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Chapter 120: Deep Scar

Chapter 120 - Deep Scar

All was quiet in the surroundings.

The deep late night, was the moment of desolation.

The quiet long street, the bright moon hung in the horizon, clearly and brightly shining down, pulling long shadows out of the two people standing in the desolate street.

What kind of emotion was it, like thousands and thousands of words twining around the heart, just that when one was facing it, no words came out.

The late autumn lonely wind, gently stirred the clothes.

TianYa in Lu XueQi's hand, twinkling with faint blue light, slowly dropped down and withdrew.

Ghost Li remained silent.

Lu XueQi looked at the man in front of her. Under the moonlight, Ghost Li suddenly felt breathlessness.

Without making any moves, without fighting and even without injury or blood but for some reason, every time he faced this beautiful girl, in front of her eyes, he also had an inexplicable feeling.

The unparalleled beauty, clear and rippling like snow, like the first time they met, that pure beautiful girl, aloof from the rest.

Just that, not knowing since when, in her eyes, his figure was in it.

"Just now that girl, is she HeHuan Sect Jin PingEr?" Lu XueQi suddenly quietly asked.

Ghost Li was surprised, quietly nodded and said, "Yes."

Lu XueQi looked at him, a glint seemed to flash deep in her eyes, she indifferently said, "Were you with her all along?"

Almost subconsciously, Ghost Li immediately shook his head, said, "No, I have nothing to do with her..." His voice suddenly dropped, felt something strange with his feelings, as if trying to explain something. But Lu XueQi's unusual glint disappeared, as if a certain burden was suddenly lifted from her shoulder, even her expression seemed to turn gentler.

Just that, between the two of them, they were still separated by a long distance, like a deep chasm.

The moonlight like water, lingered on this desolate street.

Jin PingEr and LiXun pursuing figures had long disappeared, in the large mountain stronghold, it seemed like they were the only remaining ones.

They were the irreconcilable Evil and Good but neither one of them had any intention to fight, in the cold bright light, Lu XueQi suddenly said, "Can...can you walk with me?"

Ghost Li looked up, a surprised look in his eyes.

Strolling on this derelict street, the late night, the water-like moonlight.

Both sides of the street were crumbling and dilapidated walls, all in ruins, just that when the night breeze blew over, this foreign land mountaintop thousands of miles away from their hometown, in the tranquility, it seemed to have a faint gentleness.

Two of them walked side by side but maintaining a distance of three chi, unintentionally or intentionally, they also seemed to vaguely avoiding something.

But in the middle of this dreary night, how could one's emotions not be entangled?

The faint fragrance, in the wind, indistinctly floated beside.

"Do you still remember, our first match at Qing Yun Hill Seven Branches Martial Competition?"

Lu XueQi suddenly broke the silence, quietly said.

Ghost Li paused, in his heart he felt puzzled, Lu XueQi in his impression was not someone who talked a lot but somehow tonight she seemed to be rather strange.

Although it was so but he still nodded and said, "I remember, at that time you could already use 'Celestial Sword Wield Thunder True Formula', it was really remarkable."

Lu XueQi looked at him, faintly said, "But that match, the fact was I had lost."

Ghost Li was silent then said, "At that time regardless whether was it your cultivation or training, all far surpassed me, actually I..."

"It was me who had lost." Lu XueQi's face revealed a trace of dejection, lightly said, "Actually at that time I already knew, at the last critical moment, you deliberately held back. But I did not know why I was unable to control my competitiveness and at that moment, no matter how, I was unable to tell the truth to my ecstatic teacher and teacher uncle."

Ghost Li smiled and said, "Those trivial matters, after so many years, why do you still keep it in your heart?"

Lu XueQi looked up, gazed at that bright moon in the horizon, quietly lost in thought, her beauty, under the moonlight, like a flower gently placed down by the bright moonlight.

"Since then, I remembered you in my heart." She softly, faintly said.

Ghost Li's body shook, looked up abruptly, he could not imagine, the cold like frost Lu XueQi would say such words but looking at that quiet and exquisite girl's beautiful figure under the moonlight, it was clearly in front of him.

In his heart, suddenly he had a premonition, like, a calamity coming quietly, in the other party's quiet pause, he could feel, he could no longer avoid it.

"Until later, when we went to KongSang Mountain Forsaken Abyss, fought with the Evil Faction people, struggled against the demons and evil spirits, you risked your life to save me, I too treated you in kind..."

She softly spoke, her voice floated with a trace of surreal, Ghost Li, no, as if at this moment he had once again turned into the former Zhang Xiao Fan, the past times, one by one surfaced in front of him.

