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Chapter 144: Predestined Fate

Chapter 144 - Predestined Fate

Qing Yun Hill.

TongTian Peak, Founders Ancestral Hall.

That old man who was keeping watch at the Hall, right now was still holding onto his decrepit broom, standing at the great hall entrance, looking out. The wrinkled face indistinctly revealing a different type of expression, like expectation and yet also excitement.

On the empty ground outside the great hall, there was no one. But looking carefully, one would realize on this empty piece of ground, a great number of strange charms were either pasted onto the surrounding trees or hidden under the rocks in the grasses. Every charm was placed a distance of about half a zhang away, looked unconnected but in fact it formed a mysterious formation, isolating this empty ground from its nearby surroundings.

The pleasantly warm sun, shone down from the sky, inside and outside the formation, the ground looked the same, illuminated as one by the sun.

However the next moment, suddenly a sharp sound rang out from that empty ground. The old man standing at the entrance raised his head and looked over, the hand that was holding the broom, subconsciously tightened.

A different kind of darkness, suddenly appeared above this empty ground, in a blink of an eye, it enveloped the air above the ground, instantly permeated the air with a heavy harsh feel. But this darkness, only appeared above this empty ground, to say it accurately, only within the formation formed by the charms, evidently, this strange formation perimeter was set up by a highly-skilled person to trap this energy within it.

The black energy gas in the air thickened, made one felt as if he was standing in the nine netherworlds but at the next moment, suddenly a long whistling of dragons singing emitted from the black gas, bluish green light flashed, burst forth from the black gas, in an instant shining with boundless radiance, dispelling the black energy and leaving nothing behind.

Lin JingYu held the Dragon Slayer Sword, hovering high up in the air, the jade-green light emitting from his body, resplendent, both of his eyes shone fiercely, human and sword as one, pounced straight down from the air.

The Dragon Slayer Sword with its multitude of rays, made a loud whistle with a boom, its presence overwhelming, while still far up high in the air, the dust on the ground had started to stir, sands and stones scattered. And Lin JingYu's body like lightning striking down, due to the high fierce speed, beside his body, flames erupted in the air.

Looking like a war deity filled with fighting spirit, without any regards, striking down.

The old man's lips, suddenly started to quiver.


The deafening boom came in an instant, the ground hit by this amazing power groaned, immediately the ground in that formation cracked, big and small rocks lifted from the ground, jumped up into the air. And the resplendent jade green light ball in the core of that force, had pierced deeply into the ground.

The various charms around this empty ground, including the mysterious charms drawn on the ground, suddenly started to glow. An indistinct incantation in the air was heard, like a low chant, invisible energy spreading out, encapsulating this devastating force within it, preventing it from leaking out.

Outside the formation, the sunlight warm, trees and grasses leisurely at peace, yet inside the formation, Heaven and Earth turned upside down, like in a violent storm.

This was the amazing scene right now outside Qing Yun Hill Founders Ancestral Hall.

In a distance, a dark green figure, gazed over from afar, his hands clasped behind, unmoving.

The storm within the formation gradually died down, the sands and stone thrown into the air due to the huge force landed one after another, the cracks on the ground and that massive crater were evidence of that earth-shaking impact.

On that old man's face, his lips twitched, eventually revealed a hint of smile. Deep inside his eyes, there seemed to be a trace of being gratified.

After a sound of whistle, Lin JingYu holding the Dragon Slayer Sword, leapt out from that deep crater, his body caked with dirt, even his handsome face was marked with some. After his body landed, he immediately started to pant heavily but on his face, an uncontainable excitement.

He lifted his head, looked towards that old man standing at the entrance.

The old man's lips had a smile, slowly raised his hand towards him, beckoning slightly.

Lin JingYu's breaths started to calm down, he hurried over to the old man, called out, "Senior, I..."

That old man smiled and nodded, his gaze on him, full of gratification and affection, quietly said, "You are good, really very good."

Speaking, he slowly lifted his head, gazed at the sky, leisurely said, "Even if it was me at that time, the time took to complete this style, 'Slay Ghost Deity', true way sword formula, was not much faster than you."

Lin JingYu, a [shua] sound, sheathed the sword, the excitement on his face still remained, said, "Senior, if not for your guidance, I do not know when I would be able to complete this level of supreme true way!"

That old man humphed, revealing a hint of disdain on his face, indifferently said, "Now in Qing Yun Hill, other than DaoXuan, only Tian BuYi and your former teacher can still make the cut, the rest of the elder leaders are all good for nothings."

