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Chapter 148: Venomous Scheme

Chapter 148 - Venomous Scheme

Thousands of miles away, a similar late night, that bright moon high up in the horizon, quietly watching this mortal world.

In the wild countryside, there was also someone gazing at that cold moon with his head high, his big robe long sleeves, still that Taoist dressing, on the angular face, that authoritarian-and-not-anger demeanour could still be indistinctly seen.

The night breeze in the open country blew gently across, the wild grasses rustled, in-between the fluttering of the clothes and stillness, time felt like it had stopped too.

Just that, who could stop time, while you were distracted, ten years of time eventually still passed.

Someone sighed, the voice faint and clear, slowly drifted off with the wind.

In this stretch of quietness, suddenly a voice was heard from afar, with some traces of laughter, said, "Such a fine moment and beautiful scene, priest enjoying it alone, really in a good mood!"

This voice in the beginning sounded very far but after the words were spoken the voice was already behind the taoist priest, the priest inhaled deeply, turned over, under the moonlight, it was Taoist Cang Song who ten years ago, conspired with the Evil Sect to betray Qing Yun.

And standing not far behind him, was the Ghost King sect leader Ghost King who was still smiling, looking over, Ghost King's complexion looked the same but his head of white hair, his face a lot more haggard and in his eyes, had a kind of indistinct blazing glint, even more glaring than before.

Taoist Cang Song's gaze swept past Ghost King's hair, his composed expression changed, he stared in shock and said, "Sect head, what happened to your hair..."

Ghost King smiled faintly, he had already anticipated Taoist Cang Song's reaction. With his high level of cultivation, even if it was another hundred years, his appearance would also not change that much but now that his hair suddenly turned white in three days, others like Cang Song etc who did not know the details were naturally taken aback, assumed that he had encountered some problems in his cultivation.

Ghost King also did not explain, even his expression did not change much, only smiled and said, "You and I although are cultivated martial artists but after all still mortals, gratitude, resentment, affection, enmity, there are bound to be sorrowful matters."

Taoist Cang Song collected himself, solemnly said, "That's right, I have said too much."

Ghost King shook his head and laughed, clasped his hands behind and walked to Taoist Cang Song, smiled and said, "Let's drop it. However, ever since that Qing Yun battle ten years ago, heard that priest is honoured by Wan Du Clan, extremely revered, tonight out of a sudden invited me here to meet, not sure if there is any urgent matter? If that God of Poison senior knows about this, I naturally don't mind but I'm afraid it might be inconvenient for priest."

Taoist Cang Song watched Ghost King for a while, Ghost King did not ask any more, still maintaining a smile and waited. After a long time, Cang Song sighed and said, "Sect head you are really exceptional, truthfully, tonight humble me invited sect head, there is indeed something to discuss."

Ghost King said, "Priest please speak."

Cang Song glanced at Ghost King, said, "Sect head do you know, Wan Du Clan head God of Poison, had already passed away three days ago."

Taoist Cang Song's voice was not loud but like a soundless shock of thunder, even though Ghost King, a person figure with such composure, could not help but shook and his expression changed greatly, exclaimed, "What?"

Cang Song stared intently at Ghost King, said, "God of Poison had already passed away three days ago, in his last will, passed down the clan head position to his youngest disciple, Qin WuYan."

Ghost King slowly calmed down but his brows were still tightly locked, his face looked calm but in his heart was like thousands upon thousands of men and horses charging over at the same time, his mind in a turmoil incessantly with various kinds of thoughts.

The three great Evil sect branches currently facing off each other, the one he dreaded the most was this Wan Du Clan old venomous thing, with him around, Ghost King sect almost did not have any chance of pulling the Wan Du Clan down from the first position of the Evil Sect. But now, this old venomous thing who seemed to be immortal, actually die quietly like that!

