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Chapter 145: Reluctant

 Chapter 145 - Reluctant

The forest quietened down gradually, a moment before there were still demonic beasts howling ferociously and then for some reason, all of them dispersed far in such a haste and Qing Long was taken aback by that. In his heart, Qing Long was even more nonplussed by Jin PingEr's reaction to this strange young man.

That young man's gaze unhurriedly stopped on them, after carefully assessing them, slightly frowning, said, "Are you all Central Plains people?"

The way the young man said, was gentle and pleasant and in perfect Central Plains language, Qing Long was astonished and instead asked, "Who are you?"

That young man smiled, revealing a set of white teeth, he looked somehow innocent, completely out of place with the surrounding scene of massacre, he was heard saying, "Who am I? This is a good question, " he slowly spoke, "Hmm who am I?"

Qing Long humphed, quietly said, "I am Ghost King sect Qing Long, who is this person?"

Jin PingEr was surprised, clearly she knew of Qing Long, the internal fights among the three big branches of the Evil Sect had always been vicious, Jin PingEr as the new generation of HeHuan Sect outstanding disciples, although she had never met Qing Long but the information on this important figure in Ghost King sect, she had long knew it by heart.

She immediately nodded slightly, considered it a greeting, actually from their standpoint, they should be foes and not friends but right now in this southern border, demonic beasts all around them, both inevitably treated the other party as battle allies.

Jin PingEr cast a sideway glance at that young man, quietly said, "Be careful, he is the Evil Beast, all of the demonic beasts are under his command, he is very highly skilled." She paused for a moment and softly added, "His skills are also very strange."

Qing Long frowned, he was about to enquire more when a roar was heard behind him, following which sounds of trees crashing down were heard incessantly, both of them turned around hurriedly, that white-boned snake was charging straight over, just that the other small demons were not seen beside it, most likely like the other demons, with the appearance of the Evil Beast, they had stayed far away from this area out of fear.

Qing Long did not expect the snake to catch up this quickly, the demonic snake looked like it was about to reach, accompanied by a strong stench of blood, the white figure flashed, the enormous body sweeping over.

The ancient trees before this demonic beast, like grass, swept away, in the racket they were pulled up by the roots, flying over in this direction.

Qing Long and Jin PingEr both leapt up at the same time, both were not ordinary figures and with one glance they could tell this snake was not a simple demon, its demonic energy brimming, evidently highly skilled. But more importantly was that the mysterious young man in front of them, never made a move, the two of them could not tell the level of his skills.

Qing Long was still better, he was only secretly fearful but that Jin PingEr seemed to know much more than Qing Long, was extremely tensed, even while facing the white-boned snake, half of her attention seemed to be placed behind her.

Jin PingEr's movements naturally could not avoid the seasoned Qing Long's eyes. Both of them did not fight with the snake heads-on and instead with their agile skills, leapt and flied around the snake, occasionally sniped at the white-boned snake, that snake's body seemed to be very tough, ordinary magical weapons were unable to hurt it.

And the demonic snake who could not catch up with Qing Long and Jin PingEr, howled incessantly, its huge body twisted and turned ceaselessly, its speed increasing, not the slightest cumbersome, gradually catching up to them.

Qing Long was taken aback, this white-boned snake was actually this formidable, the young man who was said to be the Evil Beast by Jin PingEr, as the head of these demons, wouldn't he be even more terrible. With such thoughts, he decided to escape, while brushing past Jin PingEr, he urgently said, "Let's go!"

Jin PingEr obviously did not wish to stay here any longer, immediately nodded and at the same time pointed towards the sky.

Qing Long understood and almost at the same time, both of them made a light hoot, a stream of clear light from Qing Long's finger mixed within Jin PingEr's purple light, hit the bones of the snake from the side. Even though the white snake's bones were tough, it was also hit reeling back by these two highly-skilled people, it's snake body softened and with a few shakes dispersed this strong force but eventually it was unable to continue pursuing.

With this break, Qing Long, with a light whistle, leapt into the air but when his body had just moved, he suddenly had a thought and from the corner of his eyes looked over, Jin PingEr was not seen flying up.


While Qing Long was feeling alarmed, the clear sky in front of him suddenly darkened, a sheet of darkness appeared above the tree branch where he leapt from, with an overwhelming force charged over.

