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Chapter 125: Li Tribe

Chapter 125 - Li Tribe

The southern border, Seven Mile Cave.

Miao Tribe altar.

Deep inside the dusky quiet temple hall, the sober Ghost Li and the great shaman did not speak, only the fire made occasional crackling sounds. Other than that, in the quiet altar, there was another strange sound.

Xiao Hui the monkey, drunk and fast asleep, and now snoring.

Ghost Li was often with Xiao Hui but did not notice that Xiao Hui snore in its sleep, seemed like the Miao strong liquor was really extraordinary. The monkey's face was florid, its tummy rose up and down ceaselessly, in its adorableness there was still a comical side.

But although both were in a drunken state, Xiao Bai's posture was far more better than Xiao Hui, this nine-tailed celestial fox who had practised for a thousand years, her cultivation naturally exceeded Xiao Hui, after the big showdown, her skin fair with pink blush, her head inclined, a captivating seductive look on her face, she was indeed an evil spirit that would turn the world upside-down.

Ghost Li sighed in his heart, turned his head back.

The great shaman was still facing the fire and did not turn over but at this moment he unhurriedly spoke, "This friend of yours, seemed not to be an ordinary human!"

Ghost Li was astonished, thought to himself that this great shaman was enigmatic, could it be that he had seen through Xiao Bai's identity as a nine-tailed celestial fox? Although the five southern border tribes' customs were greatly different from Central Plains, they were also much closer to spiritual intelligent animals than Central Plains locals but this type of evil spirit, how would they view it, Ghost Li did not have much confidence.

He contemplated for a moment, carefully considered his words and unhurriedly said, "What, why would great shaman look at her, this kind of woman, differently?"

The great shaman was quiet for a moment, indifferently said, "Like her, a delicate woman and yet her alcohol capacity beat several of our Miao strong men, can she still be an ordinary person?"

Ghost Li was stunned and then relieved but just recalling Xiao Bai's impressive feat with the Miao crowd at the bottom of the mountain, he could not help but shake his head.

Maybe, after being incarcerated in the dark Inferno Altar and living a lonely and painful three hundred years of time, she too needed to release and vent it out once!

Ghost Li turned his head slightly, Xiao Bai was still quietly lying on his leg, quietly sleeping. The gentle breathing, slightly closed lips and lids, long and elegant eyelashes occasionally fluttered, like a child who was asleep yet troubled or maybe she saw something in her dreams?

Just that nobody knew, the person she was today, could she still sleep well, would she have nightmares, agonizing her in her dreams?

Xiao Bai's delicate brows, gently frowned, as if she sensed the attention but it also seemed like she had dreamt of something, she shifted her head slightly and then went off again into a deep sleep.

Her face lit up by the firelight, showing less of her coquettishness but had a never-seen-before innocence.

Ghost Li shifted his gaze, looked towards the great shaman, said, "She has drank too much liquor, I'm afraid she wouldn't be able to answer your question, great shaman."

The great shaman was clearly not surprised and did not even turn to look at this girl, after pausing for a while, he unhurriedly said, "There is one thing, you may not know."

Ghost Li was surprised, said, "What is it, please speak?"

The great shaman's hunched figure, casted a long shadow in front of the fire, slightly wavering, even his voice also seemed to be floating, "This Soul Return Unusual Art has always been handed down to the Miao tribe altar's shamans, to say it even more explicitly, only the generations of great shamans know this skill and have never taught it to outsiders, even my own tribe people is not aware of this. But this lady looked so young, how did she come to know of this, I really do not understand."

Ghost Li was stunned, Xiao Bai was a thousand-years-old cultivated evil fox, just that because of her high abilities, she could then transform to a human and her appearance alluring and beautiful, to compare experience and knowledge, indeed not many in this world could compare to her.

Just that those words naturally could not be mention to the great shaman, Ghost Li quickly avoided the topic, said, "Great shaman your head did not even turn around and have yet to see her, how do you know she is a young lady?"

