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Chapter 129: Intention

Chapter 129 - Intention

Everyone collectively held their breaths.

That figure, disappeared in that enormous white beam of light.

The white-attired girl standing high up in the clouds, maybe she had exerted too much of her strength! She actually staggered and no longer able to maintain her balance, slowly descended.

But, but, from where did a laughter out of a sudden came from?

That desolation was out of this world!

Red light suddenly appeared in that white beam of light, red as blood, that man drenched in blood, like a mad demon appearing suddenly, lifted his head up to the sky and howled.

The night was dark.

Hair in disarray, clothes torn, the sprayed blood like mist, only that Sinister Orb was brilliantly shining, illuminating the entire night sky.

He raised his head and stare, charging up.

The wind biting cold, heavy with smell of blood, Lu XueQi's face was as white as snow, without any trace of blood. Watching that figure leaping over, TianYa subconsciously stabbed out.

Blue light covered a thousands zhangs, in an instant pierced through the red mist, just before him.

That wound, right in front of her eyes.

TianYa trembled!

That stare, so intently, insane yet so familiar.

Maybe it still remembered, many years ago, that once fearless young man....

The red light exploded, swallowing both their figures.

Wailing ghost cries, filled the sky.

The Good Faction members cried out in shock, each scrambling to fly up. Just that before they could react in time, there was another white figure, flew up like lightning.

In the red light, the hand wet with blood, like a grinning devil demonic claws, grabbed for her.

Just that, TianYa quietly hung down.

She in the storm, stood solitary, facing him, quietly watching.

That bloody hand, pressed upon her clothes, the evil surging power, howling just beside the palm.

That insane blood-red eyes, was just before her.

Whose heart, pounded slightly...

The red light scattered, a figure, dejectedly fell.

Lu XueQi in the mid-air, shut her eyes tightly, on her clothes, there was a blood-red stain, a ghastly sight.

After the storm, would there still be tears...

Reaching before the Good Faction people, that out-of-nowhere white figure snatched up the unconscious Ghost Li, carrying him and flew off sideways, it was Xiao Bai.

She assessed Ghost Li's injuries, frowning tightly, shook her head and sighed, quietly said, "Really can't stand you, even if you value sentiments you don't have to make it so tragic right..."

Ghost Li did not reply, unconscious people would not be able to speak. After the initial shock, the Good Faction members shouted out in anger, Xiao Bai raised her eyes and looked, her bright eyes captivating, for a moment made the crowd paused.

Lu XueQi slowly landed, that bloody handprint seemed to be carved onto her clothes, especially conspicuous on her white clothes, the crowd could almost imagine, how close had the demon's hand brought death to this girl!

She in the end, avoided this calamity however the one severely injured was instead that Evil Sect sorcerer.

The well-known figures of the Qing Yun Sect younger generation, were really exceptional.

Xiao Bai swept her gaze over them and lastly on Lu XueQi, appraised her carefully and nodded, a slight smile on her lips, said, "Truly an exceptional beauty, no wonder guys fall head over heels for you." After speaking, she first looked at Ghost Li whom she was carrying and then, with or without intention, glanced sideways at Li Xun who was looking in pain.

Anger flashed past Li Xun's face, half of his right hand because of the Sinister Orb's attack in the battle had shrivelled up and looked terrible, he did not know if it would impede his future trainings and right now, after hearing this seductive girl's sarcastic words, immediately he angrily said, "Who are you, this Ghost Li is a heinous Evil Sect evildoer, if you are sensible..."


Xiao Bai suddenly burst out laughing, facing this group of Good Faction people, she deliberately hugged Ghost Li tighter to her, causing them to glance elsewhere uncomfortably, at the same time, indifferently said, "Don't you know, I have never been sensible!"

Li Xun was speechless, for a moment did not know what to say, at the same time, the pain in his right hand was intensifying, he was feeling even more anxious in his heart.

And also at this moment, suddenly an exclamation, came from the back.

"Nine-tailed evil fox! She is the nine-tailed evil fox!"

Everyone was stunned, Lu XueQi and FaXiang were unaware of FenXiang Valley's Inferno Altar secret but FenXiang Valley disciples were in a pandemonium, the person who had shouted out, was the most senior person there, LuShun.

