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Chapter 104: Xiao Hui

Chapter 104: Xiao Hui

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Xiao Hui

He in the darkness, slowly opened his eyes.

Everywhere was dark, then, not far ahead, a faint glow, like a weak candle flame in the night, quietly burned.

He watched quietly, that light, was a faint light purple color and then it changed to cyan and then slowly to dark green. Like this, it continued to change, glimmering with different color lights, very mesmerizing.

[Zi zi, zi zi...]

Suddenly just beside him, Xiao Hui softly called out, as if due to this darkness even it dared not be loud.

Ghost Li turned his head and indeed against that weak light, the monkey Xiao Hui was crouching beside him.

He smiled and subconsciously clenched his teeth, intending to sit up right in spite of the pain and assess the situation first. Unexpectedly with this action, he did not feel any pain and sat up with no trouble at all, which surprised him.

In the darkness, that constantly color-changing light gently shone on his body. Ghost Li checked his body, the injuries sustained from that heavy hit with the Black Water Mystical Viper, for some reason, suddenly healed completely.

He frowned slightly and felt greatly astonished but for the moment he could not think of any reason so he decided to stand up and check out the situation first.

He had just moved when suddenly he stopped, his body looked like it had gone stiff.

Not knowing since when, his hand was still holding on to another hand, a fair, slender and warm hand.

They had held on so tightly, so naturally that it made one forgot that their hands were still together.

Ghost Li paused then slowly turned to his side, that faint light gently floated in the darkness, revealing a distinct and cold beautiful face. Lu XueQi's eyes were still closed and she still looked pale, beside her mouth, there seemed to be a faint blood stain, like a rare red flower petal landed onto that snow-like fair face.

Her lips, slightly compressed, as if a faint smile was still on it.

Everywhere, silence!

Whose gaze, quietly watched in the darkness, time like water, ten years of time, deeply engraved in life but it also seemed like nothing had ever happened, like it was still yesterday.

x x x


Suddenly, a loud sound exploded in this dark space, immediately the earth quaked and accompanying it in the distance were a clear phoneix-like cry and a roar of rage, the entire dark space shook violently. Xiao Hui gave a strange cry, its body like a gourd rolling on the ground, bumped and thrown to the side, it tumbled onto the ground with a heavy sound. Ghost Li also for the moment, unable to control his body while sitting and lurched to the side.

And this quake also woke Lu XueQi, she seemed to wake up with a start, a soft cry from her mouth and following which her body too went aslant and she opened her eyes.

Reflecting in her eyes, were first the darkness and then that familiar face, sitting beside herself.

Just like ten years ago under the Forsaken Abyss, beside the Heartless Sea!

The quake slowly subsided and the surroundings regained its peacefulness, wondered what triggered this strong quake?

Lu XueQi slowly sat up, looking at Ghost Li, Ghost Li also did not avoid and looked at her. After a moment both of their eyes, looked down, that two hands, still naturally holding on to each other tightly.

Lu XueQi kept quiet and did not move. Ghost Li's lips twitched and then he slowly loosened his hand and withdrew it.

Lu XueQi looked nonchalantly at that hand withdrawing into the darkness, which a moment ago, was still radiating a faint warm. In her eyes, an indistinct grief suddenly appeared and then disappeared, replaced with coldness.

She stood up, at the same time frowned, it looked like she also felt astonished at the unexpected recovery of her injuries and turned to look around, she quietly said, "What is this place?"

Ghost Li also slowly stood up and said, "I am not sure too but I remembered that we both flew into the Celestial Emperor Treasury."

Lu XueQi hesitated for a moment and said, "Was it you who saved me?"

Ghost Li glanced at her and then indifferently said, "No, you were lucky and flew in before the stone door closed."

Lu XueQi turned around and expressionlessly looked at him, a pair of eyes even in the darkness still shining brightly, as if glistening with light.

Ghost Li did not look at her eyes and turned away, he started to walk towards that weak light and at the same time he said, "You do not own me anything, if you want to kill me, just go ahead."

