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Chapter 134: Fierce Spirit

 Chapter 134 - Fierce Spirit

"Just let me pass!" The evil shaman after being silent for a long time, spoke slowly.

That fierce spirit coldly stared at him, said, "Before the lady holy statue, you still don't feel any remorse?"

The evil shaman's black clothes again trembled slightly, it seemed that beneath his clothes, he was very agitated, just that, he never once turned back to look at that female statue.

"I did no wrong, it was lady who was wrong!" His voice rough.


The fierce spirit suddenly bellowed furiously, the roar was as if the thunder in the horizon in an instant landed on the mortal world, blasting the surrounding sands and rocks away, "Bastard! You this shameless disciple, you dare to say such words!"

Jin PingEr at a distance frowned tightly and reflexively covered her ears, she could not hear clearly the words exchanged but this sudden anger eruption from the fierce spirit seemed like a thunder exploding beside her ears, making her ears rang.

Over there, the evil shaman had a black veil over his face, obscuring his expression but he was heard speaking and his voice was turning more and more anguished and desolated, "I did no wrong, I did no wrong..."

He muttered, not knowing if he was speaking to the fierce spirit or to himself, or, perhaps he was speaking to the female statue behind him!

"Black Wood, hurry go kneel and seek forgiveness before the lady holy statue, sever your foolish ideas and we are still brothers, if not, from today onwards, do not blame me for being heartless."

The evil shaman's body shook, he raised his head and said, "You, you still acknowledge me as your brother?"

"Yes!" The fierce spirit shouted loudly, "Only if you sever your foolish ideas and after you seek forgiveness from lady holy statue, serve lady together with me, guard this Subdue Devil Cave, you Black Wood will forever be my brother!"

The black clothes on the evil shaman swayed with the wind, indistinctly one could feel the internal agitation of his heart, but, only after a moment, his body gradually calmed down and he turned silent. That fierce spirit watched him, the initial anticipation expression finally turned into a deeper fury.

"You are still not turning back?" The fierce spirit bellowed.

The evil shaman's voice now had totally turned calm, like his usual tone, quietly said, "I can't turn back anymore."

[Roar!] The fierce spirit bellowed, the enormous sword struck down, brandished before the evil shaman, in that instant sands flew up, even the grounds at a distance also quaked.

Jin PingEr's countenance changed, the powerfulness of the fierce spirit's skills, was way beyond her imagination.

But the evil shaman did not show any fear, watched the fierce spirit coldly, said, "Big brother..."

The fierce spirit bellowed, "Shut up, I am not your big brother!"

The evil shaman indifferently said, "Even if you do not acknowledge me, you are forever my big brother. But it is really the lady who was wrong at that time and as things had turned out to be like this, I want to finish what lady did not complete!"

The fierce spirit became even more infuriated, shouted, "Are you mad?"

The evil shaman inhaled deeply, said, "Even if I am mad, I must also do this!"

After speaking, his body floated and headed towards the cave. The fierce spirit clearly was enraged, bellowed, his enormous sword striking towards the evil shaman's head. The might of this sword was even more powerful than before, the rock walls of the ancient cave entrance trembled, looking like it was going to collapse.

Jin PingEr saw it from afar and could not help but worry for the evil shaman, just that the evil shaman had already submerged into the cave, his figure blocked by the stone walls, how he fought off the fierce spirit, Jin PingEr was unable to see.

And in the ancient cave, after the dust settled, the fierce spirit bellowed unceasingly but the evil shaman's figure had already disappeared.

Deep in the darkness of the cave, the evil shaman's faint voice was heard saying, "Big brother, in your lifetime and after your death, you are an unparalleled hero, just that, we are now the same kind of people, why must you..."

The fierce spirit's sharp howl, extremely bleak, as if a raging fire was consuming its lungs.

The Subdue Devil Cave was silent, evidently the evil shaman had gone far.

The fierce spirit after a moment, unhurriedly turned towards that statue at the entrance, its huge body slowly twisted, layers of white air, like smoke, shrouded the female statue.


The quiet voice choked with emotions, seemed a separate world of forlorn and vicissitudes, carrying an indistinct sense of helplessness, between Heaven and Earth, quietly reverberated. And his body, also gradually dispersed, disappearing in the black air and Yin cold wind.

The cave again regained its tranquility, as if nothing had happened. Only that female statue was still erected there and the unceasing whistling of the Yin cold wind from deep inside the cave, howling unceasingly.

That sound, seemed to be even more mournful.

Central Plains, south, Majestic Fox Mountain.

Below the desolate mountain range, concealed the Evil Sect Ghost King Sect headquarters, countless of Evil Sect disciples busily walking in and out.

And in the recesses of this place, in an enormous naturally-formed cave, Ghost King expressionlessly stood on the platform, looking down on the two ancient beasts in the blood pool.

The Kui Niu soaked within the blood water, unmoving, its eyes also looked dull. And the Yellow Bird which initially was still struggling with vigour, now seemed to be suppressed under some unnatural powers, its spirit also subdued, quietly soaked in the blood water, not moving anymore.

