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Chapter 91: Wild Dog The Good Person

Chapter 91: Wild Dog The Good Person

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Wild Dog The Good Person

In the death marsh, accompanying the increasingly heavy rain, a wind began to blow.

The monkey Xiao Hui's furs were all wet and plastering tightly on its body, it curled up its body and hid in Xiao Huan's embrace, not moving at all. Only a pair of sharp eyes, still rolling around, looking far ahead and then looked at Xiao Huan again.

The rain filled up the sky, turning the death marsh which was initially already gloomy into a darker shade, everywhere was a sea of murky grey. Zhou YiXian flipped up his clothes to cover his head and sat below the small tree. Xiao Huan, could not decide whether to sit or stand, after a moment, gave a wry smile and gently squatted down. She hugged Xiao Hui tighter to prevent it from the wind and rain, and as for herself, since she was already drenched, she did not have any other choice.

Wild Dog Taoist, extremely pleased with himself, held his umbrella and walked over. Looking at his expression, obviously there was none of the giving-his-umbrella-to-help-the-needy, showing-pity-and-tenderness-to-women etc , he was only heard saying, "He he, young lady, do you want the umbrella, it must be uncomfortable being drenched in the rain right?"

Xiao Huan raised her head to look at Wild Dog Taoist and laughed lightly, the raindrops fell onto her beautiful and fair face, burst and scattered like pearls.

Wild Dog Taoist's breath stopped, he planned to come over to make Xiao Huan begged him for the umbrella and then Wild Dog Taoist Uncle would loudly ridicule this young girl and then lastly arrogantly swaggered off, to be this type of bad person, it really felt good and very satisfying!

Unexpectedly Xiao Huan was far from what he expected, she did not speak a word, not to even mention begging him, his eager plans immediately fell through. Wild Dog Taoist was very vexed and glared fiercely at Xiao Huan.

This glare, without knowing why, took his breath away.

The young and beautiful lady in front of him, quietly squatting down and bearing the storm. The storm raged between Heaven and Earth, suddenly in Wild Dog's eyes, as if all of the raindrops were falling on her slightly frail body.

Her clothes were wet and sticking on her body, her black hair was slightly tossed, some strands strayed onto the side of her cheeks, the pale face against the wind and rain, carried with it a breath-taking and mournful beauty.

Her shoulders, were actually thin and weak, every raindrop that fell and rebounded were like crystal fragments and seemed to be trembling, the translucent fair and white skin stuck onto the clothes.

Wild Dog Taoist abruptly turned around and did not look at her, subconsciously he clenched the umbrella tight and as if he was reminding someone, he repeatedly said, "I am a bad person, I am a bad person, I am a bad person......"

Xiao Huan initially did not intend to bother about him but became curious upon seeing his reaction, saw Wild Dog's strange behaviour and kept muttering something, she curiously asked, "Priest, what did you say?"

Wild Dog Taoist got a fright, for no reason his heart felt feeble and weak, he sneaked a look at Xiao Huan and saw the strange expression in Xiao Huan's eyes and she was looking back at himself, raindrops dripping down on her snow-white face.

Even her figure in the storm also looked delicate and charming.

"None of your matter!" Wild Dog suddenly flared up and loudly shouted.

Xiao Huan was stunned, shrugged her shoulder and lowered her head but saw that Xiao Hui the monkey was looking at herself, she could not help but smiled and stuck out her tongue at it.

Xiao Hui grinned, [Zi Zi] laughed.

The wind blew and the rain fell, just when this storm showed no sign of stopping, Xiao Huan gradually felt her body started to shiver and was worrying about it when suddenly [Yi] a sound, she felt the rain above her head seemed to decrease by a lot. She raised her head to look and suddenly paused.

Without knowing when, Wild Dog Taoist had walked back and used his umbrella to shelter her, only within a short while, his body was wet from the rain.

"There, give you the umbrella!" Wild Dog Taoist, as if unhappy with somebody, harshly shouted.

Xiao Huan stood up and exclaimed, "Priest, you......"

Wild Dog Taoist's eyes sneaked a look at her face for a moment and saw on Xiao Huan's surprised face, glistening raindrops quietly dripping on her face, some fell onto her long lashes, reflecting the radiance and beauty in her sparkling bright eyes, absolutely captivating.

Wild Dog Taoist instantly was like being consumed by fire, pushed the umbrella into her hand and immediately walked off, without a care for the storm, loudly scolded, "All of you these young girls, always like to act pitiful, hateful, hateful!"

Xiao Huan, holding the umbrella and looking at Wild Dog Taoist's back, suddenly laughed out, her laughter like a clear, melodious wind chime in the storm, laughed loudly and said, "Priest, you are a good person!"