Lin JingYu was stunned, he had been studying under this old man for more than ten years, in these years, for every progression in his training, the respect and reverence for this old man increased, he really felt that this elderly had shown him an universe that he had never known existed, that cultivation could actually be like this.

And as the days went by, Lin JingYu interacted more with this old man and the old man also gradually liked and doted on him, they also started to talk more and naturally their topics would bring up some discussions on some of the world's figures and each time, the old man's tone would surprisingly turned arrogant, as if in his eyes, not many could measure up to his level.

In the beginning, Lin JingYu although did not dare to refute but in his heart he felt unconvinced. However as the training developed, the more he felt that this old man was really unfathomable and even for his arrogance, he must have his own reasons, with his level of skills, truly how many could match up to him?

However he had always found that Big Bamboo Valley plump teacher uncle, Tian BuYi, to be an eyesore, most likely one of the reasons was because he had saw Tian BuYi berating Zhang Xiao Fan, right now he could not help but say, "Senior, that Tian BuYi looks quite sloppy and ordinary, what is so great?"

That old man glanced at him, shook his head said, "What do you, a young man, knows, Tian BuYi looks harmless but on the cultivation training he is naturally gifted, and beside he has unswerving determination and dedication, not what an ordinary person could match. Just this point is especially important in the later part of the cultivation. That year after he joined the sect, he was just always average but once he received guidance and enlightenment, his training improved by leaps and bounds, his achievement, compared to those frolic senior brothers and sisters who looked down on him, instead was higher than them."

He coldly snorted again, said, "The people in this world, eight or nine of them are mediocre, like previously Tian Yun, Shang ZhengLiang those useless things, what do they know?"

Lin JingYu was silent but looking at the haughty old man's face, his words had even belittled Taoist Tian Yun and several Qing Yun elder leaders whose names had once shook the world, if this was spread outside, it would be a rude joke to the world but for some reason, Lin JingYu did not have the slightest doubt when he heard it.

That old man turned and looked at Lin JingYu, said, "Although you are able to display this style, "Slay Ghost Deity', but this form is strong, violent and extremely Yang, it although has a powerful force but it consume great amount of the body's vitality. You are endowed by nature, at your young age and you could already achieve this style but you will still need to keep on practising in order to wield it as you desire. If it is not at the critical moment, better not summon this true way sword formula."

Lin JingYu kneeled before him, respectfully said, "Yes, disciple understands."

The old man helped him up, assessed him with a few glances, a trace of pride on his face, said, "In the world now, everyone in and outside Qing Yun Hill only knows 'Celestial Sword Wield Thunder True Formula' as our Qing Yun Sect supreme true way, actually our sect Qing Ye Founder, what an exceptional figure he was at that time, he sorted out the true ways passed down by our ancestors and by himself comprehended what was on the nameless ancient scrolls, in total passed down four styles of true sword formulas, which one isn't peerless and powerful supreme true formulas?"

"What?" Lin JingYu was surprised, said, "There is actually such a thing, my teacher he..., he never told me that before."

That old man shook his head slightly, said, "Your teacher also did not know."

Lin JingYu was even more stunned, Cang Song Taoist's status in Qing Yun Sect was one below and above thousands but this elderly man actually said that even he did not know. However Cang Song Taoist did in fact never mention this to him before.

The identity of this old man, Lin JingYu could not help but feel even more intrigued.

That old man's eyes, full of life's vicissitudes and experiences, looked at his face and knew what this young man was thinking but he did not say it out, instead suddenly frowned, as if he had sensed some movements, his eyes suddenly looked into the distance.

After a moment, he looked away, his expression somehow strange, faintly said, "It is late, go on back first."

Lin JingYu hated to part but he had always revered this old man like deity and did not dare to disobey, he properly kneeled down and kowtow three times before leaving.

Not long after, only that old man was left alone, after a long while, his body again resumed its hunched form, hobbled to a side and started to sweep, the dust flew around, while he was sweeping up the stones and dust, the concealed mysterious charms were also swept up easily like nothing, drifted into the dirt.

X x x

After tidying up the empty ground, he stacked the stone pieces into the crater created by Lin JingYu and with difficulty managed to level it, this old man looked to be slightly panting and tired, after standing and resting for a while, he then slowly turned and walked back into the Founders Ancestral great hall.

