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Chapter 95: Miasma

Chapter 95: Miasma

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The wind blew over the death marsh.

The water plants rustled and ripples formed across the water surface, looking at it, the land seemed to go on and on. There were no signs of human habitation but it had a different type of beauty to it.

The Soul-Absorbing stick emitted faint dark-green light, the dim light moved and stopped in the mid-air. Ghost Li who was on top of it, clasped his hands behind and gazed ahead.

Today was one of the rare good weather in the death marsh, under the pleasantly warm sunlight, the usual gloomy atmosphere had also cleared up quite a lot but about ten zhangs in front of him, there was a stretch of thick grey haze-like enormous miasma, rising majestically and stretching far left and right. The miasma surged and twisted, reaching high into the sky, like no end to it.

This was, the boundary of one of the world's most dangerous place, the innermost death marsh!

The monkey, Xiao Hui, which was on his shoulder nervously made a low sound.

Ghost Li gently patted Xiao Hui and Xiao Hui quietened down, a pair of quick-witted eyes watched the miasma at the same time. At this moment, a sharp whistle was heard behind them, a light moving as fast as lightning came towards them.

Ghost Li's figure moved, the Soul-Absorbing stick seemed to know his intention and unhurriedly turned over.

That light screeched to a stop in front of him, the person who was driving it was a young man with a straight pair of eyebrows stretching into his hairline, his eyes bright and sharp. In a flash he appeared in front of Ghost Li, bowed and said, "Vice leader, everything has already been arranged."

Ghost Li did not ask him what it was, presumably he was well aware of it. He immediately nodded and said, "Good, I will leave here to you."

After speaking, he seemed to have thought of something and said, "YanHui."

That man whose name was YanHui said, "What is it?"

Ghost Li took a look behind his back and said, "You have always been level-headed and I can always leave things to you but Kill-the-living Monk has a volatile temper and an extremely bloodthirsty nature. Now that all of the forces are gathered here in this death marsh, even more so we cannot be reckless, you must watch over him carefully."

YanHui smiled and said, "Vice leader please be assured, even though Kill-the-living Monk consider everyone beneath him but he has never dare to go against your orders, I will also restrain him."

Ghost Li nodded and was about to turn around when YanHui urgently said, "Vice leader, there is still one more thing."

Ghost Li looked at him, YanHui hesitated for a moment, urged his weapon under his feet and came near Ghost Li, at the same time he lowered his voice, "I have just received a news from headquarters, Qing Long and Scarlet Bird of the Four Holy Envoys suddenly headed towards the direction of the death marsh several days ago."

Ghost Li's expression changed slightly but immediately his expression was back to normal, after a while he said, "Don't announce this matter, all of you proceed as planned but keep an eye out for any changes."

YanHui quietly said, "Yes."

After speaking, he bowed to Ghost Li and left.

Ghost Li looked at his disappearing figure, slowly turned around and looked at that enormous miasma, after a long while he suddenly said, "Xiao Hui, let's go."

Xiao Hui at his shoulder, scratched its head and [Zi zi] called out twice.

Ghost Li smiled, the Soul-Absorbing stick lighted up and one man and one monkey under the black-green light, flew into that enormous miasma.

x x x

Barely into the miasma, the surrounding lights disappeared in an instant. The bright sky which was there a moment ago was gone and only left a blanket of grey haze, one could only see not more than half a zhang in front.

Almost at the same time when Ghost Li entered the miasma, the Soul-Absorbing light surged, from the bottom it leapt up, forming a circle of light and tightly surrounded both Ghost Li and Xiao Hui, the surrounding miasma swirled and rolled but none could enter into this light circle.

Looking out from the inside, the clouds-like miasma following Ghost Li's movement in the air, parted at the front and closed in at the back, from the top to the bottom, this grey miasma was everywhere.

Once the flight started, he flew for a very long time, Ghost Li's face became more and more solemn. This extremely toxic miasma wall was inside the death marsh, the most obvious boundary line between the inner marsh and the outer marsh. Although the bottomless pits were everywhere in the outer marsh but it would not be a problem if one was careful. However in this inner marsh, not to mention about other things, just this extremely toxic miasma for an ordinary person, even if the person held their breath but once their skin touched this toxic thing, in a short time the poisonous gas would penetrate in and kill them.

