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Chapter 149: Alliance

 Chapter 149 - Alliance

Qing Yun Hill, TongTian Peak.

Outside the Crystal Hall, stood a large packed group of people, looking carefully, they were all Good Faction people, including Qing Yun sect head Reverend DaoXuan and FenXiang Valley valley master Yun YiLan. Behind the two of them, the other well-known elites of Qing Yun and FenXiang Valley were also all standing there, looking at this show of force, they seemed to be waiting for someone.

Who was it, that actually had such a big honour?

Not counting those smaller sects and clans, right now Qing Yun sect and FenXiang Valley important figures were all present, FenXiang Valley ShangGuan Ce, LuShun, the second generation of disciples, Li Xun, YanHong etc were standing behind Yun YiLan. Li Xun's face was expressionless but he did not look good. In addition, people around him were whispering and casting glances at him every now and then, making his mood even uglier.

And over at Qing Yun sect, Tian BuYi, Zeng ShuChang, ShuiYue Master, QiHao and the other branches' leaders were also present, including Xiao YiCai and the other disciples standing behind Reverend DaoXuan, just that among the crowd, the most outstanding, famous figure recently in Qing Yun, Lu Xueqi, was not there. In addition, Lin JingYu was also missing, perhaps he might be at the Founders Ancestral Hall again.

That day the sky was clear and the air crisp, no clouds was seen for a thousand miles, the gentle mountain breeze, constantly blowing, made them felt relaxed and happy. If not for this mortal world with so many resentment and vendetta, endless worries, the place here really felt like a paradise.

In the crowd behind, many were in whispered conversations and vaguely hearing them, most of them were talking about the great catastrophe, Reverend DaoXuan heard it, his face solemn, could not help but gently sighed.

The sigh was not loud and the people around him did not notice but standing beside him at the front of the crowd, FenXiang Valley valley master, Yun YiLan, caught it, turned and glanced at him, quietly said, "DaoXuan senior brother why are you sighing?"

DaoXuan gave a bitter smile, slightly shook his head, said: "Have you heard the private words of these fellow brothers behind us, very few of them are optimistic."

Yun YiLan smiled and said: "DaoXuan senior brother why bother about them, although the calamity is here, the people are plunged into an abyss of misery but we are now the world's last hope, facing that kind of extremely vicious evildoers and monsters, senior brother you as the world leader, if you do not have the confidence, how will you face the earnest expectations of the common people?"

Reverend DaoXuan's face changed slightly, a glint flashed in his eyes, he looked deeply at Yun YiLan and saw his calm face and he did not seem to imply otherwise, he smiled and said: "Yun patron is too kind, poor priest me, on what virtues and capability, to take on this 'world leader' four words? This time the calamity by this beast demon, tormenting the people, we as people who learn the Way and have always boast ourselves as the correct way, naturally we cannot stay out of this. Once Tian Yin Temple PuHong Master arrives, our three sects together with the heros of the world, sacrificing for the people, it will not make our studies of the Way in vain"

Yun YiLan nodded, said, "Senior brother is right."

Reverend DaoXuan smiled and returned the politeness but a strange feeling flitted past his heart, FenXiang Valley valley master Yun YiLan in front of him, was always humble and had impeccable manners, however he couldn't seem to read this person and felt that this person was hard to fathom.

While Reverend DaoXuan was contemplating whether to find a good opportunity to test out Yun YiLan and see exactly what he was scheming when the crowd suddenly stirred, Reverend DaoXuan and Yun YiLan became alert, looked down to the foot of the mountain and saw, deep within the white clouds covering TongTian Peak, golden light suddenly shone and then quickly became larger, in a blink was already approaching the peak.

The golden light floated, turning into a lotus bloom shape, floating above the white clouds, waves of Buddhist chants, echoed between Heaven and Earth, the dignified atmosphere, immediately made everyone felt revered.

Reverend DaoXuan and Yun YiLan went up at the same time, the golden lotus floated down, flickering and flashing, the golden light dispersed and Tian Yin Temple PuHong Master leading dozens of Buddhist monks appeared. PuHong Master, looked the same as that year, kindly and benign, golden-red Buddhist robes, solemn and dignified, holding a string of dark sandalwood rosary, a trace of smile on his lips.