In the great hall, it was tranquil and dim as usual, deep inside the hall where countless of tablets were enshrined, dots of blinking candlelights soundlessly burned.

However right now, one more human figure suddenly appeared, stood before those tablets, tall and still.

That person's dark green robe, with a celestial demeanour, he was the current sect head of Qing Yun Sect, Reverend DaoXuan.

Reverend DaoXuan heard the footsteps, turned and glanced over at the old man but did not speak, again turned back to the ancestors tablets, stepped forward, took up three thin incense sticks on the altar, lighted them up from the candle beside, respectfully bowed three times while holding the sticks and placed them into the incense burner.

"I have not come to offer incense for some time," Reverend DaoXuan's voice was calm and slow, like speaking to a very very old friend, "wonder if the ancestors would blame me."

Standing behind him that old man tottered over, placed the broomstick aside and took up a piece of rag, gently wiped away the ashes on the altar, quietly said, "You have brought such glory to our Qing Yun sect, our ancestors could not be more happier, why would they blame you?"

Reverend DaoXuan smiled faintly, turned and looked at him, suddenly said, "You seemed to have age again."

The old man's body paused for a moment then continued to wipe the table, without turning his head said, "For someone whose heart is also dead, naturally will age faster."

Reverend DaoXuan quietly watched that old man, did not speak anymore, the elderly unhurriedly and detailedly finished wiping the table, placed the rag aside, turned and faced Reverend DaoXuan, after looking at him for a while, suddenly spoke, "You saw all that just now?"

Reverend DaoXuan silently nodded, with a sigh said, "That child's aptitude is indeed high but, " his voice seemed louder, "I did not expect you will passed him the 'Slay Ghost Deity'."

That old man humphed, said, "The child's heart and aptitude are all good, since it is so, why not, don't tell me like you, keep it to yourself and bring it to the coffin?"

Reverend DaoXuan's countenance changed, he seemed angry but for some reason, towards this old man, he, the world's Good Faction respected leader, seemed especially patient, even with such sarcastic words, only his expression changed and then he controlled it.

"Oh right, there is one more matter that I need to tell you, " Reverend DaoXuan indifferently said.

That old man raised his head, said, "I am only an old man with one foot in his grave, what matter is it?"

Reverend DaoXuan said, "Today, later on, FenXiang Valley valley master Yun YiLan will be leading his disciples to pay a visit to Qing Yun Hill."

That old man suddenly frowned, said, "Yun YiLan?"

Reverend DaoXuan smiled and said, "You still remember him right?"

The old man sneered, turned over, his voice suddenly turned deep with meaning, said, "That man, is a crafty old one..."

X x x

Southern border, Seven Mile Cave mountain range.

Here was an undulating mountain range, with Seven Mile Cave as the centre, stretched out in four directions. All along, the mountains here were exuberant and flourishing but right now it had totally lost its original look.

Cold Yin wind blew from the sky, screaming past the mountains, like ghosts wailing. The sky was full of black clouds, looming overhead, similar to the day where Li tribe attacked Seven Mile Cave but the power and might far exceeded that day.

And in the forests which used to have multifarious birds and animals, right now had completely turned into a living hell, different kinds of demonic beasts and races everywhere and corpses of birds and animals massacred strewn all over, the air heavy with the smell of blood.

Following a sound of long cry, a distinct figure flew over from a distance, within a few leaps the figure had reached, he was Qing Long.

His face grim, his robes already stained with blood. A powerful wind brushed past, he stopped on one of the branches above, urgently scanned the surroundings and then looked behind.

In the subdued forest, a sharp long howl suddenly erupted, sounds of wings flapping, that enormous huge white-boned demonic snake suddenly leapt into the air, its two huge eyes immediately reflected Qing Long's figure, it gave an even louder cry and leapt forward. And closely following behind it, black gases surging, the roars came like waves, it was actually countless of demonic beasts surging over, together pouncing towards Qing Long.

Not long before that, the Seven Mile Cave where the Miao tribe resided, was suddenly besieged by innumerable demonic beasts, leading them was actually this terrible demonic white-boned snake. This snake's body was gigantic, white bones danced where it passed by, human and animals beside were all thrown out and its body could even eject poisonous gases, which were immediate fatal to humans, as for the other evil beasts, their strength powerful and extremely brutal.