Lu XueQi stood silently in the darkness behind him, stood still for a long time and then lightly dusted off the dirt on her body and rearranged her appearance.

[Zi zi, zi zi!]

Xiao Hui whose head was spinning from the fall just now, had recovered and leapt and jumped over, in two or three leaps it scrambled up to Ghost Li's shoulder and crouched there, watching that mysterious colourful gleaming light.

As they went near it, the object that reflected in their eyes became clearer.

This was a wooden platform set-up in the darkness, about half of a human's height, a circular wooden beam about the thickness of a baby's arm extended into the ground, above, it supported a small platform about one chi big.

In the middle of the platform, a primitive and crude shaped cup was placed. It seemed to be carved from wood and looking carefully at it, this entire wooden platform and cup were actually connected perfectly together, as one with the trunk below.

But the most fascinating thing was what was inside this tiny little cup. The wooden cup was around three inches high, two inches wide, in it it contained a clear liquid and floating above that liquid in the cup, was a tiny small transparent stone, with five smooth faces, sparkling and crystal-clear. And it was from this stone where gentle light radiated above it, forming a semicircle light screen above this tiny small wooden platform, refracting different colours of light, radiating to all four directions.

Currently Lu XueQi had already walked over, stood beside Ghost Li and looked towards that wooden cup.

In the air, a strange fragrance wafted, it filled up every space and lifted one's spirits when it was breathed in.

Ghost Li and Lu XueQi were not simple people but right now they were unable to deduce what this thing was. Actually on this wooden platform in this Celestial Emperor Treasury, what was contained in this cup was the legendary Celestial Emperor's hidden immortal medicine, this wooden platform and wooden cup were connected to this extraordinary tree as one, using the tree's ten thousand years of spiritual energy to preserve this immortal medicine.

And outside the Celestial Emperor Treasury, this that could make even the ancient demonic beast, Black Water Mystical Viper, drooled for three feet and did not even hesitate to battle with its natural arch enemy, Yellow Bird, the protector of the immortal medicine, was this unremarkable one cup of immortal medicine.

And the reason why Ghost Li and Lu XueQi's injuries miraculously recovered, were also because of this immortal medicine and this treasury.

Just that these type of legends were only heard secretly, nowadays most of the people did not know about it and Ghost Li and Lu XueQi both did not know, they could only frown and feel perplexed while facing this kind of gifted earth treasure.

While pondering over it, suddenly, another loud sound sounded again, the entire Celestial Emperor Treasury shook violently and at the same time, the terrible roars and shouts of the Black Water Mystical Viper started again. It seemed like this ancient huge beast was extremely infuriated and refused to give up the immortal medicine.

The Celestial Emperor Treasury, even though was an ancient incredible site but right now, first it had existed since a very long time ago and second, the Black Water Mystical Viper had pounded on it for unknown number of times, with this ancient demonic beast's strength, how would it be inconsequential? If not for the fact that it was the Celestial Emperor Treasury and instead just an ordinary hill, most likely it would have been flattened long ago by this Black Water Mystical Viper.

Right now sounds of [ge ge] exploded all around and everywhere reverberated the sturdy tree's cries of pain, a twisting sound that made one jittery and at the same time it heaved greatly inside the Celestial Emperor Treasury. Xiao Hui shrieked and almost fell off from Ghost Li's shoulder, both Ghost Li and Lu XueQi felt the violent movements and almost could not stand straight.

According to logic, with this kind of powerful hits, even if the wooden platform and cup were joined together, that immortal medicine inside the cup would have spilled over. But in this moment of violent waves, that stone floating above the water in the cup suddenly threw out a thin stream of golden light, projecting it straight up, shone onto that light screen and immediately the entire light screen turned into a golden color and immediately the light flourished.

Under this blanket of light, the wooden platform which was starting to wobble, within the heaving motions, suddenly became still. Until the quake slowly subsided, that golden light then slowly became weaker and regained its original appearance.

Ghost Li and Lu XueQi looked at each other, their eyes reflected admiration and astonishment, the work of Gods was really unimaginable.