Behind him, stood his tall junior brother, PuFang, holding the "Buddha Golden Alms" and followed by several Tian Yin Temple elite monks and second generation disciples, FaXiang, FaShan and other well-known Buddhist disciples among them.

Reverend DaoXuan smiled and went up, said, "PuHong Master, you have finally come, everyone has been long awaiting!"

PuHong Venerable smiled and nodded, said, "We have made everyone and sect head DaoXuan waited for long, old monk me is ashamed."

Right then, Yun YiLan standing beside Reverend DaoXuan laughed and spoke in a loud and clear voice, "Master, do you still recognize me, we have not seen for many years, the old intimate friends, you better not forget them all!"

PuHong Venerable glanced at Yun YiLan, a shocked expression on his face, even the ever-smiling face also momentarily ceased then an admirable expression flashed past his face, said, "Don't tell me this patron is actually Yun YiLan Yun elder valley master?"

Yun YiLan laughed loudly, bowed and said, "It is indeed, greeting Master abbot."

PuHong came forward to bow and return the gesture, smiled and said, "I have long heard of FenXiang Valley enigmatic skills, particularly 'FenXiang Jade Volume' Three Yang Realm which is even more mystical, Yun patron has strong determination, exceptional aptitude, don't tell me you have already reached 'Jade Yang' realm already?"

Yun YiLan's countenance changed slightly, he was startled, FenXiang Valley had always been known to be mysterious within the Good Faction and not as prominent as Qing Yun sect and Tian Yin Temple the two great sects, "Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way" or "Great Brahman Wisdom", not one would not know about it. But this time when he entered the Central Plains and met the two prestigious Central Plains sect leaders, one after another, Reverend DaoXuan and PuHong Venerable saw through his skills realm, the thought of the connections within, he could not help but secretly suspect: Could it be that there are spies in his sect?

Although he was thinking of such but his face was still composed, smiled and said: "Master has an discerning eye, my meagre skill is not worth mentioning." Yun YiLan paused and then turned slightly serious, said, "But since Master is here, it is well. Now the world is in a misery, evildoers rampant, it is a catastrophe not seen for thousands and hundreds of years, hope that Master can lead the Good Faction, eliminate the calamity, as such it will be the utmost virtue."

Reverend DaoXuan standing beside, his countenance changed slightly.

PuHong Venerable modestly declined, said, "Yun patron flatters, the world facing a calamity, the evildoers indulging in wanton massacre, in Tian Yin Temple all of us are Buddhist disciples, how can we hide behind the people? Just that now the world Good Faction are all convening at Qing Yun and senior brother DaoXuan has always been a person of virtue and prestige, his skills are even more remarkable and exceptional, naturally senior brother DaoXuan should be the leader and lead the world Good Faction to fight the enemies as one."

Reverend DaoXuan smiled and said, "Master is too kind, DaoXuan really don't deserve it."

PuHong Venerable put his palms together and said, "Sect head DaoXuan, now that the common people are pinning day and night, only for this calamity to end the soonest, you must not decline anymore."

Yun YiLan [he he] laughed and said, "Both are cultivation masters and yet are all so polite, come come come, let's talk inside, if not these fellow brothers will have to stay and watch us chat, wouldn't we be neglecting the guests!"

Reverend DaoXuan and PuHong Venerable looked at each other and smiled, and then walked off together, on the way in, there were many who greeted and asked after PuHong Venerable and his Tian Yin Temple monks, it could be seen that Tian Yin Temple had a high moral prestige among the Good Faction.

On the way into the Crystal Hall, PuHong Master again praised Qing Yun sect newly built huge Crystal Hall, majestic and impressive. Reverend DaoXuan smiled and politely thanked, invited PuHong Master to take the main seat, PuHong Master refused and repeatedly declined, in the end Reverend DaoXuan sat on the main seat and PuHong Master and Yun YiLan sat on both sides.

The main hall at the moment held nearly a hundred or more people but because of the limited seats, other than a few highly reputable lone celestials, the rest were from the three sects, as such it could also be seen the three sects' status and strength in the Good Faction, and discussions on the strategies etc. naturally were also mainly within the three sects.

