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Chapter 137: Unusual Skill

Chapter 137 - Unusual Skill

FenXiang Valley, Secret Chamber.

The plain standing screen separated the space in the stone room, ShangGuan Ce dressed in grey quietly stood where he was, patiently waiting.

After a long time, FenXiang Valley valley master Yun YiLan's aged voice was heard from behind the screen, "I heard that junior brother you while investigating the nine-tailed celestial fox, your whereabouts were peculiar and at the last critical moment, you out of a sudden commanded the disciples to step down and return, is there such a thing?"

ShangGuan Ce's lips revealed a hint of sneer, he himself could guess from where Yun YiLan "heard" and from whom exactly. In the entire FenXiang Valley, other than himself, only Yun YiLan's beloved disciple, Li Xun, was allowed to come in here and speak to him.

Just that ShangGuan Ce did not dispute anything, only slowly said, "That's right."

Yun YiLan remained silent for a while, said, "If so then me being the senior brother am really puzzled, will junior brother enlighten me?"

ShangGuan Ce facing the screen, slightly rose and said, "I don't dare. It was because I met someone while pursuing the nine-tailed celestial fox and because of that ordered the disciples to turn back immediately and also without delay return to the valley to report to senior brother."

Yun YiLan's voice was clearly startled, said, "Who is that person that could actually made junior brother take him so seriously?"

ShangGuan Ce drawled out two words, "Evil shaman."

Behind the screen, it suddenly became quiet, after a long time there was not any sound.

ShangGuan Ce patiently stood there, Yun YiLan's reaction was already expected. On that day when he saw the Evil shaman, he had also received a great shock in his heart.

After some time, behind the screen, Yun YiLan's calm voice was heard, "They, eventually still could not resist."

ShangGuan Ce, from Yun YiLan's voice, could not tell at all what this senior brother was thinking. Was it anxiety, shock, he totally could not tell. He stared at the screen, continued, "There is still one point..."

Yun YiLan with a "Mhm", this time sounded quite surprised.

ShangGuan Ce inhaled deeply, said, "In the Evil shaman's hands, he had obtained the two items out of the five tribes sacred weapons: Black Staff and Jade Bone."

"What?" Yun YiLan finally could not maintain his coolness, exclaimed out behind the screen.

A hint of sneer swept past ShangGuan Ce's heart but the expression on his face never changed, said, "It must be the Evil Beast who had somehow found a Li tribe shaman master and imparted 'Black Fire' evil skill to him, he was also used to instigate the fight between Miao and Li tribes and from there, snatched the Black Staff with Jade Bone from the great shaman at Miao altar. After that that Li tribe shaman master wanted to rebel against the Evil Beast but the Evil Beast was already well prepared, he allowed the evil shaman to use 'Black Fire Essence Pearl' to kill that person and took back the two sacred items."

Yun YiLan coldly snorted, said, "Such reckless guy still exist!" pausing for a while, his voice revealing a hint of harshness, said, "Those few sacred items were at stake, why didn't you make a move?"

ShangGuan Ce with his indifferent expression, said, "By the time I arrived, the Black Staff Jade Bone were already in the evil shaman's hands and besides, he also has the ferocious dragon with him."

Yun YiLan became quiet, after a long time he slowly sighed and said, "Heaven's will, Heaven's will ah! Our hundred years of planning, destroyed in one day!"

ShangGuan Ce remained silent.

X x x

Qing Yun Hill, TongTian Peak.

White clouds drifting, celestial air surrounding, this paradise-like world, cries of cranes, soft and clear, pleasing to the ear, reverberated in the horizon.

The 'Crystal Hall' which was left in ruins after the battle ten years ago, right now had already been completely rebuilt and looked spectacular on a grand scale, surpassing its previous appearance. Several huge red stone pillars supporting the beams, yellow ceramic glaze made up the roof, dazzling under the sunlight, a scene of glory.

In the centre of the roof, towering like spire, rings of green jade forming a pagoda outline, from big to small, from the bottom to the top a total of thirty six levels, a yellow stone forming the peak, glittering and crystal clear.