Qing Long in the nick of time, luckily was alert, his right finger 'Ring of Universe Clear Light' surged with clear light, instantly creating a circle of light and protecting his body, at the same time his body forcibly shifted to the side.

Even so, the force of that sheet of darkness was inconceivably fast, with a loud sound [pong], Qing Long's protective circle of light was still hit and thrown out, also at the same time, Qing Long clearly saw Jin PingEr transformed into a stream of purple light, flew up to the sky after that sheet of darkness was diverted by him, distantly, he could still hear her coquettish laughter,

"Many thanks uncle, next time if we meet again, little woman me will definitely thank you personally!"

Qing Long fought to suppress the turbulent blood and energy in his chest, a wry smile appeared on his lips, his whole life unhindered and yet at his later age he would actually be schemed by this young girl.

However by then he could not be concerned with Jin PingEr anymore, he stretched his arm and grabbed the tree bark of a big tree, [si], his palm deeply embedded into the trunk and his body made a turn and landed.

And the next moment, the white-boned snake had already arrived behind him, like a tiger eyeing its prey, it did not immediately pounced, the huge head with its forked tongue spitting, making hissing sounds. As for that sheet of darkness, it had landed on the ground, with a [suo] sound disappeared, extremely fast, it was really unusual.

As for that seductive young man, like an apparition, he appeared one zhang before Qing Long, clasping his hands behind.

Qing Long landed, heaved a long breath out, he was intercepted down and however right now he was not in a hurry to escape, frowning slightly, he took a few glances at the young man, suddenly said, "That evil thing in the sky just now, was it the legendary 'TaoTie'?"

The young man's eyebrow raised, a smile revealed on his lips, nodded and said, "Didn't expect you to have an eye for things, that's right, it is TaoTie."


A deep strange sound was heard from behind the young man, a hideous-looking strange head slowly peeked out from behind the young man's back.

It was hard to describe what kind of an animal it was but its four eyes, as big as bell, two above the other two separated on both sides of the face, six sharp fangs protruding from its huge mouth, salivating incessantly. Its grey black skin, full of coarse lumps, even the mortal world's most ferocious spirit, would not be this ugly and hideous as this strange beast.

Qing Long sucked in a breath of cold air!

The TaoTie's neck seemed extremely long, that strange head extended long out and turning around, it circled to the front of the young man's shoulder and the young man, in front of this savage-looking beast, his expression unperturbed.

Qing Long calmed his heart down, said, "Didn't expect that such ferocious beast still exist in this world!"

That young man laughed, stretched out his hand and actually patted the TaoTie's head, that TaoTie looked extremely fierce but under this young man's hand, it only softly crooned and even used its head to rub against the man's hand, if not for its hideous look, it behaved almost like a puppy.

That young man glanced at Qing Long, suddenly spoke, "Just now that girl, she must be your companion, she clearly knew the TaoTie was hiding in the sky and yet deliberately allowed you to be the bait, escaped by herself after TaoTie was lured down, right now you must be feeling extremely vex right?"

Qing Long was secretly on guard but he still smiled and said, "Being tricked by her, is because I am incompetent, others is not to blame!"

That young man took a few more glances at him, nodded and said, "Since it is so, then you shall die."

Before he finished his words, he did not seemed to make any movement but the white-boned snake behind Qing Long which had been eyeing its prey covetously, suddenly like receiving a command, its huge mouth opened wide and bit down.

Qing Long was already prepared, although the snake made a sudden attack but he did not panic and instead of retreating, he advanced, directly headed towards the snake, surprising that snake instead.

Taking advantage of that moment, Qing Long had already dashed below the snake's body, his body flashed past, avoided the venomous air ejected by the angry snake, with one foot he leapt up the white bones of the snake, kicked the huge body forward by three chi, at the same time using the momentum to rise up to the sky, clear light shone from his hands, instantly creating six walls of light towards the direction of the TaoTie.

Between the two beasts and human, the one he feared the most, was that young man who had not made a move.

