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Chapter 97: Night talk

 Chapter 97: Night talk

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Night Talk

The three of them remained silent for a while. It was still Zeng ShuShu whose nature was more vivacious and he was also quick-witted, he saw things were looking awkward between Lin JingYu and Fa Xiang so he was the first to smile and said, "Lin junior brother, how did you make it here?"

Lin JingYu although was not very close to Zeng ShuShu but first, to see someone from his own sect in this unfamiliar place, he felt some degree of closeness to him. Second, he knew that Zeng ShuShu was on good terms with Zhang Xiao Fan and so somehow had a good impression of Zeng ShuShu. He nodded and said, "I was separated from the senior brothers in the miasma and I kept going straight, didn't expect to make it out. I came out somewhere not far from here and happened to see the bright lights flashes from the magical weapons and therefore came to check it out."

Zeng ShuShu [He he] laughed, used his hand to wipe off the rainwater on his face and said, "Seems like we are quite fated, in this perilous place, the more people the better, isn't it! Fa Xiang senior brother?"

Fa Xiang smiled and nodded, he said, "That's right....oh, the rain stopped?"

Zeng ShuShu and Lin JingYu were surprised, they looked at the sky and really, not knowing since when, the mercilessly pouring rain had became a drizzle and right now, it had turned brighter and the sky seemed to have opened up.

Lin JingYu breathed deeply, the air in the forest after the rain was extremely crisp and seemed to carry a slight trace of sweet smell, penetrating deep into the heart.

Fa Xiang turned and looked at that mysterious flower which had already closed up and said, "There are really a lot of unusual things in here, this bizarre flower is not a humane type too, we should not stay here too long, let's leave this place first!"

Lin JingYu did not reply, Zeng ShuShu smiled and said, "Fa Xiang senior brother is correct, let's go!"

Speaking, he turned and looked at Lin JingYu, Lin JingYu quietly nodded.

After arranging their stuffs, the three of them steered their magical weapons and soared up into the air.

Zeng ShuShu hesitated for a while in the mid-air and loudly said to them, "Fa Xiang senior brother, Lin junior brother, this forest is appallingly big and contain poisonous insects, strange beasts and numerous different type of ferocious animals, I'm afraid that the rumoured rare treasure is really deep inside this forest, what shall we do next?"

Lin JingYu spiritedly said, "Zeng senior brother, if we do not enter the tiger's cave, how can we get the tiger's cub?"

Zeng ShuShu looked at him and turned to look at Fa Xiang, Fa Xiang smiled and placed his palms together in a prayer, showing no objections. He smiled and said, "As such then let's search this harsh wildlands thoroughly and see exactly what kind of rare treasure was born?"

The three of them felt invigorated, they urged their magical weapons and transformed into three streams of brilliant lights, continued on deep into the forest.

The night curtain gradually lowered, the sky had turned totally dark.

Lin JingYu and the other two had already searched for half a day but had had no results, not even the shadow of the rumoured rare treasure was seen. On top of that they unfortunately experienced quite a number of the forest's different types of bizarre poisonous insects and strange beasts, and some of them were quite unimaginable. Even when they flew past a big tree in the sky, one of the branches suddenly turned into a grey venomous insect and tried to bite them with its mouth opened wide.

As such they continued on like this, although the three of them were all trained cultivators, each one of them was an outstanding talent from their own sects and managed to traverse safely but they could not help but felt alarmed in their hearts.

As the night grew, the three of them discussed and happened to find a big rock in the forest which was quite flat and so the three of them landed on it to take a rest.

Zeng ShuShu carefully walked to the side, keeping a lookout and at the same time summoned his magical weapon, XuanYuan Sword. Using the weapon's weak light, he proceeded warily, after selectively picking and choosing, he finally took some of the drier and good branches back, preparing to start a fire.

Lin JingYu watched from the side and suddenly gave a bitter laugh. Zeng ShuShu heard it, looked up and met his eyes, he knew what he was thinking and also [He he] laughed out.