Ghost King breathed deeply, his eyes again back to Taoist Cang Song, suddenly smiled and said, "God of Poison senior is our holy sect highly respected elder, now that he has unfortunately passed away, it is really sad." Although he was speaking words of mourning but there was none of the sorrow in his smile.

And Taoist Cang Song who was standing facing him was also indifferent, apparently the two of them did not have anything to reminisce of the old man who had passed away.

"But, " Ghost King seemed to reveal a trace of seriousness, said, "before I come, why didn't I hear about this news! In those three days, Wan Du Clan although was peaceful but not a single news was divulged."

Taoist Cang Song smiled with disdain, said, "After that old man died, although his wish was for Qin WuYan to take over the head position but the other disciples who rushed back together to send him off were unwilling, argued constantly over this head position and thus temporarily held back the news of the old man's death. Now other than me and a few who are also honoured, most of the Wan Du Clan's disciples still do not know about this matter."

With Ghost King's stature, he naturally comprehended once he heard it, a hint of smile surfaced on his lips, said to Taoist Cang Song, "This is not a trivial matter, for priest to tell me this, it serves to show your great kindness, humble me is really grateful."

Taoist Cang Song laughed, said, "I dare not."

Ghost King's eyes glimmered, said, "Does priest have any other words to say, no harm in saying?"

Taoist Cang Song snorted, said, "Sect head is indeed an outstanding man of great talent and bold vision, thus I will not beat around the bush, Wan Du Clan is now no longer a place where I can stay, hope that sect head, on the account of our friendship, will take me in."

Ghost King was surprised, said, "What are you saying priest, with priest's prestige, humble me couldn't have wish for more and has long admire for many years. Just that priest always has a high position in Wan Du Clan and since it is also another branch of the holy sect, I thus do not dare to invite without consideration, don't tell me after God of Poison senior's death, there are changes?"

Taoist Cang Song nodded and said, "Sect head is far-sighted, God of Poison did treat me well but that Qin WuYan never gets along with me, and with the vying of the head position, the various high-level disciples took their own sides, from what I see, even if there is one who is able to sit on that position and control the Wan Du Clan, there will still be heavy casualties, should not spoil the ship for a half a penny worth of tar."

Ghost King laughed, his laughter resonated in this wilderness, the next moment, he collected his laughter, solemnly said, "Priest don't worry, Qin WuYan is an ignorant youth and doesn't appreciate your talents, priest please come to our Ghost King sect, deign yourself to an honoured status, do whatever your heart desires with no worries."

Taoist Cang Song looked delighted, nodded and said, "As such I thank sect head."

Ghost King smiled and nodded, his eyes glimmered, said, "Since priest and I are already one family, I will be bold and consult priest, among the God of Poison's disciples, who has the highest hope of succeeding the head position?"

Cang Song after pondering for a long while, said, "Although the various highly-skilled disciples are divided with their own men but from my opinion, in the end most likely Qin WuYan has the highest probability to emerge victorious, although this person is young but he is scheming and received God of Poison's real skills, he cannot be belittled. Just that he was injured by Ghost Li several months ago at the death marsh, heard that the Sinister Orb evil power is extremely strange, it penetrated deep into his bones and until now he has not made a full recovery which is why his other senior brothers are able to take advantage and revolt, if not with his abilities, those few useless senior brothers of his are definitely not his match."

Ghost King was surprised, the incident of Ghost Li ambushing Qin WuYan, even though happened in the death marsh too but Ghost Li had never told anyone, he was also unaware of it, now that he heard it from Taoist Cang Song, Ghost Li's figure involuntarily flashed past his mind, his eyes' glint surged.

The intensity of his glint, even Taoist Cang Song was shocked by it, asked in surprised, "Sect head, what is it?"

Ghost King instead reacted quickly, released a breath, smiled and said, "Nothing, just that I didn't expect that the Ghost Li I have nurtured, now indeed has become a man of great talent, I am extremely delighted."

