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Chapter 128: Evil Shaman

Chapter 128 - Evil Shaman

The fire burning in the horizon gradually dimmed down, Ah HeTai concealed within the dark clouds, sped away from the Seven Mile Cave.

After traveling an hour and after he had made sure that there were no longer any outsiders pursuing him, he then slowly descended from the clouds, returning back to the ground, landing at one of the mountain valley.

Both Li and Miao tribes had heavy casualties but Ah HeTai seemed not in a hurry to return to his remaining Li tribe people. He carefully assessed the black staff in his hand, a mysterious shaman power faintly circulating in the black staff body, making this hot-blooded Li tribe person's body resounding with the power within.

He could even imagine, he himself wielding the Jade Bone Black Staff and dominating the southern border, the once powerful and great shaman, would be himself in the future. As for his panic-stricken tribe now, he did not have to worry too much since that tribe leader was so intended on his revenge, let him have a good kill, if not with his boarish nature, he might have a problem controlling him in the future.

Ah HeTai coldly laughed, held the black staff tightly in his chest, right now this moment, he no longer had any fear. Not even that devil king whom had given him his power. Despite the fact that his current skills was still not that devil king's match but he and that great shaman both knew the origins and circumstances of that mysterious devil king, without the southern border five tribes sacred weapons assembling together, that devil king could never hope to be revived from the "Subdue Devil Cave' in the ten thousands great mountains.

The thought of even the devil king which had terrorized the entire southern border, was also being played out by him, Ah HeTai was beyond delighted, unable to contain himself, he laughed out loudly.

The sound reverberated in the night air, reverberated within the mountains.

"Ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha..."

While he was rejoicing, suddenly a light palm sound came from the darkness on the other side of the mountain valley, at the same time a voice, deep and faint, was heard, "Amazing, amazing!"

Ah HeTai's body shook, whipped his body around but saw only darkness, he could not see anything clearly, loudly shouted, "Who is it, come out!"

In the darkness, two balls of crimson fire flames suddenly burned, followed by a series of low breathing sounds, like an enormous beast growling quietly, was heard from the darkness.

Ah HeTai's countenance changed greatly.

That two balls of crimson fires did not move, watched Ah HeTai from the darkness. Before the crimson fires, a black-attired person walked out from the darkness.

That person seemed to flow out from the darkness, his entire body from the head to the feet were clothed in black, leaving only his eyes uncovered, the empty holes chilling. And his body was stiff, he did not walk out, leaving about a distance of two chi from the ground, he floated out.

Ah HeTai's nostrils shrank, the expression on his face tensed up, like he had seen a demon.

That black-attired man unhurriedly said, "Ah HeTai, as expected you did not let the Beast Deity down and obtained both the Jade Bone and Black Staff."

Ah HeTai subconciously grabbed the black staff tighter, this action was observed by the black-attired man and behind him, where that two balls of crimson fires were, an angry roar was heard.

The black-attired man raised his hand slightly, the strange beast behind him quietened down, he then unhurriedly said, "Ah HeTai, seems like you do not wish to keep your promise made to Beast Deity and give us the two sacred weapons!"

Ah HeTai's expression changed, conflicting, evidently the 'Beast Deity' to him was a terrible existence but after a few internal struggles, greed eventually won the war.

"Pei!" Ah HeTai's face revealed a vicious expression, coldly said, "I now have the Black Staff, Jade Bone, these are the weapons which once scattered the evil beast's souls, if you are not afraid, come and try!"

The black-attired man, after a while, said, "So to say, you really have the intention to betray Beast Deity."

Ah HeTai raised the Jade Bone Black Staff, felt the shaman power within it surging, he truly felt he had the world in his hand, he could not help but laughed wildly, "So what, don't assume I don't know, without gathering the southern border five tribes sacred weapons, the evil beast has no chance of reviving in the Subdue Demon Cave. Without him, even with you and your evil dragon behind you, before my sacred weapons, what are you? Ha ha ha ha ha..."


The two balls of crimson fires behind the black-attired man made [ao ao ao] low roars, it was clearly enraged, the black-attired man was instead very calm, coldly looked at Ah HeTai and said, "Don't forget, these five sacred weapons, where did it come from? All of you these southern border barbarians have only use thirty percent of its shaman powers. If not for that, even if you have the power invested by the Beast Deity, how would you be able to snatch it from that old fart great shaman of the Miao tribe." His voice gradually became deeper, his words became colder, said, "I am giving you the last warning, do not go against the Beast Deity!"