After everyone settled down, Yun YiLan was the first to speak, he asked PuHong Master, "Master, on your way here, did you see those savage demonic beast monsters?"

PuHong Master nodded and said, "Yes, we also eliminated a few monsters."

A commotion went through the crowd, now that the disaster had already spread through the world, many had saw them too but these Good Faction people in Qing Yun Hill Crystal Hall, other than the three sects disciples whom were dispatched to scout for information, the rest of the sects, not many had seen.

Reverend DaoXuan's countenance changed, said, "Oh, there is such a thing, Master why don't you elaborate and also let everyone here know about this."

PuHong Master placed his palms together and said, "I'm honoured. Actually we didn't expect to encounter these demons on our way here. We have always heard that those evildoers are wreaking havoc in the south but in a small village seven hundred miles south of Qing Yun Hill, we found a dozen monsters attacking the village, however we were too late, the villagers were already all killed."

"Ah!" Reverend DaoXuan and Yun YiLan exclaimed out, seven hundred miles south of Qing Yun Hill, although it was not that near but it was not very far too. And the Tian Yin Temple monks who were standing behind PuHong Master, majority of them revealed disturbed expressions, several of them also placed their palms together and chanted, guessed that the scene must have been tragic and so left a deep impression on these monks.

PuHong Master at this moment sighed, said: "Those monsters are really as rumoured, they looked to be transformed from a few types of savage beasts from the southern border and they are cruel and vicious, not a single survivor from a village full of people. Encountering such evil, even if we break our prohibition against taking life and our cultivation will be reduced but to remove the evil for the people, we went ahead and eliminated them."

Reverend DaoXuan with a single palm upright, said, "Master is really righting wrongs in accordance with Heaven's decree, what you did are merits and not killing with sins, Master should not be upset over it."

PuHong sighed and nodded, Yun YiLan frowned and was concerned on another problem, said, "Master abbot, I have another matter that I wish to seek advice on."

PuHong Master said, "Yun valley master please speak."

Yun YiLan said: "Earlier on we have not heard that these evildoers have already arrived here, now that Master has seen them, presumably very soon they will reach Qing Yun surroundings. I am not sure along the way, other than that village, has Master discovered any other demons?"

PuHong Master shook his head, "I did not, other than the village, I did not see any in other places, most likely it could be a small portion of the demons had travelled faster and just happened to be encountered by us."

Reverend DaoXuan exclaimed, "Those demons deserved their bad luck, unfortunately those villagers could not be saved." The monks heard that and all placed their palms together and chanted softly.

Yun YiLan nodded slightly, said, "Master, then from your opinion after fighting with them, how are their combat strength?"

PuHong Master pondered slightly, said, "Those evildoers mostly were some ordinary monsters and only that their strength were great and their claws sharp, fierce and brutal, if to really compare, our cultivated Central Plains ordinary training martial artists will be able to overcome them."

Yun YiLan nodded his head, said, "It seems that most of those monsters were common demonic beasts and wandered off from the main group. " after speaking, he paused and then turned to speak to Li Xun, "Xun'er, tell PuHong Master the news that we have heard over the past few days."

Li Xun acknowledged and walked out, respectfully bowed to PuHong Master, PuHong Master smiled and said: "Li nephew do not have to stand on ceremony, please speak."

Li Xun nodded, "Reporting to Master, we have in many ways sent our fellow brothers to scout in the south over the past few days and found out that the great calamity of the demons was that devastating, mainly there are three reasons. One: most of the monsters seemed to be variations of savage beasts, although we do not know what is the cause of the mutations but these

creatures are indeed much more ferocious than the original beasts, and also much more cruel, the common people definitely cannot defend against them; second, the demonic tribes coming out from the south this time, the numbers are innumerable, our disciples had repeatedly saw swarms of demonic beasts from the sky and the numbers are at least more than tens of thousands, under such circumstances, no matter how highly skilled you are, it will be to no avail; Third, among these ordinary demons, there seems to be an unknown number of exceptional ones, those are different from the ordinary demons, their evil skills are higher and surpassed most of the cultivated martial artists, and to date, no one has seen the legendary "Beast Deity" and don't know what kind of figure he is but looking at the way he is able to manipulate those monsters, most likely he is also an extremely difficult character!"

