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Chapter 94: End of the road

Chapter 94: End of the road

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End of the road

The night as black as ink, cold and harsh.

Suddenly, a light flashed past in the darkness, approaching at an incredible speed but looking at it from afar, that light seemed to be wavering and unstable.

On the ground MengJi was pacing worriedly, behind him were the remnants of Chang Shen Hall disciples, a cursory glance revealed roughly fifty or sixty people, each one of them looking terrified, watching the road they had came from.

Until they saw that light.

Immediately it caused a stir among the ordinary disciples and quite a few cheered. MengJi instead looked at that figure that was flying in and the anxiety on his face increased.

That light came near and stopped, YuYang Zi floated to the ground and immediately everyone cried out, "Sect leader, sect leader". Unexpectedly without waiting for the crowd to reach him, YuYang Zi's face paled and [Wa] a sound, threw out a big mouthful of blood, dyed the front of his robe red.

Not one did not change their countenance.

MengJi rushed up and supported YuYang Zi, he felt coldness and noticed that YuYang Zi's entire body was cold, extremely abnormal. And underneath his clothes, his body was still shivering. MengJi was greatly alarmed.

YuYang Zi felt MengJi's shock and turned to look from left to right. He saw the terror on his disciples' faces and knew they were already highly strung with low morales, if even himself would not survive then immediately it would turn into a scene of the rats deserting a sinking ship.

Immediately he forced his spirits up, suppressed the turbulent blood and energy in his chest and in a clear and loud voice said, "All of you don't have to panic, I had just used my internal energy to force the clotted blood out of my body so I am alright."

YuYang Zi had always been like a deity in the Chang Shen Hall disciples' hearts, when he spoke those words it had an effect and many of the sect disciples' expressions became relaxed and obviously looked much relieved.

Although YuYang Zi's words were such but his countenance was really terrible, as white as a paper and on the left hand side of his body, there was a patch of blood, even his sleeve was missing, looking extremely dishevelled. Luckily currently it was late in the night, thick with darkness, if it was in the day, with hundred over pair of eyes watching, they would know immediately that he was already an arrow at the end of its flight.

MengJi frowned tightly and turned back to speak to the Chang Shen Hall disciples, "There is nothing serious with Sect leader, all of you first take a rest and we will plan again the next morning!"

Everyone gradually dispersed and until Chang Shen Hall men were far away, MengJi felt YuYang Zi's body suddenly sank and quickly supported him, looking at YuYang Zi, he felt his heart was almost at his throat.

There was not a trace of blood on YuYang Zi's face and he was panting heavily. If not for his support, YuYang Zi could barely stand.

MengJi quickly helped YuYang Zi to sit down. YuYang Zi meditated on the ground and slowly breathed in and out. After a long while, his breathing then gradually calmed down and he looked slightly better. Mengji stayed beside YuYang Zi, looking worried and anxious, at the same time kept glancing at his surroundings.

Everywhere was dark, other than the few campfires by Chang Shen Hall disciples nearby, nobody could see further than their fingers.

The night was malevolent, as if it was too, spying on this misfortunate precarious Chang Shen Hall sect.

YuYang Zi slowly opened his eyes.

MengJi immediately spoke in a low voice, "Sect head, are you alright?"

YuYang Zi laughed bitterly, in his eyes naturally he would not treat MengJi the same as the ordinary disciples. Sighing softly he said, "I was besieged by those bastards and used up a lot of my energy, and at the end unexpectedly there was one girl who used Qing Yun Sect's 'Celestial sword Maneuvering the Thunder Formula'......"

MengJi was shocked and said, "There is such a master within them?"

YuYang Zi hatefully said, "Not even that, I fought with several and at least three or four had exceptional aptitude and until the end, I had to use 'Blood Curse' to force my way out!"

MengJi's face turned pale again. Blood Curse was Chang Shen Hall's well-known genuine curse, it allowed your skills to increase exponentially instantly but the backlash was extremely terrible, needless to say it would greatly decrease your skills but it would also shorten your lifespan.

After being speechless for a moment, MengJi recovered his senses and spoke to YuYang Zi, "Sect leader, then what shall we do now?"

