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Chapter 135: Revived

Chapter 135 - Revived

The darkness stretched infinitely, only the screaming of the Yin wind turned more mournful. The evil shaman walked down the tunnel set in the darkness of the Subdue Devil ancient cave, like a spirit walking towards the netherworld.

The ancient cave broadened out as he walked deeper in but the darkness surrounding him became darker and darker. Walking on this cold eerie path, the evil shaman could even close his eyes while walking.

For so many years, he travelled to and fro this path alone, and now, finally he was going to change his destiny with his own hands.

Perhaps, also innumerable mortal humans' destinies.

The Yin wind howled, just before him!

A faint glow suddenly appeared before him, no matter how faint that light was, in this pitch darkness it stood out especially.

The evil shaman stopped.

That faint light gently flickered in the darkness, wavering between darkness and light, like beckoning, like enticing, like longing for, like ridiculing...

Wind, fluttered his black clothes, like the previous number of years, he gazed at that place.

Many years ago, he was also standing here like this but at that time, he still have a brother beside him, before him, there was also a thin and weak but seemed to be able to shelter them from Heaven and Earth figure.

And now, only his lonely figure was left.

"Lady..." He lowered his head slightly, quietly muttered.

Then, he floated ahead, diving into that light, like a determined moth.

The faint light surged, the Yin wind in the cave suddenly turned violent. The initial spot of light slowly spread out, illuminating the area.

The uneven floor, rotting white bones lay everywhere, some humans, some animals. The huge cave walls, solid rocks, under the illumination, revealed numerous criss-crossed cracks packed closely together, like being torn apart forcibly, a terrifying sight.

In the darkness, there was a voice, in the deepest recesses of the light, conveying a cold chill, lightly reverberated.

"You are back..."

The voice drawled, reverberating in this ancient rock walls.

The evil shaman did not speak, he only stood in the light, after standing still for a long while, he then stretched his hand out, in his hand, it was the Black Staff with Jade Bone.


A loud roar suddenly exploded like thunder, erupting in the cave. The surrounding darkness instantly receded, deep inside the light, a piercing ray immediately flashed, like the tentacle of a demon, stretching towards the evil shaman, towards that two objects, roaring crazily.

Even the thousands years old rock walls started to tremble, big small rocks trickled down.

The mournful Yin wind, now sounded like the heavy breathings of longing.

"...Do you still remember, the Lady's face?" The evil shaman looked at that piercing light brandishing its claws in front of him, suddenly quietly said.

In the bright light, the flashing rays seemed to pause for a moment.

The evil shaman's black clothes, flapped strongly in the fierce Yin wind.

Even his voice, seemed to be wavering, "Her statue, is still standing outside the cave entrance..."

There was no sound from the deepest recesses of the light, only its faltering rays, casted the evil shaman between darkness and light.

The evil shaman did not speak anymore, unhurriedly drifted up, into the deepest recesses of the light.

An area of open levelled ground suddenly emerged, contrasting with the outside, the solid rock walls were mostly untouched and on the ground, there were many huge skeletons and mostly were intact, counting carefully, there were about thirteen bodies.

These thirteen bodies structures were all different, emanating tendrils of demonic air, forming a circle and all facing inside, as if watching over something. The black eerie empty eyes holes seemed to stare coldly.

Following the evil shaman's sudden appearance, he started to approach this strange circle, suddenly, within the whistling of the Yin cold winds, a [long long] sound that made one's teeth cringed was heard, few skulls of the white bones started to move, slowly turning around and facing the evil shaman.

At this ghastly heart-stopping moment, the evil shaman seemed unperturbed by those frightful skeletons, his eyes, from the start till now, was always at a spot.

It was at the centre of the thirteen bones circle.

A set of human white bones quietly lay on a three cun white jade platform, the difference of this skeleton with the others was, this set of human bones were covered with a silk cloth, for unknown number of years, under the faint illumination, the colour of the silk was still vivid.

And all of the illumination, even the screaming Yin wind, were all emitted from this set of white bones.

The evil shaman slowly drifted near the bones.

The light orbited, strange rays lengthened and shortened at times, as if in the unseen world of spirits, a pair of eyes was watching him.

The surroundings, all of the thirteen skeletons suddenly made a [long long] sound, like being revived at the same time, the skulls turned, deep sockets stared at the evil shaman figure.

The next moment, the silk cloth rose and floated in the air.

There seemed to be a suppressed deep roar, in that instant that piercing light shone out from under the silk, like an unstoppable arrow that had left its bow, screaming in all directions.

[Wu!], the evil shaman felt that light carried surging turbulent evil power, dashed past his own ears.

The violent winds, joined with sinister sneers, started to resound in this ancient cave.

Thirteen sets of skeletons, suddenly looked up at the same time, screaming to the sky!

In this unearthly atmosphere, the evil shaman unhurriedly landed before the white bones. In the white light, that set of human bones clearly revealed five areas where it had fractured, the right hand, left ankle, hyoid bone, skull and the entire spine was missing.