Ghost Li surveyed the surroundings, using the remarkable stone's light, he saw that other than this wooden platform in the treasury, there seemed to be nothing else. But looking at this strange stone, sparkling and crystal-clear, immortal energy swirling within it, it was definitely not an ordinary item and it seemed like the rare treasure that they were searching for so many days, was this.

Once his thoughts formed, a desire burned, he stretched out his hand towards that wooden platform's light screen.

"Don't touch it!" Suddenly, Lu XueQi's voice, became cold and spoke out beside him.

Ghost Li's hand stopped in mid-air and then slowly withdrew, he turned and faced Lu XueQi.

Both of them, face to face, at a distance less than three chi between them but the indistinct warmth between them a while ago, had all suddenly cooled down and turned into a silent coldness.

Ghost Li looked at Lu XueQi, slowly said, "I want this thing."

Lu XueQi looked into that man's eyes and quietly said, "I will not allow you to get it, unless you kill me first."

Ghost Li did not speak anymore.

That weak light in the darkness, softly turning, fluctuating with colourful lights, as if it was trying to narrate something too?


Another deafening sound, the same earth-shaking quake but this time, the impact was even stronger than the previous time, although the golden light sprang out from that strange rock and protected the wooden platform but the treasury's walls looked like it could not hold up anymore.

A hoarse breaking sound followed, above their heads an enormous piece of tree fell down. Ghost Li and Lu XueQi jumped to avoid at the same time and following closely behind, booming sounds rang out in succession, the Black Water Mystical Viper outside seemed to have gone insane, smashing relentlessly on the Celestial Emperor Treasury, at the same time, that clear phoenix cry among the roars, became more and more enraged and agitated!

Outside, an earth-shaking battle seemed to be going on!

The entire Celestial Emperor Treasury under the enormous pressure from outside, finally started to contort, each side of the wall started to slowly cave inwards, splintered tree pieces fell down from above like rain.

Under these kind of situations, Ghost Li and Lu XueQi for the moment could only concentrate on avoiding the falling huge pieces of wood and could not attend to the wooden platform.

The Celestial Emperor Treasury looked like it was going to collapse but at this moment, as if the magical power of the ancient times Gods, a much more thicker and dazzling golden light than before suddenly soared out, abruptly turned into a beam and charged up into the sky. And this time, it broke through that light screen enveloping the wooden platform and shone straight up towards the Celestial Emperor Treasury dome.

Within the treasury, a mysterious and distant sound suddenly started, like the Sanskrit song from Mt. Lingshan Grand Buddha scenic area, again like the soft murmurings from the nine netherworld lonely souls.

Following that golden light beam supporting the dome, the entire Celestial Emperor Treasury seemed to receive some kind of boost, it stopped caving in and the falling wood pieces also slowly ceased dropping.

Then, before Lu XueQi and Ghost Li's visions, on the entire Celestial Emperor Treasury dome, in that dazzling golden light, suddenly, that mysterious sound sounded, as for the reason why it chanted, golden writing the size of dou, under the illumination of the golden light, one by one it hovered in the air:

Heaven and Earth heartless, treats all living things as straw dogs!

Ghost Li's body shook greatly.

After a while, that nine words slowly disappeared but the mysterious chanting instead grew louder and louder, stronger and stronger, in a flash, that dazzling golden light beam suddenly exploded, burst of blazing lights shot out everywhere in the Celestial Emperor Treasury, on the four walls, with the golden light illumination, one by one the golden words appeared, the strokes of the characters bold, as if flying across.

Enveloping Ghost Li and Lu XueQi, within the explosion sounds, swirling around!

Ghost Li and Lu XueQi were awed by this breathtaking strange scene but following which they were captivated by the mysterious words, they watched with rapt fascination, forgetting the surrounding situation.

And Ghost Li's heart palpitated faster and faster, right now, a voice seemed to be shouting loudly in his heart:

"Tian Shu! Tian Shu! This is the third volume of Tian Shu!"

x x x

Outside the Celestial Emperor Treasury, Fa Xiang and the rest hid far away in the higher atmosphere, watching the two ancient beasts fought on the magnificent tree, their countenance pale.