Xiao Bai glanced a few times at LuShun, contemplated for a while, nodded and said, "You this old man, is the coward who hid behind Yun YiLan and ShangGuan Ce those two old thieves at that time?"

LuShun's face immediately turned red with anger, his finger pointing at Xiao Bai, was so incensed that he was shaking slightly, in the furtive glances at him made by those around him, he bellowed, "What are you all looking at, still not moving, go catch this evil demon!"

Xiao Bai laughed lightly, carrying Ghost Li and was about to fly up, LuShun was the first to fly up and blocked her but Xiao Bai with a snort, not even taking a glance at him, her white figure shifted and a faint light flew out from her sleeve, hit LuShun's sword.

LuShun in the mid-air, with a muffled groan, fell backwards down.

Everyone was shocked, LuShun although not as famous as his fellow FenXiang Valley valley master Yun YiLan and ShangGuan Ce but he was still considered a senior figure in FenXiang Valley. But with this nine-tailed celestial fox, he was defeated in just one round, how high the evil demon's skills were, one could imagine.

Immediately everyone started shouting, leapt up together, Xiao Bai frowned slightly, her expression showing disdain, her figure wavered and flashed past several people in succession, about to fly up when suddenly behind her a pure Buddhism incantation was heard and a golden light surged over.

Xiao Bai frowned, for the first time her face revealed shock, she turned and waved her sleeves, a faint green light flew out and blocked that golden light.

"The Great Brahman Wisdom " she looked at FaXiang, nodded and said, "Didn't expect that TianYin Temple has such a talent like you, really a mighty Good Faction sect that can stand shoulder to shoulder with Qing Yun."

FaXiang brought his palms together and said, "Many thanks for patron's praise." Although his words were courteous but after he placed his hands together, the golden light became even more powerful, a golden dazzling pearl flew out from his sleeve, spinning rapidly towards Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai with a snort, withdrew the green light, her body together with Ghost Li floated up, straight up towards the sky, after a moment, at where she was standing just, a loud boom and a radius of two zhang crater emerged in the ground.

Unwilling to be entangled in this anymore, Xiao Bai took the opportunity to escape but unexpectedly dazzling blue light [si si si] sharp sounds instantly exploded, charging towards her, it was Lu XueQi's TianYa Celestial Sword which had arrived. Xiao Bai's face turned cold, suddenly stretched and directly plunged her hand into the thousands of lights, a [zheng] crisp and clear sound resounded, the light from Lu XueQi's sword disappeared, shock registered on her face, TianYa had also returned to her hand.

Xiao Bai did not hesitate further, carrying Ghost Li and like an apparition, disappeared in the mid-air, the crowd was shocked, after a moment, someone saw a white figure, like lightning swept towards the opposite shore and shouted out loudly.

Xiao Bai was seen entering a wooden house. The next moment, before the rest arrived, again flew out from the window, other than Ghost Li on her shoulder, there was another small grey figure, it was the monkey Xiao Hui who was still snoring...

Until the group arrived, Xiao Bai was already nowhere to be seen. The Good Faction people cursed in anger but most of them were secretly shocked, the skills of the nine-tailed celestial fox were that high, they really could not underestimate.

By then, the battles in Seven Mile Cave had finally ceased completely, what was left, were an inferno sea and innumerable Miao commoners' heart-wrenching cries.

From far, the injured Tu MaGu tribe leader was yelling, leading a group of people and running up the mountain, evidently to check on the great shaman's injuries. And over there, the great shaman was already surrounded by people, the shoutings reverberated over from far.

The group returned to where they were previously, the fiery flames making a racket, crackling sounds of the fire devouring the woods made repetitively and there were even big wooden beams crashing down frequently, the situation was really devastating.

FaXiang shook his head and sighed, compassion filled his face, he was the first to fly into the inferno fire and help those Miao commoners in putting the fire out. Following his lead, the rest of the FenXiang disciples also followed.

By then Li Xun could feel the pain in his right hand had slightly subsided, seemed like as long as he circulated his internal energy to resist it, he was not in danger, he then felt slightly relieved.

Just when he was deliberating if he should follow the rest to help with the fires, a voice was heard suddenly behind him, "Li senior brother."