Right now, reflecting the light emanating from the bones, a white pearl was placed in the right hand, a jade dish at the left ankle and where the hyoid bone was fractured, a ring.

The evil shaman unhurriedly little by little, pulled out the Jade Bone set on top of the Black Staff, then gently placed it on top of the skull. There was a cracked small hole in the centre of the forehead and the Jade Bone fitted just nicely in.

In the darkness, there seemed to be some sounds, summoning far away.

The evil shaman suddenly trembled, his entire body wavered, the light reflecting in his eyes, like two burning balls of white flames.

That burning fire, whose spirit and body was it?

He seemed to exclaim softly but nobody could hear clearly what he was muttering. The next moment, he placed that Black Staff into the middle of the bones, where the spine was.

Suddenly, the world turned quiet.

The howling wind stopped, the piercing light disappeared, the infinite darkness like surging great sea waves soundlessly gushed over and drowned out everything!

Who was it, quietly waiting in the darkness?

That darkest darkness, or the imagined dawn?

When all had calmed down, like a desolate stillness that had never once changed throughout time, the white bones stopped their screaming and became silent.

A sound, in the deepest recesses of this darkness and stillness, quietly, sounded!



[Peng peng!]


That was the sound of heartbeats, pulsing with new energy, everywhere was still pitch dark but like magic, the heartbeats instead became louder, slowly, babble sounds of water were heard.

No, no that was not water, that was blood bursting out from the heart in the vessels with great speed, carrying infinite joy and unstoppable energy, dancing wildly in the darkness.

Hibernating for countless of years, after infinite coldness, once again warmth!

Who was it, quietly panting in the darkness?

The gushing sounds intensified, like a shackled spirit gathering thousands of years of grudges, every drop of blood revived, all carried madness and obstination!

Slowly, the strange sounds started, the solid rock walls once again trembled, the white bones in the darkness once again cried out, welcoming the revived evil spirit.

Only the evil shaman, his figure submerged in the darkness, he sensed the formless evil spirit dancing madly in front of him, sensed that revived spirit and the coursing blood vessels.

That feeling, almost drowned him...


A loud boom, a great force smashed a large hole in the solid floor, Jin PingEr flew backwards out, missing narrowly this sneak attack from the back, her face turning pale.

The female statue seemed to possess some magic powers, she was completely enthralled by it and forgot where she was. However when she suddenly felt air movement above her head, her years of training woke her up from her reverie and escaped by almost a hair's breath, saving her life back.

Jin PingEr had not caught her breath yet when suddenly sharp wind sounds was heard behind her, that fierce spirit had already caught up, his body was obviously made up of shapeless white air but the huge sword and shield wielded by him, were brandished around like a child's toy.

Jin PingEr knew the powerful force of the attack and did not dare to receive it directly, her body swerved and she quickly leapt back to avoid, with these two strokes, the fierce spirit had already drove Jin PingEr several zhangs away from the cave entrance.

Once she landed, Jin PingEr's right hand flipped, purple light surged, the Purple Light Sword already in her hand, facing the apparition, no matter what she could not let her guard down.

Just that although she was bracing for attacks, that fierce spirit after driving her away more about three zhangs from the cave, did not pursue her, his shapeless body still floating beside that female statue.

"Who are you, dare to come to this evil place and dare to profane shaman lady's holy statue?" That fierce spirit stared with his huge eyes, coldly said.

Jin PingEr in her heart heaved a sigh of relief, composed herself, spoke clearly and loudly, "You are mistaken, I do not have the intention to offend this...lady's holy statue, just that when I first saw it, she was really too beautiful and I could not help but touch her statue."

That fierce spirit snorted, his face slightly appeased, most likely he was also aware that this statue possessed unusual powers but his tone was still cold, "Since you are still young and this is your first offence, I will not hold it against you, this is a place of demons and ghosts, not a place for you, you better quickly go!"

Jin PingEr frowned, she had followed the evil shaman for so long, most probably the most important secret was in this Sudue Devil Cave, unexpectedly there was such a highly skilled apparition guarding the entrance, it was really troublesome, if she were to force her way in, not to say that it would most likely alert the evil shaman or some monsters inside, just this fierce spirit was already not easy to deal with.

While she was agonizing over it, the fierce spirit noticed the girl's eyes sweeping past him and the lady's statue and at the same time, glancing involuntarily at the dark cave, obviously she was having thoughts about this cave and his countenance changed.

"Dai!" That fierce spirit bellowed, said, "Lass, I advise you not to invite trouble, a powerful demon resides in this cave, if you go in you are seeking your own death. And I guarding this ancient cave, will definitely not allow outsiders to go in, you better give up this thought of yours!"

Jin PingEr humphed, how would she give up so easily, said, "Didn't that person in black just entered too?"