The originally exuberant, lush foliage and covered by numerous vines' flowers, the gigantic tree, right now looked as if it had suffered a massive disaster which came every ten thousands years, everywhere were broken branches and withered flowers, a miserable scene.

And in front of the trunk, outside the Celestial Emperor Treasury, the Black Water Mystical Viper was still tightly coiled near the Celestial Emperor Treasury stone door, its massive head roared towards the sky, the divine beast Yellow Bird flapped its wings and flew, every flap of its wings generated a gust of strong wind, even Fa Xiang and the rest who were watching the show from afar also felt the force of the wind.

The Yellow Bird with a body of orange yellow feathers, both of its wings spanned nearly a hundred zhang, sharp beak and keen eyes, its feet claws were also huge and sharp, right now continuously swooping down, using its sharp beak and enormous claws to attack the Black Water Mystical Viper. And the Black Water Mystical Viper kept on shooting out poisonous gas from its mouth, its snake head shook, its fangs sharp, retaliating with all its strength and from time to time smashed the Celestial Emperor Treasury below its body.

The battle between the divine bird and gigantic snake, plunged the surroundings into a state of chaos and darkness, the wind and clouds changed countenance, luckily it happened at a deserted place, if not with these two ancient times incredible beasts' strengths, even a slightly more bustling place would also have been destroyed by them.

The fight so far, the tyrannical Black Water Mystical Viper was already riddled with wounds, on its demonic God-like and unexcelled body, lines and rows of huge wounds were clearly in view, dark red blood kept flowing out, dying the tree trunk below it a dark red colour. As an ancient times demonic beast, its body was actually as hard as rock and only the sharp claws and beak of the Yellow Bird could hurt it.

But although it inflicted heavy injuries on the Black Water Mystical Viper but the Yellow Bird was not doing too well too. The original phoenix-like bright beautiful feathers while fighting with the Black Water Mystical Viper, after bitten several times by the Black Water Mystical Viper, countless dropped off and also suffered several wounds on its body, deep until the bone, blood gushed out and stained its chest area red.

Right now, the two giant beasts had stopped fighting temporarily, the Black Water Mystical Viper entrenched itself on top of the Celestial Emperor Treasury, the Yellow Bird landed sideways at the nearby trunk, both parties watching each other, the Black Water Mystical Viper snarled, the Yellow Bird cried. Each seemed to be displaying their prowess to each other and neither showed any intention to back off.

But looking from the outside, the Black Water Mystical Viper seemed to be at a disadvantage over the terrain, after all the physical topography was bad, hanging high up in the tree, it could only entrenched tightly around the trunk while the Yellow Bird could instead fly and attacked from different directions, gaining a lot of advantage. In addition the Yellow Bird was the natural arch enemy of the Black Water Mystical Viper type of demonic beast and facing the Black Water Mystical Viper's poisonous gas and fluid, it naturally had the defenses capability. Although there was still fear but even after been bitten, its vital parts were still unharmed and not fatal.

The Black Water Mystical Viper's most powerful ability lost its effect in front of this Yellow Bird and on top of it, the terrain was disadvantageous, the situation looked unfavourable and it seemed to realize this fact and was even more infuriated. It eyes widened and suddenly its snake head turned back and taking advantage that the Yellow Bird was still a distance away, it fiercely hit onto that Celestial Emperor Treasury.

The Yellow Bird was enraged, with a clear phoenix cry, it again flapped its wings and flew up.

But this hit was the accumulated entire body strength of the Black Water Mystical Viper's,it slammed down with a bang and not mentioning the others, just the trunk underneath it was already shaking violently, and on top of the Celestial Emperor Treasury, instantly crack lines appeared everywhere, even on that enormous stone door.

Just like, after staunchly resisting the Black Water Mystical Viper numerous terrible brute attacks, right now, the mysterious force inside the Celestial Emperor Treasury had finally started to break down.