The white-boned snake roared in succession but it still was unable to catch up, Qing Long was about to reach up the sky and escape when he felt his leg tightened, his ascending body was caught by a hand and the next moment, a deep laughter was heard below him, a great force came from that hand, Qing Long only felt his body like being burned, shook violently, he could not help but be flung out by this hand.

In the air, his body floated, accompanied by the sounds of tree branches broken, Qing Long's body once again flung into the forest.

In the forest, numerous evil beasts' cries filled the air again.

In the air, the young man closed his eyes slightly, facing the sky, a breeze blew past, his brightly coloured silk clothes flapped and danced in the wind.

In a distant, there seemed to be a ferocious beast's cry...

X x x

Qing Yun Hill, TongTian Peak, Crystal Hall.

Qing Yun sect from Reverend DaoXuan, the leaders of the various branches gathered in the hall, there were also many elders standing behind the leaders, a few stood at the Crystal Hall entrance, looking at their expressions, seemed like they were waiting for somebody.

No matter who it was, to be accorded with this level of courteous reception, the person was already a world's first rank figure.

Other than Qing Yun sect's members, Li Xun was already standing on the right hand side, quietly and solemnly standing, only his eyes indistinctly contained excitement, his gaze frequently looked to the other side.

Over there, Lu XueQi in white was standing expressionlessly behind ShuiYue Master.

Not long after, the melodious sound of the bell from Qing Yun Hill mountain top at a distance was heard, it continuously chimed five times, the crowd looked out of the hall, from far, a voice was heard,

"FenXiang Valley valley master, Yun YiLan Yun elder paying a visit..."

Almost at the same time when the voice was heard, a figure like fire, appeared at Crystal Hall entrance.

"He he, where is senior brother DaoXuan, junior brother misses him badly!"

Yun YiLan, dressed in red and beaming, strided in, behind him ShangGuan Ce, LuShun and other senior disciples of FenXiang Valley, roughly about several dozen people.

Astonished murmurs were heard from Qing Yun sect members but after a moment, all of the people's gazes were on Yun YiLan's face. This figure who was renowned in the Good Faction for many years, was also once an all-powerful character. The Qing Yun elders who were slightly advanced in age and present at the scene, most had seen this person but right now in their eyes, were all shocked expressions.

This face vaguely resembled but it was clearly a robust young man, was he really the Yun YiLan who several years ago already had a head full of white hair?

Reverend DaoXuan carefully assessed Yun YiLan, walked forward with a smile on his face, said, "Yun patron, you and me have not seen each other for many years, unexpectedly your distinguished self's cultivation have already advanced so much, from 'FenXiang Jade Volume' comprehended 'Jade Yang Realm', a forerunner ever since FenXiang Valley established eight hundred years ago, congratulations!"

Yun YiLan's face with his pleasant smile, suddenly froze, the next moment an astounded look flashed past his eyes but his face had already resumed to normal, said, "Senior DaoXuan is really astute, admirable, admirable!"

Reverend DaoXuan smiled and said, "You flatter me, it should be me admiring you."

Both eyes met, the next moment both of them laughed. Li Xun by the side walked over, kneeled and paid his obeisance, said, "Teacher, disciple has been waiting long here."

Yun YiLan nodded, smiled and said, "Come get up, you have been staying here for a few days, have you had a taste of the marvel of Qing Yun Hill this paradise land?"

Li Xun stood up, respectfully said, "Qing Yun Hill really lives up to its fame, it is really an eye-opener for disciple, also many thanks to teacher uncle DaoXuan and ..." He paused for a moment and clearly said, "and Small Bamboo Valley Lu XueQi junior sister, for bringing me around to appreciate this celestial wonderful scenery."

The Qing Yun sect crowd immediately with a [weng] sound, started talking among themselves, other than the elders leaders, there were also many younger generation disciples around, numerous eyes immediately looked towards that frost cold girl.

Lu XueQi's lips twitched but her face indifferent, eventually she did not say anything.

Reverend DaoXuan laughed, held Yun YiLan's hand and said, "Yun valley master has such a fine disciple, a qualified successor to carry on, come, please take a seat."

Yun YiLan raised himself slightly, said, "Reverend please."

Both looked at each other and smiled, walked forward at the same time, Reverend DaoXuan and Yun YiLan both sat at the seat of the host, beside them were their sect's disciples.