The fierce spirit was stunned, both of his eyes gleamed brightly, "So you followed that person here?"

Jin PingEr noticed his expression, had some inkling on the relationship between the two people but she continued to say, "Of course, that person looked neither like a human or a, I am not speaking about you, don't be angry!" Jin PingEr almost made a mistake with her words, hurriedly made up for her words to the infuriated spirit, then said, "That person in black snatched the southern border Miao tribe's sacred weapon Black Staff, oh right, on top of it is the Li tribe's sacred weapon Jade Bone, he just went in and I wanted to see what exactly was he going to do..."

Before she could finish, the fierce spirit whose expression had suddenly changed greatly bellowed, forcing Jin PingEr to stop, at the same time shocked her greatly.

"What did you say, he has the Black Staff and Jade Bone?" The fierce spirit's body also started to shake violently.

Jin PingEr stunned, said, "Yes."

The fierce spirit howled to the sky, filled with grief and indignation, he abruptly turned around and looked like he was about to disregard everything and charge in, to find that evil shaman and perish with him.

And at this moment, Jin PingEr and the fierce spirit were both startled at the same time.

The unceasing Yin wind blowing out from the ancient cave, suddenly ceased.

Between Heaven and Earth, like something was missing suddenly, was especially still.

The fierce spirit's face in an instant turned ashen.

His mouth opened wide, like he was going to say something and again like he was using all of his strength to shout, but, there was no sound.

Then, he slowly turned around, looked at the female statue, suddenly, his body again shook, his enormous body softened and actually kneeled before the female statue, crying loudly.

Jin PingEr was shocked, she came from the Evil Sect and had seen numerous unusual things but for a highly skilled fierce spirit to burst out crying in front of her, it was something rare. However that fierce spirit was grief-stricken, his huge body shook uncontrollably, although made up of white air but that anguished emotion was all shown vividly in front of her.

Jin PingEr quietly shifted over, that fierce spirit never noticed her. Until when she was near the statue and was about to sneak into the cave, suddenly, her body shook, her eyes on that female statue, stunned.

On the cold statue, that beautiful lady.

Two streams of clear tears, flowing down from the eyes.

So, thousands and hundred years of time, is it that it still could not erase the deep sorrow...

Jin PingEr stood dumbfoundedly behind the fierce spirit, looking at this grieving statue!

Inside the cave, a low chant was heard, like something had woken up from slumber and said the first words.

The Yin wind started again, it howling even more mournful!

Even the sky, the colour of the sky, above them, also darkened.

A flash of lightning, pierced through the dark clouds.

A clap of thunder, exploded across the horizon.

Lightning flashed and thunder roared, instantly tore across the sky, black clouds boiled and churned, surging over from the ten thousands great mountains, gathering above the Subdue Devil Cave.

Heavy rain came crashing down, mixed with huge hailstones, pelting the ground and creating pot holes.

Jin PingEr was startled, she avoided left and right, floating in the rain. That fierce spirit instead suddenly lifted his head, looked at the sky, all of the wind, rain and hail seemed not to have any impact on him but his eyes was full of despair.


He shouted to the sky.

While the shout of despair was on-going, a strange cry came from the Subdue Devil Cave, coming from a distance, increasing in speed, increasingly louder, until it became deafening, Jin PingEr felt a ringing in her head, as if her head was about to burst, her expression changed and she quickly brushed to the side.

And that fierce spirit, suddenly turned, placed his huge body at the entrance, raised his shield, his enormous sword across his chest, his enraged eyes, without any slightest sign of fear, stood erect.

That whistling became louder and louder, in a blink it had already reached the entrance.

Deafening thunder suddenly exploded across the horizon, Heaven and Earth cried out, as if the entire ten thousands great mountains ranges shook at the same time.

In the storm, the fierce spirit looked like a helpless small boat being rocked around.

That stretch of darkness, like a demon beast brandishing its claws, pounced on him from the ancient cave.

The fierce spirit bellowed, charged up to receive!

The enormous sword reflecting the lightning from the horizon, slashed towards the darkness, the black energy in that instant split from the middle but then again immediately bounced up together, with astounding speed shrouding his body in it.

The spirit yelled, from far, Jin PingEr still could hear that voice...


The next moment, the spirit disappeared, the black air like a mountain, gathering furiously at the cave entrance, facing the horizon, facing the earth.

A red light beam suddenly flashed from the darkness.

A figure, a man who was wrapped in a vividly red coloured silk cloth, back facing the direction of Jin PingEr, slowly descended from the black air, stood before that female statue.

Behind him, the black air whistled sharply, shadows wavered, as if numerous demons were cheering in glee.

But his back figure seemed somehow different.

Standing before the statue, he silently stood in the storm.

Slowly, he stretched his hand out, gently caressed, that cold statue.

Quietly his voice reverberated in the storm, traversing thousands and thousands of years, traversing innumerable wind, rain and snow.

"Ling Long..."