turned sharp and keen-witted, he slowly stood up, a pair of eyes staring intently at Taoist Cang Song, repeating again slowly, "Seven-tailed Centipede!"

The dim gloomy hall, after he stood up, suddenly seemed brighter, the cold crisp air also disappeared, what remained now was only harsh murderous air.

But Taoist Cang Song did not have any fear, instead as if he did not detect the changes in his surroundings, he looked unperturbed at Qin WuYan and asked, "Say, if your teacher knows that those disciples of his are creating trouble before his coffin shortly after his death, he should be very angry right?"

Qin WuYan snorted, said, "Teacher was wise and farsighted, he had long disregarded these so-called ceremony and propriety, not to mention being disrespectful before his spirit tablet, even if we fight and kill each other here, he would probably only laugh and watch the show."

Taoist Cang Song nodded slowly, suddenly sighed and said, "It is indeed the case, staying with the old clan leader these past ten years, with his character, I'm afraid it is really the case." After speaking, he glanced at Qin WuYan, smiled and said, "Didn't expect that you who was with him the shortest but is the person who knew him best among his disciples."

Qin WuYan's expression did not change but he instead stepped forward, coldly said, "Priest, don't you also knew him very well, not only you saw through teacher but even every move of mine, also cannot escape your eyes!"

Taoist Cang Song's smile froze slightly, his eyes glanced at Qin WuYan's step, suddenly said, "Now is already past your teacher's seventh day?"

Qin WuYan was stunned, was bewildered at the intention of Taoist Cang Song's question but this night this person was acting really odd and unpredictable and furthermore he had seen through the trick which he had placed in the box, most likely he would have to go. While Qin WuYan was going through such thoughts, he lightly said, "Right now is the time of chou, just passed, why, priest has some advice to give?" Speaking, he took another step towards Taoist Cang Song.

[Translator note: Chou time is 1am to 3am)


Taoist Cang Song immediately took a step back, nodded and said, "That's good, your teacher is able to pass the first seven days peacefully, it is also my regards."

Qin WuYan was stunned, before he could realize, Taoist Cang Song suddenly moved and in a blink, was at the entrance of the hall, he spoke loudly, "Hey, the official seal...ah..." His first few words sounded surprised, halfway through, while he was clearly standing there unharmed, like he was ambushed with a heavy attack, cried out in pain.

Qin WuYan immediately turned pale but was too late to stop, Taoist Cang Song's voice had already, in the tranquil air of the Venomous Serpent Valley, reverberated, the next moment, like echoes from the distance, the valley was filled with indistinct [ah] sounds.

Initially, the valley appeared to be startled by something, the air was even more still than previously but only for a moment, clamour sounds rang out from every corner, like waves, the people who had long been prepared and waiting, leapt out, different kinds of questions, scoldings, beratings, commands mixed together, turning into an invisible wave, from all directions gushed towards the mourning hall.

Taoist Cang Song turned and smiled, facing the livid Qin WuYan, he waved and said, "My fair nephew, as uncle, I have lend you a hand, if ever in the future you manage to sit on the clan throne, do not forget today's favour!" Then without further ado, his figure moved and before Qin WuYan pounced to the door, swiftly flew into the darkness outside and disappeared in a flash.

Qin WuYan panted heavily, his eyes full of anger, it was obvious that Taoist Cang Song's sudden visit had completely disrupted his plans, like a seething cauldron, the people would soon surround the mourning hall, Qin WuYan hatefully stomp his feet, made a decision and like Taoist Cang Song, submerged into the darkness outside and disappeared.

The next moment, countless holding torches, sharp knives, the Wan Du Clan disciples, led by the three elite disciples of God of Poison, charged into the mourning hall.

And in the next moment of silence, fury shouts rang out in Venomous Serpent Valley under the night sky, sweeping through the valley.


Night, had turned deeper.

When the first ray of sunrise touched earth, Taoist Cang Song sneakily flew out of the valley and was already wielding his sword in mid air, appearing at northeast of Venomous Serpent Valley, four hundred miles outside a small city, from the sky he scanned the city carefully and then as if he had found something, immediately landed at a hill north of the city.