Wild Dog Taoist did not dare to turn his head, [Pei] a sound, he angrily said, "Nonsense, your Taoist Uncle is a bad seed from the moment he was born and he will go all out against your likes of Good Faction people for his whole life!"

Xiao Huan stood holding the umbrella, smiled and looked at Wild Dog Taoist's figure.

The umbrella had just left Wild Dog Taoist's hand for a short while and he was already drenched from head to toe. He looked around at the surroundings but could not find any place to hide from the rain so eventually he walked back to where Zhou YiXian was sitting below the small tree, humphed and following Zhou YiXian's example, flipped his clothes to cover his head, sulking and let the wind and rain drenched him.

Zhou YiXian looked at the ugly face of Wild Dog Taoist beside him, saw that his expression looked complicated and odd, looking both vexed and embarrassed. He suddenly laughed out loud and once he started he could not stop, he even put down his hands which were holding up the clothes, [Ha ha ha ha] laughing nonstop.

Wild Dog Taoist became infuriated from embarrassment, angrily said, "What are you laughing?"

Zhou YiXian pointed at him and [ha ha] laughed loudly, even disregarding the rain and wind beating on his face and loudly said, "I am a bad person, I am a bad person......"

Wild Dog Taoist immediately turned red, so Zhou YiXian's ears were that sharp, the words that Xiao Huan could not hear clearly, he could actually hear it from afar. Now that he saw Wild Dog Taoist looking extremely vexed after doing a good deed, as if he had gone against some principles, he really could not help but laughed out and almost fell over.

Wild Dog Taoist was extremely infuriated and stood up abruptly, Zhou YiXian was startled, although his mouth was still [ha ha] laughing but his body started to move back, unexpectedly the ground was slippery from the rain and [bong] his feet slipped and he fell back, landed into a mud hole, his whole body covered with mud.

Wild Dog Taoist taken aback for a moment but saw that Zhou YiXian was fumbling, looking extremely comical, immediately all of his vexness disappeared and he could not help but also laughed out loudly.

The two of them ridiculed and laughed at each other and then started quarrelling incessantly. Xiao Huan, standing a distance away, smiled but did not come forward.

The rain poured down and seemed to get heavier, between Heaven and Earth everywhere was dismal, instead only in this perilous death marsh, there was still a place with some mild warmth.

In the evening the rain suddenly screeched to a stop, a moment before the sky was so dark that it looked like it was almost the end of the world and the moment after the clouds had already cleared, one wondered if such weather only existed in this death marsh?

Xiao Huan heaved a long sigh and closed the umbrella, she looked up at the sky, although it was evening but after the heavy rain, the haze had dispersed slightly and the sky looked to be even brighter than daylight.

Even the air, those rotting stenchs, right now had also temporarily disappeared.

Xiao Huan turned around and looked in the direction of the small tree, Zhou YiXian and Wild Dog Taoist were still sitting there, just now during the big storm, both of them were still arguing loudly but after weathering the storm, the two of them obviously did not have any energy left, lifelessly put their clothes down from their heads, a sound of shush, the water flowed down like rain, poured from their clothes.

Xiao Huan smiled and turned around. She placed Xiao Hui down and when Xiao Hui touched the ground, it leapt up twice and shook itself, causing the rainwater to spray all about, even Xiao Huan could not avoid in time. Xiao Huan laughed and chided it, she saw that within the water plants nearby, there seemed to be a small pond and walked over. She found a spot where there was not much water plants and looked down.

The flora in the pond were luxurious, even in this broad water surface, it seemed to reflect a faint clear jade color and she was unable to see how deep this pond was. Xiao Huan looked at her own reflection in the water reflection, slowly tidied up her appearance. The hair strands that were messed up by the storm, slowly returned back to its place, just that the clothes on her body were still wet from the storm and sticking onto her body, making her feel uncomfortable.

Far behind her, Zhou YiXian and Wild Dog seemed to start bickering again but their voices were not very loud so it was not that clear. The surroundings also suddenly quietened down, from the relentless storm until now, it seemed to be especially quiet.

Even on the water plants beside her, the glistening water bead silently rolled along the green leaf vein, the sound of the water bead dropping into the pond also seemed to be especially loud.

Xiao Huan took a deep breath involuntarily, after the rain, the air contained an indistinctly sweet smell.

Suddenly, Xiao Hui who had been quietly staying in the back, made a sharp and tense [Zi zi] shout.

Xiao Huan got a shock and gave a questioning stare but suddenly became speechless, in the pond in front of them, in the dense water plants near to them, a pair of eyes appeared, almost twice as big as an average human and staring at her.

Xiao Huan exclaimed in surprise, Zhou YiXian and Wild Dog Taoist who were a distance away were startled but without waiting for them to react, the surface of the pond in front of Xiao Huan exploded, a thick column of water suddenly arise and attacked straight towards Xiao Huan.

Xiao Hui shrieked out loud!