Eaves facing eight directions, lifting upwards, north, south, east, west engraved with golden dragons chasing pearls, northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast engraved with phoenixes flying and dancing, and in the dragons and phoenixes' mouths, they were holding onto the coloured glaze wind-bells, swaying with the winds, emitting clear chimes, increasing the divinity atmosphere.

In the cries of cranes and wind-bells chimes, Lu XueQi in white slowly walked up the stone stairs in front of the Crystal Hall.

Walking up the stairs, she occasionally passed by a few Qing Yun disciples who were sweeping, when they saw Lu XueQi, they nodded their heads in greetings, among them a few newly joined young male disciples, captivated by Lu XueQi's beauty, after one glance, did not dare to take another look, their faces looking down while blushing and continued to work.

Lu XueQi returned the greetings in kind, her face as usual expressionless, heading towards the lofty hall.

Behind her, a loud sound of [hua la] was heard suddenly, a loud roar of waves broke the tranquility, Lu XueQi did not turn back, that was Qing Yun Sect spiritual beast guardian, water qilin, in the Jade Pool who had again climbed out of the water to snooze in the sun on the shore.

Everything here, was that tranquil and harmonized, who would have known, a young man once left in indignation and thrown himself into a dirty bloody world?

Lu XueQi completed the long flight of stairs, silently took a glance at that towering Crystal Hall and walked in.

In the great hall, light shone in all directions from the opened windows, the place looking particularly bright and without any feeling of darkness. Qing Yun Sect Head, the current world's number one Good Faction, Reverend DaoXuan, with a smile, sat on the great seat in the hall. On his lower right, another person sat there, it was Lu XueQi's mentor, Qing Yun Sect Small Bamboo Valley Head Shui Yue Master.

Lu XueQi was surprised, upon her return from southern border, because it was Reverend DaoXuan who had sent her there so therefore she headed first to TongTian Peak to report to Reverend DaoXuan and then to see her teacher Shui Yue Master, she did not expect that her teacher would also be at TongTian Peak. And in this Hall, other than Reverend DaoXuan and her teacher, there was no others, seemed like both of them waited especially for her return.

When Reverend DaoXuan saw Lu XueQi walking in, he amiably smiled, although Shui Yue Master had always been detached but facing her favourite disciple, naturally it was different, fondness revealed in her eyes.

Lu XueQi walked up, first bowed to Reverend DaoXuan, said, "Paying my respect to Reverend Sect Head."

And then turned to bow to Shui Yue Master but facing her mentor with whom they had a mother-daughter relationship, she was more casual and said, "Teacher, why are you also here?"

Reverend DaoXuan laughed and said, "I received news yesterday and knew you were returning today and so sent the news to your teacher. At the same there are some matters that I wish to speak with your teacher so might as well invite her over."

Lu XueQi acknowledged with a reply, Shui Yue Master sitting beside, watching her beautiful disciple, saw that on her snow white face, it was still expressionless but for some reason, her face indistinctly looked pale.

Shui Yue Master's heart was secretly shocked, her brows also frowned discreetly.

Reverend DaoXuan did not have the years of familiarity with Lu XueQi as Shui Yue Master, and so did not detect anything unusual with her, smiled and continued, "XueQi, this trip to southern border, the matter of paying a visit to FenXiang Valley valley master Yun elder, how was it?"

Lu XueQi kept quiet for a moment then described what she had encountered in the southern border. However, the final farewell scene in TianShui Stockade with Ghost Li, she omitted it.

Reverend DaoXuan and Shui Yue Master did not speak, quietly listened to Lu XueQi's encounters. When they heard FenXiang Valley valley master Yun YiLan still did not emerge and only ShangGuan Ce and Li Xun coming out to explain, both of them glanced at each other, their eyes had a strange expression but did not comment.

