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Chapter 141: Chance Encounter

Chapter 141 - Chance Encounter

Placing the freshly cooked steaming dishes on the table, shopkeeper Ho retired back to the counter, opened his account book once again and pretended to tabulate his accounts. However his eyes moving slightly, in-between while reading the lines he was making surreptitious glances at his customers in the shop.

Zhou YiXian, Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist the three of them, were already sitting at the table where Xiao Hui was, as for the newly ordered dishes, naturally they were also delivered there, however all of them did not have the appetite for it. Only Xiao Hui was pleased, eating and drinking with big mouthfuls of food and wine, looking very happy.

Zhou YiXian and the two of them, right now were not looking at Xiao Hui but were quietly looking at that man slumped over the table.

Xiao Huan slowly stretched out her hand, pushed that man and quietly called out, "Ghost...Li."

That man after being pushed by her, did not have any reaction. Zhou YiXian and Wild Dog looked at each other.

That man's build, obviously was the Ghost Li that they had met in the past but this figure who had struck fear in numerous people, had became so down-and-out, for a moment they were unable to register it.

Xiao Huan turned her head over, asked in astonishment, "Why did he become like this?"

Zhou YiXian's eyes grew big and he shrugged, said, "Don't ask us." He paused a while, suddenly frowned and turned to Xiao Hui crouching at the table, smiled and said, "Little monkey, what happened to your master?"

Xiao Hui's three eyes turned at the same time, glanced at this old man with a divine demeanour but did not have any reaction, only its tail extended up, swayed a few times and then spit out a snear, [chi], from its mouth, ostentatiously turned around and drank a mouthful, totally disregarding this old man.

Zhou YiXian was embarrassed outright, immediately he angrily shouted, "Damn monkey, you dare to show me attitude, you are rebelling huh. If you provoke your immortal into a rage, wait till I use my spiritual powers to subdue you and crush you under Qing Yun mountain, trapping you for a thousand and eight hundred years, see if you are afraid..."

Before he could finish, Zhou YiXian only heard a whistling, a pitch of darkness before his eyes, something was charging towards him and seemed like he would not be able to avoid it in time, Xiao Huan exclaimed out in shock and fortunately, a hand stretched out from beside, swiftly pushed Zhou YiXian aside and he fell onto the floor.

Zhou YiXian was caught off guard and fell sprawled on his back with his legs and hands up in the air, a pathetic look for the divine-looking old man. But at least he avoided the incoming attack. The thing missed its target and flew for a short distance before [du] a muffled sound, hit the wall, it was a roasted duck bone.

The group including shopkeeper Ho, who was watching the commotion from a distance, turned and looked together, the three-eyed monkey was chewing happily on a chicken drumstick, did it use its hands to throw the bone or spit it out using its mouth?

Zhou YiXian gritted his teeth in hatred but with his profound knowledge, he knew this monkey was an exceptional spiritual intelligent animal and looking at it, it seemed hot-tempered, he better not provoked it. In addition it also had a master Ghost Li who was well-known for sucking blood, if that guy wakes up then that would be even more troublesome.

He staggered and got up, rolled his eyes and instead lashed out at Wild Dog Taoist, "You deliberately wanted me dead is it, why did you have to use such a strong force to push your immortal down?"

Wild Dog was speechless, if it was the old him, he would have retorted but the Wild Dog now only rolled his eyes and turned his head around, ignoring Zhou YiXian.

Zhou YiXian was rebuffed, felt even more infuriated and was about to say something more when Xiao Hui cut in, "Grandfather!"

Zhou YiXian in the recent years, was most afraid of this sharp-tongue granddaughter, immediately stammered and shut up but his mouth was still mumbling, obviously very unwilling.

Xiao Huan ignored him, turned and looked at Xiao Hui, revealed a smile and said, "Xiao Hui, do you still remember me, I once gave you sugar-coated haws to eat."

Xiao Hui's eyes looked at Xiao Huan, its three-eyes blinked a few times and suddenly it nodded and started grinning, even its tail started to swish around, not sure if it had learnt that from that yellow dog, 'Da Huang', from Qing Yun Hill Big Bamboo Valley.

Xiao Huan burst out laughing, said, "Didn't expect that you still remember me, come over here." she beckoned to the monkey.

Xiao Hui's eyes rolled around, stretched its hand to its head and seemed slightly undecided, out of habit it wanted to scratch its head but one of its hand was holding a wine flask, the other a drumstick, both hands occupied so it decided to just use the drumstick to rub its furry head, leaving a few oil stains.