Qing Yun Sect ever since established two thousands years ago, to say the person who was the most detailed and cautious in gathering firewoods, it would definitely be Zeng ShuShu today!

Turning back, Zeng ShuShu took out a firestarter from his bosom but the heavy rain during the day had soaked the surrounding branches wet. After trying to start a fire for almost half a day and creating a lot of smoke, the fire was finally started.

Fa Xiang glanced at the surroundings and only saw darkness in the forest, after hesitating for a while, he signaled to both of them to sit closer and then took a deep breath. He slowly chanted and offered up the magical weapon, "Reincarnation Pearl" in his hands. After a while, gentle golden light glimmered and expanded out, forming a six chi perimeter of golden circle light, enveloping the three of them in it.

In the darkness, under the gentle light of the Reincarnation Pearl, their faces reflected the faint golden color. Lin JingYu and Zeng ShuShu were both from well-known sects and both saw this move from Fa Xiang clearly. Lin JingYu, although had some grudge against him but he too like Zeng ShuShu, their faces revealed admiration and surprise.

Zeng ShuShu smiled and said, "Fa Xiang senior brother, good magical power, admirable, admirable!"

Fa Xiang smiled and said, "There are too many venomous insects here, I'm afraid the light from this small fire might not be enough so with this 'Prajna Heart Circle', we don't have to worry about the usual venomous animals tonight."

After speaking, he smiled faintly at both of them and unintentionally or intentionally looked at Lin JingYu, Lin JingYu looked at him and slightly lowered his head and did not say anything. Fa Xiang slowly shifted his gaze and looked at the small campfire between them, the firelight reflected in his eyes, what was he thinking about?

The ambience slowly quietened down, the three of them did not speak anymore. The late night surrounded them, in the heavy darkness, suddenly a gust of wind blew.

The wind sounded like a sob, like a broken-hearted girl crying by herself somewhere far ahead, it drifted lightly in the forest, sweeping past the trees, brushing by the branches and leaves.

The black forest, in this black late night, suddenly as though as it was alive, opened its chest wide and let its offsprings in this boundless wide chest, vivaciously sang.

The night deepened, the wind went past the tip of the forest.

The fire flickered unsteadily.

Fa Xiang closed his eyes in meditation, Zeng ShuShu seemed to be tired too, he lay beside the campfire with his clothes on and looked to be asleep. Only Lin JingYu sat on the other side of the fire, without any sign of sleepiness, his gaze bright, staring blankly at that burning flames.

Slowly, he stretched his hand out and took a withered branch, [Pa] a sound and it was bent and broke into two, gently pushed into the fire.

The flames slowly swallowed the stick and seemed to grow stronger. Lin JingYu suddenly felt an awareness and looked to the side, Fa Xiang had opened his eyes and was silently looking at him

"Lin junior brother." as if considering the sleeping Zeng ShuShu, Fa Xiang specially lowered his voice and quietly said, "Why are you still not resting?"

Lin JingYu looked back to the campfire, after a while he said, "Aren't Master yourself too is not resting?"

Fa Xiang said, "Junior me has always meditate to rest and has already become a habit but Lin junior brother you are still young, you need to rest more."

Lin JingYu kept quiet, after a long while he suddenly said, "These ten years, I have always been sleeping less."

Fa Xiang frowned and felt curious, he asked, "Why?"

Lin JingYu's eyes reflected the burning flames in front of him, glinting, he unhurriedly said, "Once I closed my eyes, I will recall those innocently killed Grasstemple Village relatives and think of junior brother Xiao Fan who has now unfortunately degenerated into the Evil way."

[Pa!] a crisp sound, reverberated lightly in the dim dark night. Lin JingYu bent the branch in his hands again and then slowly fed it to the fire.

The night curtain was totally black, the forest in the darkness as if in a remote place, silently howled.

Fa Xiang silently looked at Lin JingYu, that young man beside the faint firelight, his figure looked somehow lonely but still that obstinate.

