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Chapter 93: Oriole

Chapter 93: Oriole

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It happened suddenly, the unforeseen event arose suddenly in the dark. Those Chang Shen Hall men were caught unaware and could not react in time.

And in this flint-spark moment, the Good Faction men who were lying in ambush and all ready to risk their lives, each one of them wielded their magical weapons and charged over. With the intended attacking the unprepared ones, naturally they had a very big advantage and those Good Faction disciples that were here, each one of them at least an outstanding successor of one of the big sects. Although their cultivated skills might not be on par with YuYang Zi that kind of figure but against the ordinary sect members, they far exceeded them.

The moment was liken to a tiger entering a sheep flock, the Good and Evil Faction had always viewed each other as enemies and naturally they would not hold back during attack. Various kinds of light flashed crazily in the night, wails and screams were heard incessantly and the smell of blood arose immediately, drifting within the death marsh.

Among the different light rays, the one which was the nearest, flashed a blinding gleam of jade-green light. It belonged to Qing Yun Sect, Long Shou Valley disciple Lin JingYu's Dragon Slayer Sword.

This young man who had never displayed his skills, right now suddenly became a dazzling icon. The Dragon Slayer Sword gave a thundering sharp whistle, the incredible jade-coloured light exploded up towards the sky, bathing its owner in it. Without any hesitation, he charged right into the Chang Shen Hall group of people.

That was the most splendid stream of light in the night, his eyes were cold but deep inside, a fervid zeal seemed to burn, as if thirsting for the other party's fresh blood to be shed by the cold lights.

The first several Chang Shen Hall disciples, after the jade-green light rays swept past them, became a spray of blood rain.

The crowd was in a uproar and gushed forward to besiege him but Lin JingYu seemed not to even care about the attackers coming from behind his back and only looked forward, charging into the densest area, killing wherever he went and he could not be stopped. Everywhere he went, blood and fleshes splattered. The rest of the Good Faction disciples caught up after a short while and each wielded their magical weapons and fought in close combat with the Chang Shen Hall men.

In the chaotic battle, Xiao YiCai who was shocked by Lin JingYu's actions, shouted loudly, "Lin junior brother, be careful......"

Just that Lin JingYu seemed not to be able to listen to anyone's warning, he who at this very moment right now, had already became a totally different person from that youth who was learning the craft at Long Shou Valley. Holding the Dragon Slayer Sword in his hand, his body turned into an evil-killing light!

Countless of Chang Shen Hall men surrounded him completely, even with that he never turned his head back once. The Dragon Slayer Sword glistened while been brandishing in the night, numerous fresh blood sprayed up and spilled, staining his robes.

Until the end, countless Chang Shen Hall men pursued after him but yet nobody dared to block his way. Everyone fled for their lives and did not dared to face this mad-like monster.

Until, a piercing sound [Wu wu] was heard coming from deep inside the darkness, a white light flashed past and a circular object, spinning and descending at a great speed from the sky, aiming for Lin JingYu's head.

Lin JingYu cried out loudly, the Dragon Slayer Sword which was swishing in the air and fighting with the enemies, immediately flew back. He grabbed it with one hand and pierced it towards the sky, instantly the jade-green light swelled immensely and he leapt and soared into the air. Unexpectedly that disc thing became even more powerful, black and white lights shone out in turns and actually forcibly suppressed the resplendent jade-green light.

For the first time Lin JingYu's face turned pale. He knew that a master had finally emerged from Chang Shen Hall and although this unknown magical weapon looked to be unremarkable but it totally disregarded the Dragon Slayer Sword's unparalleled sharp sword light rays, carrying with it a force of extreme pressure and rapidly pushing down.

With the increasing pressure from that disc, Lin JingYu's face became paler and paler. Suddenly he bellowed and flew out inverted, only a split second later, that disc slammed down with a boom, creating a large pit of one zhang circumference at where he stood previously. The ruthlessness of this method also showed the person's extreme indignant.

