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Chapter 99: Unusual Sign

Chapter 99: Unusual Sign

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Unusual Sign

The rain drifted down from the sky.

The rain was light, the sky also showed signs of early sunset, this was already the second consecutive day that it rained.

Xiao YiCai frowned tightly, suddenly turned his head and spoke to the person beside him, "Yan junior sister, have you discovered anything?"

Standing with him was FenXiang Valley YanHong, ever since the group got scattered in the miasma, Xiao YiCai had entered the inner marsh but because he went in through a different direction, he did not encounter Fa Xiang, Lin JingYu etc. Instead not long after he met YanHong nearby and although they were not from the same sect but it was still a familiar face so for the past few days they had been travelling together.

Just that they had been searching for several days in this boundless forest and had yet to discover anything. Other than trees and more trees here, next it was the unceasing rain and the numerous venomous insects on the ground, it was really vexing. Come to think of it, no wonder there was no signs of inhabitation, this place was not even livable!

But although things were such but the things that needed to be done had to be done. Xiao YiCai and YanHong searched the surroundings carefully but at the same time he sensed that even though YanHong was polite to him, she seemed to be secretly guarding against something.

Right now he saw that YanHong seemed to have notice something and she kept staring at a direction in the forest, he could not help but enquired and YanHong said, "Xiao senior brother, look over there, something strange seemed to be there."

Xiao YiCai was surprised and looked over where YanHong pointed, behind the sheets of drizzle and in-between the dense branches and leaves, a weak golden light suddenly flashed and disappeared.

Xiao YiCai's heart leapt but after a long time, the golden light flashed a little again but the distance between them seemed to increase.

Xiao YiCai and YanHong looked at each other, both of them seemed to recall that rumour regarding the rare treasure's omens, it was indeed an enormous golden light beam shooting up to the sky. Could it be......

After a moment, both of them soared at the same time and as fast as lightning, dashed towards where the golden light was.

And while flying there, they subconsciously stayed a distance away from each other and also hold on tightly to their magical weapon, wondered if they were preparing for the unknown danger or the danger beside them......

Both of them flew extremely fast, shortly after they reached the area near where the golden light sparkled. Avoiding the thick branches, they saw the ground below was in a mess, broken and scattered brambles were everywhere, even the thick and big trees beside were also riddled with scars and the trees ahead which were as thick as a human's arms around them, a few had fallen.

In the forest, the path of disorder continued straight ahead, it looked like some person or some animal had released its power here and forced a path through this dense forest.

Xiao YiCai and YanHong looked at each other and saw the indistinct shock in each other's eyes. And at this moment ahead in the forest, a faint commotion was heard. Xiao YiCai signalled to YanHong and both of them flew up quietly, taking the cover of the branches and leaves, they soundlessly flew ahead.

After flying for a while, they saw fallen trees lying in a disarray along the way and a number of animals were found dead too, most likely they were unable to escape in time and suffered an unexpected calamity. The commotion noises turned louder and louder, mixed in it was also a voice chanting Buddhist mantra.

Xiao YiCai was surprised, he thought, "Don't tell me Tian Yin Temple Fa Xiang senior brother is here?"

While he was hesitating, a golden light suddenly lighted up in front, a deafening angry roar was heard and in an instant, like a shock wave, the surrounding trees' leaves shook together, the force was really remarkable.

But Xiao YiCai's face instead changed, in this 'Buddha Subdue Evil Roar' there was an urgent anxious feeling and it was something not reassuring. The relationship between Tian Yin Temple and Qing Yun Sect were different from FenXiang Valley, Xiao YiCai thought for a moment and eventually decided to enter the battle, after a while a sound of wind was heard, YanHong had also followed behind.

Both of them in the air saw the scene clearly and were stunned, following which both were greatly shocked.

There was a monk wearing Tian Yin Temple monk robe but it was not the gentle and refined Fa Xiang, it was that big and tall Fa Shan. Fa Shan's robes were all summoned up and in his hand, an extremely thick 'Vajra Subdue Evil Staff' danced like a violent storm, the golden light glimmered, protecting his body and from time to time, he roared again and again.

And dueling with him was a beautiful lady in light yellow clothes, her expression was coquetry with a smile at the corner of her lips, her black hair lightly brushed against her shoulders and a pair of clear, sparkling eyes. Looking into the eyes, you seemed to be immersed in it and never wanted to emerge again.

