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Chapter 142: Murderous Intentions

Chapter 142 - Murderous Intentions

In the Crystal Hall, Reverend DaoXuan, in a robe of dark green, his long beard lying against his chest, sat in the main seat of the hall. On both sides of the seat sat the other Qing Yun branch leaders. Since the Qing Yun battle ten years ago, three out of the seven Qing Yun branches leaders had changed, this scene, compared to the time when Zhang Xiao Fan and Lin JingYu first came up to Qing Yun, the people were no longer the same.

Other than Long Shou Valley Cang Song Taoist's seat replaced by QiHao, the remaining ones with second generation of leaders, Morning Sun Valley leader Shang ZhengLiang replaced by disciple, Chu YuHong, Sunset Valley leader Taoist Tian Yun replaced by his junior brother, Taoist Fei Yun. In these three branches, other than Sunset Valley leader Taoist Fei Yun and Reverend DaoXuan were of the same generation, they still had common topics to talk about. Long Shou Valley and Morning Sun Valley second generation leaders were slightly more awkward. Long Shou Valley QiHao still fared better, after all he was a leader in the younger generations and was rather familiar with the various senior teachers, as for Morning Sun Valley Chu YuHong, he sat quietly at the rear and did not speak at all.

And those senior leaders, Big Bamboo Valley Tian BuYi, Small Bamboo Valley ShuiYue Master and Return of the Wind Valley leader Zeng ShuChang, they had not seen each other for some time and those leaders who usually bickered with them were already not around, the atmosphere in the great hall was much harmonized than the previous times.

Behind ShuiYue Master, stood Lu XueQi and WenMin, absent for a period of time, Lu XueQi's face was as beautiful and clear as always, her expression indifferent, neither revealing joy nor anger but for some reason, a never-felt-before hint of coldness emanated from her.

As for WenMin, she was also obediently standing behind her teacher but her gaze was not well-behaved, roving from side to side at times and inevitably caught glimpse of Song Daren who was standing behind Tian BuYi, each time Song Daren saw that, he could not help but revealed a smile, looking over, he looked rather simple and honest, WenMin gave him an annoyed look and then turned away.

Beside Tian BuYi, his wife, SuRu also came, right now beckoning Tian LingEr over who had came together with QiHao, mother and daughter spoke together quietly, both of them had not seen each other for a long time and seemed to have endless topics to talk about.

And following QiHao along, other than Tian LingEr, was his junior, Lin JingYu, he stood behind, together with Return of the Wind Valley Zeng ShuChang's son, Zeng ShuShu, both of them experienced the death marsh fight together and were considered to be on friendly terms.

This Qing Yun gathering, was also not considered a formal session, everyone was rather relaxed, even the conversations between Reverend DaoXuan and Tian BuYi, Zeng ShuChang, ShuiYue Master were easy, other than the usual aloof ShuiYue, the rest of them mostly had smiles on their faces.

When FenXiang Valley Li Xun walked in, what he saw, was such a scene, only a moment later, his eyes on that cold frosty girl, were gleaming like fire flames.

Xiao YiCai walked forward, spoke to Reverend DaoXuan, "Teacher, Li Xun Li senior brother is here."

Reverend DaoXuan looked over smiling, Li Xun walked to where Xiao YiCai was, bowed to Reverend DaoXuan, said, "FenXiang Valley junior Li Xun, paying my respect to Reverend DaoXuan."

Reverend DaoXuan smiled and said, "Forget it, quickly get up."

Li Xun got up and then cupped his hands before his chest to the people around him, said, "Junior Li Xun, greets various Qing Yun senior teacher uncles."

Tian BuYi, Zeng ShuChang and the rest all nodded their heads in acknowledgment.

Reverend DaoXuan said, "I hope your teacher is doing well, I have not seen him for many years and do not know how is Yun brother's condition nowadays, earlier on I heard that Yun valley master suddenly went into seclusion, I was even quite worried for a period."