Xiao Huan covered her mouth and laughed lightly, Xiao Hui saw her laugh and also grinned, then it slowly shifted over and came before Xiao Huan, crouched down.

Zhou YiXian, Wild Dog and shopkeeper Ho at a distance, stared in disbelief.

Xiao Huan carefully assessed the monkey, took out a handkerchief, frowned and said, "Throw away the stuffs on your hands."

The three-eyed monkey froze for a moment, [zhi zhi] called out, clearly it was unwilling, Xiao Huan gently patted its head, said, "Quickly!"

Xiao Hui's mouth twitched, put the drumstick back to the plate, took a few more glances at it then just when it was about to put down the wine flask, it suddenly snagged a big mouthful from it before putting it on the table.

Xiao Huan shook her head and could not help laughing, "When did you become so greedy." While speaking, she pulled both of the monkey's hands towards her and wiped off the oil using the handkerchief, Xiao Hui quietly allowed her to do that.

Strangely, other than its master, Ghost Li, the three-eyed monkey only seemed to have favourable impression on a few girls, as for people like Zhou YiXian, Wild Dog, it never seemed to like them.

After cleaning up, Xiao Huan kept the handkerchief aside, glanced sideways at Ghost Li who was slumped over the table, spoke to Xiao Hui, "How did he turn out to be like this?"

Xiao Hui scratched its head, [zhi zhi zhi zhi] started to call out, at the same time flourished its hands and gestured, everyone looked at each other bewildered, clearly nobody understood. Xiao Hui seemed to notice this and stopped what it was doing.

Suddenly, the monkey pointed at Xiao Huan, almost poking her face, Xiao Huan was taken aback, Wild Dog was about to move, he thought the monkey was feral and wild, unexpectedly was stopped by Zhou YiXian.

Wild Dog was surprised and looked over at Zhou YiXian, Zhou YiXian only quietly said, "Watch first."

Xiao Hui pointing at Xiao Huan and then suddenly flipped over and jumped to the centre of the table, [zhi zhi] calling incessantly, gestured to Xiao Huan and then both of its hands moved up and down its body, making a body silhouette.

Xiao Huan was stunned, Zhou YiXian frowned and said, "Woman?"

Xiao Hui nodded earnestly and then pointed to Ghost Li and then making a heart shape with its hands, [zhi zhi ya ya] called out a few times, suddenly its body fell backwards straight down.

Xiao Huan suddenly cried out, "Watch out!"

Before her words ended, Xiao Hui who was too engrossed in its act, forgot that this was not a very big table and while jumping around it had came to the edge of the table, this fall, [pu tong] a sound was heard, it had fell to the bottom of the table.

Xiao Huan found it funny and worried at the same time, she quickly rose up to check but [suo] a sound, the monkey had already scurried up, grinning at Xiao Huan.

Xiao Huan saw that the monkey did not sustain any injuries, felt relieved and patted its head, Xiao Hui blinked its eyes, watched Xiao Huan.

Xiao Huan after a pause, glanced again at Ghost Li, turned and spoke to Zhou YiXian, "Grandfather, he this..."

Zhou YiXian frowned and said, "Could it be he was hurt by a girl? With his current skills and status in Ghost King Sect, in the world, not many could achieve that. Is it ShuiYue from Qing Yun Sect, if not SanMiao from Evil Sect HeHuan Sect?..."

Wild Dog Taoist who was sitting beside, suddenly spoke, "I think not."

Zhou YiXian retorted in anger, "What did you say, you dare to contradict old man me, erm, immortal me."

Wild Dog Taoist however did not look at him, a strange expression appeared on his dog face, looking at that slumped figure, he slowly said, "From what I know, he is not the type of man who view victory and defeat as important, and also he did not have any injuries on his body..."

Zhou YiXian humphed, thought nothing of it, mockingly said, "That is because your skill level and others differ greatly, if he is like you, with only with second-rate skills, win one and lose one fight, naturally would view victory and defeat lightly, everyday quoting: Victory or defeat is a common thing for a soldier..."

Wild Dog Taoist was infuriated, was about to rebut him when Xiao Huan glared at the two of them, raising her voice she said, "Alright, enough!"

Zhou YiXian and Wild Dog then stopped at the same time but both glared angrily at each other.