Lin JingYu's body flew out inverted, the Qing Yun Sect disciples who were behind saw it and went up to catch but because Lin JingYu had charged recklessly into the midst of Chang Shen Hall group, surrounding him were all enemies. Before he could land and stand properly, he already felt severe pain and the next moment, three, four sharp blades were already hacking into his body.

Fresh blood spurted like fountain, bright and vivid, it dyed his robes red. The corner of Lin JingYu's eyes twitched but he did not have any fear or intention to withdraw. The Dragon Slayer Sword in his spilled blood became even more brilliant, wheeling around his body and immediately wails and screams were heard, three, four Chang Shen Hall disciples stumbled back, with limbs severed and vomiting blood, it seemed like they would not be able to survive.

Everyone saw that this young man had such courage and for a moment transfixed by him.

In a short while the Good Faction men charged over, Chang Shen Hall disciples did not dare to continued fighting and retreated back. And at the place where Lin JingYu was beaten, YuYang Zi emerged slowly, his expression savage, where had the celestial demeanour usually seen went to?

By this time, the fightings had gradually stopped. Chang Shen Hall disciples slowly retreated behind YuYang Zi while the Good Faction young disciples also came together. Xiao YiCai, Fa Xiang, Li Xun etc stood at the front, Small Bamboo Valley WenMin walked over and helped Lin JingYu to bandage his wounds and to stop the bleeding, at the same time she quietly said, "You this young man, why do you not treasure your life at all?"

Lin JingYu only saw WenMin a few times at TongTian Peak at that time and was surprised to receive her care suddenly. In the past ten years, he trained under the mysterious old man inside TongTian Peak Founders Ancestral Hall and with only his own aptitude and stoic perseverance, he finally made a breakthrough. And today his exhibition of his skills shocked everyone, causing everyone to view him in a different light.

But when this stranger senior sister asked him this question, suddenly he did not know how to answer and could not reply. WenMin had always been kind-hearted and when she saw that half of his body was bleeding, she took advantage of the respite from fighting and offered her help with his wounds. But due to the volatile situation, she roughly dressed up his wounds and then quietly said, "There will be another battle later, you must be careful."

Lin JingYu felt a warm feeling in his heart, nodded and said quietly, "Thank you Senior sister."

WenMin smiled and walked to stand beside Lu XueQi, Lu XueQi glanced over at Lin JingYu, her face expressionless but a flash of light seemed to brush past in her eyes.

Over at Chang Shen Hall side, YuYang Zi's face was cold and stern, his only hand held on so tightly onto the magical weapon, 'Yin Yang Mirror', that his veins popped out.

The raid on Good Faction was instead foiled by the Good Faction juniors, he did a cursory glance and saw that in only a short amount of effort, Chang Shen Hall had already lost one-third of its men but over at Good Faction side, almost no damage was sustained. Lin JingYu seemed to be the only one with the most severe wounds after being slashed by several swords.

Li Xun looked at the the Evil Faction Chang Shen Hall group, his eyes shone and he suddenly lowered his voice and said, "Xiao senior brother really has divine foresight, my humble self is impressed!"

Xiao YiCai smiled and said, "It is just coincidental. There will still be many occasions in the future to rely on Li senior brother for support, I hope that Li senior brother will favour me with your guidance."

Li Xun indeed dare not look down on Xiao YiCai anymore, he nodded and said, "You're too kind."

Fa Xiang instead looked at the injured Lin JingYu for a while and seemed to have the intention to go over and convey his concern but eventually suppressed it. Ever since Qing Yun Sect and Tian Yin Temple travelling parties met up, both parties got along quite well but only Qing Yun Sect Lin JingYu from the start till the end, was still extremely cold towards Tian Yin Temple monks. As for the underlying reason, no doubt everyone knew it in their hearts, just that nobody wished to open up the old wounds so all along, instead it was the Tian Yin Temple monks who intentionally or unintentionally avoided Lin JingYu.