Although Ghost Li had already achieved great progress in his skills and no longer that disciple in Qing Yun Hill but he still dared not lower his guard against such toxic. Inside the death marsh, everywhere was dangerous particularly the inner marsh, a wildlands since ancient times with unpredictable dangers. He was on high alert and moved ahead carefully.

Just that this miasma wall was abnormally thick, after flying for another while he was still in it and surrounding him was still a sheet of grey. He felt alarmed, according to his estimates by now he would have already flew about hundred zhangs. It could be that in this harsh wildlands, covered by miasma for centuries, most probably whatever rare treasure that was born in it, in the next ten millions years nobody would know, let alone getting their hands on it.

While he was thinking it through in his heart, the Soul-Absorbing light multiplied and the surrounding grey miasma swirled ceaselessly, it also seemed to be increasing in speed too.

Suddenly Ghost Li's heart jumped, deep inside the miasma in front of him, a blue light flashed but disappeared after that. That faint blue light somehow seemed to be familiar.

Almost at the same time the quiet swirling miasma increased in speed abruptly, like a pot of water, suddenly boiled.

Up down left and right, the grey miasma started to rotate crazily, numerous not big or small miasma vortexes appeared in front of him, each indistinctly had a force of suction, attacking him from all directions. Xiao Hui on Ghost Li's shoulder did not make a single movement, quietly [Zi zi] and tightly clutching Ghost Li's clothes.

Ghost Li's face was cold but his eyebrows were frowning deeply, suddenly with a snort, his body tensed up and within the Soul-Absorbing green light, a golden light suddenly soared up, together with the green light, illuminated each other. Immediately the surrounding miasma was forced back by a few degrees. At the same time, the Soul-Absorbing stick rose and burst forth, totally disregarding the danger in front and charged into the biggest miasma vortex.

x x x

Once within the enormous miasma vortex,he instantly felt the suction force increased greatly, the wind howled and poured in from all directions, all of it was the toxic miasma. Ghost Li's face turned pale and he was sucked out by this natural enormous power into the sky.

The piercingly cold wind sucked unceasingly, agitating the clouds, like an infuriated wind deity. Ghost Li breathed deeply in the mid-air and suddenly pushed out both of his hands, the left hand making a mark, the right hand making a spell, gold and green lights shone on his face at the same time and started to flash after a while, rapidly integrating into one. If right now there was to be any Good Faction master around, most likely the person would be too stunned for words.

Qing Yun Sect Tai Chi Xuan Qing Way and Tian Yin Temple Great Brahman Wisdom had actually perfectly merged into one in this young man!

In the brilliant gold green lights the Soul-Absorbing stick immediately calmed down and did not sway with the wind anymore. It held still in the middle of the storm, Ghost Li focused and observed but the storm was becoming more and more violent, the gas clouds steamed and surged angrily. Looking ahead, everywhere was still grey.

Ghost Li hesitated for a while but eventually knew that in this extremely perilous place, he really should not stay long and steered his Soul-Absorbing stick to force his way out from the edge of this violent spinning storm, instantly his eyes and ears were severely assaulted, the sky turned and the ground spinned, eventually he managed to break out of this storm eye.

As he had used quite an amount of effort to break out so after leaving the vortex miasma, he flew out quite a distance away. Just that because of the confusion just now, although the miasma gradually settled down but Ghost Li was frowning, he was unsure if he had flew the wrong way.

When he was still hesitating, Xiao Hui suddenly shrieked in warning, Ghost Li was shocked and without even taking a look carefully, he subconsciously forced his body to shift three feet to the side.


In the grey clouds a huge black thing rumbled past, sweeping past the place where he had just stood. A stench of bloody smell assaulted the nose, even the Soul-Absorbing circle of light could not totally block it, a faint smell of it drifted in.

Only a moment later, this extremely weird thing disappeared again into the miasma.

Ghost Li was stunned and his heart palpitated, in the instant that this huge thing appeared, it seemed to give him a whack to his head.

The next moment, disregarding Xiao Hui's screeches and even disregarding the great danger, he pursued.