Until the end, Lu XueQi expressionlessly told them about the Miao tribe Seven Miles Cave battle, Ghost Li's appearance, the intense fights, Reverend DaoXuan's face immediately turned cold and Shui Yue Master seemed to contemplate deeper, at the same time she knew her disciple's heart and could not help but took a few more glances at Lu XueQi, saw that when Lu XueQi was telling them about Li Xun's sneak attack on Ghost Li and again when he was injured when she wielded 'Celestial Sword Wield Thunder True Formula', although her tone did not change but a dark expression flashed by her eyes.

ShuiYue Master gently heaved a sigh in her heart, closed her eyes.

Reverend DaoXuan waited until Lu XueQi finished, retreated to where Shui Yue Master was standing, glanced at Shui Yue Master, coldly snorted and said, "Zhang Xiao Fan that evil creature, ten years ago I did not eliminate him, now as expected already nurtured a tiger to invite calamity."

Shui Yue Master opened her eyes, intentionally or unintentionally she glanced at Lu XueQi, indifferently said, "This is all dictated by fate, it cannot be forced."

Lu XueQi's face seemed to pale a few more degrees.

Reverend DaoXuan was quiet for a while, said, "From what XueQi described, these ten years, that person's skills had improved greatly."

Shui Yue Master slowly nodded, said, "Zhang Xiao Fan was able to use Sinister Orb in a blink of an eye to suck the blood out of several Li tribes warriors until their death, and after being injured by Li Xun he could still immediately retaliated, even FenXiang Valley well-known pure Yang Jade Ruler also could not resist against it, this level of skills, is already not..." she looked at Lu XueQi, said, "already not below Qi'er and your branch's Su YiCai's level of skills already."

Lu XueQi was expressionless.

Reverend DaoXuan instead shook his head slowly, Shui Yue Master was stunned, said, "What is it, senior brother thought I had judged wrongly?"

Reverend DaoXuan sighed, said, "That evil creature was first attacked by Li Xun and then again by Celestial Sword Wield Thunder True Formula, he did not lose his life there and then and instead could even fly up and hit back. I guessed what was resisting the Celestial Sword Wield Thunder True Formula's power must be Tian Yin Temple's true way, 'Great Brahman Wisdom', and then our sect's Tai Ji Xuan Qing Way to break through the formation. After he was near XueQi, XueQi said the man's eyes were like blood, the red light from the Sinister Orb Soul Devouring stick glowing brilliantly, it must be he was using Sinister Orb's evil powers to stop XueQi. From all of these, he has merge the three sects' true ways, with his high level of skills, most likely he has already surpass our sect disciples."

He cast a sideway glance at Lu XueQi, said, "Just that most probably he was already spent, an arrow at the end of its flight so he was not able to further hurt XueQi, if not when XueQi's Celestial Sword Wield Thunder True Formula was being defeated, it is akin to being defenceless and really in an imminent danger. XueQi, this person seemed to have already merged Buddhism, Taoism and Evil the three groups' important skills into him, his skills are strange and unfathomable, in the future if you meet this person, you must be very careful."

Lu XueQi's lips twitched, clutching the TianYa Sword and slightly releasing it, quietly said, "Yes."

Shui Yue Master saw her expression, sighed in her heart and then suddenly said, "Qi'er, you must have a hard journey, go back and have a rest first. I still have matters to discuss with your sect head teacher uncle and will be going back later."

Lu XueQi acknowledged and glanced at Reverend DaoXuan, Reverend DaoXuan shook his head and smiled, said, "Look at my memory, I must be really muddleheaded. XueQi, there is nothing else here, you can return first to Small Bamboo Valley and have a good rest."

Lu XueQi then stepped out, first bowed to Reverend DaoXuan and then spoke to Shui Yue Master, "Teacher, then I will leave first."

Shui Yue Master nodded and said, "You can go."

Lu XueQi lowered her head and acknowledged, slowly retreated and then disappeared from Reverend DaoXuan and Shui Yue Master's sights.

Reverend DaoXuan was silent for a while, sighed and said, "What a Zhang Xiao, a pity."

Shui Yue Master indifferently said, "That child turning into such an outcome, we must bear some responsibility!"