But since Lin JingYu was injured, Fa Xiang was still concerned. He turned around and spoke softly to Xiao YiCai, "Xiao senior brother, I hope your sect junior brother Lin JingYu's wounds is not serious?"

Xiao YiCai already saw WenMin dressing up Lin JingYu's wounds and turned to look at WenMin, WenMin understood and nodded slightly. Xiao YiCai was relieved and turned to Fa Xiang, "Lin junior brother's injuries are nothing serious, Fa Xiang senior brother don't have to worry."

Fa Xiang bowed and pressed his palms together, chanted softly.

Xiao YiCai took a deep breath and looked ahead, he spoke in a clear loud voice, "YuYang Zi senior, to say you are considered a senior master too and Chang Shen Hall ranks as one of the four big powerful sects of Evil Faction, how can you use this kind of dirty tactic and not be afraid that you will be the laughing stock of the world?"

YuYang Zi furiously said, "You this kind of so-called proper Good Faction also did the same and ambushed us, and still dare to have the audacity to speak loudly here without any shame?"

Xiao YiCai's expression remained unchanged and awe-inspiringly righteously replied, "We are all young and junior, furthermore we are in unfamiliar territory, of course we have to be on guard against treacherous and evil villains who are furtively doing us harm. Unexpectedly we didn't expect the person to show up would be......he he, he he!"

Xiao YiCai was far younger than YuYang Zi but because of his sharp tongue, in a few words he had already made YuYang Zi fumed with anger. He bellowed once and lunged, the Chang Shen Hall men who were behind him saw their sect leader made the attack and also charged forward. Xiao YiCai and the rest of the exceptional skilled disciples took up YuYang Zi while the rest began their battles again.

Actually, with YuYang Zi's cultivated practised magnanimity, he would not be that easily provoked by Xiao YiCai but when he saw that the only bit of strength left in Chang Shen Hall was also spent considerably in vain, he was extremely pained and incensed; and of all things Xiao YiCai's words insulted him without using vulgarity, every word was sarcastic. Although MengJi who was beside him, still maintained some sanity and wanted to persuade him but YuYang Zi had already charged out.

To be able to retain his position of Chang Shen Hall Sect leader for over a hundred years, YuYang Zi undeniably had genuine talent. Even after losing his left arm at Qing Yun battle ten years ago and suffering great loss of his skills, fighting against one person, Xiao YiCai, he was absolutely not his match.

But of course, this kind of one-to-one duel would never happen. Xiao YiCai in the middle, Fa Xiang at left and Li Xun at right, these three were the most outstanding among the Good Faction younger generation cut off YuYang Zi and fought him.

YuYang Zi gathered his divine might, using his only arm, he fought as one against three. The magical weapon, Yin Yang Mirror, in his hand was fantastic and enigmatic, one moment it was black and the next white, emitting bursts of mysterious lights. The magical weapons' lights from Xiao YiCai and the rest were either blocked by this rare mirror or being pulled aside by YuYang Zi, nobody could get near him at all.

And furthermore, when the white side of the Yin Yang Mirror flipped over, it would actually reflect the magical weapons back at their casters. The three of them initially did not expect that this magical weapon would actually have such ingenious ability and nearly suffered heavy injuries. Li Xun's left arm was scratched once by his own magical weapon, 'Jiu Yang Ruler' and almost became another YuYang Zi, one armed man.

The three of them thus did not dare to be careless and retaliated carefully. YuYang Zi as one against three and facing these three outstanding talents from Good Faction, he could actually still maintained the upper hand, his skills and abilities were really exceptional.

Only that although YuYang Zi he himself was powerful but those men under him were far from it. Facing this group of Good Faction talented disciples and not a single disciple's magical weapon was not exceptional, although Chang Shen Hall numbers were much more but slowly they were losing.