Li Xun was surprised and turned around, Lu XueQi was standing there, TianYa was back in its sheath and held in her hand, her white clothes under the fire's reflection, rippled. That bloody handprint on her clothes, looked even more glaring and she, seemed to have no intention of concealing it.

Her face was as cold as usual, gazed indifferently at Li Xun.

Li Xun for some reason, felt uncomfortable with her gaze, said, "What is it, Lu junior sister?"

Lu XueQi quietly watched Li Xun, after a while, then unhurriedly said, "That wound at Ghost Li's right shoulder, was it inflicted by you using Jade Ruler?"

Li Xun's mouth suddenly felt dry, after a moment honestly said, "Yes."

The hand which held TianYa, instantly tightened, on her fair skin, a faint green revealed. Just that her face, was still cold and aloof like snow, without any expression.

She nodded slightly, turned and left.

Li Xun suddenly felt an inexplicable anger, shouted, "Lu junior sister, what do you mean by this?"

Lu XueQi's body paused, under the surrounding raging fire flames, her white figure seemed to be burning too.

"Good ruler skills! Amazing!"

The faint voice, from that figure back-facing him, travelled over, one word by one word, drawling and extremely clear.

Li Xun suddenly was speechless.

Lu XueQi walked on, suddenly in a big house above her which had been burning for some time, with a loud crack, an enormous beam burning with fiery flames fell towards the direction of her head.

Li Xun was shocked but before he could shout out, Lu XueQi with a soft whistle, for some reason, in that whistle, it contained grief and indignation. Her left hand waved, TianYa Celestial Sword still in its sheath flew up, the blue light exploded, in the rumble, broke this enormous wood into pieces, innumerable fire sparks flew out, covering the sky, after a moment, fell like rain, extremely magnificent, obstructing between Li Xun and her, drowning out her figure completely.

Li Xun watched that fire rain in the sky, for a moment was stunned, gazed dazedly.

The late night.

Xiao Bai transformed into a lightning-fast white light, traversed between the lofty ridges and towering mountains, leaving the Seven Mile Cave far away. About slightly after an hour, she then found a deserted place halfway up a lofty mountain and stopped there.

She gently placed Ghost Li down on the ground, looking at this man covered in blood, large amounts flowed down to his hand, slowly absorbed in by the Sinister Orb which was glowing in red. The Sinister Orb was as if it was a spirit accompanying beside Ghost Li, incessantly devouring its master's essence.

Xiao Bai heaved a sigh, stretched her hand and tried to take the Soul-Absorbing stick from Ghost Li but unexpectedly even though he was unconscious, his hand was still gripping the evil stick tightly, as if this thing, was his only support.

Xiao Bai after trying twice to pull it from his hand and failed, shook her head and gave up. Looking at her own hand, her middle finger on her right hand which was originally fair, had now slowly turned red and indistinctly trembling.

Xiao Bai smiled, quietly said, "What a good TianYa sword, it is really as reputed, a worthy celestial weapon..."

[Pu tong] a sound was heard suddenly beside her, Xiao Bai was startled and turned to look, it was Xiao Hui who was still unconscious, fell from her shoulder and happened to land beside its seriously injured master, its mouth still making [ze ze] sounds, its hand stretched out to scratch its head and then it fell asleep again.

Xiao Bai found it infuriating and funny at the same time, loudly said, "Damn monkey!"

[Hu hu...]

"Your idiot master is almost dying!"

[Hu hu..]

"..." Xiao Bai was speechless, rolled her eyes at the monkey, with one kick pushed the monkey away and then crouched down beside Ghost Li, assessed his injuries and then shook her head while sighing.

The night was as cold as water, chilling deep into the bones.

That chill, seemed to have experience it many years ago?

While Ghost Li dazedly woke up, that thought flashed past his head.

Opening his eyes, the first sight, was the sky full of stars.

The southern border night sky, right now, was not in flames, there was no racket and finally it revealed its original tranquil appearance. In the sky, innumerable clusters of stars twinkled. Big or small, like human eyes, maybe with some mischief, ridiculing and watching the mortal world.

Excruciating pain from his right shoulder and then his entire body, aching all over. Even him who was of a strong character, could not help but suck in a mouthful of cold air.

"You are awake." A calm with some concern voice, was heard beside him.