For some reason, Ah HeTai's heart hiccupped once, even he himself also sensed that his body was trembling. But after a moment, he again tightened his grip around the Jade Bone Black Staff.

"Go and die!" His eyes wide, waving the black staff, a stream of black fire instantly ignited and spurted out, towards the black-attired man. The areas that the fire passed by withered and turned black.

The black-attired man coldly snorted and he did not seem to be making any action but the black fire was suddenly blocked by an invisible power three chi before him. But looking at Ah HeTai's expression, he was not surprised and evidently he was just testing him only.

On the contrary, after experiencing this attack, he had already confirmed what he had surmised in his heart a long time ago, the Jade Bone Black Staff these sacred weapons could amplify the powers that the Beast Deity invested in him ten times more, if not with his original powers, he would need to conjure for at least half a day but now he could achieve it with one wave.

Thinking of that, Ah HeTai became even more conceited and felt even more disdained at the black-attired person in front of him, he again laughed loudly out.

The black-attired man watched Ah HeTai's arrogant demeanour but did not appear angry, he only indifferently said, "The Beast Deity is really wise, he knew that you are a cunning person, once you have got what you want, you will definitely betray."

Ah HeTai grinned hideously, said, "So what, there are really many number of demons and evil spirits with high shaman powers under the Beast Deity in the Subdue Demon Cave but other than you this evil shaman, who else could come out? With just your weak powers now, don't tell me you still want to snatch it from my hands?"

The black-attired man watched Ah HeTai's arrogant face, suddenly laughed mockingly, without speaking, he stretched his hands into his bosom and took out something.

The thing once out of the evil shaman's bosom, started to glow faintly, looking at it from afar, it was a pearl gleaming with black glow, in this dark night, if one did not look at it carefully, one would not be able to see it clearly.

Ah HeTai looked at that bead and started to be nervous, although he claimed not to fear the mysterious black-attired man but even though the shaman's power was not that powerful but he had always been the right-hand man of the Beast Deity, nobody knew what kind of powers he really had.

Just when he was deliberating if he should attack immediately and stopped the black-attired man from his antics, that black-attired man clapped his hands together and made an even more absurd action.

He gripped his hands tight and a sound of [pi pa] was heard, he had crushed the black pearl and the next moment, the remnants of the pearl-like sand, slipped through his palms.

Ah HeTai was shocked by his actions, he prepared his defense, he had heard of the evil shaman's poison skill. Just that the mountain breeze blew past, the crushed pieces picked by the wind and the wind direction was totally opposite from him, he waited for a while but nothing happened.

Ah HeTai ha ha laughed loudly, said, "Whatever weird antics that you make, no matter what, can you stop me..."

Before he could finish, his voice suddenly ceased abruptly, like something stuck in his throat.

Almost at the same time, suddenly a fire light lighted up from the darkness, illuminating the surroundings, like daylight. And the source of this fire light was actually from Ah HeTai's body.

Following which, [pu pu pu...] series of sounds were heard, from Ah HeTai's body, several light beams shone out, at a glance, almost like several empty holes had opened up in his body at the same time, it looked comical yet horrible.

Ah HeTai could not speak another word again, he opened his mouth, slowly looked up, a terrified and inconceivable look on his face.

The black-attired man coldly floated before him, unhurriedly said, "The Beast Deity has long discerned that you are unreliable and when he invested the black fire in you, he deliberately left this 'Black Fire Essence Pearl' behind, once this Black Fire Essence Pearl is destroyed, the Black Fire energy would rebounded on its master and make you die under the power that the Beast Deity invested in you!"

Ah HeTai's eyes were filled with fear and regret, he opened his mouth but only made hoarse breathing sounds, after a moment, [pu pu pu] muted sounds were heard in succession, the black fire screamed out from his body, swallowing his entire body with raging flames.

In a short moment, this ambitious man had already reduced to ashes.

Only the Jade Bone Black Staff remained, quietly lying among the ashes.

The black-attired man floated over, stretched his hand and with a movement, the Jade Bone Black Staff flew up to his hand, he coldly laughed and was about to leave when suddenly he whipped his head around and looked at the other dark side of the mountain valley, in a deep voice said, "Who is it?"

After a long period of silence in the darkness, a figure slowly walked out, grey robes white hair, his face creased with wrinkles, it was FenXiang Valley ShangGuan Ce.

He looked at the black-attired man and at the two balls of crimson fires which were full of hostility behind the black-attired man, lastly, his eyes landed on the Jade Bone Black Staff in the black-attired man's hand.

His face, suddenly seemed to age thirty years.