Other than Tian Yin Temple monks whose attacks were much kinder, Qing Yun Sect and the Evil Faction had enmity as deep as the sea and its disciples' attacks were all lethal, FenXiang Valley was no different from Qing Yun. As YuYang Zi was being pestered by those three, although he had the upper hand but he was unable to get away, and while battling, he looked around and saw that other than MengJi and a few that were making an effort to hold up, the rest of the ordinary disciples had already lost their fighting will and the casualties were more than half.

MengJi, with one stroke, forced the FenXiang Valley disciple in front of him to back up, anxiety showed on his face, he loudly called out to YuYang Zi, "Sect leader!"

YuYang Zi gritted his teeth, revealing his extreme indignant but in the end he knew the game was as good as lost, if he were to fight on, even the last reserve of Chang Shen Hall would also be spent here. He had no alternative but to loudly called out, "Everyone retreat first, I will bring up the rear!"

Once these words were said, Chang Shen Hall disciples started to flee into the darkness behind. Xiao YiCai and the rest in Good Faction were extremely sharp-witted and attacked at the same time, the various magical weapons' remarkable lights flashed and one after another immediately rushed at YuYang Zi.

YuYang Zi gave a bellow of rage and did not even avoid, the Yin Yang Mirror spinned urgently in the air and charged up. [Dang] and deflected the magical weapon, 'Reincarnation Pearl'. It instantly turned from black to white and Xiao YiCai body's shook. The Seven-Star Sword suddenly lost control while executing its strokes in the air and turned back to attack, the force swift and fierce and Xiao YiCai for a moment fumbled. He quickly chanted the formula and managed to take back the control of the Seven-Star Sword again.

Just with this moment of effort, YuYang Zi had already pushed the attacking Li Xun's Jiu Yang Ruler aside and the three Good Faction offensive came to a standstill. But YuYang Zi did not take the opportunity to escape and instead leapt up and landed among the crowd.

The other Good Faction disciples were chasing after the escaping Chang Shen Hall disciples and were caught unaware by YuYang Zi. [Teng teng] a few sounds and he had seriously injured several men, a few were also hit by the Yin Yang Mirror's heavy force and flew out, landing among the darkness and then suddenly cried out. After a short while there were no more cries, most probably they had landed at the bottomless pit and ended their lives that way.

In the darkness, only YuYang Zi moved freely and showing his contempt. He weaved in and out, killing people as he went and covering Chang Shen Hall disciples who were fleeing. Wherever he went, the Yin Yang Mirror's black and white light rays would be in front of him and the Good Faction disciples scattered to avoid it. Its power and might was really considered unexcelled in the world.

And at far away, the few indistinct figures who were standing still for a long while, were also concentrating on the situation, especially fixing an unwavering stare at that YuYang Zi, who was displaying his martial prowess.

With the attack by YuYang Zi, Chang Shen Hall disciples immediately felt the pressure lifted and in a flash half evacuated, leaving only the bodies on the ground. YuYang Zi saw it and felt distressed.

But at this moment, Good Faction Xiao YiCai and the rest had already caught up and with Qing Yun Sect Song Daren, Zeng ShuShu, WenMin, Tian Yin Temple Fa Shan, FenXiang Valley YanHong, a total of eight, took out their magical weapons and surrounded YuYang Zi.

YuYang Zi gave a sharp howl, the killings aroused his excitement and one by one, the savage sides of his character were brought out. He did not have any slightest sign of fear, the Yin Yang Mirror spinned and danced, shielding left and deflecting right, drawing the counter-offensive, fighting with these eight people, from the ground to the sky, and again from the sky back to the ground.

Just that after all there were more people on Good Faction side and in addition their skills were above-average. Even how remarkable YuYang Zi's skills were, he still could not beat the crowd and slowly, the Yin Yang Mirror was being subdued.