Xiao Huan contemplated and then nodded, as if she had made some decisions, spoke to Xiao Hui, "Xiao Hui, you and him will come with us first."


Before Xiao Hui could react, Zhou YiXian and Wild Dog Taoist both shouted out first, their voices volume, even shopkeeper Ho who was at a distance, was also startled.

Xiao Huan looked at them, said, "What is it?"

Wild Dog Taoist stammered and said, "He, he has too many enemies, I'm afraid there might be trouble."

Xiao Huan said, "I am not afraid, what are you afraid of?"

Wild Dog Taoist was silent but Zhou YiXian beside him could not contain and angrily said, "We are not charity, why do you always take in other people?"

Xiao Huan glared at her grandfather, said, "He is not others, he saved my life in the death marsh! And, "suddenly with a smirk, said, "Grandfather, ten years ago you deceived other people about stepping on dog's poo, do you still remember?"

Wild Dog Taoist was surprised, Zhou YiXian instead turned red, angrily said, "The old scores ten years ago, why do you bring it up for?"

Xiao Huan snorted, indifferently said, "It is good that you remember, anyway I cannot stand by and do nothing." After speaking, she ignored her grandfather and turned to look after Ghost Li.

When she gently turned the man's body over, a strong alcohol smell hit her, Xiao Huan frowned, saw that familiar face, both eyes shut tightly, brows frowning tightly together, not knowing whether even in his dreams, he was also grieving.

Xiao Huan quietly watched the man's face, suddenly a scene flashed past her mind, that day outside the death marsh, this man came to her stall, quietly said one sentence:

"You have grown up..."

Zhou YiXian naturally did not know that his granddaughter was suddenly having some wild thoughts but he clearly knew that he would be having an additional big big trouble, as such, how would he be in a good mood, he angrily turned around, glared at Ghost Li, loudly shouted, "Shopkeeper, bill."

Shopkeeper Ho hurriedly ran over, smiling courteously said, "Customer, aren't you going to stay longer?"

Zhou YiXian snapped back, "Stay longer? I the immortal, only stayed a while and invited such a big trouble, if I stay longer, I would be troubled to death!"

Shopkeeper Ho controlled his laughter, said, "Thank you customer, four silvers."

Zhou YiXian still mumbling, took out the silvers from his bosom, suddenly Xiao Hui scurried over from the side, took out that big wine bag from its back and waved continuously in front of shopkeeper Ho, [zhi zhi] incessantly.

Zhou YiXian, Xiao Huan and the rest were stunned, did not know what this monkey was up to, instead it was shopkeeper Ho who had lived with this monkey for three days, more or less knew a little, he frowned a little and after a pause, suddenly said, "Is it that you want to add wine in this wine bag?"

Xiao Hui was delighted, nodded earnestly, grinned.

Zhou YiXian and the rest were dumbfounded, after a long while, Xiao Huan with a cough, laughed drily said, "Shopkeeper, just help it to add...add a little wine then."

Shopkeeper Ho was delighted, quickly acknowledged, turned and went to take the wine.

This wine bag was really big, after the wine was poured in, the wine bag gradually bulged out but shopkeeper Ho, after pouring two vats of wine in, still had not filled it up, Xiao Hui was smiling happily beside, Zhou YiXian instead could not bear it, disregarding his immortal status, jumped up in fury and said, "Enough, enough..."

[Hu!] A black shadow flew into his face but Zhou YiXian this time, already experienced, quickly dodged once he heard the sound and indeed it was Xiao Hui who had threw a dish plate over, [pong] it smashed onto the floor.

Before Zhou YiXian could say anything, [hu hu hu] the plates on the table, one after another thrown over by Xiao Hui, he dodged left and right and could not continue his words. Shopkeeper Ho, hearing the crisp breaking sound of the plates, immediately felt heart-pained and since the bag was almost filled, quickly said, "Forget it, forget it, for the remaining wine considered it my treat, my treat. Monkey master, don't throw any more plates, this, erm, this sage you will just pay me two vats of wine will do."

Xiao Hui then stopped, Zhou YiXian stopped moving, panting loudly and cursing but did not dare to go near that hot-tempered three-eyed monkey again.

Xiao Huan smiled, turned and again glanced at Ghost Li but she did not notice Wild Dog Taoist who had been keeping quiet for a long time, right now he was also staring at Ghost Li from beside, a strange glint slowly flickering in his eyes.