Far away, Fa Xiang and the rest looked at each other and sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

The Yellow Bird gave a sharp cry, it flew until the mid -air and abruptly charged down, its beak like an enormous arrow leaving the bow, shot towards the Black Water Mystical Viper.

In an instant the Heaven and Earth changed countenance, winds and clouds changed, there seemed to be an intense fierce storm, turning into an enormous vortex, looking like a tornado, the Yellow Bird in the violent revolving wind, charged down.

The Black Water Mystical Viper howled out loudly, ominous savage glint shot out from the enormous snake eyes and it actually disregarded the Yellow Bird's imminent attack and once more used its massive head to hit the Celestial Emperor Treasury.


At that instant, stones and sand flew, dust were whipped up and scattered, [ge ge ge ge] a tearing sound filled the sky and earth and finally after a thunderous sound, the dome wall of the Celestial Emperor Treasury collapsed with a loud sound.

Almost at the same time, the Yellow Bird charged down in rage, the tornado in that instant enveloped the Black Water Mystical Viper, the crowd heard the Black Water Mystical Viper made a piercing cry, the sound extremely mournful, as if it had suffered some grievous hurt.

The violent storm was not normal, Fa Xiang and the rest, like ants floating along with the wind, had no choice but to retreat even further.

Until the dust settled down, the cry still did not lessen at all, the crowd looked over, on the Black Water Mystical Viper's snake head, fresh blood flowed everywhere, blood spurted like a fountain from the right eye, it was pecked blinded in one eye by the Yellow Bird's beak!

And at that moment, the Celestial Emperor Treasury which was smashed opened, the golden light slowly glimmered and then gradually dimmed down.

The Black Water Mystical Viper and Yellow Bird for the moment stopped their fight and looked down at the same time.

In front of these two gigantic beasts, even the huge Celestial Emperor Treasury also seemed like a child's toy.

In the billowing dust and sand, inside the Celestial Emperor Treasury, the two human figures staggeredly stood up, it was Ghost Li and Lu XueQi. And Xiao Hui who had been crouching on Ghost Li's shoulder, dropped down and hid under that wooden platform, both hands clutching the wooden beam tightly, stabilized its body.

Thinking back when the Black Water Mystical Viper relentlessly attacked the Celestial Emperor Treasury, the situation inside would definitely be bad. Just by looking at Ghost Li and Lu XueQi, although their faces were pale but they still remained calm, Xiao Hui instead was frightened until 'No monkey expression on the face' [Translator's note: it's a play on the words, the correct literary expression is No human expression on the face, which means you look ghastly pale], its mouth continuously making [zi zi zi zi] sounds.

Ghost Li calmed himself down and then his body trembled, he saw two unimaginable gigantic beasts on each side, glaring like a tiger eyeing its prey and looking at their expressions, they were all looking murderous, without a doubt one would also know that this was not a good place to be.

But before they could react, the Black Water Mystical Viper with its solo eye had already saw the wooden platform in the Celestial Emperor Treasury and as well as the clear liquid inside that wooden cup on the wooden platform.

Immediately, the Black Water Mystical Viper's eye revealed an uncontrollable greed, its massive snake head suddenly struck down but how would the Yellow Bird stand by, a clear whistle and its beak also pecked down.

The two gigantic beasts at the same time showed their might and even how high Ghost Li and Lu XueQi's skills were, they could only instinctively wield their weapons and swiftly fly away. But Ghost Li had just flew up when suddenly he got a shock, a cry of [zi zi] sounded behind him, Xiao Hui who had been crouching on his shoulder was now underneath the wooden platform and did not followed him.

Although his character had changed greatly from the past but he still had deep feelings for Xiao Hui, immediately without even hesitating, he was about to turn back to pick up Xiao Hui. Unexpectedly he had just paused, the Yellow Bird's sharp cry, together with the Black Water Mystical Viper, both wings flapped, a gust of strong wind blustered over and pushed Ghost Li and Lu XueQi out far.