Taoist Cang Song glanced at him, his face looked as normal and did not speak anymore but in his heart, a figure of Zhang Xiao Fan ten years ago at Qing Yun Hill surfaced and when he thought about Ghost King's expression just now, he could not help but sneer in his heart.

Majestic Fox Mountain, Ghost King Sect Headquarters.

Landing down from the sky, that evil stick glimmering with green light quietly flew back into the sleeve, Ghost Li's figure once again appeared at the entrance to Ghost King sect headquarters.

The few Ghost King sect disciples guarding the entrance were startled and then hurriedly stood aside to make way, their mouths chanting, "Vice leader."

Ghost Li did not say anything, his face expressionless and walked directly in, Xiao Hui crouched at his shoulder, peered around as usual but after a while stopped looking, after all it was already too familiar with this place.

Ghost Li slowly walked to his own room, pushed the stone door opened, the things in his room remained exactly the same as the day he left, almost nobody touched anything. He stood for a long time in the room, as if thinking about something, a hint of hesitation and fear rarely seen appeared on his face. Xiao Hui jumped down from his shoulder, in two or three jumps leapt over to his bed, played by itself.

Ghost Li pressed his lips tight, suddenly sighed, like he had made up his mind, turned and walked out, then headed towards that ice cold stone chamber deep inside the mountain body.

On his way in he met quite a few Ghost King disciples but towards this vice leader who had disappeared for a long time and then suddenly appeared, they without exception bowed and walked off, to them, seemed like the further they stayed away from this man the better it was. However Ghost Li clearly was not bothered by their behaviours, only quietly walked forward, his room was not that far from the cold chamber, soon he reached it and saw that figure standing before the room.


Ghost Li suddenly had a thought: Why was it that everytime he comes to visit BiYao, YouJi seemed to be standing outside the chamber? Seemed like she also had deep feelings towards BiYao...

While he was thinking, YouJi seemed to hear footsteps, looked up and seemed like she had never expected Ghost Li to suddenly appear, her body wavered slightly.

Ghost Li silently nodded to her, considered a greeting and then walked past her and walked towards the stone door.

Behind the black veil, YouJi was silent.

Just when Ghost Li was about to push open the door, he suddenly paused, turned and looked at YouJi, said, "You..."

He seldom spoke to YouJi, right now suddenly he did not know how to address her.

YouJi faintly said, "Whatever BiYao calls me, you can also call me that!"

Ghost Li was silent, as if he was feeling something, for a moment only silence between them but eventually it was Ghost Li who spoke first, "Aunt You, before I left, I requested Qing Long holy envoy to send the great shaman's ashes back to southern border..."

YouJi's black veil nodded twice, quietly said, "Don't worry, big brother has already sent it over but for some reasons, there isn't any news of him yet." while speaking, although her expression could not be seen but an anxiety not heard before indistinctly revealed in her voice, "Recently evil beasts have been wreaking havoc in the southern border, although big brother is highly-skilled but I do not know why he is not back yet."

Ghost Li frowned, after a while, said, "You too don't worry! Qing Long holy envoy is highly skilled and powerful, those evil beasts can do nothing to him." He paused for a while, said, "I shall go in then."

YouJi nodded and did not speak anymore.


The heavy door emitted a deep low sound and then closed up behind him, Ghost Li once again in the cold chamber, silently watching that serene and beautiful figure.

Trails of white air gently wafted up from the ice, threads and threads drifted in the air above, slowly moving, making one felt surreal. On the smooth floor, the remnant markings of that soul-stirring "Spirit Calling Bait" could still be seen, the dark faint red colour, right now seemed to have seeped into the stones.

Ghost Li's lips for some reason, started to tremble, slowly, he walked over one step by one step, stepped over the red markings, past the faint white mist, BiYao's serene face appeared before him.

As of nothing had changed, looking at her like that, like it was still ten years ago, that beautiful girl he first saw...