The great shaman's head inclined slightly, he seemed to give a quiet laugh, maybe he had figured out Ghost Li's thoughts, said, "Since this lady is already drunk, let's wait for her to sober up first before we continue! Since you are a visitor from afar, look for our Miao tribe leader Tu MaGu, I will convey my instructions to him, to let him arrange for all of you to stay here for a few days."

Ghost Li frowned, he really could not wait to settle things with the great shaman immediately and then leave to save BiYao but from his tone, although his voice was calm but without a doubt, he wanted to first find out about Xiao Bai's origin before deciding. Now that he had a favour to ask from him and to think of it, since he had already waited for ten years, what's more another day?

Ghost Li inhaled deeply, nodded and said, "Alright."

The great shaman quietly said, "Then you can leave!"

Ghost Li nodded his head at the great shaman's back figure and was about to stand up and leave when he suddenly paused. Xiao Bai was still sleeping soundly on his leg, evidently she was knocked out from the liquor, how was he going to wake her up?

Ghost Li, with difficulty, tried to call her up but Xiao Bai was dead to the world and in her stupor she looked like she was irritated at being disturbed, her small lips pouted and she flipped over, sank into deep sleep again.

It did not matter that she flipped over but Xiao Hui who was leaning against her stomach, knocked its head against the floor with a [pu tong] sound. However the monkey seemed oblivious and continued to snore, seemed like spiritual intelligent animals, even the monkey's head was also extremely solid, far tougher than ordinary monkeys.

Ghost Li sighed, shook his head and after hesitating for a while, he had no choice but to bend over and help Xiao Bai up, and then stood up and stretched out both hands to carry Xiao Bai, at the same time pulled Xiao Hui over his shoulder, carrying both human (fox) and monkey, walked out.

Xiao Bai lying in the crook of his arms, an indistinct fragrance, a faint smile and that fair face with a pink blush gently wavered in front of his eyes.

Ghost Li inhaled deeply, strided out and left the altar.


Walking out of the dim altar, passing through that two enormous stone pillars at the entrance, the sunlight immediately shone down onto his face.

A warm feeling travelled up from his body. Ghost Li squinted slightly and saw not far ahead, with his hands clasped behind his back and gazing at the scenery of this Seven Mile Cave from the mountain, was Tu MaGu.

A shaman-looked-alike Miao person walked out from the altar behind Ghost Li, passed by Ghost Li and walked to Tu MaGu, whispered a few words to him. Tu MaGu looked back, took a few glances at Ghost Li and then at Xiao Bai who was in her liquor-induced sleep, nodded and seemed to be agreeing to something.

That shaman expressionlessly turned, without a glance at Ghost Li, walked straight back to the altar and disappeared into the dimness.

Tu MaGu smiled and walked over, said, "How is it, did the great shaman agreed?"

Ghost Li smiled and said, "I still don't know yet, he allowed us to stay here."

Tu MaGu nodded and said, "I get it, just follow me." And then he turned and walked down the mountain. Ghost Li carrying Xiao Bai and Xiao Hui followed behind him, Tu MaGu spoke, "Our place is remote and backwards, it cannot be compared to the luxuries of your Central Plains, all of you just make yourselves at home, he he."

Ghost Li felt that this tribe leader was rather easy-going, nodded and said, "Tribe leader you are too kind, it is us who are intruding on all of you."

Tu MaGu [he he] laughed and did not speak further.

After coming down from the mountain, Tu MaGu paused for a moment and then led Ghost Li to the riverside. On the way, many of the Miao people stared at them, most of their gazes lingered on Xiao Bai.

They crossed the stone bridge that a while ago Ghost Li discerned it to be of Central Plains architecture, came to the opposite shore where a secluded house was built beside and facing a row of green trees.

Ghost Li stood behind Tu MaGu, quick frown on his face, this house was not very big, with only one level and one unit, squarish, simple and unadorned, completely built from wood and on the outside walls of the house, wild beast furs, bones that usually adorned the common Miao houses were not seen.

Tu MaGu turned his head over, said, "This house has been vacant for quite a while but we have always been maintaining it so it is still considered clean, besides, not many people come to this area, both of you just make do with this for one night."

Ghost Li dipped his head slightly, said, "Many thanks tribe leader."