The nameless hill had mostly wild maple trees, looking down from the sky, a sheet of red, glorious. Before the maple tree forest, three men and one lady stood there, it was Ghost King, Mr Ghost, Ghost Li and YouJi.

Watching Cang Song coming down, Ghost King's face revealed a smile, went up to receive him, said, "How is it, is it successful?"

Taoist Cang Song nodded his head and said, "It was what sect head predicted, Qin WuYan indeed has recovered and did something to the box containing the official seal, most likely has placed the Seven-tailed Centipede in it, so no matter who opens the box, as long as Qin WuYan manipulates it secretly, no one can escape the bite of the Seven-tailed Centipede. With the Seven-tailed Centipede's amazing venom, that person would very likely die."

Ghost King laughed loudly, turned and spoke to the rest, "See, all of these old tricks which has been used numerous times, is still being used by some people!"

Ghost Li's face was indifferent, did not say anything, YouJi also remained silent, only Mr Ghost said, "The method is indeed outdated but as long as it is useful, it is a good method."

Ghost King nodded and said, "That's right, God of Poison senior was still considered a formidable man in his generation of our holy sect, why is it that his disciples are of such quality, really disappointing."

Taoist Cang Song laughed said, "But that Qin WuYan is really not bad, such a pity."

Ghost King looked at him and could not help but laughed out, for a moment nobody spoke, Ghost Li quietly looked at Ghost King, frowned, for some reason, he felt there was something strange with Ghost King today.

But that thought did not sink in because in a short moment, the city which had just woken up in the early dawn in front of them, wails of astonished cries burst out suddenly and soon, numerous piercing screams rang out everywhere, people could be clearly heard screaming, "Evil beasts, the evil beasts have come..."

The piercing and cruel sharp cries, travelled over from the small city, columns of smoke burst out in the distant fields, like frontier soldiers forming into a mighty force, charging with full speed. That from far and near, the shouts mixed with excitement roars, carried bloodthirsty desires, the five people from Ghost King sect at the other side of the city, flew up and towards the small city.

When they were near, even though they had seen countless of battle scenes but the scene before them still changed their countenances. Numerous monsters and demon beasts, roaring and charging out from the fields, their huge sizes, strong bodies, sharp teeth and claws, giving off a thick meaning of death in the early morning. And the residents in the city were panic-stricken, frantically running around but no one knew where would be the safest?

The thick galloping sounds came closer and closer and finally to the point of deafening, more and more demon beasts from the south charged into the small city. The great lands of wilderness on both sides the road and ancient path, had became the beasts' playground, the evil beasts with red eyes surrounded this city with deafening roars, the pitiful people who could not escape in time, in a blink were swallowed up by the dust generated by the evil beasts, flashes of blood could be seen in the grey haze, screams were heard and then disappeared.

And above the small city, some who were struggling to survive desperately pulled up the suspension bridge of the city gates, temporarily kept those vicious cruel demons outside the city, after which the endless number of beasts gushed down from the south, totally besieging this city.

The five people in the sky, all sucked in a breath of cold air.

In the distant above the wilderness, a sharp cry was heard, that cry was piercing and sounded slightly sonorous, traversing through the sky full of dust over. Ghost King's countenance changed, quietly said, "It is coming, should be the evil beast, everyone be careful, we will act according to the plan."

The others nodded slightly and then dispersed, only Ghost King remained in the air, took a few more glances to the sharp cries, a trace of smile on his lips and then he flew higher and disappeared into the clouds.

Following the approaching sharp cries, the monsters which had besieged this small city, raised their heads and roared at the same time, all different kind of piercing sounds mixing together, with the smell of the beasts and indistinct blood smell in the wind, raising hairs.

Within the dust of smoke, suddenly a loud sound, that sharp cry halted, a colourful figure moved in the air and a huge body, an evil beast, like a tiger, pounced out from the smoke. From the distance, the beast resembled a tiger, even its forehead indistinctly had a "King" word but its body was so much larger than a tiger, with sharp teeth and claws, multicoloured fur, the strangest thing was it had an extremely long tail, looked to be even longer than its body. Comparing those ferocious monsters to it, they looked like kittens and puppies.