PuHong Master's white eyebrows tightly wrinkled, the monks behind him were also looking at each other, the calamity this time, was something not seen before, looking at Li Xun's expression while he was talking and Qing Yun sect, FenXiang Valley members' solemn expressions, obviously everyone's moods were heavy.

The hall temporarily sank into a silence, after a long while, Yun YiLan heaved a long breath, smiled and said, "If those monsters are not powerful, how would it be a great calamity! Anyway, things have come so far, it is useless to think more, why don't we have a good discussion on how shall we defend against these evildoers."

Reverend DaoXuan nodded and said: "Yun valley master is right, let's do it this way! I also have a collection of some mediocre tea for many years, will both of you please come to the inner quarters, we will discuss over tea."

PuHong Master and Yun YiLan agreed and stood up, both left some instructions to their sect members and then followed Reverend DaoXuang into the inner quarters, the three highly respected figures left together, the ambience of the hall slowly relaxed, Xiao YiCai, QiHao, Li Xun etc. together with Tian Yin Temple FaXiang, FaShan all knew each other and so came together to chat. Taking opportunity of this rare time, Xiao YiCai proposed to bring FaXiang, FaShan around to admire TongTian Peak scenery, FaXiang and the rest agreed and Li Xun happened to be free, and so came along.

It was already the summer season, the climate had already gradually turned hot but on this towering peaks through the clouds, TongTian Peak, it was still very cool. Walking to a cliff bordered by railings which was a distance from the peak, gazing from the railings, the sea of clouds and vast blue sky, they could not help but feel to withdraw from the worldly affairs of the world.

FaXiang praised, "I have long heard about Qing Yun Hill paradise on earth, the visit a decade ago was already an eye-opener, to see it again, it is still as spectacular and soul-stirring, it is really a wonder of the world ah!"

Xiao YiCai laughed, "FaXiang senior brother is too polite again, comparing scenery, the Mt Meru Tian Yin Temple's 'Wordless Jade Wall" and 'Mt Meru Way, Mustard Seed Mountain', isn't them even more famous?"

FaXiang smiled and said, "Those are minor sceneries, how can it be comparable to Qing Yun magnificent view." At the corner of his eyes, he suddenly realized standing behind him Li Xun and YanHong. YanHong was still fine, only Li Xun looked to be somewhat unconvinced but he was not the person he was few years ago, now that he had more self-control and so did not express it out.

FaXiang was a thoughtful person, his facial expression did not change and then carrying on the conversation naturally, said, "But if we really want to bring up these sceneries, I think in the whole world, only Li senior brother FenXiang Valley Inferno Fire reaching up to the sky can be placed on par. Right, Li senior brother?"

Li Xun was startled, a trace of smile shown on his face but instead he still politely declined, "FaXiang senior brother flatters, FenXiang Valley is just a small little place and in addition located in a remote area, we do not dare to be compared against the Central Plains sceneries."

Xiao YiCai's eyes showed his comprehension, glanced at FaXiang, his mouth showing a trace of faint smile expression and then laughed, "Alright, alright, we don't have to keep praising, anyway each place has its own unique scenery, the world is so vast, wonder if we are able to see all of it in our lifetime?"

Everyone felt touched at the same time, replied together, "Exactly." After which they burst out laughing together.

After they laughed and chatted a while, Li Xun seemed to recall something, slowly walked to Xiao YiCai and when nobody was watching, quietly said, "Xiao senior brother, will like to ask something."

Xiao YiCai was startled, said, "Li senior brother, please speak your mind."

Li Xun hesitated for a moment and eventually still said it, "This...these few days, especially such an important day today, why didn't we see Small Bamboo Valley Lu XueQi Lu junior sister appearance?"

Xiao YiCai's face slightly changed, he glanced at Li Xun and said quietly, "Li senior brother, Lu junior sister because she had talked back to our venerable teacher sect head DaoXuan, is now ordered to reflect on herself at Small Bamboo Valley Full-Moon platform, till date it has been several days already."