The black-attired man clearly was not expecting to meet ShangGuan Ce at this place and looking at his expression, he seemed to know ShangGuan Ce. The black-attired man did not speak while he was recovering from the initial surprise and then unhurriedly said, "We have not met for almost eighty years right, old pal?"

ShangGuan Ce's creases on his face looked as deep as being engraved by a knife, said, "You all, " He spoke each word by each word slowly, "In the end still could not resist coming out?"

The black-attired man's black clothes fluttered in the night breeze but his body was still hovering in the air unmoving, like his voice, he faintly said, "The Beast Deity is already impatient with waiting."

ShangGuan Ce unhurriedly said, "At that time Yun YiLan senior brother and I had said before the Beast Deity..."

The black-attired man suddenly interrupted, said, "Your valley master senior brother's words, do you believe it yourself?"

ShangGuan Ce suddenly did not speak.

The black-attired man smiled faintly, said, "Old pal, you and I serve different masters, the future is fraught with dangers, please take care of yourself!"

After speaking, he hugged the black staff in his hand, leaned back and retreated, in a blink, he had disappeared into the darkness.

ShangGuan Ce's eyes twitched, his body moved and seemed to have the intention to do something but that two balls of crimson fires in the darkness suddenly flared, roars fiercely rang out.

The black-attired man's voice, rang out from distantly, "Old pal, your skills are high and far surpassed me. But I have the ferocious dragon and including the Black Staff Jade Bone, you cannot stop me. We have many years of friendships, better let me go based on our sentiments!"

ShangGuan Ce's figure ceased suddenly. After a moment, the two crimson balls of fires also gradually disappeared in the dark.

Between Heaven and Earth, leaving him standing on this desolate mountain valley, after a long while, he let out a long sigh.

The night, became deeper.

In the Seven Mile Cave, the once flourishing beautiful land, right now was like being drowned in a sea of inferno, everywhere was wailing cries. The Miao revered great shaman was seriously injured, his life and death undetermined, Li tribe who had pinned their high hopes on Ah HeTai had suddenly disappeared, the Seven Mile Cave suddenly had many other outsiders, among them a figure that suddenly appeared like an evil spirit.

Under such circumstances, Li, Miao tribes had no morale to fight anymore, the Li tribe slowly retreated out of the Seven Mile Cave and the Miao tribe did not have the spirit to pursue, all were trying to save their homes and care for the injured, at the same time, countless stared with hostility at the outsiders remaining in Seven Mile Cave.

Yet those people's attention, were never once on the surrounding Miao tribe people, their eyes right now concentrating only on that red and blue lights battling in the sky.

The Central Plains Good and Evil, the new generation of young cultivated martial experts, in this foreign unfamiliar valley, with a hint of dreariness, fighting a life and death battle.

Lu XueQi's TianYa blue light surged stronger and stronger, covering the Heaven and Earth, whistling while approaching, as if while she wielded with her fair hands, the sky turned and the earth moved, the sound of the winds intensified, it had a power that was unstoppable.

Under her light of her sword, her face could be faintly seen, that determined and haggard face, without a trace of expression, and her attacks, merciless.

The wind sounds of the swords, sharp sounds pierced the sky, covered Heaven and Earth, gushed in from all directions and then dispersed.

Ghost Li laughed wildly, leapt and soared in the rain of swords, the Sinister Orb seemed to have its own spirit, the excited red glow shot out for thousands of zhangs, like a ferocious ghost screaming to the sky, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws battling.

That sword like snow, fluffed down, someone made a long howl, travelling up to the sky.

TianYa Sinister blood,

Sinister blood TianYa!

Unexcelled in the world and with the ability to change situations, after the rare heartless magical weapons, following closely, whose was it, what kind of gaze?

Lu XueQi did not know, that layers and waves like great billows, like huge waves, like ghost wailing, like nightmare-screaming-blood-devouring red light, arrived with a loud boom, the malevolent evil force made her entire body of blood almost wanted to spill out of her body.

TianYa like snow, transformed into an enormous celestial sword that could split the Heaven, struck down with a boom, slicing the red light into two. The enormous evil force rebounded, Lu XueQi her white clothes fluttering, was thrown up to the sky, looking at her figure, swaying in the wind, her sharp sword gesturing, traces of sharp sounds, in that instant wind and clouds flocked together again, gathered thickly before her.

Her hair swayed in the wind, brushing against the fair face, it was a beautiful face.

Inhaling deeply.

She walked seven steps, like a fairy dancing in the clouds, before she start to chant, a strong wind scattering the last clouds, turned into a vortex, shaking violently.