Just that, he was unable to speak even a word.

"At that time, we were in trapped in a hopeless situation, making the last struggle for our lives but I was never once afraid, if at that time I was to die together with you, I..."

She turned around, facing this man, in her eyes, a never-before-seen brilliance, a never-before-appeared multifarious tenderness buried deep inside her heart and even her cheeks on her snow like skin, a faint pink blush, with a captivating beauty.

"...I would also be willing!" She said it slowly but with a determination.

The night scene was just nice!

The night wind gently drifted!

The two people facing each other, suddenly became silent.

Ghost Li's heart was in chaos, thousands of thoughts and emotions poured thick and fast into his mind but in the jumble of turbulent waves, a voice seemed to shout out loudly, "BiYao!"

Instantly, he was drenched in coldness from top to bottom, chilling his blood, chilling his heart.

Lu XueQi quietly looked at this man in front of her, saw every change of his facial expression. The initial puzzlement and subsequently perplexed and maybe a slight panic but suddenly detachment, a detachment that he wrapped himself tightly in.

Just that the tenderness in her eyes, never once lessened, still continued to speak in a low voice.

"Until later, LiuBo Hill, TongTian Peak, things happened one after another, I stood at the side, watched helplessly as you slowly changed. Until the end, at TongTian Peak, under the Zhu Xian Celestial Sword, after that BiYao lady blocked the sword for you, I knew, you would never be able to turn back."

Ghost Li clenched his fists, nails digging deep into his palms, he breathed with effort, tightly gritted his teeth, so that his detachment would not collapse in an instant.

Just that...just that...

Just that how could he detachedly face this woman?

"Why are you doing this?" He quietly said.

Lu XueQi gave a miserable laugh, her eyes misted, the figure under the moonlight, desolate and beautiful.

"I do not regret, it has been ten years already, I still think of you in my heart, if it's possible, I rather give up everything and go to the ends of the world with you but in the end it is already not possible!"

She bit her lips, softly, slowly repeated, "Not possible, not possible..."

Then, raised her head!

Her lips were so white, the skin on her face seemed to be even paler like almost translucent, only her gaze, bright like that lonely moon hanging high up in the horizon.

"Qing Yun Sect raised me and educated me, what's more teacher doted on me, loved me, taught me, not matter what I cannot betray Qing Yun."

"I'm telling you these things today because I want you to know my intention, how I will in front of you, sever ten years of my wishful thinking!"

Her fair hand, clutching onto TianYa tightly, as if she was using all of her strength to speak those words.

Every word, like a sharp knife, landed in Ghost Li's heart.

But he remained silent, did not say anything.

Intensely, staring!

This man who was once engraved so deeply inside her heart, was just standing in front of her but as if he was on the other end of the world!

TianYa, unsheathed!

The graceful arc twinkling with blue light, glimmered past in the air, in front of Ghost Li, slashed down!

In the derelict street, between the two people, just one footstep from Ghost Li, a deep rift appeared.

Separating the two people!

The moonlight was desolate, the night deepening!

Her white clothes like snow, fluttered in the windless air, like a fairy, in her bright eyes, tenderness and agony, were all only deep inside her heart.

"After tonight, if we meet again, you and I will be life-and-death foes!" Her pale face did not have a trace of blood, even her figure also started to tremble.

"These ten years, each time I have foolish thoughts, I would dance with my sword at the back of the hill, "she faintly said, "tonight, let me dance for the last time!"


TianYa Celestial Sword made a cry like a phoenix, shot up into the sky.

The girl with clothes white as snow, flew up, in the desolate beautiful moonlight, as if a nine heavens fairy had descended onto the mortal world, danced madly.

That glint from the sword indistinct like a dream, danced and consumed the remnants of a millennium-long feelings. The past years, slowly surfaced, unhurriedly passed by.

Who was it that softly sighed, whose eyes were obscured?

The swordlight like snow, whose heart did it hurt?

She obsessed!

She solitary danced!

A wind blew, the clouds separated.

The crumbling and dilapidated walls scattered one by one.

Stones rolled everywhere, dust flew, the sound of the wind mournful.

Her figure floated, like drifting in the wind, the surrounding winds and clouds gathered together, the sky darkened again.

Only leaving a clear shadow indistinctly drifting!

What was it that quietly shouted inside the heart, what was it that impulsively called out in the chest?

He could not, could not, could not...

His body trembled, maybe to walk forward?

That foot lifted up, in the air, looking like it was about to step over the deep mark in the ground.