Tu MaGu smiled, glanced again at Xiao Bai who was in Ghost Li's arms, said, "Then I shall not disturb you all any longer, both of you have a rest first"

After speaking, he was about to leave but stopped in his tracks, as if recalling something, said, "In a while I will also send someone over with some food, both of you be at ease and take a rest. Our customs are simple and basic here, it is hard on you all."

Ghost Li shook his head in succession, said, "You are too kind, many thanks tribe leader."

Tu MaGu nodded and then turned to leave. Ghost Li walked him off a distance and until he had gone far, turned back and again assessed the house.

No matter from which angle, this house looked like it was built by someone from Central Plains...

He carried Xiao Bai and Xiao Hui, went up and pushed opened the door, walked in.

The house was furnished very simply, one bed one table, a few wooden chairs, the walls were made from neatly arranged paulownia wood of the same sizes, the windows on one side of the walls were opened, the entire room had a faint wood fragrance.

Ghost Li was never a person who placed emphasis on luxury residences and as such, such simplicity instead suited his style. He walked over and first placed Xiao Bai on the bed, Xiao Bai mumbled to herself and then fell into a deep sleep again.

Ghost Li shook his head, carried Xiao Hui down from his shoulder, the monkey opened and closed its mouth, clicked its tongue from time to time, looking at its contented face, Ghost Li sighed and also placed it on the bed.

Looking at the human and monkey slumbering forms, Ghost Li turned and walked to sit beside the table. The room seemed to quiet down suddenly, other than their breathings, there were no other sounds.

Inside this foreign land unfamiliar house, he solitary, quietly sitting.

Outside the window, the sun was shining bright and beautifully.


Ten miles away from the Seven Mile Cave encircled by mountains, a stretch of mountain range lay unbroken. On one of the mountaintop, stood two people, both was gazing at that fertile land in the centre of the mountains.

"So that is Seven Mile Cave!"

The person who was standing in front, quietly spoke, his words were heavy with sorrow, indignation and longing.

Under the sunlight, this was a very sturdy and tall man, he was half naked and the lower half of his body was clothed in animal-skin pants. A muscular bronze body as a result of frequent exposure to the sun and wind. On that sinewy body, a bear head tattoo appeared on his chest. Other than that, enormous huge scars criss-crossed all over his body, it was easy to imagine that he had fought numerous times with countless of terrible wild beasts.

"Yes, tribe leader." Answering him was a man who was standing slightly behind him, "That is Seven Mile Cave." He was dressed similar to the person in front of him but other than the animal-skin pants, he was also wearing a fur-made clothes and at a glance, he was much smaller size than that sturdy figure in front of him.

As of now, a faint smile seemed to be on the corner of his lips, gazing ahead, he unhurriedly said, "That, is the Miao tribe base which has lead the southern border for two hundred years. At the same time, our Li tribe heirloom celestial weapon, 'Jade Bone', is also in the Seven Mile Cave Miao tribe altar, under that evil Miao dog deity statue, suppressed under for a total of two hundred years!"

[Ge ge....]

The piercing sound, suddenly emitted from that sturdy man, the person behind him looked up, the person whom was addressed by him as Li tribe tribe leader, clenched his fists tightly, the sounds were made by his joints from the enormous pressure force.

"Two hundred years already! Two hundred years already!" The sturdy man's voice was not loud but he seemed to be crying out to himself.

"Yes, it has been two hundred years already. Two hundred years ago, we were ambushed by those despicable Miao people, their evil great shaman used malicious evil spells to curse our warriors to death, snatched our sacred 'Jade Bone' which we worshipped and drove us to the most barren region of the southern border, made us live the hardest two hundred years of our lives." The person standing behind, used a cold tone, indifferently speaking of a hatred for a sworn enemy.

The strong mountain breeze blew past the Li tribe leader's mountain-like body, like a knife but just that he seemed oblivious to it. Right now his eyes only had that hot piece of land surrounded by a mountain range.