After a while, he looked away and looked at the gently bobbing Reincarnation Pearl in front of him, he suddenly said, "You still think about Zhang Xiao Fan Zhang junior brother?"

Lin JingYu did not answer but when he looked at Fa Xiang, his gaze was cold.

Fa Xiang's eyes showed a faint hurt but his voice was still gentle, he unhurriedly said, "These past ten years, he joined the Evil Faction Ghost King sect and is now a vice-leader in the Ghost King sect. The whole world knows, sooner or later he will be the next Ghost King sect sect leader."

He slowly turned around and met Lin JingYu's gaze, the corner of his eyes seemed to twitch but he continued to speak, "These ten years, he kill people like flies, devouring people as if it is his second nature, even the Evil Faction people also addressed him as Xue GongZi and not by his name, the Good Faction all over the world view him as a calamity within one's bosom......"

"Enough!" Lin JingYu suddenly shouted, his teeth gritted, green veins popped out of his tightly clenched fists.

Fa Xiang stared at him but still continued, "If one day, when you face him, what will you do?"

The night turned colder, as if the whole world had also became this cold and heartless.

The golden light and firelight gently reflected on Lin JingYu's handsome face, he slowly closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

"He is my brother!" after a very long time, in the stillness, Lin JingYu suddenly spoke, firmly and without any bit of hesitation.

Fa Xiang looked at him and did not speak.

Lin JingYu slowly lowered his head, his voice turned low and deep, "I know, now that he has already sank into the Evil way and has no way back, in the future when I see him, most likely it will be as irreconcilable enemies......"

[Pa!] He broke the third branch and slowly fed it to the fire, he quietly said, "Just that even if we have a life and death battle or to be as sworn enemies, I do not care about how you these Good Faction's elders think, in my heart, even though Good and Evil is irreconcilable and sooner or later there will be a battle, it doesn't matter if he wants to kill me or I have to kill him, I still treat him as my brother."

He smiled, his smile carried some anguish and resolution, he distantly said, "He in my entire life, is my only brother!"

Nobody spoke anymore.

In the ancient forest, it became more and more quiet, in the chilly wind, as if someone was on that tree top, in the far horizon, quietly sighed......

Zeng ShuShu suddenly opened his eyes, sat up, his brows locked in a frown, as if concentrating at hearing something. Fa Xiang and Lin JingYu both got a fright.

Lin JingYu exclaimed, "Zeng senior brother, what is it?"

Zeng ShuShu's face was solemn, he said, "Something is not right, all of you listen!"

Fa Xiang and Lin JingYu were shocked, they were both deep in their talks and did not notice any movements near them, right now they quickly turned their attention to their surroundings and concentrated.

In the forest, other than the constant wind that went [wu wu], it seemed to be still that quiet, there was no movement at all. But after a while, both of them frowned at the same time, far away, a faint but dense [sha sha] sounds, as if hundreds of insects were travelling in the night. Although separated by the darkness, it seemed unreal and the sounds also seemed to be very far away but this degree of fine sounds made one had goosebumps!

The three of them looked uncertain, Lin JingYu frowned and said, "Don't tell me it is another poisonous insect?"

Zeng ShuShu forced a smile and said, "I'm afraid the numbers are not that little!"

The three of them looked at each other and saw the fear in each other's eyes, in this full of poisonous insects unpredictable dangers death marsh, just merely one day and they had already developed some wariness towards the ferocious animals here, in addition, the different types of bizarre animals here were too overwhelming, really wondered what thing would come out next?

Just when they were on their guards and preparing to take precautions, far ahead in the forest in front of them, suddenly a loud clamour was heard and after a moment, an angry shout mixed with the cries of the insects were heard. Lin JingYu and the rest were startled, Zeng ShuShu was the first to respond, "It's Fen Xiang Valley Li Xun senior brother!"

Lin JingYu's expression looked shocked, he quickly said, "Li senior brother may have danger, I will go out to meet....."