Ghost Li turned and saw Xiao Bai's face.

He forced himself to sit up and inadvertently moved his wound, he could not help but frown. Xiao Bai looked at him and said, "You are quite seriously wounded, better take a good rest first!"

Ghost Li looked down, saw his right shoulder was bandaged with white cloth, the other smaller wound areas had also telltale signs of being cared for. There was no other people around so naturally it must be Xiao Bai's efforts while he was unconscious.

He quietly said, "It must be you who saved me, thank you."

Xiao Bai shrugged her shoulders and said, "I did not do anything, it is also mainly because of your tough life, even I also did not expect that you would be able to survive under those circumstances."

Ghost Li grunted, flashes of the Seven Mile Cave battles recalled in his mind, suddenly felt downhearted, lost for thoughts at where he was and did not wish to speak anymore.

Xiao Bai faintly said, "Speaking of which, the Miao commoners in the Seven Mile Cave are the most unlucky! Their houses were burned, casualties and dead innumerable, even their revered enigma great shaman, I think he is also most likely..."

Ghost Li suddenly was shocked.

"What happened to him?" Ghost Li's voice suddenly turned hoarse.

Xiao Bai, still with her expression of indifference, said, "I remembered that old man fighting with that strange person up in the sky, defeated when his strength was gone, he was severely injured, even their sacred weapons..."

"How is he, is he dead?" Ghost Li abruptly crawled up, cut off Xiao Bai's words and evidently not interested in the Miao's sacred weapon. Just that when he stood up, his face grimaced in pain, his legs weakened and his body wavered, almost collapsing.

Xiao Bai was about to support him but Ghost Li had already with big breaths, stabilized his body with difficulty but his forehead was drenched in cold sweats.

Xiao Bai slowly withdrew her hand, quietly watched him, said, "Why are you doing this?"

Ghost Li breathlessly said, "The great shaman, what exactly happened to him, is he alright?"

Xiao Bai said, "When I took you away, I saw the Miao people clustering around him, whether he is alive or dead, honestly, I also don't know."

Agony and regret flashed past Ghost Li's eyes, he gritted his teeth, turned and left but in a few steps, suddenly a muffled groan, the white bandage cloth over his right shoulder wound had already turned red, at the same time his face was convulsing.

Xiao Bai behind him, faintly said, "You better rest first! Qing Yun Sect's Celestial Sword Wield Thunder True Formula, how would it be that easy to take down."

Ghost Li felt his body channels were in a mess, his breathings in disarray, his cultivated Qing Yun skills, TianYin Temple Great Brahman Wisdom and also the secret TianShu skills, all had jumbled up into one big mess, ever since he had turned his back on Qing Yun ten years ago, massacred thousands in the Evil Sect internal fights, his injuries today was considered the most severe.

Lu XueQi's cultivation and training, really progressed at a tremendous pace!

While he was bitterly thinking about this, he was still forcefully trying to bear the pain in his body and slowly stepping forward, making his way ahead.

"You disregard your life and death just to see that great shaman, is because of BiYao right?" Xiao Bai's voice, faintly heard behind him.

Ghost Li did not reply, only slowly made the second step.

Xiao Bai behind him, looked at that stubborn figure, heaved a long sigh, shook her head, laughed bitterly, said, "You are great, you are great!" speaking, she slowly followed along. Just that after a while, she suddenly said, "That white-attired lady who fought with you tonight, comparing to BiYao, who do you like better?"

Ghost Li's body abruptly stopped, he whipped his head around, stared at Xiao Bai, Xiao Bai's countenance did not change, under the fierce stare of Ghost Li, was still smiling at him.

Ghost Li, breathing with heavy breaths, slowly turned his head around, the next moment he unhurriedly, as if speaking to deep down inside his heart, quietly said, "In this world, only BiYao is true to me!"

Xiao Bai was silent.

"For her, even if I died, what does it matter?" Ghost Li slowly continued then moved his body, walked ahead.

In the horizon, starlight resplendent, spilling onto the world.

Xiao Bai sighed, followed along, after walking a few steps, she suddenly turned back to look at the place where they were resting previously, loudly called out, "Damn monkey, we are leaving!"

[Hu hu...]

Xiao Bai, "..."