Suspended in the air the Hidden Dragon Cauldron, glimmered with red light, revolving slowly, projecting streams of red light screens, enveloping Kui Niu and the Yellow Bird within it.

The thick smell of blood, filled up this cave.

A black figure suddenly flashed, the most mysterious figure in Ghost King Sect, Mr Ghost, flew up and appeared beside the Ghost King.

Ghost King looked at him, said, "How is it?"

Mr Ghost's disguise looked similar to that mysterious evil shaman in the southern border, both were dressed in black clothes with black veils masking their faces, only his voice seemed to be much older.

His veil swayed slightly, he nodded slightly and said, "It is almost done, Kui Niu has conceded and within three days, the Yellow Bird will submit to the formation. The Four Divinities Blood Formation

Is already half completed."

Ghost King did not speak, slowly nodded his head.

Mr Ghost faintly said, "Not including the Good Faction, half of this Four Divinities Blood Formation's power is already sufficient to crush Wan Du Clan and HeHuan Sect."

Ghost King glanced at him, drawled, "What I want to deal with is Qing Yun Sect Zhu Xian Sword Formation."

Mr Ghost was silent.

Ghost King turned around, walked off unhurriedly, at the same time said, "I will hasten to find the other two spiritual beasts, the affairs here will have to trouble you."

Mr Ghost watched that figure slowly went far away, a strange gleam flashed in his eyes, not knowing what he was thinking.

After a long time, he turned around, pondering, suddenly he sighed, his figure flashed and again flew towards the blood pool.

In the ancient cave, the smell of blood suddenly again intensified.

Ghost King walked out from the blood pool cave, clasping his hands behind, he walked down the long tunnel and came to a cross junction, after hesitating for a moment, a trace of sorrow flashed past his face, he turned and headed towards the right.

On the way, he met many Ghost King Sect disciples, all bowed in obeisance when they saw Ghost King, Ghost King did not acknowledge and only unhurriedly walked past, until the end of the path, to that icy cold stone chamber.

He stood in front of the door, his usual impassive face suddenly seemed much older. A quiet sigh, he pushed opened the stone door and walked in.

A gust of cold air greeted him, Ghost King closed the door behind him. The stone chamber was not very big and the furnishings were even simpler, only a ice stone platform in the centre, a pale-looking BiYao, quietly lying on top, both hands at her chest, clutching the golden [HeHuan Bell].

A lady, quietly sitting beside her, gazing at her.

Ghost King walked up, his eyes on his beloved daughter's face, the corner of his eyes suddenly wrinkled, even his hands behind his back also could not help but clutched tightly together.

Ten years already, a total of ten years.

For ten years not a day passed where he had not grieved for his daughter, not even after he deliberately reduced the number of visits.

His only, beloved daughter...

His voice, suddenly turned deep and hoarse, "YouJi, leave me to be with BiYao for a while."

YouJi slowly stood up, turned and bowed slightly to Ghost King, she walked out.

Ghost King's gaze swept over her, unspeaking.


A low sound, the stone door again shut, in the cold chamber, leaving only the father and daughter.

Ghost King came near to BiYao and sat beside.

"BiYao, as your father I have not come to see you for some time, are you mad at me..." His low deep voice, quietly reverberated in the chamber, carrying infinite anguish

Only BiYao was still lying peacefully.

Ghost King looked at that beautiful face, lost in his thoughts, "You really look like your mother! Even your temperaments are almost similar. Do you know, BiYao..."

"When your mother passed away, I didn't get to see her for the last time but I know, she entrusted you to me. For so many years, I worry that I am not treating you well and would not be able to face your mother in the netherworld. But...but..."

This person who today commanded fear and hatred, right now even his voice also started to quiver, saying the words he had repeated countless times in these ten years, "Why, why are you so foolish..."

BiYao was silent, lying peacefully before him, on her pale face, not a single trace of pain or sadness, instead, there seemed to be an indistinct smile.

"BiYao..." Ghost King quietly called out and did not speak again. He quietly sat like that, accompanying his only beloved daughter.

Until, on the icy cold stone chamber door, suddenly a [pi kou] knocking sound was heard.

Ghost King frowned, a murderous glint flashed past his eyes, in these ten years, other than that Ghost Li, nobody dared to disturb him when he was with his daughter. As for Ghost Li, to him, there had always been only BiYao, Ghost King also did not say anything to him.

But now that Ghost Li was not around, someone dared to infringe on Ghost King's taboo, it was really rare. Ghost King snorted, stood up and used his sleeve to lightly wipe his wet eyes, inhaled and when he turned around again, it was again that Ghost King who many held in awe and veneration.

He unhurriedly walked to the door, opened and stepped out.

Outside, there was only one person standing there - Qing Long.

Ghost King frowned, Qing Long was one of the four holy envoys of Ghost King Sect and more than that, his his right hand man and heavily relied trusted subordinate. And he had always done things with caution, would never make such action as to disturb his time with BiYao.

Seemed like something serious had happened.