Although the Miao people were brave but how would they be a match for these demonic monsters, in a short while all hell had turned loosed in Seven Mile Cave, a scene of massacre. Qing Long saw the situation and reacted immediately, asked the Miao tribe leader Tu MaGu to lead the remaining Miao people into the altar, those shaman masters inside the altar knew a little of the southern border shaman skills and would be able to hold off for a while and he charged forward, made unexpected sly heavy attacks on the snake with his swift movements and skills at the same time, wounding the demonic snake, as expected most of the demonic monsters' attention were all directed to him.

However, aside from the rest of the demonic beasts, this white-boned snake was something not to be trivialized, with Qing Long's level of skills, including his rare treasure, 'Ring of Universe Clear Light', he was still unable to win. And as the number of beasts continued to grow, the pressure on him increased, he was appalled and also had the intention to lure those monsters away and so escaped up the mountain, as expected many of the monsters including the snake also followed him up.

Just that since he wished to lure them away, he was unwilling to fly and so swept past the forest ground. But contrary to his expectation, the wild animals and birds in this mountain had also went through a bizarre change, either they were slaughtered or they turned into brutal demonic beasts, wherever he went, he would be attacked, it was really hard to deal with.

Right now, Qing Long again flew up, avoiding the raging white-boned snake's tail attack but when he looked down, three or four huge trees which had lived for unknown number of years, like withered leaves, swept aside in a loud crashing sound. Among these, many smaller monsters were also hit, immediately their wails were heard.

The white-boned snake saw Qing Long soaring up, its snake head lifted towards the sky, angrily bellowed, suddenly its three wings flapped, its enormous body lifted up, pouncing towards Qing Long in the air.

Qing Long was taken aback, although he had saw the wings on the monster in the beginning but for such a huge body to take flight, this strength was astonishing, the humongous body was seen towering and pouncing over.

But Qing Long was after all not an ordinary human, he as one of the four holy envoys of the Ghost King Sect, naturally excelled others, his body twisted, forcefully escaped out from the gap between the snake's body, heading towards the opposite direction of the Seven Mile Cave.

The white snake roared in succession, flapped its wings and pursued.

Qing Long after flying for a while, as he was highly-skilled, gradually he left the white-boned snake and the rest of the monsters behind, when he saw that the distance was slightly further, he contemplated if he should shake those monsters off and then turned back to Seven Mile Cave to check out how are the Miao people doing?

At this moment, a quick glance from the corner of his eyes, he saw a purple light flashed past below him and next, blood sprayed out, the sounds of beast roars were heard one after another, immediately the demonic beasts from all directions started to run towards the place below him.

Looking down, innumerable savage beasts brandishing their claws and fangs pounced over, like infinite turbulent waves, it was really a shock to see.

And among them, was a girl's angry cries.

Qing Long was shocked, numerous thoughts flashed past his head like lightning, in the end his body still bent down, went forward to investigate.

Upon entering the forest, the smell of blood and flesh made him wanted to vomit, everywhere was the animals' corpses, in pieces with blood splattered everywhere, not far there indeed was a girl battling with the monsters, in her hand a purple magical weapon glimmering, the sharp edge stabbing in and out, one look and it did not look like an ordinary weapon.

Qing Long's eyes squinted, he exclaimed, "Purple light are Jin PingEr?"

That girl seemed to be taken aback, turned and looked, her body drifted over, her hands never stopping for a second, where the purple light flashed, another three monsters were slaughtered.

"Who are you?" Jin PingEr landed beside Qing Long, coldly said.

Qing Long felt puzzled, with Jin PingEr's current skill level, why did she not fly, once she is up in the sky, only a small number of the beasts could ascend into the sky, wasn't it much easier?

Although he was thinking that way but Qing Long still prepared an answer, just that before he could open his mouth, both Jin PingEr and his body shook at the same time and both looked ahead at the same time.

Just when that wave of frenzied innumerable monsters, like tide waters receded, ahead of them deep inside the forest, a wave of cold murderous intent gushed over, this invisible feeling, made these two highly-skilled figures could not help but shiver.

Qing Long was aghast, in the southern border, there was actually such terrible thing!

While they were in shock, the next moment, behind a huge tree, a figure suddenly moved, a human unhurriedly walked out.

That person was dressed in bright silk, a head full of black hair covered his shoulders, both hands slender and fair, his face was even more striking, it was a beautiful, almost to the point of seducing, a young man.

Qing Long was dumbfounded but almost at the same time, he suddenly sensed that, Jin PingEr's body beside him, for some reason, after this man appeared, seemed to be slightly trembling.