"Nine heavens enigmatic shrine, become God of Thunder. Brilliant heavenly might, with the sword leading!"

The ancient incantation, mysteriously reverberated again in the horizon, that white figure reflecting in whose eyes, like a lily dancing in frenzy!

Ten years of time, in this foreign land where the wind and rain showered, where Heaven and Earth were changing countenance, where the wind and clouds were gathering, one by one surfaced.

The enormous and deep dark vortex, spinned rapidly in the horizon, thunderous lightning, the wind screaming. Lu XueQi hovered in the air, her white clothes flapping.

Qing Yun Sect's supreme skill, 'Celestial Sword Wield Thunder True Formula' displayed out in her hands, presenting a majestic scene, its might unparalleled. Right now, comparing against Tian BuYi in LiuBo Hill battle, it was in no way inferior.

The surrounding Good Faction people, not one was not awed but this scene, to Ghost Li's eyes, he trembled unseen.

Deep inside the clouds, under the TianYa Sword, while the infinite blue was bursting forth in full brilliancy, in Lu XueQi's figure, a faint golden color indistinctly seen, faintly dignified and also unusual.

This was not Qing Yun Sect skill!

The sounds of the intense wind increased, this thought flashed past Ghost Li's head, in his eyes and heart, behind his savage laughter, what was left?

The cold eyes, looking down from the sky, behind the red light, that cruel evil figure.

Lu XueQi's eyes were bright as frost, a long whistle, the body of lightning cried out together, reverberating far away, like tearing the Heaven and Earth.

High up in the clouds, numerous lightnings gathered swiftly, the rumbling thunder sounds exploding endlessly in the horizon. In the next moment, deep inside the dark vortex, the enormous lightnings completed their gathering, charged down from the sky, landed on TianYa Sword.

That brilliant dazzling light, was just like it was on her hand.

"Good sword skills!"

Ghost Li laughed loudly, his laughter extremely desolate, thundered up from the red light, heart-wrenching.

That white figure high up there, with her exceptional graceful bearing, in the end it was this high and unreachable.


The Sinister Orb spilled out boundless light, right now, red, green, black three colours were all controlled by Ghost Li vividly and brilliantly, the evil aura thick and heavy, wailing and screaming to the horizon, making one's hair stands on the ends.

Lu XueQi's face was even colder, the last hesitation in her eyes, finally broke.

The lightnings with a long whistle, the deities and Buddhas in the heaven, sang out together!

Distantly, someone suddenly cried out.

Ghost Li who was fully immersed in defending himself against that unparalleled power in the sky, suddenly a sharp sound from the back, in the flint-spark moment he forced his body to shift, [pu] a sound, a flat sharp Jade Ruler, like an all-conquering celestial weapon, pierced out from his right shoulder.

Ghsot Li roared loudly, turned around and saw Li Xun holding the Jade Ruler, hatefully looking at him.


He screamed to the sky, the Soul-absorbing stick with its boundless red light, instantly fell and cleaved down, Li Xun's eyes shrank but without any fear, he pulled with his right hand, [si...] and pulled out the Jade Ruler, following with a fountain of blood.

The red light smashed down, Li Xun defended with his might, FenXiang Valley skills were really remarkable and on top of that, Ghost Li with his severe injury, the red light wavered, in such circumstances, the red light was blocked by Li Xun.

Just that the Sinister Orb was no ordinary sinister object and furthermore it was forged with Ghost Li's blood, the next moment infinite evil power attacked across the Jade Ruler, the right hand which was holding onto the Jade Ruler, under this inconceivable evil power, his hand could be seen withering rapidly.

Li Xun was greatly shocked, he struggled with his might but Ghost Li right now was almost berserk, suddenly stretched his hand out to grab, his five fingers becoming a claw, grabbed tightly onto his right hand.

Li Xun felt great pain and sweats appeared, at this perilous moment, a low Buddhist chant was heard beside him, accompanied with a sound of sigh.

A stream of gentle golden light surged over, dignified and peaceful, it was Tian Yin Temple 'Great Brahman Wisdom true way' !

The exceptional Buddhism skills, conflicted with the Sinister Orb, seeped into every openings, the extremely ferocious power of the orb was forced back one chi by him.

Taking this chance, FaXiang pulled Li Xun with one hand and swiftly retreated back but his eyes, were full of compassion, looking at that man's figure swaying in the wind.

The enormous electrical white light in the horizon, from that moment descended, with supreme power, accurately hit Ghost Li!