Xiao YiCai by now was already standing beside Reverend DaoXuan, after hearing the words, he smiled and said, "Teacher you do not know this, just now I heard from Li senior brother, Yun elder senior has already came out of his seclusion."

Reverend DaoXuan was slightly taken aback, exclaimed with an [ah], spoke to Li Xun, "Is it, good nephew?"

Li Xun respectfully replied, "It is true, my teacher did emerge from his seclusion several days ago and especially send disciple to pay a visit to Sect Head DaoXuan, there is also a letter which he instructed me to pass it Reverend. " After speaking, he took out a sealed letter from his bosom and handed it over to Reverend DaoXuan.

Reverend DaoXuan took the letter, after a moment, tore the sealed opening and took out the thin paper, he carefully read it once, everyone's eyes were on his face but Reverend DaoXuan's expression did not change, nobody could tell if there was any change in his emotions.

After a while, Reverend DaoXuan finished the letter, unhurriedly kept the letter back to its envelope, held it in his hand for a moment and placed it on the tea table beside his hand. Li Xun carefully watched Reverend DaoXuan but did not hear this current world's number one Good Faction figure speak any words, he could not help but feel uneasy.

Reverend DaoXuan, after a long pondering, did a quick glance around and looked over at ShuiYue Master, ShuiYue Master sensed it and frowned.

Reverend DaoXuan looked away, coughed once and glanced at Li Xun standing below the seat, his face again showed a kind smile, said, "Good nephew, before you come to our Qing Yun, did Yun valley master instructed you with any matter?"

Li Xun hesitated for a moment, cupped his hands before his chest and said, "Benefactor teacher instructed before, Qing Yun Sect Reverend DaoXuan is the current Good Faction main pillar, when disciple comes to Qing Yun and pay my respect Reverend, disciple intends to enrich my knowledge and experience, before going back to FenXiang Valley, disciple will take all instructions from Reverend."

Reverend DaoXuan was surprised and then laughed and said, "This teacher of yours, is really a crafty one, throws all of the difficult tasks to me." After speaking, he paused for a moment and then nodded and said, "Why not like this, your teacher also mentioned it in his letter, at most in three days time, he will lead FenXiang Valley disciples to Central Plains and most probably he will first come to Qing Yun Hill. Before that, you shall stay at our Qing Yun Hill for a few days."

Li Xun was delighted in his heart, quickly replied, "Yes, disciple will obey."

Reverend DaoXuan nodded and then seemed to think of something, he turned and spoke to Lu XueQi standing behind ShuiYue Master, "XueQi."

Lu XueQi did not expect that Reverend DaoXuan would call her and was startled, she stepped forward, bowed and said, "Sect Head Teacher Uncle, disciple is here."

Reverend DaoXuan smiled and said, "You and FenXiang Valley Li senior brother are considered former acquaintances, I remember these few years you both have met many times, why not like this, these few days for the time being, trouble you to bring him around Qing Yun Hill, you have to be a good host."

Lu XueQi frowned, turned and glanced at her teacher, ShuiYue Master but ShuiYue Master's graceful brows were also knitted, her eyes looking at Reverend DaoXuan, Reverend DaoXuan looked back at her, an inquiry look in his eyes.

ShuiYue Master sighed in her heart, indifferently said to Lu XueQi, "Since Sect Head Teacher Uncle has already given the orders, Qi'er you are more familiar with him, just bring him around will also be good."

Lu XueQi's lips twitched, slowly she lowered her head and after a moment, quietly said, "Yes, disciple obey teacher's command."

Li Xun was overjoyed in his heart but his face still maintained a smile, he spoke to Lu XueQi, "Then I will have to trouble Lu junior sister."

Lu XueQi nodded her head briefly but there was no other expression.

Reverend DaoXuan in the main seat smiled and nodded, Zeng ShuChang, Tian BuYi beside also looked over but did not say anything, instead it was Tian BuYi's wife SuRu and her daugher, Tian LingEr, who glanced over while conversing, their brows slightly frowning.