"Losing the Jade Bone is the highest disrespect and insult to the Bear Deity!" The person standing behind continued to speak, "Therefore for two hundred years, the Bear Deity is incensed and refused to look after our Li tribe again. Knowing today, as long as we defeat the Miao and take back our Jade Bone, the Bear Deity will definitely care for our Li tribe again and we can then occupy the best land in the southern border and let our tribe and successive generations to live here."

His voice suddenly turned pitch-high, said, "Tribe leader, we must not allow our future children to be like us, to fight with those fire-wolves, black-tigers monsters that even our best fighters cannot ward off, just to obtain some food to eat."

"We must survive, we want the best land!" He hatefully said.

Ahead, that huge man tribe leader did not turn his head back but his angry and heavy breathing already revealed his feelings. After a period of silence, he turned his head back, said, "The other three tribes, are they really not a problem?"

The person behind immediately nodded, "Yes, tribe leader, the Miaos has always been a tyrant in the southern border here, the other three tribes have long hated the sight of them. The Zhuang tribe has the greatest number of people but instead it is forced to be under the Miao, they have long been unwilling; Tu tribe has always been aloof and maintains a distance from the other four tribes, refused to get involved in the tribes' tussles; the last Gao tribe is the weakest with the least people, it can only self-defence, unable to expand."

An ambiguous expression appeared on his face, he quietly said, "Tribe leader, we only need to deal one blow to the Miao tribe and rout them out, with our Li tribe warriors' bravery obtained from fighting with the most ferocious savage beasts over these past two hundred years and including the Bear Deity's blessing, the day where we rule the southern border is just round the corner."

The Li tribe leader's eyes immediately revealed a burning glare, even just by looking at the Seven Mile Cave ahead it seemed to make him quiver, agitation and longing and maybe there was also the innate bloodthirsty characteristic of a warrior.

Just that he was after all the tribe leader and not an empty-minded boor, after the initial agitation, he composed himself and then turned and stared intently at the man behind him, said, "Ah HeTai, it is said that the evil Miao great shaman has already lived for three hundred years and still resides in the deepest corner of the Miao altar. His evil skills are the most terrible powers in the southern border, can you really handle him?"

The person who was addressed as Ah HeTai, an enigmatic smile emerged on his face, said, "Tribe leader, I have already before you, demonstrated the magical powers bestowed upon me by that Beast Deity Excellency from the ten thousand great mountains, including the magical weapon that he has given me, if the great shaman is already dead then forget it, if not even if he is still alive, I definitely can defeat him."

The Li tribe leader nodded his head heavily, actually the great shaman's shadow had always like a dark cloud shrouded over the different southern border's tribes heads and to the Li tribe, it was a nightmare that refused to go away. But ever since this person called Ah HeTai who went missing since young, mysteriously returned from the ten thousand great mountains and revealed unimaginable powers, the powers were so strong that it could galvanise the entire Li tribe to once again bring out the hatred buried deep inside their hearts.

In order to survive, in order to live a better life.

The Li tribe leader gritted his teeth, on his tall sturdy body, that enormous bear head tattoo looked even more savage and scary.

"Two hundreds of score, we will avenge it tonight!" He spitted out those words through his gritted teeth.

The sunlight shone onto his and Ah HeTai's bodies, shinning warmthly on the mountain ranges, behind the two people, on the mountain slope back-facing the sun, countless of Li tribe soldiers, some standing some at attention, their faces stern and solemn, every one of them was well-built and sturdy and on their scars-riddled chests, that savage bear head tattoo, seemed to roar in the coming wind!

X x x

Seven Mile Cave, secluded small house.

Ghost Li sat beside the table in the house, quiet and unspeaking, the time over here, seemed to slowed down its steps suddenly, silent and tormenting.

In this kind of tranquility, what would you think of?

Maybe the past times...

The time of the youth, like a sigh resounding in the times past, gently surged and then again quietly fell and finally disappeared without a trace.

His expression indifferent, his brows slightly frowning.

The scenery outside the window was like a painting.

Very quietly...

Until, suddenly a sound, awoke him from his deep thoughts.

[Dong, dong dong]

A tiny sound of knocking the door, suddenly sounded in the house.

Ghost Li turned his head and looked out of the house entrance.