The wind whistled, the shadow like frost!

The sword like autumn waters, descended from the sky, the sharp sound piercing the air but it came to an abrupt stop, in front of his brows.

The wind that was still howling in the sky, gradually died down, the stones which were rolling around, slowly stopped. The sky again opened up, the moonlight regained its brilliancy, bright and clear like water.

Lu XueQi's exquisite face, just right in front of him, like ice like frost, only in that pair of eyes, there seemed to be still a faint feeling, tenderness like water.

Their eyes, both came to that in-between them -

deep scar!

TianYa Celestial Sword's chill, as if emitting from the tip of the sword through the air, chilled the entire body, waking him suddenly from the hazy dream.

Her face, was so beautiful that it did not seem mortal.

Ghost Li's foot, stopped in the mid air, slowly, slowly -


Lu XueQi's hand holding the sword, slowly dropped down, that person's figure, in the end still quietly retreated from this deep mark.

Then she smiled...

That smile seemed like a magnificent lily which in its previous and current lives flourished in the night scene!

But after a moment, she frowned and bend over, a soft moan, spitted out a mouthful of blood.

Droplets of dark red, trickled onto her white clothes, like a brightly-coloured yet evil flower.

She was still smiling, a last look at that man, turned, wielded her sword, flew up, transformed into a white light, streaked past the night sky, under the quiet bright moon, disappeared into the distant night.

Leaving a man alone, silently looking at the street in front of him, that dyed red line of ...deep scar!

In the darkness, the nine-tailed celestial fox, Xiao Bai, carried Xiao Hui, watched everything that had happened on that street in the distant. Xiao Hui seemed slightly restless, moved in her embrace.

Xiao Bai gently patted its head, placed a finger at her lips, making a quiet gesture.

Xiao Hui quietened down but its eyes was still fixed onto its master's desolate figure, never left for even a moment.

For the longest time, Ghost Li stood before that deep mark for a very long time, he kept on like that, kept on standing, unmoving.

And Xiao Bai seemed to be very patient, in the dark waited, right then, even the restless Xiao Hui was also quiet.

Finally Ghost Li's body moved once, then as if using a lot of effort to turn, turned his head. Looking from far, this man face was like dead ash, extremely hagged.

Xiao Hui's body, again shuffled restlessly.

Far ahead, Ghost Li quietly muttered but nobody could hear it clearly enough. After a moment, he vacantly raised his head and finally unhurriedly left.

Until he had gone far, Xiao Bai carrying Xiao Hui came out, walked to the deep mark left by Lu XueQi's TianYa Celestial Sword, She quietly stare, after a long while sighed.

"The love in this world, really breaks one's heart! Pity those two people, so outstanding but like fools!"

[Zhi zhi, zhi zhi] shrieks were heard, Xiao Bai was startled, it was Xiao Hui who disagreed.

It jumped down from Xiao Bai, its butt sat on the ground by the side, hatefully refusing to speak, imitating a human's angry gesture, both of its hands crossed in front of its chest, both cheeks puffed up, looked like it was fuming with anger.

Xiao Bai laughed in spite of herself, in a low voice said, "You don't like that I said your master is a fool?"

Xiao Hui nodded, [zhi zhi] called out a few times, its eyes blinked. Although it still had an angry expression but its long tail, quietly rolled over, wrapped itself around Xiao Bai's feet.

Xiao Bai smiled and shook her head, crouched down and smoothed Xiao Hui's head, her eyes gradually drifted away, after a long while, softly said, "Actually how would you know, my wish in these thousand years is just to be such a fool once and then to also have a fool that would treat me well that's all."

"If that girl really want to sever her love, that sword would have stab in long ago, I guess until the end, although she used the sword to point at Ghost Li but in her heart, how she had longed for Ghost Li to disregard everything and step forward."

"Just that, if Ghost Li stepped over, he would not be Ghost Li..."

"In his heart, in the end there is still a BiYao!."

Xiao Bai quietly said, Xiao Hui seemed not to understand, scratched its head, three eyes looked at Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bao stared blankly for another while, suddenly laughed, came out of her reverie, stretched her hand and carried Xiao Hui up, smiled and said, "Forget it, it's their affair, the knots in their hearts eventually will still need themselves to untangle. Beside, the future, who could clearly say it, don't you agree Xiao Hui?"

Xiao Bai held Xiao Hui in front of her, smiled and asked.

Xiao Hui's tail swished in the air, [zhi zhi, zhi zhi] called out a few times, wagged its head but not knowing if it really understood?