YuYang Zi's face was solemn, after remaining silent, he hatefully said, "Now that the arrow is already on the bow, we cannot not shoot. Once it is daylight, we will immediately move deeper into the marsh, into the 'inner marsh' to find the treasure!"

MengJi's countenance changed greatly, he exclaimed, "Sect leader......"

YuYang Zi waved his hand and interrupted MengJi's words, he said, "I know what you wanted to say but if today we leave the death marsh, sooner or later we will also die at the other three sects' hands, might as well take this gamble!"

MengJi stared dumbfoundedly at YuYang Zi and saw the malevolent expression on his pale face thickened. He guessed that it was already too late to persuade him and could only slowly stood up, faced the sky and sighed softly in his heart.

The enormous death marsh which was situated at southwest of the vast Divine Land, with a circumference of eight thousand miles, stretching forever. Since ancient times human were rarely sighted. And in it, it was segmented into two kinds of world; one was the outer marsh which was where the main crowd was at, it belonged to the periphery of the death marsh and occupied around seventy to eighty percent of the lands. In the outer marsh it was covered densely with the bottomless pit and poisonous insects but for the cultivated skilled practitioners, these were not a concern and they only had to tread carefully to be fine.

And in the innermost part of the death marsh, there was still a mysterious area. It was a place where all year round, highly toxic methane gas surrounded it and nobody ever knew what it looked like. Even if occasionally some highly skilled master ventured in, nobody heard from them anymore, hence both Good and Evil faction generally did not wish to enter without careful consideration.

And these past few days, numerous people had searched for the treasure in the death marsh but to no avail. YuYang Zi had long expected that this treasure would be in the unpredictable perilous inner mash. If the situation was not so urgent, YuYang Zi would probably have to consider many things and at least prepared long in advance but because of the circumstances today, he himself like a compulsive gambler, could not afford to consider anymore.

The night breeze blew over.

Chang Shen Hall disciples who were exhausted from the day of fighting were all asleep, the campfires on the ground were also dying. YuYang Zi was still meditating with his head low, MengJi who was standing beside him earlier on had most probably went over to join the other disciples.

Suddenly YuYang Zi's eyes snapped opened, his glare fierce but with a trace of fear and looked around at his surroundings.

The night saturated with darkness.

The muscles in his body suddenly tensed up and then he slowly stood up.

His only hand clutching tight onto the Yin Yang Mirror.

The bone-chilling wind blew onto his body, the coldness seemed to seep into his heart.

In the recesses of the darkness, footstep sounds were gradually heard.

[Pa, pa, pa ......]

[Sha, sha, sha......]

[Hua, hua, hua......]

As if with different rhythms, at the same time, from three directions. soft yet neat footsteps sounds walking and gathered towards Chang Shen Hall disciples.

YuYang Zi's face, for the first time displayed despair, he suddenly shouted loudly, "Bastards, better get out here!"

This loud shout, forceful but indistinctly insufficient stamina. However it still reverberated far in this marsh, immediately the Chang Shen Hall disciples woke up with a start and within the cries of fears they quickly got up and swiftly gathered together.

YuYang Zi's expression was unpredictable, his heart had sank deep down. He turned left and right and suddenly looked stunned, in a loud voice he said, "MengJi, where has he gone?"

Chang Shen Hall disciples looked at each other and for a long while nobody answered, obviously nobody knew.

YuYang Zi felt a burst of energy coming up, his head felt dizzy and almost splatted out another mouthful of blood.

And at this moment, suddenly a calm male voice was heard from the darkness, harmoniously said, "YuYang Zi Teacher Uncle, are you looking for this person?"

[Wu] a sound and something flew out from the darkness in front Chang Shen Hall, forming an arc and then landed in front of YuYang Zi and the disciples, rolled a few times.

Someone took a fire and viewed it under the light, suddenly a gasp of shock was heard. This was the head of MengJi who was just here earlier on, speaking to them. Both of his eyes were opened wide in shock which suggested most probably he had died unjustly.

YuYang Zi took a deep breath, moving his sight from his last capable disciple's head to the front and stared. He coldly said, "Qin WuYan?"

A young man slowly walked out, his face slightly pale but a warm smile was on his face, he said, "Teacher Uncle's foresight really surpassed the rest, nephew is standing in the darkness yet you still know it's me, admirable, admirable!"