Just that that strange monster disappeared in a flash. Although its body was huge beyond imagination but its speed was astonishing, in addition with this thick miasma wall, he was unable to see more than half a zhang. After a short while, he was unable to find that strange monster again.

Ghost Li frowned, slowly stopped and concentrated. Suddenly in front of him, a shout of surprise and thereafter more shouts followed. There were actually several people up ahead and he guessed that they scattered in fright when that monster passed through them.

Ghost Li was greatly excited and flew up, the clouds started to swirl and churn in front of him. Suddenly an angry shout and a voice, cold and clear, "Evil one!"

Before the words were completed, a swift and fierce blue light abruptly came from the side, aiming for his chest. Like a rainbow passing through the horizon, it also turned the surrounding miasma into a vivid blue.

Ghost Li was taken aback, this person's sword attack was ferocious, pressing forward with an indomitable will and granting no mercy at all. Just this stroke and it had revealed the person's high skills and definitely could not be underestimated. In this critical moment, his body did not decrease his forward momentum and instead increased. Like lightning, he charged up into the sky to shake off the sword behind him and then retaliated.

Unexpectedly the origins of that person in the haze was not simple, both of them separated by miasma and unable to see clearly each other's faces but just from the sword's reaction, that blue light seemed to be alive, pursuing with a speed like lightning and like a shadow, the distance between them never decreased.

In an instant the surrounding miasma immediately churned, Ghost Li became a dim green light, a blue light following behind, both went up the Heaven and down to Earth, shifting and moving like lightning, in these layers of toxic gas, relentlessly pursuing, the clouds surged whenever they passed by.

While being pursued, Ghost Li frowned tightly, the person behind him was extremely powerful and in a great haste he was unable to see what magical weapon she was using but the ferocity of that person's murderous intention was evidently clear. It definitely would not from his own faction so most likely it was from Good Faction which would not coexist with him.

From Good Faction, which powerful figure was it?

The thought had just barely formed in his head but his hands had already started to retaliate. Else if the chase kept on going, it would be of no harm to the person behind but he would be like a headless fly flying around, who knows what strange things he might encounter?

The green light surged, Ghost Li's body suddenly soared up sharply and turned back in mid-air, the Soul-Absorbing stick lay horizontally in front of his chest. That blue light behind him seemed to sense something, the sword light surged and became even more powerful, charging towards his chest.

Ghost Li grabbed the Soul-Absorbing stick in front of him, the green bead on the black stick immediately released a great light, under that light, red-blood strands also seemed to light up at the same time, the red blood quietly started to turn, red light and green rays, dim and discreet facing that blue sword light, meeting it directly.


Ghost Li's body shook greatly and his body was forced back by one zhang. But that blue sword light also flew back in great impact, someone seemed to groan in the gas cloud, obviously the person did not have it easy too.

These few years Ghost Li had been practising the Evil Way Tian Shu day and night, in addition with the Blood-Sucking Orb beside him, his savage characteristic had long flourished. And right now not a word more, straightaway he flew ahead, the Soul-Absorbing stick piercing through the air.

However the Soul-Absorbing stick had just acted when the gas clouds in front suddenly parted, the enemy was unexpectedly unyielding, the person had just stabilized and attacked back immediately. Ghost Li gave a sharp whistle and steered his magical weapon, immediately battling with that blue sword light.

Right now the Soul-Absorbing stick and blue light was already fighting with each other but the gas clouds churned and rolled, Ghost Li was unable to see that magical weapon clearly and depended on his body and the Soul-Absorbing stick's reactions to control.

This sudden battle to both of them was extremely risky as both parties were extremely skilled and if one was not careful, they would either be killed by the other or if they were injured and distracted for a moment, they would fall prey to the surrounding toxic miasma. Both scenarios were also life-threatening.

The other party up ahead obviously did not expect to meet such a figure but in the gas clouds, he was unable to see her face too. But looking at the sword blows, the person showed no signs of backing off even by a little.

In this flint-spark moment, the Soul-Absorbing stick and blue sword light clashed violently in the miasma, loud booms sounded. With these two magical weapons in the center, the miasma surged and churned, indistinctly becoming another enormous vortex.