Reverend DaoXuan frowned, his face immediately turned dark, said, "Shui Yue junior sister, what do you mean by this?"

Shui Yue Master her face indifferent but the tone of her voice did not change, said, "Nothing, Zhang Xiao Fan abandoned the light and joined the dark, no matter what there are areas where we have also erred."

Reverend DaoXuan with a heavy voice said, "Don't tell me Shui Yue junior sister think my actions at that time were wrong?"

Shui Yue glanced at Reverend DaoXuan, saw that his face had turned slightly stern, sighed and slowly said, "Senior brother, don't think too much. If it was me, I would also do the same thing as you. I have said just now, Zhang Xiao Fan that is his fate, Heaven's will!"

Reverend DaoXuan kept quiet for a while, his face gradually relaxed, just that in the great hall, the ambience seemed to turn slightly awkward. After a while, her slowly spoke, "Just now you have also heard, XueQi this trip, still did not get to see Yun YiLan valley master, what do you think?"

Shui Yue Master humphed, said, "Yun YiLan that old fellow, he has always been mysterious, playing with deceitful tricks, this time I don't know what he is trying to do. But his skills are something not to be underestimated, there isn't any figures in southern border that can threatened him. So we don't have to worry too much, instead..."

Reverend DaoXuan was surprised, said, "What?"

Shui Yue Master looked at Reverend DaoXuan, said, "This time you did not send any other disciple and only instructed Qi'er to head to southern border FenXiang Valley alone, and on top of that you did not discuss it with me!" After speaking, her face suddenly turned cold and laughed coldly.

Reverend DaoXuan frowned and said, "Junior sister, the reasons for that, I did explain it to you afterwards, didn't you also did not have any objection to it?"

Shui Yue Master stood up, indifferently said, "Although I did not object but this disciple of mine has always been unyielding and persistent, you knew that, whatever it is, it is better to leave some leeway."

After speaking, without waiting for Reverend DaoXuan's reply, walked off by herself out of the great hall.

Reverend DaoXuan watched her back, suddenly shook his head, and let out a long sigh.

X x x

Majestic Fox Mountain.

Icy cold stone chamber.

Ghost King Sect from Ghost King, Qing Long, YouJi etc all stood in the room, beside them were Ghost Li and Xiao Bai, in the most secluded corner, Mr Ghost dressed in black stood alone there.

Just that now, nobody had the mind to pay attention to that figure, everyone's attention were all on that great shaman who was standing beside BiYao at the cold stone platform.

Ghost Li subconsciously clenched his fists, for this, he did not allow Xiao Hui to follow. Watching the frail great shaman's figure and BiYao's face among the white mist, even him with his iron-will spirit also started to tremble.

Ten years, ten years of longing, the nightmare which had constantly haunted him, this hope, right now was in front of him.

The great shaman's body shook slightly, the group of people behind stir, Ghost Li could not help but stepped forward, even the ever-composed Ghost King, the corner of his eyes also twitched.

The great shaman turned his head around, smiled to the group, assuring them that he was alright, the group then felt relieved.

After a night of rest, the great shaman still did not look better, instead he seemed to deteriorate. Every wrinkles on his haggard face deeply engraved in, like squeezing his remaining life force.

In the room, only the great shaman's gradually heavy breathing sounds were heard.

Ghost King and Ghost Li who was standing beside, glanced at each other, both saw the deep anxiety in each other's eyes.

Suddenly, the great shaman's tottering hand stretched out, where he was pointing, was that 'HeHuan Bell' in BiYao's hands.

The golden bell erected between the fair hands, glimmering with gentle lights, on the bell, reflecting the slowly approaching aged hand.

The next moment, the withered hand touched the bell, everyone in the stone chamber, held their breaths.

From the great shaman's fingertips, faint blue lights started to glow, gradually blinking, however with the pulsing lights, the great shaman's face turned even more ashen.

Like being summoned, suddenly, the bell which had been silent for ten years suddenly made a clear crisp chime, slowly resounding.