YuYang Zi's expression could not be uglier, he coldly said, "You are really something but the way how your Wan Du Clan treats your fellow Holy Sect members, isn't your that old poison monster teacher of yours afraid that Wisdom King will banished him to Hell after his death?"

"Ah!" Qin WuYan pressed a hand to his chest and made a startled posture but on his face, he was still smiling peacefully without any trace of fear. He turned and speak to the other side, "Jin Fairy, such a heinous crime, our Wan Du Clan dare not shoulder it by ourselves. You still don't want to show yourself?"

YuYang Zi's countenance changed greatly, he abruptly turned and sure enough, a charming lady slowly walked out from the darkness on the left side, looking extremely flirtatious. In this dark night, the moment she walked out, immediately it seemed to brighten up a few degrees.

"Jin PingEr!"

YuYang Zi seemed to be gnashing his teeth while calling out these three words.

Jin PingEr smiled and said, "YuYang Zi Teacher Uncle, long time not seen, have you been well?"

This greeting, in reality was more malicious than the most vicious profanity, YuYang Zi stared hard at her and coldly said, "Chang Shen Hall and HeHuan Sect have always mind their own business, why are you with those people from Wan Du Clan hitting a person when he is down?"

Jin PingEr smiled and said, "You are really forgetful when you are old. Several days ago, you received news that I have arrived and worried that our HeHuan Sect will steal your treasure so you ordered your men to kill Wan Du Clan's disciples and stole their special poison 'Black Toad Powder'. You then used the poison to kill four of our HeHuan Sect disciples at north of Big Wang village, is there such thing?"

YuYang Zi was shocked and he exclaimed, "How do you......" and immediately stopped halfway.

Jin PingEr blandly said, "Teacher Uncle you have planned far ahead to incite fights between HeHuan Sect and Wan Du Clan, it is indeed brilliant. But thanks to Qin WuYan Qin senior brother's reasoning and his detailed investigations, the truth was finally revealed. If not we would really be in trouble because of you!"

Qin WuYan smiled and said, "Fairy you flatter me, it is my humble self honour to be able to do something for fairy."

YuYang Zi's thoughts turned quickly, the situation was really precarious. Although these two were young but for the past few years their reputations had already shocked the world and definitely not to be taken lightly. Besides, behind them there were many human figures, although they did not reveal themselves but most likely large groups of Wan Du Clan, HeHuan Sect men were lying in ambush in the dark. If it was really such then most likely he would really be in trouble tonight.

YuYang Zi was trying to think of a way out when suddenly he heard a stir among his disciples behind him, as if they had seen something horrible and quickly turned around. He immediately blanched. On the only route of retreat behind him, from the darkness a nonchalant Ghost Li walked out unhurriedly.

There and then YuYang Zi's mind turned and finally understood, in the end he gave up all hope and smiled bitterly, "So the three sects have already agreed to deal with my Chang Shen Hall together. It is so ludicrous that I still wanted to sow discord among you, the mantis stalk the cicada, all of you the oriole behind!"

Qin WuYan smiled and suddenly said in a clear and loud voice, "Chang Shen Hall disciples, all of you also saw it too. Tonight Chang Shen Hall has come to its end, if you are smart you should quickly come over to our side and you can still keep your life."

After his words, behind Qin WuYan, Jin PingEr and Ghost Li, there was a movement of people, countless people holding their magical weapons gushed out from the darkness and enclosed the group with YuYang Zi as head.

The night breeze brushed past, the end of a hero!

All of the Chang Shen Hall disciples looked at one other, anyone could tell that even if they fought on, they would still not survive. Besieged by the three powerful Evil Sect sects and they themselves were also at the end of their tether, how could they survive.

YuYang Zi cried out in his heart and as expected, not even a moment had passed when someone shouted loudly, "I surrender, I surrender......"

And ran towards Qin WuYan.

With somebody taking the lead, immediately there was a commotion and in a short while almost all of them ran out, after all nobody wished to wait for death. YuYang Zi was infuriated and shocked, he continuously shouted for them to stop but at this life and death moment, who would bother about him. More and more Chang Shen Hall disciples ran out and the situation became out of control.