Ghost Li who was concealed outside the city, frowned and quietly said one sentence, "Chu Wu!" (Note 1).

The city which was besieged by the monsters was only a small-sized city, this evil beast which was five or six zhang high, stood before the city and its tiger's head was almost at the top of the city. Thick pungent smell of the beasts blown over by the wind, the people at the top of the city were terror-stricken and escaped for their lives.

Chu Wu growled softly twice, murderous glints flashed in its eyes, it savagely made a sharp cry, raised its thick front foot and smashed down directly onto the city doors. The sharp tiger claws easily pierced through the thick wooden doors and before the civilians behind the city door realized what had happened, a few were already stabbed by the sharp claws, the rest of the people panicked and fled in all directions.

Chu Wu roared loudly, pounded down with its sharp claws, [boom, boom, boom] after a few loud crashes, the destroyed city doors collapsed, wails rang out the whole city in that instant and the excited roars outside the city were heard at the same time, the numerous beasts rushed in, turning into a scene of blood immediately.

Chu Wu opened the door for the other monsters but it did not enter with them, it seemed disdained of such matters and also at this moment, it seemed to discover something, its tiger head turned, its huge body slowly twisted over, with its nose to the air constantly sniffing, as if trying to determine something.

Just when Chu Wu was searching, suddenly on the city wall in front of it, a loud bang and the wall cracked opened, Taoist Cang Song appeared out of the hole and just right in front of Chu Wu, a yellow sword light with lightning speed hit Chu Wu's chest.

Chu Wu uttered an earth-shattering roar, its entire huge tiger body flew out backwards, Taoist Cang Song was after all a well-known figure for many years, moreover he came from the current world's number one famous sect Qing Yun, how would his skills be trivial, the Chu Wu flew back out and a sound of silk tearing was heard, on its chest, a wound of about four chi long was slashed opened.

If it was some common monster, the wound would be fatal but Chu Wu evidently was different from the common monsters, as one of the thirteen demons under the Evil Beast, its vitality and magic far exceeded the other ordinary monsters. Although blood gushed out like fountain from its chest but Chu Wu did not even look at it, roaring furiously, it instantly pounced back, looking at its movement, it was no less slower than before its injury.

Taoist Cang Song's countenance changed, his figure flashed and escaped the Chu Wu's claws, he swiftly wielded his sword and left the group of beasts, flying towards the north, Chu Wu with a loud roar, both eyes looked as if fire was about to spurt out, in hot pursuit.

Taoist Cang Song initially intended to fly as fast as he could to the nameless hill and combined forces with the rest against this beast, unexpectedly he had only flew less than half the distance, he felt a strong wind movement behind him, the hot heavy smell of animal almost at the back of his head. Taoist Cang Song was shocked and hastily looked back, the speed of Chu Wu was inconceivably fast, after it was injured, the four legs like flying, like swift wind and lightning, it caught up with Taoist Cang Song.

It did not hesitate while behind Taoist Cang Song, opened its mouth wide to bite, as if it would not be appeased if it did not bite Taoist Cang Song into half. But Taoist Cang Song had trained for many years, he did not panic at the critical moment, his body abruptly sank, by a hair's breath, narrowly escaped the adversity of being buried in the tiger's mouth. Even it was so, Taoist Cang Song also broke out in cold sweat.

After which, Taoist Cang Song dared not be careless, he wielded the sword up and down, left and right, preventing Chu Wu from unleashing its incredible speed of running in straight line, this then allowed him to reach the maple tree forest and by now, Chu Wu had also been lured some distance from that herd of monsters.

Watching Taoist Cang Song scurrying into the red forest, Chu Wu was even more infuriated, charged straight to the forest. However just before it entered the forest at that empty ground, Mr. Ghost's black figure suddenly emerged, chanting softly, a moment after his entire black clothes drifted up, a strange spiritual power emerging slowly out from his body.