While speaking, he was about to move when suddenly a hand stretched over and pulled him down, it was Fa Xiang, he was heard speaking quickly, "I will go, the dangers here are unexpected, both of you stay within the Prajna Heart Circle and do not act rashly."

Without waiting for both of them to react, his body fluttered, the pale blue monk robe soared up and after a moment, his figure disappeared into the darkness.

Lin JingYu and Zeng ShuShu were both stunned but the next moment, the clamour noises increased again, angry shouts were heard ceaselessly and insects' cries filled the air, in it mixed with a few cries of alarms, revealed that Fa Xiang had already reached Li Xun and came into contact with those unknown strange animals.

The night was deep, the chilly wind in the forest seemed to increase too, the sounds mournful. The clamour noises turned louder and louder but the darkness was like a unscalable high wall, blocking in front of Zeng ShuShu and Lin JingYu.

Like ghosts wailing, like wolves howling!

Just at the moment when Zeng ShuShu and Lin JingYu were unable to resist anymore and about to dash out, suddenly a sharp whistle was heard and in an instant, all of the insects' cries died, human figures flashed in the darkness and two people at the same time floated over, it was Fa Xiang and Fen Xiang Valley Li Xun, some parts of their clothes were torn and faint blood were seen on Li Xun's body.

Just that their movements were extremely fast, in a flash they were already within the golden circle light, Lin JingYu and Zeng ShuShu quickly went up to receive them and saw both of them looked exhausted.

WIthout waiting for Lin JingYu and the rest to ask, Li Xun's eyebrows suddenly moved and he shouted, "Look out!"

Everyone was startled, in the surrounding forest darkness, suddenly loud cries of insects surrounded them from all around, densely packed and enclosing them. Numerous horrible eyes, emitting faint lights, staring at them in the darkness!

"What is it?" Zeng ShuShu with his eyes wide opened, looking around and asking Fa Xiang and Li Xun at the same time.

Li Xun with his face solemn, said, "It is all huge ants, everyone be careful!"

Lin JingYu and Zeng ShuShu were taken aback, Zeng ShuShu astonishingly asked, "What?"

And at that moment, Fa Xiang suddenly quietly said, "Watch out, they are here!"

Everyone was shocked and quickly readied themselves, under the firelight and Reincarnation Pearl's light, in the deep darkness of the forest, the [sha sha] noises erupted, the approaching moving masses besieged them.

When the black figures came nearer, Lin JingYu and the rest took a close look at them and immediately sucked in a breath of cold air, the strange things that were crawling ceaselessly out from the darkness looked like ants but these things were all almost the size of a human's calf and their numbers seemed to be infinite, in an instant the [sha sha] blood-curdling sounds filled the empty ground of this forest.

Zeng ShuShu and the rest, in spite being highly skilled, also turned pale at this moment but these enormous ants, whether it was afraid of Fa Xiang's Prajna Heart Circle or the campfire that was burning, although they came near but stopped about half a zhang away. However the number of huge ants kept on gushing out from the darkness and there were at least a thousand of them.

The black figures flickered, all four of their faces were pale, the mournful sounds of the wind swept through this ancient forest, as if mocking these humans for disturbing the ancient peace here.

In that distant wind, there also seemed to be a faint bamboo flute sound drifting along.

Li Xun's expression changed, he suddenly raised his voice and shouted, "Which Evil Sect demon dare to employ tricks here?"

This shout, carried some force, in an instant even the sound of the wind also seemed to pause.

Not just Zeng ShuShu and Lin JingYu, even Fa Xiang was surprised, when he went out to meet Li Xun, he only saw the numerous huge ants and did not notice any Evil Faction people around. He immediately asked, "What, these huge ants are tricks played by the Evil Faction sorcerers?"

Li Xun snorted, his stare fierce, he looked around and said, "That's right, when it was nightfall, I met a stranger near here and after shouting our greetings, that person immediately turned hostile and attacked, his attacks were using the Evil Sect evil moves. As for these freaks, it was all that fellow using some unknown immoral methods and is able to actually manipulate these type of ferocious wild beasts......"