YuYang Zi was enraged, his eyes revealed an ominous glint. He gave a roar and jumped into the crowd, randomly grabbed one of the Chang Shen Hall disciple and wanted to kill one to make an example. Everyone saw the scene and cried out, and instead they bolt even faster, only that unlucky guy in his hands was so frightened that his entire body slacked.

YuYang Zi's look was savage, looking by at his several hundred years of Chang Shen Hall sect foundation was going to be destroyed in one day, his chest almost exploded with rage. He exerted strength and almost strangled that disciple to death but then he saw that person was so terrified that he almost could not even wail.

YuYang Zi looked at him and suddenly turned to look at his sect members who were running away from himself. Out of a sudden he felt downhearted and loosened his hand, that disciple dropped onto the ground.

That person got his life back and almost could not believe himself, he half rolled and half crawled and quickly got away, staying as far as he could from this person.

After a short while, YuYang Zi was the only person left all alone.

Ghost Li, Qin WuYan and Jin PingEr walked forward together.

The scene suddenly quietened down, YuYang Zi's figure looked melancholy, he swept his gaze from Qin WuYan to Jin PingEr and then to Ghost Li, his lips moved and he suddenly said, "Forget it, forget it."

Ghost Li and the rest were only about one zhang away from YuYang Zi and they stopped, forming a circle and enclosing YuYang Zi in it.

Jin PingEr was the first to speak, she smiled and said, "What is it, YuYang Zi Teacher Uncle, what do you still want to say?"

Hatred flashed past YuYang Zi eyes but his face looked indifferent, after a moment he unhurriedly said, "Now that I am at the end of my tether, Chang Shen Hall's name will end today."

Qin WuYan clapped his hand and said, "Uncle Teacher really has good judgement!"

YuYang Zi's body trembled, with his status yet today he had to suffer these juniors' humiliations, he really would rather be dead but instead he bore it down and unhurriedly said, "Since I have nowhere to go, alright I will also surrender to you. With my skills, it will be of at least some use to all of you right?"

When he spoke these words, Qin WuYan and Jin PingEr's expressions immediately changed. YuYang Zi's skills was comparable to Ghost King, God of Poison, especially tonight he as one dealt with almost ten outstanding talents from Good Faction, not one of the Evil Faction members was not in awe while spying on him in the darkness.

If not for the fact that they saw Chang Shen Hall battling with the Good Faction first, it might not be that easy to get rid of Chang Shen Hall. And if they could get YuYang Zi to serve them, not to mention he would be a strong aid but in the future internal fights within Evil Faction, they would have a very big advantage.

Once they thought of this, Qin WuYan and Jin PingEr were all extremely ambitious people and hesitation appeared on their faces.

And at this moment, Ghost Li who had remained silent all these while, said, "You have such high skills and have such an ambitious heart, furthermore your seniority is higher than us. If you were to come to our Ghost King Sect, I'm afraid in the future it will be you climbing over my head, this kind of thing, are you willing?"

His tone was monotonous but his gaze was penetrating, sweeping coldly over YuYang Zi. YuYang Zi's heart sank, Qin WuYan and Jin PingEr were such intelligent people, instantly they had already figured it out and smiles appeared on their faces.

But to YuYang Zi, it looked no different from demons.

"Teacher Uncle is really clever, until now you still have such ingenious method, admirable, admirable!" Jin PingEr smiled sweetly but at the same time with this smile, at her right hand, purple light slowly lighted up.

Almost at the same time, Ghost Li's Soul-Absorbing and Qin WuYan, took a step towards YuYang Zi.

The night breeze whistled, the chill penetrating deep into the bones.

YuYang Zi looked around, unable to appease the resentment in his heart, he gave a long howl, trampled upon and leapt up, determined to make the last struggle and absolutely would not wait for death!

Far away, the Good Faction side was finally settling down, this time Xiao YiCai even especially arranged a few juniors night guards, it showed how meticulous and cautious he was .

At a nearby isolated area, Lu XueQi sat quietly and not long, WenMin came back and sat beside her, her mouth pouting slightly and she whispered, "That Song Daren is really a big fool."

Lu XueQi looked far and saw Song Daren sitting beside the fire, his face embarrassed. Not knowing what he and WenMin talked about but he kept sneaking glances over and looked worried. However he dare not come over.