Ghost Li's body trembled even more violently, before BiYao's stone platform, little by little he stooped down, in the stone chamber, indistinctly the choking sounds he struggled to suppress but eventually could not, were heard.

Suddenly, Ghost Li's body moved, turned his hand over, slapped himself hard, the loud sound rang out after his hand slapped his face immediately resounded in the stone chamber, the man's anguish and regret, as if only now then it could be vent off slightly.

"Sorry, BiYao, sorry..." that deep low voice, struggling to control his own voice, quietly speaking, repeating.

For an unknown length of time, the silence in the stone chamber once again was broken, the stone door was opened by someone. A head full of silver hair Ghost King unhurriedly walked in, stood behind Ghost Li. Ghost Li leaning over beside BiYao, moved and slowly stood up, then turned around.

Both men's eyes met and were shocked, Ghost Li saw Ghost King's head full of silver hair, Ghost King saw the five fingers red marks on Ghost Li's face.

"You are back." Ghost King's voice sounded somehow strange, a faint relief in his calm voice, yet there was another inexplicable strange feeling.

Ghost Li silently nodded. Ghost King had long used to Ghost Li's character and did not mind, said, "Come along with me! There is an old familiar, I guessed you should meet and there is soon to be a big matter for our Ghost King sect."

Ghost Li was surprised, evidently he did not know who this old familiar was but looking at his expression, with his current mood he did not wish to know too, he turned and took another look at BiYao, as if he wanted to engrave this pale face deeply into his eyes and never changed again. Then, he turned and walked out.

Ghost King's eyes, also slightly glanced at his daughter, a kindly expression in his eyes and then retreated, when he turned around, there would be no one who could see that weakness of his.

YouJi was still outside the door, Ghost Li stood ahead to wait, Ghost King after two steps, suddenly turned and spoke to YouJi, "You come along too!"

YouJi nodded slightly and followed along.

The three of them left the cold chamber, walked past the twisting tunnels and arrived at a secluded room deep inside the mountain, Ghost King pushed the door and walked in first, Ghost Li followed behind him, there was already two people in the room, one of them with a black veil obscuring the face, it was the mysterious Mr Ghost; another in Taoist robe and angular face, it was Taoist Cang Song.

Hearing footsteps, Taoist Cang Song and Mr Ghost turned around too.

When Ghost Li and Taoist Cang Song's eyes met, both were stunned, ten years of time seemed to stop, as if God had cracked a heartless joke on them with some ridicule, the people on Qing Yun Hill at that time! Now they actually met in such a circumstances.

Mysteriously and inexorably, who was it that manipulated everything?

The atmosphere in the room became heavy, nobody spoke, Ghost Li and Taoist Cang Song looked at each other, both expressionless but their eyes were that complicated, nobody would have a clue.

In the end it was still Ghost King who walked over, smiled and said, "Why, an old friend meets again, it is considered rare, sit down and talk!"

Once he spoke, the atmosphere turned better, Ghost Li and Taoist Cang Song both looked away and sat down.

Ghost King first spoke to Ghost Li, "Taoist Cang Song now is already honoured in our Ghost King sect, in the future we are all fellow Faction, if there is a chance, you all should also get to know each other better."

Ghost Li's eyes glimmered, said, "Isn't priest at Wan Du Clan, why did he come to Ghost King sect?"

Taoist Cang Song had already anticipated this question, the expression on his face unchanged and did not speak, as expected, Ghost King smiled and spoke, "Because a big change has already happened in Wan Du Clan."

""What, big change?" Those words, not only Ghost Li, even the two mysterious figures with their faces obscured with black veils, YouJi and Mr Ghost, both could be seen shocked too, now that the Evil Sect was divided into three, three great sects controlling each and when a big change happened in Wan Du Clan, naturally it would also mean a big opportunity to the other two sects.

YouJi was the first to ask, "What is the big change?"