Li Xun made an [ah] cry, his expression complicated, somewhat sad but also seemed ashamed and angry, after a long while he instead heaved a sigh and smiled bitterly to Xiao YiCai,said, "Thank you Xiao senior brother for telling me, I am grateful, later I will plead with my teacher, see if my teacher can speak a few words to persuade teacher uncle DaoXuan, sigh, it is also considered doing my part. "

Xiao YiCai nodded but did not speak, only patted him on his shoulder.

Among the group of people admiring the scenary at a distance, FaXiang slowly looked away from the two of them who were speaking quietly behind, suddenly heard someone spoke in a low voice beside him, "Master do you know Li senior brother has proposed marriage to Lu XueQi Lu junior sister?"

FaXiang smiled and looked at QiHao who was standing beside, said, "I have heard a little."

QiHao nodded and did not speak further, FaXiang suddenly sighed with sorrow. QiHao felt surprised, said, "FaXiang senior brother, why do you sigh so?"

FaXiang with a faint smile, resumed his normal expression, said, "Nothing, I thought of an old friend suddenly."

QiHao was curious, said, "Old friend, what old friend?"

FaXiang slowly said, "An old friend who had once braved life and death with us, with us, with that Miss Lu, has a deep relationship..."

QiHao became silent, after a long time, also heaved a sigh, in his voice, it also carried regret.

The headquarters of the Evil sect Wan Du Clan, was located at a place southwest of Central Plains called 'Venomous Serpent Valley'. Geographically, the valley and Ghost King sect Majestic Fox Mountain, HeHuan Sect's Carefree Ravine, formed a large triangle, each keeping a watch and confronting each other, making up the sturdy balance of forces in the Evil sect today.

But right now, the balance had already reached a precarious point, especially in Wan Du Clan which had been the largest force in the Evil Sect, with the old clan head, God of Poison's death, occupying them now was the issue of the new successor, Wan Du Clan was already in a mess, the headquarters at Venomous Serpent Valley was at a swords drawn and bows bent situation, ready to explode anytime.

In name, by the God of Poison's last will, the rightful successor was God of Poison's last disciple, Qin WuYan, a pity that in the Evil Sect, especially in Wan Du Clan this kind of branch where martial arts and real skills were more important than anything, just by the God of Poison's will, it did not amount to anything.

Not long after the God of Poison's death, his other disciples rushed back to the valley, their demeanours menacing, displaying their desires to take over the clan head position. And although Qin WuYan had received the God of Poison's true skills and his abilities far exceeded those senior brothers but for one, he did not have much experience in Wan Du Clan, the important elites honoured were almost all taking his senior brothers' sides; secondly, that time in the death marsh, he was ambushed by Ghost King sect Xue GongZi Ghost Li and sustained heavy injuries. Even though he had mostly recovered but that evil weapon, Sinister Orb, in Ghost Li's hand, really made him suffered, that evil power like a maggot in the bone, leaching in his blood and energy channels, greatly reducing his cultivation and also allowing the others the opportunity to glimpse the throne.

Fortunately, at the critical juncture, Qin WuYan finally, using God of Poison's true skills, including the five types of poisons within the [Seven tailed centipede], forcefully cleared this unusual Sinister Orb's evil power from his body. And this important thing had only happened several days ago, Qin WuYan had always been scheming and so kept this secret, he knew that he was now the target of everyone and so willingly to bear it down.

His patience was soon paid off, his three senior brothers who had joined hands to form a coalition in order to take over the treasured position of the clan head, FanXiong, Cheng WuYa and Duan

RuShan, after discovering that their youngest junior brother whom they feared the most, was already wounded with internal injury, a semi-invalid with illness, and in addition, also sincerely conveyed that although teacher had passed the clan head position to him but he had no intention of taking it and there and then, handed over the clan head official seal and placed it before the God of Poison's spirit tablet, clearly indicating that only the person who took over the clan head position could obtain it, and then the coalition started to swiftly breakdown.