After an exchange of conventional greetings, Reverend DaoXuan smiled and said, "FenXiang Valley is the world's Good Faction power sect, in the world there are no one who does not revere it, Yun valley master this time actually honour us with your presence, this really brings light to our humble dwelling."

Yun YiLan shook his head continuously, said, "Reverend is too kind, too kind, "speaking, his expression suddenly changed and he turned solemn, said, "Actually, my purpose of paying a visit here, there are two important things I will like to beseech all of you at Qing Yun sect."

Reverend DaoXuan quickly said, "Yun valley master is too polite, please speak your mind."

Yun YiLan coughed once and said, "To tell the truth, this first matter, is one that concern a great calamity rarely seen for several hundred years!"

Qing Yun sect disciples immediately looked nonplussed, Tian BuYi sitting below Reverend DaoXuan frowned and said, "Yun valley master what do you mean by these words?"

Yun YiLan sighed and said, "All of you are unaware, just one month ago, in the southern border ten thousand great mountains that our valley for generations has guarded, an unparalleled evil demon has been revived."

Reverend DaoXuan was stunned, said, "Unparalleled evil demon?"

Yun YiLan nodded and said, "That's right, it is indeed an unparalleled evil demon, all of you are far in Central Plains and so do not know the background of it but our FenXiang Valley has been guarding the southern borders for generations therefore we know the details. This evil demon called himself the 'Beast Deity', is an ancient evildoer, we don't know where he come from and only know that at that time he brought chaos to the world, slaughtered innumerable living things..."

Return of the Wind Valley leader, Zeng ShuChang, sitting beside Tian BuYi frowned and said, "Don't tell me with Yun valley master's exceptional skills, including FenXiang Valley strength and yet still unable to deal with this evil demon?"

Yun YiLan's face looked grim, said, "Everyone please excuse us, it is not that our valley are afraid of trouble and don't dare to shoulder it but it is really because I know this matter is not trivial and definitely not something FenXiang Valley can take on by itself and therefore took the liberty to come forward and request Reverend for the sake of the common people of the world, to make a public appeal, for the whole world to come and fight it together, only then we can have hope to win. Else if it becomes too late then wouldn't there be countless of people unable to avoid death?"

Qing Yun disciples looked at each other, come to speak of it, all was fine until FenXiang Valley sudden appearance and mentioned this unparallelled evil demon, and only with the combined efforts of the world's cultivated taoists then there would be hope, how could they accept it? But Reverend DaoXuan was after all an enlightened taoist, after contemplating for a long while, decidedly said,

"If this matter is what Yun valley master said, then it would be a calamity that the world has never seen before. I and the rest of the cultivated taoists, have always boast ourselves as the Good Faction, will definitely not ignore this. Since it is so, our Qing Yun sect will work together with FenXiang Valley to fight against this evil demon, later on I will send a letter to Tian Yin Temple PuHong Master and invite him over to discuss this together."

Yun YiLan let out a long breath, clapped his hands together said, "This couldn't be better, junior brother me can then put down the stone in my heart."

Reverend DaoXuan laughed and said, "Yun valley master must be joking. Oh right, what is the second important matter, don't tell me it's another calamity?"

Yun YiLan's eyes flashed, looked deeply at Reverend DaoXuan and said, "It is not, this second matter, it is instead a good thing."

Reverend DaoXuan's lips revealed a hint of smile.

Yun YiLan smiled and said, "The second matter that I am here for, is for my disciple Li Xun, to propose marriage to your honourable sect Lu XueQi Miss Lu."

Once he said the words, Lu XueQi standing behind her teacher shook and abruptly looked up and among Qing Yun sect immediately like a pot exploding, an uproar ensued, this reaction, was even greater than the news of an unparalleled evil demon calamity!

Numerous eyes instantly turned to look at the shocked Lu XueQi's face, and then to Reverend DaoXuan.

Qing Yun sect Head, Reverend DaoXuan after some contemplation, clearly spoke out, "Li Xun this child I have observed these past few days, he is really a giant among men and have boundless prospects."

Yun YiLan smiled and said, "Reverend is too flattering but I indeed have plans to pass on my position as the valley master to this good-for-nothing disciple, and before this formidable foe arrival, we have such a joyous occasion, it would even show our absolute sincerity in working together, at the same time rouse the world's heroes' morales, not sure what Reverend thinks of it?"