Ghost King smiled and said, "God of Poison is already dead."

"What?" This news was even more shocking than what Ghost King had said earlier, Ghost Li and the rest knew the intricate relationships of those figures, naturally knew what his death meant.

Ghost King looked around at everyone, smiled and said, "All of us are not fools, should know that currently we are facing an opportunity."

Ghost Li was silent, glanced at Taoist Cang Song, said, "This news, is this...priest brought over?"

Ghost King nodded, said, "That's right and these few days I have also been secretly checking, it is indeed true."

Ghost Li inhaled deeply, said, "How is the situation at Wan Du Clan now?"

Ghost King glanced at Cang Song, Cang Song understood, said, "Before God of Poison's death he had passed the head position to Qin WuYan but his other disciples were not accepting it, now Wan Du Clan is in a chaos, while vying for this head position, the various highly-skilled disciples formed their own groups, fighting incessantly."

Ghost King continued, "The mess is good, the more in chaos it is, the better, now then is the time for us to unite the holy sect." He paused for a while, suddenly smiled at Ghost Li, "Speaking of which, it is also because you have injured Qin WuYan heavily in the death marsh, thus creating this disorder, your contribution is not small too."

Ghost Li was surprised, raised his head and looked at Ghost King, Ghost King looked as usual, his eyes glimmering with a sharp glint but did not look anything out of usual, and so he could only keep quiet.

Ghost King did not speak anymore on this topic, said, "Today I have asked all of you here to discuss, mainly is because Taoist Cang Song has a plan which can help our Ghost King sect to wipe out Wan Du Clan in one stroke..."

Everyone was shocked, Wan Du Clan had always been the number one among the Evil Sect three big branches, although the thorn in the flesh God of Poison was already dead but a centipede does not topple over when it's dead, even if Ghost King sect gathered all of its strength, to wipe out Wan Du Clan in one stroke, it would still be difficult. Even if they could accomplish it, most likely their resources would also be severely depleted and in the end, that would give HeHuan Sect who would be watching from the sidelines, the advantage.

Ghost Li knew Ghost King had always been cautious and meticulous and would never fail to see through this consequences, which even he himself could easily predict, for a moment felt curious about this so-called wonderful plan of Taoist Cang Song, said, "Oh, there is such wonderful plan, I have to seek guidance."

Taoist Cang Song did not modestly decline, nodded slightly to Ghost King, glanced around at them, said, "Does everyone knows right now what the world fear most?"

Once this irrelevant question was asked, Ghost Li and the rest were nonplussed, YouJi said, "Naturally would be those cannibal evil demons from the southern border, priest, why out of the sudden do you bring up these monsters for?"

Mr Ghost who was sitting beside Ghost King, after the initial shock, right now suddenly nodded, made a soft sound, as if thought of something.

Taoist Cang Song spoke to YouJi, "This plan, is for those evil demon beasts, if not with Wan Du Clan's strength, whoever wants to take it down, will also suffer serious losses too."

By now most of the people had got it, Ghost Li nodded and said, "That's right, if we could make Wan Du Clan and the evil demons to fight with each other, that would be the best but how do we do it?"

Taoist Cang Song smiled, said, "Actually to say it is really easy, don't those evil demons kill people upon sight and many of the evil demons' sense of smell are really keen, hunger for human meat, we only have to..."

His voice turned low gradually, the ingenious plan, little by little revealed to the audience, time, while the group was in discussion, quietly slipped past.

After the secret meeting ended, the group did not realize how much time had passed, Ghost King and Mr Ghost were the first to leave, YouJi glanced at Ghost Li and also quietly left. Soon, only Ghost Li and Taoist Cang Song were left in the room and they did not look like they were in a hurry to leave.

Looking around, in the gradually turning-silent stone chamber, his gaze drifted and finally back to that person's face in front of him and realized, he was also looking at him.

In the stone chamber, only silence, suddenly as if their breathings and heartbeats could also be heard.