Ghost Li and Ghost King's faces immediately revealed agitated expressions, both men subconsciously stepped forward but both also stopped themselves at the same time, their eyes still locked onto the great shaman's fingers.

After the bell, a golden light slowly surfaced from the HeHuan Bell, although not very bright but almost at the same time this layer of golden light surfaced, the great shaman's face suddenly grimaced, the next moment, a chill filled the stone chamber.

Almost all of them were taken aback, those that could be there, were all masters of the cultivation paths, almost subconsciously, Ghost Li, Ghost King and Xiao Bai moved forward.

However while the cold expanded exponentially, the gentle golden light on the bell suddenly became ablazed, almost like a fire with form, [boom] a sound and swiftly expanded out.

The great shaman was the first to be hit, his body was already frail, immediately he was hit flying into the air, spraying out a mouthful of blood.

Ghost King's figure moved like a spirit, instantly appearing beside the great shaman and caught his body, Ghost Li also appeared before him at the same time, Soul-Devouring stick hovering, green halo appeared instantly, blocking that burst of golden light. And Xiao Bai appeared beside the stone platform, white light streaming from her hands, enveloping the bell.

The next moment, the quivering HeHuan Bell gradually calmed down, the golden light also disappeared, temperature in the chamber also resumed its normalcy.

The group looked towards the great shaman supported by Ghost King, with this blow, blood flowed from the great shaman's seven apertures on his face, everyone could see that this old man was already dying, leaving only his last strength.

The room was still, everyone looked at each other, all were stunned beyond words.

Until, a panting groan, broke the stillness. The great shaman slowly opened his eyes, struggled to stand.

Ghost King's countenance changed, stretched out his hand to assist but the great shaman slowly shook his head, Ghost King quietly nodded, admiration flashed in his eyes, slowly withdrew his hands.

The great shaman panted for a moment, raised his sleeve, slowly wiped away the blood from his mouth, spoke, just that this voice, was extremely hoarse, "One of remnant of the lady's souls is indeed in this HeHuan Bell."

Everyone was silent.

The great shaman inhaled deeply, said, "Just that this bell is an unusual treasure, it possessed spiritual energy, like a self-formed strong formation, although like that it can thus protect the lady's soul but if someone wish to retrieve it out, he has to break this HeHuan Bell."

His body suddenly wavered at this point, his lips which had just been wiped, again spit out a mouthful of blood. Ghost Li dashed up, supported the elder in his arms, hesitated but still could not resist and said, "Senior, you better take a rest first."

The great shaman looked at the young man, smiled faintly and suddenly suppressed his voice and said, "Please do not forget what you have promised me in the Seven Mile Cave."

Ghost Li was stunned, nodded and said, "Senior please be assured!"

The great shaman let out a long breath, slowly pushed Ghost Li away, turned and spoke to Ghost King and the rest, "As for now the plan is to break HeHuan Bell's spiritual energy and yet not damage the lady's soul, I can only set up the southern border shaman skill, 'Soul Return' formation and see if I can lure the lady's soul out from the bell, cough, cough cough..."

A violent cough interrupted him, the group was silent, everyone could tell that this elder was already at his end, to say setting up whatever 'Soul Return', nobody knew if he could last till then.

Ghost King gritted his teeth, walked up, cupped his hands together to the great shaman and said, "Master makes so much effort for my daughter, my humble self is really beyond grateful. Master do not have to worry about other stuffs, just go ahead and perform the necessary, no matter what the outcome is, Ghost King Sect will definitely not let Master down."

The great shaman slowly nodded, his eyes revealed comfort, after a moment of panting, he quietly said, "Soul Return skill is an otherworldly skill, it is not advisable to have so many strangers here, will like to ask Ghost Li GongZi and Sect head to stay and help, the rest to temporary leave."

Ghost Li and Ghost King both nodded, the rest without waiting for them to speak, all started to leave, after a moment, leaving only the great shaman, Ghost Li and Ghost King in the cold chamber.

The great shaman's face waned, his body slowly trembling, unable to stand any longer, his body slackened and slowly sat onto the floor.