Ghost Li panicked but the force of the Yellow Bird's flap was extremely strong, his body involuntarily flew out far and with difficulty he managed to control his body but was already at least several zhangs away from the tree. Both of his eyebrows frowned tightly, clear light surged below his body and he immediately charged back.

At this moment the Yellow Bird and the Black Water Mystical Viper's battle had already reached a climax, right now the Black Water Mystical Viper's target was obvious, it was to get that small cup of immortal medicine but the Yellow Bird naturally would not let it touch it and thus did not fly up again, it landed on the trunk, the two gigantic beasts surrounded that small tiny wooden cup, biting and pecking, cries and howls unceasingly but under the shadows of each other mights, for the moment, they were unable to bend their heads to reach that immortal medicine.

Xiao Hui hid under the wooden platform and in the beginning felt afraid but gradually it realized that the two fellows were only fighting above its head and did not come down, so it quietly stuck out its head to watch. Just that with this look, it noticed that the golden light screen originally enveloping that wooden cup, following the collapse of the Celestial Emperor Treasury, also disappeared.

Xiao Hui slowly climbed onto the wooden platform and looked up, in the mid-air, the snake and bird heads stretched over and pecked back, fighting hard, from time to time huge pieces of scale and feathers fell down like rain.

The monkey scratched its head and blinked, it lowered its head and saw in the wooden cup beside, that water-like liquid reflected its own image, the stone inside the cup floated on the water surface and did not sink, sparkling and crystal-clear, nobody knew what it was.

It took a few glances at that cup and suddenly it crouched on top, stretched its head into the wooden cup and [gu lu gu lu] started to drink up.

[Gu lu, gu lu, gu lu gu lu...]

The Black Water Mystical Viper and Yellow Bird which were just still fighting bitterly, the two gigantic beasts which were just still earth-shakingly, winds and clouds changing countenance contesting with each other, suddenly their bodies seemed to be frozen.

[Gu lu, gu lu, gu lu gu lu...]

This small little sound, not even worth mentioning in the numerous terrible deafening sounds but for some reasons, suddenly, everything in the world stopped, leaving only the sound of a comical monkey drinking water.

That cup was very small and the liquid inside it were only about half a cup, very quickly Xiao Hui finished it and then raised its head and looked around. In the sky above, the Black Water Mystical Viper looked down and seemed like it had not reacted and it raised its head to look at its arch enemy the Yellow Bird opposite it; the Yellow Bird seemed to look back at Xiao Hui with the same expression and then looked at the Black Water Mystical Viper again.


[Ze ze].

Suddenly, another strange sound, the Black Water Mystical Viper and Yellow Bird looked down at the same time, Xiao Hui stretched out its tongue a few times and then shook its monkey head, evidently the water in the cup was not tasty and far from its master's delicacy made in Qing Yun Hill Big Bamboo Valley's kitchen, Xiao Hui was very dissatisfied. Its eyes turned and saw that although the water was drunk, a small tiny glittering stone was still left in it and quietly lying in the cup, so it might as well took it out and then lightly threw it in the air, opened its mouth, like how the humans eat shelled peanuts, with a sound of [ah-wu], swallowed it.


Far away, Fa Xiang and the rest dripped with sweat!

Suddenly, a howl and a sharp cry were heard, the Black Water Mystical Viper and Yellow Bird charged down in rage, the snake head and bird beak, pounding together towards this pitiful small and tiny monkey, Xiao Hui was extremely terrified and even the monkey hair on its head stood up in fright but right now it had nowhere to escape and could only instinctively prostrated on the wooden platform, using both of its hands to wrap around its head.

Watching helplessly as Xiao Hui would soon die under the combined attack from these two giant beasts, at this critical moment, a clear light flashed past, it was Ghost Li who had arrived as fast as he could, stretched his hand out and lifted Xiao Hui, then flew out with all of his might.

They had just left the wooden platform when they heard a loud crash behind, the remnants of the Celestial Emperor Treasury building, entirely annihilated...