Ghost Li suddenly said, "Do you have words to speak to me?"

Taoist Cang Song stared at him, after a long while, slowly said, "Yes but right now I don't know what to say anymore."

Ghost Li was silent, after a moment, indifferently said, "For the past ten years, have you visited Qing Yun?"

Taoist Cang Song's face was composed but his eyes turned complicated, heaved a sigh and said, "Went but each time I have only taken a few glances from afar. You?"

Ghost Li slowly stood up, his lips moved, said, "I too went before, the mountain and rivers are still the same as ten years ago, only the people changed."

Taoist Cang Song smiled faintly, infinite bitterness in his smile, quietly said, "Yes! Only humans will change..."

Ghost Li turned and left, just when he stepped out, he heard Taoist Cang Song who was still sitting at his seat, muttering softly, "Qing Yun...Qing Yun...hee, Qing Yun ah..."

The next moment, he left the stone chamber and did not turn back anymore.

On the bridge above the blood pool, in the thick smell of blood, Ghost King and Mr Ghost who had came back here stood side by side and looked towards the blood water, the Yellow Bird and Kui Niu were still lying in the blood water dejectedly and that Hidden Dragon Cauldron was still slowly rotating in the air, ejecting red lights frequently.

Ghost King indifferently said, "Almost done with these two spiritual beasts?"

Mr Ghost nodded beside him, said, "Yes, Yellow Bird and Kui Niu's spiritual energies are already totally controlled by the Hidden Dragon Cauldron, right now completely subdued, seemed like the inscriptions of the 'Four Divinities Blood Formation' on the Hidden Dragon Cauldron's body is true."

Ghost King nodded and said, "The Hidden Dragon Cauldron is an ancient object, its spiritual power is something not to be dismissed, even these two spiritual beasts are subdued by it, we only need to subdue the other two spiritual beasts and the important thing will be completed."

Mr Ghost hesitated for a while, said, "Sect head, as for that plan by Taoist Cang Song, do you think this person can be trusted?"

Ghost King's eyes flashed, he smiled, said, "Cang Song is already not that Cang Song ten years ago, now although the world is so big but only our holy sect is able to protect him, and that plan of his, only a few ordinary disciples will die, it doesn't matter."

Mr Ghost's black veil moved slightly, suddenly said, "Since it is so, I have another idea instead, maybe it could allow sect head other than dealing with Wan Du Clan, even HeHuan Sect can be dealt with together."

Ghost King was stunned, delight shown on his face, said, "What? There is actually such a thing, mister please advise me."

Mr Ghost bowed slightly, said, "I dare not. My intention is, since sect head doesn't mind a few ordinary disciples' deaths, might as well go through with it to the end. After baiting the evil beasts to fight with Wan Du Clan, sect head in Ghost King sect's name, send a letter to HeHuan Sect SanMiao Madame, claimed that as we are all holy sect disciples, couldn't bear to be impervious to Wan Du Clan's situation. And the evil beasts are running wild, killing people without discernment, if that goes on, our holy sect will be in danger, why not together with HeHuan Sect's strength, maybe there might be a chance to win."

Ghost King frowned and said, "This all sounds nice but SanMiao Madame is also one cunning figure, most probably she will not believe it."

Mr Ghost indifferently said, "All words but no action, naturally she would not believe."

Ghost King was stunned, said, "Mr Ghost's meaning is..."

Mr Ghost said, "If half of Ghost King sect disciples were killed in the battle, their corpses littered everywhere, don't tell me she still wouldn't believe?"

Ghost King was taken aback, did not speak for a long while, then frowned and said, "Mr Ghost's meaning, is to give up half of Ghost King sect's disciples?"

Mr Ghost's black veil obscured his face's expression, his voice was calm, seemed like he was not affected at all while discussing about that many number of people's lives, said, "Sect head, if you want to achieve great things, why bother about those people's lives!"