Xiao Huan's face turned pale but she was still calm, subconsciously she took a step back, her left hand withdrew into her sleeve. The water column looked like it was going to hit Xiao Huan in an instant, suddenly an orange halo shot out from Xiao Huan's left hand and became a light screen, shielding in front of her.

That big thick water column was blocked by that orange light screen, instantly stopped in mid-air and was unable to move forward, at the same time an extremely hoarse muffled shout emitted from the water column, the water column shook in the mid-air and within the white water sprays, a black figure appeared and intended to land back into the pond.

Xiao Huan had not recovered from her fright and was about to step back, at this moment, a sharp whistling was heard in the air and a light yellow figure, like a flash of lightning, bolted over and in an instant, appeared before her, it was Jin PingEr.

Jin PingEr's pretty face looked deadly, her right hand waved and the purple energy immediately surged and directly entered into the pond, in a short moment there was a loud boom, a turbulent water wall shot up from the pond and charged up directly into the sky, its height exceeding several zhang.

That black figure was forced out by her but still appeared to have some strength left. Although it did not dare to deal directly with Jin PingEr but following the flow of water, it leapt backwards and landed in the water plants with a plop, its body was seen writhing, like a fish, swiftly swimming forward.

Everyone was stunned, that strange thing looked like a human but this type of movement in the water was not what an average human could achieved. Jin PingEr frowned slightly but did not chase after it. Looked like that strange thing was going to disappear into the far corners of the pond within the haze.

Unexpectedly at this moment, that strange thing made another angry hoarse shout, a black-green light with a few streaks of blood-red flashed lightly in the thin haze, that strange thing immediately turned and flew back, as if it was extremely fearful of that black-green light.

Just that when its body was in mid-air, the verdant water plants in the pond underneath its feet, stretching both sides from beneath its feet suddenly rapidly withered and turned brown, even the surface of the water also turned slightly black. Only the plants in Jin PingEr's direction remained verdant.

The strange thing seemed to bellow its last roar but still did not dare to land back into the pond, it flew towards Jin PingEr, evidently making its final fight.

Xiao Huan cried out, "Sister, be careful!"

Jin PingEr's expression did not change, a sneer appeared on her pretty face. As the black strange thing approached nearer, Jin PingEr's pretty eyes flashed, her right hand suddenly raised and the purple light swelled. Nobody could clearly see what magical weapon was used in the resplendent purple light but saw the purple rays like swords, struck down on that strange thing's head. That strange thing [Hou] made a muffled shout, its body flew a few zhang from the impact into the sky and following which it dropped down heavily, its hands and feet twitched and looked like it would not survived.

Gradually it started to quieten down, the turbulent waves in the pond also slowly settled down. Everyone turned to look at that strange thing on the ground and then, each one of them, including Jin PingEr, were all taken aback.

That was really a strange monster but it was a strange monster that looked like a human.

Like a human, it had hands and legs and even on its body, there was tight-fitting clothes but it seemed like to increase flexibility in the water, it wore little clothes. The skin that was not covered, flakes by flakes, it looked like fish scales.

But the thing that shocked them most, was its head. This was actually a fish head, the lips, gill and even the eyes, were also like a fish, it did not have eyelids.

Right now that fish-head-human-body strange monster lay on the ground, blood flowed continuously from its mouth and its body did not move at all, seemed like the heavy blow from Jin PingEr, struck it to death.

Xiao Huan looked at that strange monster and felt a shiver in her heart, subconsciously she shrank back behind Jin PingEr, Jin PingEr lightly patted her shoulder and softly comforted her.

After a while, from the haze in front of them, two people slowly walked out. Although they walked out at the same time but both of them were rather far away from each other, as if staying vigilance against each other. It was Ghost Li and Wan Du Clan Qin WuYan.

Ghost Li's gaze swept around, he paused for a while at Xiao Huan's face who was behind Jin PingEr and then moved away.

Xiao Huan looked at Ghost Li and then looked at Qin WuYan and could not help but felt shocked, these three Evil Faction's younger generation most outstanding experts suddenly were secretly meeting up, and for whatever reason, it made one perplexed and excited thinking about it.

Qin WuYan walked to the strange monster's body and used his feet to kick it, that strange monster flipped and did not move.

Qin WuYan indifferently said, "Dead."

Xiao Hui, who was hiding at the side, [Zi zi] shouted twice and jumped onto Ghost Li's shoulder.

Ghost Li looked at Wild Dog Taoist and looked at Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan, seemed to frown and then slowly said, "All that is to be said have been said, so that's all!"

After speaking, he turned around and was about to leave when Qin WuYan suddenly said, "Ghost Li brother, this not-human-and-not-animal strange monster suddenly appear here, there is something fishy about it, don't you think so?"