The Black Water Mystical Viper howled loudly on the tree but even though it always had been unchallenged on the ground but against the enemies that flew, it was helpless, after howling about half a day, it eventually had no choice, and with the immortal medicine gone plus with its natural enemy around, it finally turned around angrily and slowly climbed down, very soon it disappeared into the mist.

But Ghost Li and Xiao Hui were still in danger, although the Black Water Mystical Viper had no way but there was still a divine beast, Yellow Bird, which ruled the eight thousands miles Ninth Heavens, right now it beat both of its wings and refused to give up, pursuing tightly.

Sweat appeared on Ghost Li's forehead, the Yellow Bird's speed was incredibly fast but it just had an exhausting battle with the Black Water Mystical Viper, suffered a number of injuries and lost a lot of energy, secondly, Ghost Li was small and agile, he kept on making abrupt turns in the air and therefore the Yellow Bird did not manage to catch it. But even though it was so, the Yellow Bird's exhausted body gradually still caught up, seemed like a little more distance and Ghost Li would be caught. Xiao Hui on Ghost Li's shoulder shrieked loudly, looking anxiously, it had called out just twice when suddenly it made a [ung] sound, not knowing if it had drank its fill earlier or not, at this time, it burped.

Ghost Li felt funny and angry at the same time but right now he could not care more and only concentrated on avoiding that pursuing swift and fierce wind from behind. While flying, the corner of his eyes noticed a patch of flowerbeds in front which was different from the other untidy surroundings, the fresh flowers were still exuberant and in it, red indistinct light floated.

His body shook, instantly he saw what was hidden in there, he did not expect that they had arrived here too but why did they not inform him?

A suspicion grew in his heart but right now it was after all a life and death moment and he could not afford to ponder, immediately he flew towards that direction and the Yellow Bird pursued closely.

Far away, Lu XueQi and the rest exclaimed out, it seemed like the Yellow Bird's sharp claws would soon grab Ghost Li's back and looking at the infuriated Yellow Bird's expression, it would not rest until it had cut the person who stole the Celestial immortal medicine to pieces!

In a flash, Ghost Li using all of its strength, turned into a green lightning, streaked past that patch of flowerbed and the Yellow Bird did not notice anything, followed closely and flew above that flowerbed.

Strange events suddenly happened.

Underneath the flowers, red lights suddenly rose, becoming one, in the mid-air, an ancient red cauldron appeared, it was the Ghost King Sect rare treasure - Hidden Dragon Cauldron.

And standing on top of the Hidden Dragon Cauldron was one person, with a calm expression, chanting the words, it was Ghost King.

The mysterious incantation reverberated once again, at the same time Qing Long, YouJi also appeared beside the flowerbed and both of their hands waved continuously, in an instant, under the urging of the Hidden Dragon Cauldron mysterious divine power, the Entrap Dragon WatchTower formation started again. Red lights swept up, becoming one dark red light sheet, converged into that Hidden Dragon Cauldron in the sky and trapping the Yellow Bird in it.

How would the Yellow Bird allowed itself to be captured, immediately it charged left and dashed right but not knowing if it was because it had spent most of its energy fighting with the Black Water Mystical Viper or that this Entrap Dragon WatchTower formation was too powerful, it could not find any escape route and instead recoiled from the mysterious force, its injuries seemed to become more serious.

In the end, it seemed to know it was helpless, the Yellow Bird wailed and stood within the red light screen, and did not move again.

Ghost King gave a long laugh and landed down, Ghost Li also, carrying Xiao Hui, unhurriedly landed beside him, at that moment, Qing Long and YouJi also came over.

Ghost Li frowned and looked at Ghost King, Ghost King instead smiled and waved his hand, he said, "Our matters, we will talk when we are back." following which, he gazed far ahead at Fa Xiang, Lu XueQi and the others, suddenly smiled and said to Ghost Li, "Why don't you suggest, how shall we deal with these people?"

Ghost Li's body trembled but saw that Ghost King was still smiling amiably but in his eyes, a flash of gleam, an indistinct trace of coldness within.

The surroundings, suddenly turned quiet again.