The eight people from Good Faction leapt and flew, their teamwork gradually gained chemistry and although it did not look right that these eight people were attacking one but they only had to add a sentence in their hearts that this was one of the big evil monster of the extremely vicious Evil Faction and they would feel justified. Every stroke was lethal and aiming for the vital points.

But YuYang Zi with several hundred years of painstaking cultivated skills, how would he be someone to be trifled with, he placed himself under the blades' shadows and even though he was slowly losing the strength to counter back and the besieging pressures were increasing but no matter how intensely Xiao YiCai and the rest attacked, they still could not get pass his Yin Yang Mirror with the two black and white mystical lights.

Besides, his body moved, secretly migrating the fighting group towards the side, if not for Xiao YiCai who was really sharp-witted and suddenly remembered how his own sect disciples had perished just now, he loudly shouted, "Be careful not to sink into the marsh!"

This then reminded everyone and they realized after a moment that they were been brought on the sly to the side of the bottomless pit and if they were not careful, one of them would sink in. it was really a very close shave.

In the chaos, YuYang Zi still had this degree of mindfulness and foresight, these practical experiences were naturally incomparable to these juniors.

However even how experience he was and how exceptional his skills were, facing this group of highly skilled, talented and holding remarkable magical weapons, and also with such foresight and composed young experts, he was also helpless.

These eight people led by Xiao YiCai, attacked at the same time. Immediately numerous extraordinary lights continuously hit onto YuYang Zi's Yin Yang Mirror. YuYang Zi's entire body shook and he felt immense pressure, like the power of a tidal wave, again and again. The opponents could rest slightly after attacking but he could only keep on defending, unable to retaliate. After deflecting more than ten, twenty times, he finally could not withstand and had not choice but to move back, gradually moving away from the bottomless pit.

After leaving the bottomless pit, the Good Faction were immediately relieved and felt unimpeded to beset YuYang Zi.

YuYang Zi gradually felt fatigued, from the corner of his eyes he saw that most of his Chang Shen Hall disciples had already evacuated and MengJi and a few were on their way to his aid but beside him, even more Good Faction disciples were enclosing in.

YuYang Zi felt a moment of panic, he knew if these twenty, thirty people besieged him, even how high his ability was, he would also have to give up his life here. Immediately he deflected Zeng ShuShu's XuanYuan Sword strike and loudly cried out, "All of you quickly leave!"

MengJi and the rest were shocked and then turned and fled. YuYang Zi did not wish to prolong the fight, the Yin Yang Mirror in his hand flashed and flashed, suddenly the white light flared, its resplendence dazzling to the eyes and in an instant retaliated against the five magical weapons and reflected them back to its casters.

The Good Faction did not expect that he still would have such ability and immediately there were some disorder and a small opening opened up in the formation.

How could YuYang Zi stood by, immediately his body turned into a light and dashed forward like lighting.

His figure had just only moved and the next moment he was already at that opening and looked to be getting away. Xiao YiCai and the rest were slightly far behind him and were unable to catch up in in time.

But then a jade-green light shone at once, resplendent and dazzling, the Dragon Slayer Sword arrived with a vengeance and chopped down, looking at this impetus, it looked like it would chop YuYang Zi into two.

YuYang Zi could not defend in time but at this moment of life and death, he was able to force himself to shift three degrees to the right. That jade-green light chopped down beside him, his sleeve fluttered, turned into flecks by this jade-green light.

YuYang Zi had already lost his left arm and it had instead gain an advantage for him at this moment. If not, it was not known if he could maintain his conscious under such intense pain but he felt a burning pain on his left body, most likely caused by this Dragon Slayer Sword's baleful jade-green light. His body continued to move and his right hand had already flipped, the Yin Yang Mirror immediately flashed with black and white lights and shot out across. A muffled groan was heard and Lin JingYu staggered backwards, all of his dressed wounds on his body split opened, spurting out fresh blood again!