Even though they were separated by a distance but Soul-Absorbing stick and Ghost Li were forged by blood. Each other's reactions were felt as if they were connected by flesh and blood, Ghost Li felt that cold energy above Soul-Absorbing stick was seethed with excitement, as if this magical weapon had a spirit that was becoming excited. This feeling was really strange, ever since he had accomplished great advances in his cultivation, he had not felt it again.

Just that, very long ago when he was still an ignorant young boy, this feeling, he had once felt it......

A shock went through his heart!

As if indistinctly something surged in his heart.

The Soul-Absorbing stick and that blue light clashed violently for the last time and flew back. Right now the surrounding miasma increased more and more and Ghost Li and that person's battle had reached the climax. Both of them separated by the miasma, depending only on their spiritual senses, on one side they had to defend against attacks and other side they still had to ward off the surrounding toxic miasma. Obviously with this kind of danger, the sooner this battle ends, the better it would be!

The cyclone turbulated violently, at the same time it gave rise to numerous small vortexes again but Ghost Li's eyes were fixed onto the other party. Behind that thick miasma, a glimpse of the blue light, he seemed to even feel that person's murderous stare.

Suddenly a clear whistle was heard, the sharp whistle of the blue sword light piercing the air, it instantly broke through the clouds layers and turned into an enormous light beam, striking down from the top. Ghost Li did not make any attempt to avoid and flew up straight, broke into the blue light and to where the person was.

That person in the gas clouds shouted angrily, the blue light surged and instantly all of the brilliancy were withdrew back into that cloud layer. After a moment it congealed into a sky-blue celestial sword that blazed for miles, charging over with a tremendous force. Almost at the same time, the Soul-Absorbing stick's green light surged greatly, instantly causing the surrounding miasma of within one zhang back, and went up to meet it.

A strike of life and death, at this moment.

That person held the sword hilt, Ghost Li clutching on Soul-Absorbing stick, both charging towards each other.

Two sharp lights, instantly forcing back all of the surrounding miasma!

As if holding their breath, waiting for that moment to determine life and death......

The white and fair hand holding the sword hilt; the dress that was billowing and dancing in the wind; she, like the fairy from Nine Heavens, with an unparalleled beauty, in the moment when the clouds dispersed, appeared at the other side.

Lu XueQi!

After many years, that moment when they met again......

What look was it that appeared in each other's gazes,

Most likely, only in that instant.

x x x

Suddenly the whole world seemed to come to a standstill, the grey miasma was forced back by the supreme magical weapons, slowly revealing that man's figure.

That man who was deeply engraved inside her heart, was right in front.

She did not move, only her heart, trembled slightly.

x x x

The two magical weapons like lightning, like light, like long-standing generations of bitter enemies entangled for three lives and seven generations, forced forward, was it hate, love, to determine your death and my survival in this instant?

That moment, was right in front!

That moment, in a moment of breath!

What was it, that was quicker than this lightning, what was it, that quietly linger in the heart?

Was it intention......

The dazzling Soul-Absorbing stick suddenly veered off slightly and gave way, Ghost Li unexpectedly opened his chest wide, Xiao Hui on his shoulder shrieked.

Spots of blue light like stars, gushed over!

But he never felt pain, from his side, streaked past by a hair's breath, as if an inexplicable reaction, that Tian Ya Celestial Sword also veered off slightly to the other side.

This moment was really really dangerous, Ghost Li and Lu XueQi, if whoever was a minute late or hesitated for one moment, it would immediately cause the other party to be beheaded by the magical weapon.

Just that for unknown reasons they gave up.

In the instant that he had missed, he was still gazing deeply.

Deep inside that beautiful girl's eyes, that figure that was reflected, was actually his......

Because of the immense strength exerted for the life and death battle, their bodies, could not help but to fly off in different directions, separated far apart!

In the air, indistinctly on her dress, did it have her faint fragrance?

The sky suddenly lighted up, Ghost Li suddenly recovered his senses and saw a boundless dense forest appeared below his feet and he was about to land. The sky was low, dark clouds moved and he had unknowingly broke through that unimaginable thick miasma and finally reached the perilous inner mash.

In the mid-air, he stabilized his body and slowly landed. He suddenly turned his head but only saw that enormous miasma wall, as ever unchanging since ancient times, towering there. And needless to say, where would that girl be now?