Ghost King felt in a dilemma, greed for power and that hint of reluctant battled with each other repeatedly, the smell of blood in the air seemed to thicken.

Mr Ghost stood silently beside, patiently waited. After a long time, the glint in Ghost King's eyes slowly brightened, an indistinct red flush also seemed to appear on his face, as if the blood smell in the air had penetrated in. He inhaled deeply, suddenly with a long whistle, determinedly said, "Mister is right but how do we know SanMiao Madame will not hit a person when he is down and instead decided to attack us?"

Mr Ghost [he he] coldly laughed, said, "SanMiao Madame of course is someone who hits a person when the person is down, among the three great Evil Sect branches, which one will really attach importance to the holy sect fellow friendship?"

Ghost King was stunned and then his eyes brightened, exclaimed, "Ah! You are saying...brilliant, brilliant!" The praises, Ghost King couldn't help but applaud and cheer, said, "Mister is really an exceptional rare talent, you actually have such brilliant strategy."

Mr Ghost coldly said, "We will use half of the Ghost King sect disciples as bait, also might as well sect head you will personally lead the battle against the evil beasts, until almost nothing is left of our people, HeHuan sect will assume we and Wan Du Clan with the evil beast, neither side gains, and SanMiao Madame will surely lead a great number of people immediately to finish us up, and until then, sect head with your remarkable ability, naturally will find an opportunity to escape first and leave the remaining affairs to the evil beasts. Looking at the current scenes where those evil beasts swept across all obstacles, I'm afraid it will be difficult not to exterminate HeHuan sect."

Ghost King nodded in succession, unable to suppress the delight in his heart but while he was excited, he was still able to maintain a composed face, suddenly turned and said, "But Mister, as such, my Ghost King sect will then be able to unite the holy sect but the holy sect will also suffer heavy casualties, if the evil beasts once again..."

Mr Ghost shook his head said, "Sect head have you forgotten? Our holy sect at northwest wildlands, still have a temple? As long as once we unite the holy sect, then bring the remaining entire Ghost King sect disciples into wildlands and organize our holy sect there, even if the evil beasts are spreading unchecked but for the moment they will be wreaking havoc in the Central Plains and will not pursue over to the wildlands. And after which, those Good Faction taoists in Central Plains, isn't it time to put them in good use?"

Ghost King finally could put his heart down, let out a long breath, sighed and said, "Mister is really a good teacher and a helpful friend that the Heavens blessed me with!"

Mr Ghost smiled and said, "Afterwards, those so-called Good Faction battle with the evil beasts, no matter who wins, most probably will also suffer, the evil beasts although are savage but I see that the world Good Faction are converging at Qing Yun, ten years ago Qing Yun 'Zhu Xian Sword Formation' might, sect head I guess you still remembered it?"

Ghost King nodded and said, "That's right, it is indeed very powerful!"

Mr Ghost smiled and said, "Therefore for the evil beasts to gain victory, it is also not that easy. We will recover and recuperate at wildlands, once the Four Divinities Blood Formation is completed successfully, in this world, who will be able to resist our holy sect might?"

Ghost King was stunned, said, "What, is it that Mister has news of the other two spiritual beasts?"

Mr Ghost said, "That's right, after the cauldron has completely subdued the spiritual beasts, Yellow Bird and Kui Niu, there is already new inscription on the cauldron's body, the next one is the beast, Aurora Dragon, which is keeping watch over our holy sect temple in the wildlands, after we return to the temple to subdue it, we will be left with only the ferocious beast in the south, 'TaoTie'. And then once we find the TaoTie, wouldn't the entire world be in sect head's hands!"

Ghost King stepped forward, watched the blood pool below, the thick pungent smell of blood enveloped him, dimly, he seemed to feel the sensation of grasping the world underneath his hands.

He couldn't help but lifted his head up and laughed, loud and clear and that laughter was that savage!