Ghost King looked at him, Qing Long quietly said, "There is news from the southern border side."

Ghost King frowned and said, "What is it?"

Qing Long glanced at Ghost King, said, "Heard that Ghost Li has already found someone who knows Soul Return Unusual Art and is bringing him back."

This matter was definitely not trivial, Ghost King who had practised to maintain his composure right now revealed joy on his face, he subconsciously stepped forward and said, "Really?"

Qing Long nodded, in his heart he muttered to himself, the deep bonds of flesh and blood, it was a fact that nobody could sever.

Ghost King raised his head and looked up, inhaled deeply, composed his agitated emotions but both of his hands were still trembling, said, "Who is that person, how did Ghost Li manage to find him?"

Qing Long said, "That person is from one of the southern border five tribes, the great shaman of Miao tribe, as for how Ghost Li knows that he possess the Soul Return skill, this I do not know."

Ghost King nodded and said, "It doesn't matter, as long as he can save BiYao, as long as he can save BiYao..." He wished that the great shaman and Ghost Li were in front of him right now.

"How many days have they been travelling and how many more until they arrive?" He continued to press on.

Qing Long said, "This news is passed on to one of our scouts in the southern border by Ghost Li himself. Heard that because that great shaman is seriously injured and unable to fly so they can only travel by foot."

Ghost King was stunned, said, "Seriously injured, what happened?"

Qing Long said, "Heard that he sustained injuries during the internal fights between the five tribes, and also, " He hesitated and said, "Seemed like Ghost Li also sustained serious injuries and it was inflicted by the Good Faction."

Ghost King's stare froze, said, "What happened?"

Qing Long shook his head and said, "I don't know the details, the southern border has always been the main seat of the FenXiang Valley's might, it is difficult for our people to infiltrate in, I'm afraid we have to wait for Ghost Li for the details. However over at the southern border, it has always been lao er White Tiger in-charge, he is also the one who conveyed the news. But in his words, it seemed..."

Ghost King coldly said, "What did White Tiger says?"

Qing Long remained silent for a moment, said, "White Tiger mentioned that coming back with Ghost Li, there is still an, an alluring woman."

Ghost King's countenance changed.

Qing Long glanced at Ghost King, slowly continued, "Also, White Tiger specifically mentioned one point in his news, that the monkey beside Ghost Li, seemed different."

Ghost King's eyes flashed a glint of cold, after a while, he slowly said, "The three-eyed spirited monkey, its spiritual eye has already been opened?"

Qing Long was silent, did not reply.

Outside the icy cold chamber, it suddenly became quiet, Ghost King slowly turned, his eyes on that stone door. His gaze seemed to penetrate through the thick stone door, gazing at that girl who was lying peacefully.

"BiYao, are you watching father..."

Ghost King in his heart, faintly muttered this sentence.

Ten thousands great mountains, Subdue Devil Cave.

Jin PingEr quietly moved, headed near to where that mysterious eerie ancient cave entrance was.

The evil shaman had went in for some time, that fierce spirit had also disappeared and did not appear again, the entire ancient cave entrance was an uncanny stillness, only the Yin wind from the cave was still whistling unceasingly.

Slowly, Jin PingEr came near that female statue. She cautiously went near, the surroundings was still very peaceful, even when she came about three chi in front of the female statue, there was still only the wind howling, no other movements at all.

Jin PingEr suddenly felt that she could almost hear her own heartbeats.

She composed herself and again scrutinized the surroundings, especially towards the cave entrance, over there there was only darkness, like a bottomless darkness concealing a horrible demon, opening its ferocious mouth and howling incessantly.

Jin PingEr slightly frowned, she sensed that within that darkness, evil energy towering in it, making her energy and blood channels flowing in opposite directions, an uncomfortable sensation. However, right now her curiosity superseded everything, that female statue to her, seemed so mysterious, no matter what, she had to take a good look at this statue.

The next moment, her eyes landed on that statue.

So it was a beautiful lady! Jin PingEr in her heart softly muttered.

Graceful eyebrows, slender across her face, her oval face showed some evident lines of resolution, her lips pressed together slightly, her eyes determined, like after going through thousands of difficulties and odds, she finally made a resolution. But, her face, her expression, were all strangely tender, a little heartbroken, a little forlorn.

Thousands of years of wind and frost, could it erase the beauty of the past?

You standing solitarily in these years, again for who?

Jin PingEr quietly gazed, slowly stretched out her hand, touching the female statue, she did not notice, behind her, just when her hand touched the statue, suddenly white air appeared, gradually amassing and forming into a human figure, it was that fierce spirit.

Under her hand, was actually rough rock, signs of exposure to the countless years of Yin wind and chilly snow, beatings of the wind and rain, as if beneath Jin PingEr's fair hand, one by one revealing, from the statue, travelling up her hand and into her heart.

This lady, what kind of woman is she exactly?

Jin PingEr as if infatuated, deeply mesmerized by that female statue.

Behind her, that fierce spirit had already completed its manifestation, fury on its face, its enormous sword swung up high, suddenly with a loud bellow, slashed down!