Tian BuYi who was sitting beside, had a face of disdain, almost snorted out, luckily his wife SuRu quick-wittedly held him back.

Reverend DaoXuan looked around, his gaze swept past Qing Yun disciples and lastly on Lu XueQi, Lu XueQi frowned tightly, her lips quivering, looked as if she wanted to say something but considering the situation, she in the end did not speak.

Reverend DaoXuan smiled, turned and spoke to Yun YiLan, "Yun valley master's good intention is really unexpected!"

Yun YiLan cupped his fist, smiled and said, "Humble me and my little disciple are sincere, hope Reverend can fulfil it."

Reverend DaoXuan stretched his hand out and stroked his long beard, slowly said, "The innate evil demon, calamity right before us, will need both of our sects to work together and only then we can save the world. And this marriage, a perfect match, I too like it alot..."

Another round of commotion among the Qing Yun disciples, everyone did not expect that Reverend DaoXuan would actually agree to this marriage.

Reverend DaoXuan turned and spoke smilingly to ShuiYue Master sitting beside him, "ShuiYue junior sister, XueQi is your disciple, by right you should be making the decision."

Lu XueQi's face was pale, obviously she was taken aback by this matter, when she heard Reverend DaoXuan's words, she could not help but stepped forward and spoke to her teacher,


ShuiYue Master slowly lifted her eyes, her gaze observed Lu XueQi's exceptional face, as if she wanted to deduce something from her expression, the emotions in her eyes obscure, after keeping quiet for a while, she then unhurriedly said, "Qi'er, this marriage, I also fully approve of it. Li GongZi is a giant among men, it is a good match."

In the Crystal Hall, a silence suddenly descended, including Tian BuYi and the rest, stared disbelievingly at ShuiYue Master.

Lu XueQi's body, suddenly wavered.

Li Xun at a distance, was already overjoyed.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Yun YiLan's laughter broke the stillness, "This is very good, very good, since both elders agreed to this matter, Xun'er, quickly come and pay your thanks to both of them!"

Li Xun hurriedly ran up, kneeled and kowtowed.

Yun YiLan smiled and said, "Today this matter, will definitely spread through the ages, eulogize for the world..."

"Wait a minute!"

Suddenly, a light shout, in this great hall, in the words of Yun YiLan known as the world's Good Faction giant pillar, coldly rang out, interrupted his words.

Everyone's countenances changed.

Lu XueQi in white like snow, her face pale, one hand clutching TianYa sword scabbard, slowly walked out.

Reverend DaoXuan's face changed slightly, looked towards ShuiYue Master but ShuiYue Master only looked at Lu XueQi's figure, suddenly quietly sighed, closed her eyes and looked like she would not bother anymore.

Reverend DaoXuan's face changed again, gradually turned somber, he slowly stood up, said, "XueQi, do you have something to say?"

In the Crystal Hall, silence.

Everyone's stares, were all on this white-attired lady.

Her clothes fluttered in a windless environment, looking from afar, even her figure indistinctly looked like duckweed, bobbing uncertainly, thin and frail.

Just that her lips were pursed up tightly, her pale cheeks indistinctly had a strange flush, that pair of shoulders started to tremble, for the first time emanated a feeling of helplessness.

Suddenly, she abruptly turned around, back-facing everyone in the Crystal Hall, facing the lofty grand hall entrance, looking at that boundless clear sky, at a far away place beyond the clear sky, towards that unknown place far away ---

Staring deeply!

What kind of feeling was in that gaze?

In the Crystal Hall, her deep yet determined, ice-breaking-snow-cutting like voice,

"I am unwilling!"

X x x

Far away.

The unfamiliar mountaintop, a figure prostrated in a dark corner, suddenly trembled.

The wild countryside undulating insects' cries, suddenly stopped.

A human figure slowly struggled, stood up in the dimness, as if sensing something, staring dazedly in the distant.

A monkey's figure, jumped out beside, in two or three leaps scurried up his shoulder.

After a long while, his voice was heard from the darkness,

"Xiao Hui, why does my heart, out of a sudden, beat so rapidly..."