Xiao YiCai only took a few glances at her but suddenly he felt a wave of agitation in his heart and felt that in this world, there was only this girl and he really wanted to be with her forever.

Luckily he had trained and cultivated for many years, his level of cultivation was not considered low, he abruptly came to his senses and was shocked, he thought, "Where did this witch come from and has such powerful bewitching skill!"

Although looking at the situation below Fa Shan's power was terrifying but in Xiao YiCai and YanHong's eyes, both saw Fa Shan's face was flushed and he was already forced by that beautiful lady in front of him to only defend and if there was no other assistance, most probably he could not survive for even an hour.

Xiao YiCai and YanHong were taken aback but no matter how hard they tried, they could not recall who this woman was, she with such high skills and could actually reduce Tian Yin Temple's one of the most outstanding disciples other than Fa Xiang, Fa Shan, until he was unable to retaliate.

Looking at Fa Shan's impending defeat, Xiao YiCai and YanHong looked at each other, shouted and charged down, wielding Qing Yun Sect TongTian Peak's famous celestial sword, 'Seven-Star Sword', transformed into a stream of white light, striking down from the head. And beside him, YanHong also released a stream of green energy from her hand, it was her magical weapon, 'Green Spirit Stone' and followed closely behind.

That light yellow-attired lady heard the sudden shouts from above and her countenance changed, annoyance flashed past her face, just that with her thousand different expressions, it seemed like the annoyance also transformed into captivating beauty, faintly written on her face, seducing one's soul.

Xiao YiCai after all was the current Qing Yun Sect number one disciple, his skills levels were high and incomparable to normal people. The Seven-Star Sword rays were everywhere, already extending into an enormous sword beam in the air and struck down from the top. That lady's brows tightened and did not dare to underestimate the enemy, she also saw that there was another girl behind him with high-level skills too, she had no choice but to drift back immediately and at the same time, her right hand moved continuously. Suddenly she grabbed the air and out of the thin air, a purple light shone, dazzling. An unusual purple magical weapon seething with propitious energy blocked in front of her, clashed heavily with the Seven-Star Sword and Green Spirit Stone.


A muffled sound, that lady floated to the back and Xiao YiCai with YanHong landed beside Fa Shan, Xiao YiCai in a low voice asked Fa Shan, "Fa Shan senior brother, are you alright?"

Fa Shan's face was flushed red and was panting heavily, after a long while he slowly got his breath back and said, "Xiao senior brother be careful, this lady is the Evil Sect HeHuan Sect witch Jin PingEr, she is very powerful!"

Xiao YiCai and YanHong were shocked, for these past few years Jin PingEr was considered an influential figure in the Evil Sect. Together with Qin WuYan, Ghost Li the three of them were known as the three GongZi and were viewed as a calamity by the Good Faction. Now that they saw her today, she was actually a matchless beautiful alluring lady. But thinking back to that intensive bewitching pull when he first saw her, Xiao YiCai knew most likely this person was really Jin PingEr from HeHuan Sect.

Jin PingEr stood in front, feeling indignant in her heart. After she entered the inner marsh, she searched for many days but still had no clue. Today she met this Tian Yin Temple monk Fa Shan who was alone, both of them could not meet eye to eye and so started to fight.

Fa Shan had trained for many years and with the Buddhism skills he had cultivated, other than the gifted and talented Fa Xiang, within the Tian Yin Temple younger generation, he was considered the second. Just that this Jin PingEr was even more powerful, her attack was actually using her flirtatious eyes. In spite of Fa Shan's deep and solid Buddhism composure, he was caught off-guard by the Evil Sect HeHuan Sect's closely guarded handed down 'Bewitching Skill' and suffered heavy losses, he lost control of his composure for a moment and now only sixty percent of his skills remained.

After which Jin PingEr looked like she had it easy, under the swift and fierce attacks, Fa Shan did his utmost to defend himself and maintain a fragment of conscious in his mind, arduously holding up. If not for Xiao YiCai and YanHong who had came in time, most likely today Fa Shan would be defeated by this Jin PingEr, all of his entire past trainings would have gone to waste and he would be controlled by this strange bewitching skill, listening to only Jin PingEr's commands for his whole life like a walking corpse.