Right now the road ahead was cleared of Good Faction disciples, YuYang Zi was delighted and about to exert his powers, at the same time he cursed in his heart, today the humiliation suffered at these Good Faction juniors, he would pay it back a hundred times in the future.

In the death marsh, suddenly a loud explosion was heard!

Everyone turned to look!

A resplendent dazzling blue light spanned across the horizon, the dark clouds in the sky like ink, rotated around at a fast speed, like a ferocious swirl. Lu XueQi standing in mid-air, a piercingly cold gale, her unparalleled appearance like ice and snow!

In the darkness far away, a figure seemed to tremble slightly.

That beautiful girl floated in the air, walked seven steps, her lips chanting and instantly lightning flashed chaotically in the horizon, like a gigantic snake traversing through clouds.

YuYang Zi's countenance changed greatly but without waiting for his reaction, Lu XueQi's 'Celestial sword Maneuvering the Thunder Formula' was already ignited, the enormous lightning in the horizon suddenly fell and struck onto Tian Ya Sword's tip. Blue light flared and instantly lighted up half of the gloomy sky.

And right now, Lu XueQi did not feel the same strain when she competed with Zhang Xiao Fan, lighting filled the sky, reflecting deep in her eyes, as if things had gone back to the past!

The enormous light beam, refracted and descended. It had not even reach the ground where the Good Faction disciples nearby had already started to withdraw. Within the perimeter of several zhangs from YuYang Zi, the gale howled and the trees, water plants were all uprooted, its might was staggering!

YuYang Zi gave a long howl, all of his clothes gathered up, the Yin Yang Mirror rose and suspended in the air, radiating black and white lights and then suddenly became one, evidently YuYang Zi after the intensive battle, was using all of his energy to make the final battle!


The enormous light beam hit onto YuYang Zi's Yin Yang Mirror with an impact and YuYang Zi's body immediately sunk into the earth by one cun, agony flashed past YuYang Zi's face but Lu XueQi in the air too suddenly shook greatly and turned pale by a few degrees.

But the enormous light beam did not reduce or withdraw, flowing ceaselessly from Tian Ya Celestial Sword, the electric rays flashed crazily and struck down fiercely. YuYang Zi resisted with his one arm, looking more and more awful, if not for the fact that the 'Celestial sword Maneuvering the Thunder Formula''s force was too powerful and the Good Faction disciples could not intervene, else right now if hundreds and thousands of swords attacked at the same time, YuYang Zi would immediately turn into a meat pulp.

YuYang Zi's eyes were full of hatred, the next moment his face muscles twitched for a while and he bit savagely on his tongue and spat a mouthful of blood at the Yin Yang Mirror. Suddenly the Yin Yang Mirror immediately gave forth a burst of light and forcefully pushed back that enormous beam of light from Lu XueQi.

Xiao YiCai and the rest felt that something was not right and pounced over but YuYang Zi giving a long howl, flew up and the Yin Yang Mirror powerfully swept behind him, stimulated by his blood, it's divine light surged violently. Xiao YiCai and the rest did not dare to meet it directly and everyone of them kept out of its way..

Although this move by YuYang Zi was formidable but after this intense battle and with the usage of such savage and strange art, his internal energy was already severely injured and even his steps were staggering. But this person was really amazing, under such circumstances he could still mustered a breath of energy and flew out, disappearing eventually into the darkness.

Li Xun and the rest wanted to pursue but Xiao YiCai weighed the pros and cons and loudly stopped them, "Don't pursue a beaten enemy, there are dangers everywhere in this death marsh and we are on unfamiliar ground, our priority is to be careful!"

Although Li Xun was not willing to but tonight Xiao YiCai had predicted like a prophet and he really felt admiration from his heart so eventually he stopped.

This night, this battle, finally concluded with Evil Faction Chang Shen Hall's crushing defeat.

Just that between the Good and Evil open factional fight, the Good Faction also suffered losses but compared to Chang Shen Hall, it was way much better.