X x x

The gathering concluded after a long while, Tian BuYi with his wife, SuRu, first disciple Song Daren, strided out of TongTian Peak Crystal Hall. Song Daren followed his teacher out but could not help but secretly sneaked glances back.

This action was caught by Tian LingEr, who was sending her parents out, she suddenly burst out laughing.

Hearing the laughter, Tian BuYi and SuRu turned over, SuRu looked at her daughter, smiled and said, "What are you laughing about?"

Tian LingEr walked to her mother, pulled SuRu's hand and looked sideways at her big senior brother, Song Daren felt guilty and immediately turned red.

Tian BuYi snorted, said, "Purposely acting mysterious, what is it?"

Tian LingEr smiled and said, "Dad, mum, you both better quickly go to Small Bamboo Valley on big senior brother's behalf, find ShuiYue Master teacher uncle and propose marriage, if not he might really be anxious to death."

Tian BuYi was stunned, SuRu instead was quicker than her husband, had already got over the reaction and spoke to Song Daren, smiling, "What, so you already have someone in your heart and that someone is a disciple under my senior sister, ShuiYue Master Small Bamboo Valley? Come, tell your teacher wife, I will decide for you."

Song Daren opened his mouth to speak but glancing at Tian BuYi, not a word came out, he could only bowed his head down, SuRu was surprised, said, "What happened to you, Daren?"

Tian LingEr laughed gleefully, said, "Isn't that big senior brother is worried that dad will scold him, let me say it for him then..."

Song Daren with some nervousness, said, "Little junior sister, you..."

Tian LingEr ignored him and said to SuRu, "The one that big senior brother fancy is, the one below ShuiYue Master teacher uncle's seat, WenMin senior sister."

Tian BuYi snorted again, his expression strange, SuRu instead laughed out, "Good kid, indeed have good taste, WenMin that lass is really not bad but I'm not sure how she feels, I can't just..."

Song Daren suddenly with a rush, lifted his head and said, "She, she feels the same too..."

Before he finished, he saw his teacher, teacher's wife and junior sister looking at him at the same time, their expressions amusing, somehow he could not continue and could only lowered his head down.

SuRu shook her head and with a wry laugh, said, "Forget it, forget it, you this fellow, learnt from your teacher his good taste but why didn't you also learn his thick skin..."

Tian BuYi suddenly coughed once, glared over but SuRu ignored him, spoke to Song Daren, "Don't worry, leave this matter to me, as long as the lady is willing, your wish will come true."

Song Daren felt elated, his face revealed ecstatic, Tian BuYi coldly snorted, said, "Look at you, with your little bit of prospect!"

Song Daren was startled, quickly withdrew his smile, stood behind his teacher but eventually he could not hide his overjoyed expression. SuRu smiled and shook her head, pulled her daughter aside, after giving her some instructions, came back and with Tian BuYi, Song Daren wielded their swords and flew up, returning to Big Bamboo Valley.

They passed through the clouds and mists, swift as the wind and quick as lightning, about an hour later, the three of them reached Big Bamboo Valley.

Tian BuYi kept quiet after landing and walked straight into Observe Silence Hall, SuRu turned and said to Song Daren, "Go and have a rest first, don't have to worry about that matter."

Song Daren could not help but laughed foolishly twice, hurriedly bowed and then strided off.

SuRu smiled and shook her head, slowly walked to Observe Silence Hall, Tian BuYi was sitting inside, she walked over, said, "Hey, your favourite big disciple's marriage, you will have to propose the marriage to my senior sister, ShuiYue Master."

Tian BuYi snorted, turned his head over and said, "Want me to humbly ask a favour from your senior sister, I won't go."

SuRu was not angry, only smiled and said, "Then your first disciple will have to be a bachelor for the rest of his life, I don't care."