Right now Jin PingEr appraised Xiao YiCai from head to toe and suddenly laughed, her voice soft, gently said, " Not sure if this gongzi has some enmity with me and used such heavy blow for the first attack, are you trying to kill the little woman me?"

Xiao YiCai looked at her, saw her liquid eyes, bright and sparkling. Looking at it in this twilight, like a bright star glittering in the night sky, it really made one aroused.

Xiao YiCai's palms started to sweat, he forced his mind to calm down and did not look directly at her in the eye and raised his voice, "Lady is the renowned Jin PingEr from the Evil Sect HeHuan branch right! I have long heard about you!"

Jin PingEr smiled and said, "O! You recognize me?"

Xiao YiCai said, "My humble self is also meeting lady for the first time today, just that Fa Shan Master is from Tian Yin Temple Sect and is also a fellow Good Faction member as my Qing Yun Sect, it is intrinsic that my humble self will battle with lady."

Jin PingEr frowned slightly and smiled after that, "So if you said it like this, I have to consult gongzi, from which branch of Qing Yun Sect expert are you?"

Xiao YiCai said, "I dare not, my humble self is Qing Yun Sect TongTian Peak Xiao YiCai, this is FenXiang Valley Miss YanHong."

Jin PingEr's eyes studied YanHong's face, she saw that her face was quite pretty and could not help but took a few more glances. Among FenXiang Valley younger generations, both YanHong and Li Xun's skills had always been known as the twin jade annulus, just that her personality was more low-keyed and did not wish to seek attention, usually if there was any matter, Li Xun would be the one to step in and handle. Right now after following Xiao YiCai down, she had not spoken at all.

While she was being looked over by Jin PingEr, she could not help but look back at Jin PingEr. Unexpectedly with this look, she saw the beautiful lady snow-like skin, her appearance as pretty as a picture and as the time passed, even she also felt a faint swoon and was startled, at the same time her face turned slightly red and she secretly exclaimed that the Evil Sect sorcery was really shamelessly immoral, she was a girl and yet also to a slight extent bewitched.

When Xiao YiCai came over, it was already evening and now with time being squandered, the sky had gradually started to darken again.

Jin PingEr stood there prettily, facing Xiao YiCai and the rest, she pondered to herself: The level of skill for that sword move just now, this Xiao YiCai's skill was indeed quite high and beside, there were two more persons with him. Although she herself was not afraid but the death marsh rare treasure had not appear and if she was to engage with them in this meaningless fight here, it was really not wise.

Once she had the thought, she decided to leave. Xiao YiCai looked at her face and suddenly stepped forward and was about to say something but just at that moment, from the deep corners of the death marsh, in the far distance of the unceasing rain, suddenly a loud sound like dragons singing and tigers roaring erupted!

The sound was so loud that it made Fa Shan's Buddha Subdue Evil Roar seemed like a child's play and not even worth mentioning.

Instantly the clouds in the sky with speed that could be seen by the naked eye, transformed and churned, the mist rose, layer by layer, scene by scene like a roaring torrent of waves. Heaven and Earth seemed like it changed countenance because of this.

Everyone was astonished!

The sound was like a awl piercing the brain, made one stand unsteadily.

After a while, under the astonished stares of the people, in a far dark corner, suddenly a golden dazzling light leapt up, gradually turning brighter, gradually thickening and in the end transformed into an extremely enormous golden light beam. With the roaring, it charged up to the sky, breaking through the layers of clouds and in that moment, it illuminated the entire Heaven and Earth, the golden light was everywhere, the clouds were golden clouds and the trees were golden trees!

Xiao YiCai, Jin PingEr etc the four of them gazed in awe at this Heaven and Earth spectacular phenomenon and for a moment, forgotten that they were enemies and each raised their heads to watch. The golden light beam became more and more glaring and until the end it could not be viewed. The clouds in the horizon surged even more turbulently, swirling around the golden beam rapidly, turning into an enormous vortex lighted up by the golden beam.

Under such magnificent scene, the world was awed, as if anticipating some revered and priceless object, it made one venerated.

After a long time, the golden light beam which appeared out of nowhere slowly stopped and then weakened rapidly, it appeared suddenly and left swiftly too. In only a short while, the earth shattering phenomenal scene was sucked back into the darkness like a big whale sucking water.