Ghost Li stopped but did not speak, Jin PingEr looked at Qin WuYan and said, "Why, you know what this is?"

Qin WuYan was taken aback for a moment and shook his head slightly, he looked at Jin PingEr and Ghost Li's expressions again, they also seemed not to know where this half-human-half-fish strange monster came from. Just at this moment, suddenly somebody walked out beside them and loudly said, "I know where this strange monster came from."

The three of them got a shock at the same time and turned to look, it was Zhou YiXian. Even Xiao Huan was also shocked and said, "Grandfather, you know?"

There was still mud on Zhou YiXian's forehead but right now his demeanour was extremely unusual, with his hands behind his back and his expression haughty, he said, "Your grandfather has been roaming the world all his life, the bridges that I have crossed are more than the roads that you have walked, do you think I have lived in vain? This strange monster is called 'human fish', actually it is not considered an evil monster and in the Southern border's range of thousands mountains, the human fish race is one of the sixty-three different races."

Ghost Li and the rest were all surprised, naturally everyone knew about the thousands of mountains in Southern border but in the Southern border's wildlands, nobody had heard of the sixty-three different races. However looking Zhou YiXian's expression, he did not look like he was spouting nonsense.

Jin PingEr frowned and said, "That is strange, the Southern border is no less than thousands of miles from death marsh, why did this human fish come all the way here?"

This question befuddled the haughty Zhou YiXian, he scratched his head and said, "That I don't know."

Everyone remained quiet for a while and looked like there would be no conclusion, Ghost Li was the first to turn and walk away. Xiao Hui the monkey on his shoulder suddenly turned around, grinned and waved at Xiao Huan.

Xiao Huan smiled.

Wild Dog glanced at Xiao Huan and followed up but he had only took a few steps when Xiao Huan shouted from behind, "Priest, the road ahead is perilous, you must be careful!"

Jin PingEr was surprised and looked at Xiao Huan but Xiao Huan was smiling and did not look different, instead Wild Dog Taoist who was ahead, sped up. Nobody knew if he heard or pretended not to hear, without even turning his head, he rushed up to catch up with Ghost Li.

Qin WuYan looked at the direction where Ghost Li left, walked over to Jin PingEr, smiled and said, "Jin Fairy's 'Purple light sword' reputation is well-known, now that I have seen it, it really deserved its reputation."

Jin PingEr smiled blandly and said, "Qin GongZi is making fun of me, how can I compare to you, just by using a little poison and it can change this pond into a poisonous pond, within fifty years nothing can grow here."

Qin WuYan's eyes froze, his expression also seemed to turn cold. He looked at Jin PingEr for a while then unhurriedly said, "My humble self's 'FuPing' simple poison was made only within half a year, it is just a bag of tricks and did not catch the master's eyes so it was never shown. Didn't expect that Jin Fairy know about this, my humble self is really filled with admiration, really admire!"

Jin PingEr met his stare and did not show any sign of yielding, she said, "Qin GongZi overpraise me."

Qin WuYan looked at her again, a cold ray flashed in his eyes but then a smile appeared on his face, he nodded and said, "As such, my humble self will make a move first, the plans that we have made......"

Jin PingEr interrupted him and said, "Don't worry, I know what to do with that matter!"

Qin WuYan smiled and said, "Good." and then nodded towards Xiao Huan, considered that he had made his greetings, turned and left, disappearing quickly into the haze.

After Qin WuYan's figure disappeared, Jin PingEr still remained silent. After a while, she suddenly heaved a long sigh, Xiao Huan who stood behind her, almost at the same time could feel that actually Jin PingEr's body had been tensed all along and only now then her body relaxed.

"Sister, do you feel not alright?", Xiao Huan was concerned.

Jin PingEr shook her head slightly, looked at Xiao Huan and gently said, "I did not come in time just now, are you hurt?"

Xiao Huan laughed, shook her head and said, "I am alright, only that I was caught in the rain just now but luckily I have ......aiya!"

Jin PingEr was shocked and said, "What is it?"

Xiao Huan stamped her feet and said, "I forgot to return the umbrella to that priest."

Jin PingEr shrugged her shoulders and said, "Then keep it, next time you can return it when you have a chance to meet him again."

Xiao Huan quietly nodded, Jin PingEr gazed out afar and suddenly as if she had a feeling, she spoke quietly to Xiao Huan, "Xiao Huan, next time you must be careful of that two persons."

Xiao Huan did not understand and said, "What?"

Jin PingEr's eyes flashed and a cold ray seemed to flash, she coolly said, "Those two persons, they are really merciless and ruthless, if you see them in the future, you better stay far away immediately and be sure not to go near them!"

Xiao Huan kept quiet and slowly nodded but in her heart, for no reason, she suddenly felt disappointed, indistinctly she recalled back many years ago, that young man who was cheated of his money by Zhou YiXian.