Tian BuYi's face showed a hint of disdain, lifted his head to the sky, said, "I can't be bothered too, anyway it is not me who is going to be a bachelor!"

SuRu could not help but burst out laughing, she gently hit Tian BuYi, said, "Really, look at your own age, still like that not decent!"

Tian BuYi's eyes blinked but still looking at the sky, on his face an expression of stony-hearted, not a tear shed when one sees the coffin, never turn back when kicked to Nanshan.

[Translator's note: Sorry I don't understand the last expression so I translated it literary. Nanshan could mean a place or southern mountain]

SuRu at her wit's end, could only said, "Alright, let's be serious, finally this disciple of yours fancy someone and besides, that lady WenMin is really not bad, I like her too. You only have to go to Small Bamboo Valley and speak to my senior sister ShuiYue Master, with me beside you supporting, at most you would only be subjected to a few harmless words by her, what is so hard? Since WenMin also reciprocated our Daren's feelings, my senior sister would not just because she has some displeasure with you, she would impede her disciple's life."

Tian BuYi after a long while, angrily said, "I just know that Lao Da is good for nothing, really, actually fancy the people from Small Bamboo Valley, make me this old man at this age and still have to be subjected to that woman ShuiYue's damned anger!"

[Translator's note: Lao Da means number one, a kinship term. Zhang Xiao Fan was Lao Qi, number seven]

SuRu with a [pei], said, "I am also from Small Bamboo Valley, why did you fancy me at that time too, looking at your tiny bit of prospect, now you still want to bring out the old scores with me."

Tian BuYi for a moment was speechless, bitterly said, "Forget it, forget it, anyway I have already resigned to fate long ago, a bunch of useless guys, I will just make a trip to Small Bamboo Valley."

SuRu then smiled and nodded, "This is better."

Putting aside this matter, she walked to the side, after only taking a few steps, she suddenly stopping, turned over, her graceful brows frowning, as if recalling something, spoke to Tian BuYi, "oh right, today you saw that FenXiang Valley Li Xun, did you notice something amiss at the end?"

Tian BuYi indifferently said, "You mean when Sect Head senior brother asked Small Bamboo Valley Lu XueQi to entertain him?"

SuRu nodded and said, "You also felt something amiss?"

Tian BuYi humphed and said, "There is nothing wrong, if there is really a problem, your senior sister would have long coldly rejected it but you saw that she did not speak a word, so it could be that Sect Head senior brother has at least mentioned it to her before and your senior sister also agreed."

SuRu was surprised, nodded, said, "Oh, what you said is also right, I did not think of that but senior sister has always doted most on Lu XueQi, how would..."

Tian BuYi coldly said, "Is that Li Xun very inferior, in her eyes, I'm afraid he is much better than our disciples."

SuRu non-plussed, said, "We are talking fine, why did you bring this up out of a sudden?"

Tian BuYi's lips twitched and offhandedly said, "At that time at East Ocean Liu Bo Hill, that night of storm, I punished Lao Qi, didn't she..." he suddenly realized what he was saying and stopped but for some reason, he shook his head and sighed.

SuRu frowned and said, "Your words are getting stranger, now even Xiao Fan is also involved, what is it?"

Tian BuYi's enthusiasm suddenly died down, he shook his head and said, "Don't ask."

SuRu knew her husband's temperament and so did not ask further, just that suddenly her feelings were evoked and she could not help but sigh and said, "It has been ten years, wonder how Xiao Fan is doing now?"

Tian BuYi after a pause, slowly stood up and coldly said, "Didn't you hear, he is now Ghost King Sect vice leader, changed his name to Ghost Li and known as Xue GongZi, extremely powerful!"

SuRu lowered her head, slowly sat down at a chair beside, after a long while quietly said, "Ai, when he first came to us, although he was foolish and clumsy but..." She did not continue, after a long pause, she softly spoke again, "He was originally such a good child, to you, to me he was always very respectful but now...he has landed into the situation that befalls one who is kicked out of the door!"