The honoured elites in Wan Du Clan and sect disciples, right now was also divided into three, with Bai DuZi leading one group over at the eldest senior brother, FanXiong; And the Blood Sucking Demon who had enmity with Zhang Xiao Fan for killing his disciple, with his good friend, Elder DuanMu, stood behind the second disciple, Cheng WuYa; as for the remaining number three, Duan RuShan, although his abilities was ranked the last among the four disciples but he had always been proficient in scheming, had long plotted, right now it was his force which temporarily was the strongest, a lot of Wan Du Clan's senior evil monsters which had not emerged for a long time, were all won over by him, almost half of the sect disciples were also at his side.

And right now in the Venomous Serpent Valley, it was the last day of the seven days of offering for for God of Poison. The news of the God of Poison's death was already released, white banners decorated the mourning hall like mountain but rarely one or two crying sobs were heard. Although most of the disciples were wearing a white damaskin on their heads, their bodies covered with sackcloth but not even a trace of sadness or grief were on their faces, on the contrary, many stared with anger at the other factions. If not for the fact that they were giving the last bit of face to the mourning hall, most likely here would have become a fighting hall instead of a mourning hall.

The four disciples of the God of Poison, were all wearing mourning dresses, kneeled before the crowd but other than Qin WuYan, the other three only kowtowed three times and stood to the side, behind them stood many people too, each facing off each other and the numerous stares, intentionally or unintentionally, looked at the spot before the coffin, a green small box, four words written on it ──

God of Poison Seal.

It was indeed the official seal that since ancient times, only the clan head could have it.

The offering table was placed with fruits and three sacrificial animals, a bronze basin on the ground in front of the table, burning with fire, after Qin WuYan finished his kowtows, different from the three senior brothers, he quietly kneelded by the side, took the paper money and placed it in the copper basin, one piece by one piece, for the deceased. And his three senior brothers did not look at him, no matter who eventually become the clan head, this invalid would not be able to escape his fate of being poisoned to death.

Their attention, were on that small box.

A ugly and ferocious looking FanXiong suddenly snorted, took a step forward to that offering table but Cheng WuYa and Duan RuShan who were already prepared, darted out at almost the same time, Duan RuShan sneered, "Big senior brother, the seventh day of Master's death is not over yet, what are you trying to do?"

FanXiong glared, murderous glint on his face, said: "I am the eldest senior brother, of course this seat is mine."

Cheng WuYa [pei] a sound, said, "Where do you get it that says this position is for the eldest senior brother?"

Duan RuShan also mocked, "You are talking about seniority rules I guess, if you really want to talk about rules, teacher passed down his position to the youngest junior brother, when did it involve you?"

FanXiong's eyes glint fiercely, turned abruptly to Qin WuYan, Qin WuYan did not raise his head, his voice sounded weak, after coughing once, said trembling, "Three senior brothers, when all of you returned recently ... cough, cough cough ..., I have already immediately handed over the seal and clearly stated that that I am not interested in this position. You ... cough cough ... you all joined the clan earlier than me, your prestige is higher than me, naturally you all should take the seat, teacher with his advanced age, guessed he was muddled headed when he left therefore carelessly said the words. Just who should sit in this position, you all decide, just don't involve me."

His tone, was deep and trembling, like there were some feelings of fear and guilt, where was the previous arrogant and reserved demeanour. FanXiong sneered and turned his head with disdain, said, "So what are you all exactly planning?"

Duan RuShan [hei hei] sneered, said: "Needless to say, like what we have agreed, let the seventh day of teacher's passing passed first, let the old man leave in peace, tomorrow we will decide in this mourning hall who will sit on this position!"

FanXiong glared fiercely at them and both of his junior brothers did not look kindly at him too. After a moment later, FanXiong abruptly turned and strided out, a large group of people immediately followed behind him. Cheng WuYa and Duan RuShan also led their men out, in the hall, very quickly only Qin WuYan was left silently kneeling on the ground and keeping watch over the coffin.

Not knowing how much time had passed, the stack of paper money in Qin WuYan's hands was completely burned, he then slowly lifted his head up, his eyes below the white damask, indifferent and lifeless.

"Master ..." His voice was only light enough for himself, "Master ah! Did you see, those people are your disciples, your men ah..."

Qin WuYan's indifferent lips, a hint of sneer slowly surfaced, cold and without any emotions.