Li Xun had not finished his words when suddenly someone laughed lightly in the darkness and said, "This Good Faction chivalrous hero sure presented it well but I seemed to remember that it was you who made the first move?"

That voice was a male and seemed young but the sound of his voice moved around, for a moment nobody could tell where his position was?

Li Xun's expression changed but in this unfavourable situation, he did not have any slightest sign of fear, he loudly said, "Since you are an Evil Sect sorcerer, naturally I will have to eliminate the evil, if you are a man then you should stand out, let's duel one-to-one for three hundred rounds. Using these ignorant beasts, what kind of hero are you?"

That man suddenly laughed and indifferently said, "Heros are what you Good Faction people claim to do, it will never be my turn."

After his words, the sound of flute faintly started, that mass of huge ants suddenly separated, making out a path. A young man unhurriedly walked out from the darkness and stood outside the golden Prajna Heart Circle, he had a smile on his face and his bearing was scholarly and refined.

It was Wan Du Clan Qin WuYan!

Fa Xiang's face was grim, he appraised him carefully and suddenly said, “At such a young age, your skills are unfathomable and to be able to control thousands of venomous insects, don't tell me you are what everyone addressed as the Wan Du Clan Qin WuYan Du GongZi?"

Qin WuYan frowned and turned to look carefully at Fa Xiang, he suddenly smiled and said, "So it is Tian Yin Temple Fa Xiang Master, no wonder your discernment is excellent, my humble self is indeed Qin WuYan. " He paused for a while and leisurely said, "People said among the Good Faction three big sects' younger generation disciples today, publicly acknowledged Tian Yin Temple Fa Xiang Master as a person of outstanding talent and with deep wisdom and high virtue, now that I saw you today, it is really a justified reputation, Qin WuYan make my salutations here."

After speaking, he nodded slightly, a smile on his face.

Fa Xiang frowned and seemed to hear at the same time, Li Xun's snort, a shiver went through his heart.

Although Qin WuYan's face had a smile but his thoughts were turning rapidly. Different from the rest, he came from Evil Sect Wan Du Clan. Entering into this full of ferocious and venomous beasts and insects inner marsh, others viewed it with dread but to him, it was like entering a treasure cave, he was extremely delighted.

Those poisonous animals that he could only meet by chance encounter were actually everywhere here. And among them were even the unusual venomous insects that he had not even heard of. To a poison master expert like him, it was ten times more precious than thousands of golds and silvers.

Wan Du Clan in the Evil Sect had always been maverick. Although their training and cultivation were all from 'Tian Shu' like the other branches but what they inherited and passed on was the mystical cultivation method using different types of rare poisonous animals to complement their training, hence since several hundred years ago, all of the highly skilled experts from this sect were all experts and masters on using poison.

And to be able to find the most potent and most venomous animal, to Wan Du Clan members, it would be an immeasurable help in their cultivation path.

Qin WuYan was now Wan Du Clan Sect Leader's last disciple, his aptitude was extremely high and was a rare gifted talent in using poison. After entering the inner marsh, once he saw the situation here, he was immediately pleasantly surprised. These few days he searched and gathered many poisonous animals and even encountered the highly toxic huge ants in the death marsh. Qin WuYan tried using Wan Du Clan 'Control Demon Flute' and perhaps the Evil Way Tian Shu indeed contained the unknown creations of Heaven and Earth, these ferocious wildlands insects were actually successfully controlled by Qin WuYan using the methods that were passed down in Tian Shu.

Qin WuYan was elated and unexpectedly met Fen Xiang Valley Li Xun nearby, both of them could not see eye to eye and started to fight, Qin WuYan simply used this numerous 'Death Marsh Enormous Ants' move. Although Li Xun's skills were high but surrounded by the countless huge ants, he could only hold them back, if not for Fa Xiang arriving in time, he would have suffered great losses.

Just that the situation now, Fa Xiang, Zeng ShuShu, Lin JingYu and Li Xun the four of them, were trapped by this young but with exceptional skills, Qin WuYan.