Tian BuYi felt a flash of anger, suddenly loudly said, "They wanted to kick out as they pleased, I did not say I want to kick this disciple..."

SuRu stood up abruptly, broke her husband's sentence with a shout, "BuYi!"

Tian BuYi glanced sideways at his wife, stopped his words but his face looked angry, suddenly he stomped his feet, with a heavy [ai] sound, he strided out.

SuRu quietly watched her husband's back figure and then quietly sighed, turned and looked out.

Looking out from the Observe Silence Hall, the pleasantly warm sunlight shining down on Big Bamboo Valley, far away, indistinctly was a kitchen in a secluded area, revealing a corner of its roof from behind the trees' shadows.

The house was still there but the person was long gone.

SuRu stared for a while, shook her head, turned and entered the inner quarters of the hall.

X x x

The night slowly descended, layers of dark clouds in the sky, looming low overhead, making one have a feeling of being suffocated.

Under such scenario, starless and moonless, at the mountain foot in the wildlands, only on a mountain backfacing the wind, a camp fire was burning.

Zhou YiXian and the three of them, together with Ghost Li and Xiao Hui, walked along the ancient path, this day they had came to KongSang Mountain, the night had fallen and so they made a campfire on this mountain, intending to spend the night out.

Although they were mostly roaming throughout the year and had long accustomed to these, Zhou YiXian once he sat down, yelled in pain and incessantly beat his back and waist, like his waist was about to break from tiredness. However nobody paid any attention to him, after yelling for a while, he found it boring and so slowly stopped.

Xiao Huan crouched beside the fire and placed her hands above the fire for warmth, Wild Dog Taoist after placing down Ghost Li and the bags, walked to the fire and took deep breaths. Among them, only the monkey was the most active, once landed on the ground, it peered around and jumped here and there.

Ever since Xiao Huan decided to bring Ghost Li along, for a long time Ghost Li was unconscious, occasionally he would be awake, looked around and only called for Xiao Hui, drank unstopped from the wine bag on its back and after a while, he would passed out, he was really leading a befuddled existence.

Along the way, Wild Dog Taoist other than carrying the bags, he had an additional task of carrying Ghost Li, and the monkey Xiao Hui, most of the time would jump onto Ghost Li, increasing his weight, if not for the fact he had been practising cultivation for some time, normal people would not be able to sustain.

After Wild Dog Taoist panted for a while, he looked around, saw Zhou YiXian grumbling for half a day, most likely he was also tired by now, lay down aside and slept clothed; Xiao Huan was lying somewhere near the fire.

As for the unconscious Ghost Li, because Wild Dog Taoist, intentionally or unintentionally placed him at a further distance, the firelight could not reach that area, only a blurred figure was reflected, and his monkey had ran off somewhere, mostly likely to find wild fruits, along the way, Xiao Hui frequently did that.

Wild Dog Taoist quietly sat before the fire, the surroundings slowly turned quiet, Zhou YiXian's snores gradually started, Xiao Huan's body rose up and down, seemed like she was already asleep.

The firelight shone onto Wild Dog Taoist's face, his face flickered between light and darkness, also contrasting the strange glint in his eyes.

After a long time, he suddenly lifted his head, looked at that lofty precipitous in the darkness, the KongSang Mountain rocks suddenly like a night ferocious ghost baring its claws, there, was once his Blood Forger Hall sacred place. And right now, the Blood Forger Hall was already gone, leaving him this lonely soul.

He slowly turned his head back, that unconscious drunk man in the dim night, lying there unmoving.

Wild Dog Taoist inhaled deeply, deliberately moved his hand to his waist, grabbed hold of his beast fang magical weapon.

Then, he slowly rose, walked towards Ghost Li, the light reflecting his back figure, casting his shadow long, gradually shrouding the sleeping Ghost Li within it.

The next moment, he was standing before Ghost Li