Chu Wu screeched to a stop, the impact forcing it to slide forward a few zhangs and knocked down several trees. However Taoist Cang Song who had disappeared into the forest under the Chu Wu's body suddenly did not care, in his eyes, only that black figure and that strange power exuding from his body.

This time, Chu Wu did not charge forward, the enormous tiger head tossed, opened its mouth and gave a deafening roar, three streams of black smokes came out of its mouth, swiftly congelated into three hideously skeletons wielding huge swords, brandishing and heading for Mr Ghost.

Mr Ghost's body shook slightly, not only this evil beast was savage and fast, it actually knew the southern border shaman skills, it really could not be underestimated.


But Mr Ghost did not stop his magic to avoid the witchcraft skeletons, and sure enough, when the three skeletons was before it, human figures flashed, YouJi and Ghost Li flew out from beside and blocked in front of Mr Ghost. YouJi wrapped her hands around, holding a strange mudra, her palms one upright and the other down, different from the Central Plains Buddist mudra, the next moment a beam of silver light shot out from her palms, swiftly enlarged and blocked a skeleton, that skeleton like being burned, shook violently and when it charged over, its bone structure suddenly dispersed, the spell broken by YouHi's [Scarlet Seal].

And on the other side, Ghost Li's face was indifferent, facing the two fierce skeletons, his right hand flipped, the Soul-absorbing Stick appeared in the hands but this time he did not as usual, wield the Sinister Orb head-on, instead he turned the stick over, using the green black stick and charged out.

The two skeletons at the same time brandished their swords but before they reached three chi of the black stick, under Ghost Li's strange skill, the black stick's body violently shone red, black gas surged out, even more sinister than those two skeletons, when both sides collided, Ghost Li's black stick, like cutting a tofu, sliced through the two skeletons, black gas surrounding, the next moment the two skeletons with their mouths opened but could not emit any sound, quietly dissipated, the remaining small amount of black gas, was also sucked in by the black stick.

Other than the Sinister Orb on Ghost Li's evil stick, the stick was originally a soul-absorbing object, and also these ghostly evil magic's ancestors, so it was a natural nemesis, when Blood-Sucking Evil used the skeleton magic to ambush him when he was still Zhang Xiao Fan, he also suffered a big disadvantage due to this.

Chu Wu obviously did not expect these people to be able to so easily break its witchcraft and was stunned for a moment, also at this time, Mr Ghost's magic was already completed, both of his arms suddenly shook, a red light descended from the sky, it was the cauldron, the entire sky turned red, in it, indistinctly cries of birds and cows, their cries mournful, its power much more stronger than before.

Under the red light blanket, it immediately enveloped Chu Wu. Chu Wu felt as if a great mountain was pressing on top of it, almost could not breathe but the southern border evil beasts had always been savage, Chu Wu in his dire, became even more enraged, roared loudly and struggled with its might.

And at that moment, a human figure appeared on the cauldron, Ghost King descended from the sky, like lightning flew down in the red light.

Chu Wu seemed to be aware and angrily lifted its head, but Ghost King was already on its head, a long whistle, red light flickered, dazzling, from the outside the interior was fuzzy, Ghost King was seen moving indistinctly, an object suddenly in its hand, struck down onto Chu Wu's head.

Chu Wu's body shook violently, from the top to its feet, the next moment red light gradually settled down, the mysterious object in Ghost King's hand also disappeared but Chu Wu's colourful fur abruptly turned dull, blood flowed from the seven apertures on its head. Ghost King gave a long laugh, his right hand stabbed down, into the sturdy skull of Chu Wu.

Chu Wu made an earth-shattering roar, shook a few times and then finally collapsed.

Note 1: [Classics of Mountains and Seas. Inner Sea North Classic] Chu Wu: Lin Shi Country has valuable beast, huge like tiger, colourful body, tail longer than its body, named Chu Wu, travels thousands of miles during the day.

Another note: [Divine and Evil The strange. Evil Beast Chapter] Chu Wu: The Divine Land southern border has strange beast, appearance like tiger, its fur colorful and has long tail, commands hundred beasts, named as King of Hundred Beasts.