X x x

Qing Yun Hill, Tong Tian Peak.

The stone staircase in front of Crystal Hall, in the cold Jade Pool, Qing Yun Sect Mountain Guard Spiritual Beast Water Qilin lazily flipped over in the water, the water waves foamed and rolled, gushing outwards from its enormous body's movements, surging up layers of waves, magnificent and impressive.

Li Xun, who was sent especially from FenXiang Valley, saw everything from the stone stairs, turned, smiled and said, "Long heard that Qing Yun Sect Mountain Guard Spiritual Beast Water Qilin is a thousand years old spiritual beast, now that I see it for myself, it is really extraordinary."

"Li senior brother overpraise." A clear laughter, was heard beside Li Xun, it was from Qing Yun Sect main branch, TongTian Peak, most well-known disciple Xiao YiCai, he also glanced towards the Water Qilin, smiled and said, "The spiritual beast is subdued by our sect Qing Ye founder, to recollect our forefather prowess at that time, it really makes us the junior disciples revere and respect."

Li Xun smiled and nodded, he came from an established Good Faction sect, his eyesight set high but for that astounding talented brilliant Qing Ye founder, he was too, extremely in awe.

Xiao YiCai stretched his hands out and made a gesture towards the mountain top, "Li senior brother please."

Li Xun, after modestly declining for a moment, walked over together with Xiao YiCai.

Xiao YiCai chatted while walking, "I wonder what is the purpose for Li senior brother's visit this time?"

Li Xun smiled and said, "It is nothing actually, just that my teacher has a letter and wants me to pass it to Reverend DaoXuan."

Xiao YiCai was surprised, said, "Why, don't tell me your honourable valley master Yun elder senior has already come out of his seclusion, a while ago I still heard from Lu XueQi who just came back from southern border, that Yun elder senior is still in seclusion?"

Li Xun smiled and said, "Not to hide the facts from Xiao senior brother, my teacher just came out several days ago. Heard him saying that he has not met Central Plains Reverend DaoXuan, PuHong Master etc his old friends for many years and is very concern and has the intention to come and visit!"

Xiao YiCai's countenance changed slightly and then he laughed loudly, "This could not be better, Yun elder senior's divine arrival, it is really something significant that has not happened in our Central Plains Good Faction for a long time."

Li Xun looked at him, Xiao YiCai looked back, both of them looked at each other for a long while, suddenly both burst out laughing loudly, their expressions joyful.

Xiao YiCai pulled Li Xun's hand, smiled and said, "Come come come, my teacher happens to be having a chat with the various teacher uncles in the Crystal Hall today, let me lead the way and I will make the introductions."

Li Xun smiled and said, "Then I shall trouble Xiao senior brother." After walking a few steps he suddenly seemed to recall something, spoke to Xiao YiCai, "Oh right, Xiao senior brother, there is one thing I will like to ask."

Xiao YiCai smiled and said, "Li senior brother can speak your mind."

Li Xun said, "Previously Qing Yun Sect sent Lu XueQi junior sister to southern border to visit my teacher..."

Xiao YiCai's expression changed slightly and then resumed to normal but this change was caught by Li Xun, Li Xun was surprised but he still carried on speaking, "That day when we said our goodbyes, Lu XueQi seemed to be slightly injured, after all she was injured because she helped our FenXiang Valley, humble me is worried and wonders if her body is feeling fine these few days?"

Xiao YiCai thought for a moment, said, "Many thanks for Li senior's concern, Lu junior sister is fine, just nice, today ShuiYue Master has also brought along her disciples, WenMin and Lu XueQi over, later you will be able to see her."

Li Xun's face could not help but revealed a hint of delight, nodded and acknowledged.

Xiao YiCai saw his expression but did not comment. Both of them walked up, changing their conversation topics, they chatted about irrelevant stuffs and not long after, both of them reached the top of the stairs and came before TongTian Peak Crystal Hall.

An impressive monumental building appeared before Li Xun. Li Xun stared for some time, sighed and said, "I always thought FenXiang Valley Mountain River Hall, Inferno Altar are already the world's masterpieces, today upon seeing this, I now realize there are people beyond people, skies beyond skies!"

Xiao YiCai laughed loudly, said, "Li senior brother is too kind, come, this way please!"

Li Xun [he he] laughed and followed Xiao YiCai, arrived before the Crystal Hall, inhaled deeply, arranged and tidied his clothes and then strided in.