Lu XueQi's eyes seemed to smile and she told WenMin, "Senior sister, you have bullied him for so many years already. It is such a rare opportunity to come out, you best treat him better."

WenMin humphed, she had always been on good terms with Lu XueQi and never had to hide her feelings in front of this junior sister. She softly humphed and said, "That person is too honest. I really don't know what happened for Tian BuYi Tian Teacher Uncle, I heard that in the past when he, took SuRu Teacher from our Small Bamboo Valley to marry her, it was really down-right brilliant, why is it that the disciple under him will be so stupid......"

Lu XueQi smiled and looked away, after a while she suddenly lowered her voice and said, "You are right, their Big Bamboo Valley disciples, initially there were really many honest ones......"

Speaking until the end, without knowing why, her voice dropped. WenMin was stunned and looked at Lu XueQi. She suddenly sighed and gently patted her shoulder, said, "Don't think too much."

Lu XueQi did not speak and only bowed her head.

The night passed quietly.

In the morning, Xiao YiCai gathered the rest together and discussed, "Now that Chang Shen Hall had suffered a great loss, temporarily we won't have to deal with any external enemy. And after searching in this death marsh for so many days, we do not have a single clue on that treasure's location. Various senior brothers, do you all have any suggestions?"

Fa Xiang remained quiet but Li Xun instead looked at Xiao YiCai and said, "Xiao senior brother, don't tell me you wish to enter that extremely perilous inner marsh to investigate?"

Xiao YiCai was surprised and nodded, "That's right. Since we are already here, we can't give up halfway."

Fa Xiang frowned and said, "Although what Xiao senior brother said makes sense but deep in the death marsh, the methane are all highly toxic and I heard that there are even many unimaginable demon beasts and poisonous insects, extremely hazardous. With our big group, it is really too dangerous."

Xiao YiCai nodded and said, "That's right, what Fa Xiang senior brother said was what I was worrying. Therefore I think, why don't the majority of our junior brothers continue to search at the outer marsh while the few of us, including a few higher skilled disciples enter the inner marsh. What do the both of you think?"

Li Xun, after pondering for a long while, nodded and said, "We can only do this."

Fa Xiang also nodded.

Once the discussion was over, each of them went back to select their members. Not long, from FenXiang Valley Li Xun, HongYan, Tian Yin Temple Fa Xiang, Fa Shan and as Qing Yun Sect had more members, other than Xiao YiCai, Lu XueQi and Zeng ShuShu were included, Lin JingYu who received all the attention last night, earnestly requested and since everyone now viewed him with increased respect, he was eventually included.

As such the eight of them, after arranging their own sect matters, with Xiao YiCai as the lead, took up their magical weapons and headed for the inner marsh.

And on the other side of the marsh, looking at the peaceful marsh in front of them, Ghost Li and the other two stood side by side. Behind them were three rows of men, each formed their own group but facing each other, indistinctly maintaining vigilance.

Qin WuYan suddenly sighed and said, "YuYang Zi Teacher Uncle was a hero of his age and now that he had merged into the death marsh, it is also considered a worthy death?"

Ghost Li remained silent while Jin PingEr only smiled blandly but did not speak.

Qin WuYan did not mind, smiled and said, "So how is it, what do you both plan to do next?"

Jin PingEr looked at him and then suddenly turned, at the same time she said, "The important matter has already accomplished, naturally we shall go our different ways!"

Qin WuYan looked at her back figure and raised his voice, "Oh, don't tell me Fairy intended to report back?"

Jin PingEr even more did not reply and smiled indifferently, Qin WuYan said, "Then I will be in the inner marsh, waiting respectfully for Fairy. When it's time, I will like to request Jin Fairy to show mercy!"

Not knowing if Jin PingEr had heard and walk off by herself. After which the HeHuan Sect disciples also followed her and left.

Ghost Li looked at Qin WuYan, his eyes cold. Then he also turned and walked back to his Ghost King Sect group.

Qin WuYan stood where he was, smiling but his eyes also gradually turned cold.

Within the death marsh, the sky looked to be more sombre. The dark clouds packed densely, as if a much bigger storm seemed to be coming again.