After the dazzling splendor, a darker and deeper darkness descended onto the earth.

Jin PingEr and Xiao YiCai were all quick-witted people, immediately they realized that this was the legendary signs of the rare treasure birth, now that they witnessed it themselves, the grandeur of the rare treasure birth signs could be described as unimaginable, it made one really wondered what kind of rare treasure was it?

Compared to that, their fight was really insignificant. Almost spontaneously, Jin PingEr, Xiao YiCai, YanHong flew up at the same time and headed to where the golden light beam was, only Fa Shan was slower but he too followed closely behind.

In the darkness they transformed into four streams of brilliant lights and flew over. Although due to the enormous scale of the golden light they were unable to determine its exact location but the birth of the rare treasure was obviously right in front of them. When they thought about that, those hardworking cultivators of the true way, how could they not be aroused?

On the other side of the inner death marsh, the strong wind brought over by the golden beam caused the densely grown branches and leaves to fall neatly aside, only Qing Long and YouJi who were standing on the branches of the treetop, swayed with the wind and were unaffected.

While the magnificent Heaven and Earth spectacle slowly withdrew, Qing Long heaved a long sigh and said, "The creations of Heaven and Earth are boundless, it is really beyond what we mortals can study. I used to think that I am a learned person, now that I have unexpectedly witnessed such extraordinary sight, I realized that all of the ten thousands of creations in this world, the sky's the limit!"

YouJi slowly looked away, because of the black veil obscuring her face, her expression was not revealed clearly. After a while she indifferently said, "'Once the golden light appear, the Yellow Bird will definitely emerge', these are the inscriptions engraved on the Hidden Dragon Cauldron. Just that that yellow bird is the ancient divine beast - Nine Heavens Spirit Bird, even the ancient remnant scroll, 'Divine and Evil The strange. Spiritual beast chapter' sings its praises, don't tell me we can really deal with it?"

Qing Long smiled and said, "Third sister, why are you worrying unnecessarily. At East Ocean LiuBo Hill, Ghost King Sect leader for the first time used the inscripted 'Entrap Dragon WatchTower' on the Hidden Dragon Cauldron. With the Hidden Dragon Cauldron divine power since ancient time, it subdued the rare beast, Kui Niu, in one swoop. You should know then that this Hidden Dragon Cauldron's 'Four Divinities Blood Formation' really has a supernatural amazing effect. Now that everything has been prepared, even Ghost King Sect leader is confident enough to let us come, what are you still worrying, unless you don't trust Ghost King Sect leader?"

YouJi remained silent for a while and distantly said, "Sect leader is a man of great talent and bold vision, I have always respected him, why would I doubt. Just that I have always feel that this type of weird and unfathomable thing like the 'Four Divinities Blood Formation', why must we ..."

Qing Long's face changed and suddenly interrupted, "Third sister, this type of matter, it is not something that you or I can discuss, next time in front of outsiders, you must never mention it!"

YouJi's veil moved slightly and she looked towards Qing Long, he was frowning tightly and his face solemn. She had no choice but to keep quiet and then nodded her head.

Qing Long then was relieved and gently said, "Third Sister, don't mind me nagging, actually these past few years, especially ever since Miss BiYao's incident, Ghost King Sect leader's character has already gradually changed. Although generally he treat us with courtesy and respect but I can see when he handle matters and make decisions, his blood-thirsty desire has gradually became stronger. We are after all subordinates and unable to predict our superior's intention, it is better to be more careful."

YouJi quietly said, "Yes big brother, I know now."

Qing Long looked at her and unhurriedly turned over, after remaining silent for a long while he suddenly said, "Wonder which part of the death marsh will Ghost Li be now?"

YouJi behind him, looked ahead. The dark night boundless and indistinct, the earth shattering golden light beam had already disappeared, leaving only darkness, she could not help but asked, "Big brother, hasn't Ghost King Sect leader always trusted Ghost Li the most, why did he not inform him of our arrival this time and our purpose?"

Qing Long turned and looked at YouJi and did not speak.

YouJi seemed stunned, looked like she had thought of something and then slightly raised her head, looked far away, indistinctly her voice was heard, whispering, "Is that again not allowed to say..."