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Chapter 84: Blood curse

Chapter 84: Blood curse - Part 1

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New Chapter - Blood Curse

The accusing voices at last, gradually toned down. FaXiang did not even care about the others and not even a glance to the murderous-looking Dragon Slayer Sword in the livid Lin JingYu's hand, his eyes only looked at Zhang Xiao Fan, concerned and at the same time, rue.

After waiting for everyone to quieten down, FaXiang then unhurriedly continued.

"That murderer, was my third Teacher uncle, ranked as one of the four great Holy Monks, PuZhi Master."

Once the words were out, again another flurry of commotion, everyone was completely shocked.

Zhang Xiao Fan's body, wavered once, and wavered again, he could not feel anything. It seemed like the entire sky had all crashed down, and himself, was only a very ridiculous very lamentable person ah...

That deeply engraved sadness on the recesses of his soul, right now it seemed to have evolved into an evil spirit, viciously biting on his heart!

After grief, what do you still have left?

The firestick slowly started to light up, green light drifted out slightly, mixed with pale golden light but all of these were unable to hide that layer of cold red blood light. The evil energy, never had it been such intense, as if the bloody scent which for the past thousand years had concentrated inside Blood-Sucking Orb and Soul-Absorbing, accompanied with that fury roar of despair from the countless resentful spirits and deceased souls, poured into his chest!

And in that chaos, FaXiang's voice in front of him continued to speak on clearly, "That year PuZhi Teacher Uncle came to Qing Yun, met with Sect Head DaoXuan and tried to persuade him to combine and practise both houses of Buddhism true ways together, maybe it could contribute and break the mystery of immortality, unexpectedly it was politely rejected by Sect Head Reverend."

DaoXuan was startled for a moment, then nodded his head and said, "That's right, there was such thing."

FaXiang continued on, "That day PuZhi Teacher Uncle left the mountain in disappointment and walked aimlessly into Grasstemple village. He saw that it was late and spent the night in one of the dilapidated temple inside the village. It was also that night..."

His voice suddenly paused, the great hall was silent and not a sound was heard, only Zhang Xiao Fan's breathing which were becoming heavier was heard.

FaXiaong arranged his emotions, focused his state of mind but his stare was always on Zhang Xiao Fan, said, "It was that night, PuZhi Teacher Uncle suddenly discovered a black-attired man had intruded into Grasstemple village and was about to kidnap this Lin JingYu junior brother."

Lin JingYu was startled, everyone turned to look at him at the same time, FaXiang continued to say, "PuZhi Teacher Uncle immediately came to his rescue but unexpectedly that black-attired man had ulterior motive, he appeared to have come to kidnap but in fact he wanted to deal with PuZhi Teacher Uncle, intending to take the Evil Faction evil object Blood-Sucking Orb hidden on PuZhi Teacher Uncle!"

The crowd was in uproar.

FaXiang continued, "The Blood-Sucking Orb was accidentally discovered by PuZhi Teacher Uncle many years ago at a big marsh in the west. In order not to allow it to further harm the living, he used Buddhism true way to seal the orb and used Tian Yin Temple's important treasure "Jade Rosary" to further suppress it. But nobody knew how the black-attired man came to know of it and he first hid the extremely poisonous seven-tailed centipede on Lin junior brother and caused it to bite PuZhi Teacher Uncle."

Tian BuYi was astounded and said, "Seven-tailed centipede, don't tell me it was Cang Song..."

This time, it was Lin JingYu's turn to turn even paler.

FaXiang paused and then continued, "After that PuZhi Teacher Uncle, under the venom poisoning, fought life and death with that person and eventually suffered heavy injuries from that person's display of Qing Yun Sect "Celestial Sword Drive Thunder True Formula", and almost died: But he too in the end, used the "Great Brahman Wisdom" to retaliate and injured him severely, causing the black-attired man to flee. And during this intense fight, Zhang Xiao Fan junior brother had also arrived at the temple."

Qing Yun Sect disciples right now could not look more uncomfortable. FaXiang continued, "Then after, PuZhi Teacher Uncle knew he was going to die but his life ambition was still unfulfilled, so he could not take it down. Just at that moment, he suddenly conceived a, a ... a wild fantasy idea, which was to pass down Tian Yin Temple supreme Great Brahman Wisdom true way to a disciple and let this very young youth entered into Qing Yun and learn Qing Yun true ways. The two houses of Buddhism true ways that was never linked before, could then be cultivated at the same time on a person and his life ambition could be achieved."

DaoXuan Reverend sneered and said, "PuZhi was indeed remarkable, great vision and far-sighted, but why did he not pass down to a better potential Lin JingYu and yet chose this Zhang Xiao Fan?"

FaXiang paused for a moment and said, "PuZhi Teacher Uncle thought that Lin JingYu's aptitude was too good. If he entered Qing Yun Sect, he would definitely receive attention from both his teachers and seniors and was afraid he might be seen through easily, so..."

Qing Yun Sect members looked at each other, Tian BuYi shook his head and said, "Remarkable, remarkable..."

FaXiang said again, "As such, PuZhi Teacher Uncle was also sincerely fond of Zhang junior brother's simple and honest heart, so he passed down what had never been passed to outsiders for a thousand years, the Great Brahman Wisdom to Zhang junior brother. After that he was afraid that if the Blood-Sucking Orb was still on his body and in case the black-attired man turned back, it might fall into evil hands and thus handed the orb to Zhang junior brother to let him find a desolate cliff and to throw down. But just that, " When he spoke until here, FaXiang could not help but to sigh and said, "Unexpectedly Zhang junior brother was most likely nostalgic about the old ties and kept this evil orb with him."

In the great hall, it was then everyone resolved one of their doubts, that the Blood-Sucking Orb's origin was like this and how the Great Brahman Wisdom true way on Zhang Xiao Fan came like that.

By now, FaXiang's face revealed a pained expression and he unhurriedly said, "If it was to remain that way, PuZhi Teacher Uncle was only acting recklessly. But nobody expected at that moment, something actually happened...Originally, PuZhi Teacher Uncle with his compassionate feeling for mankind, even if he were to suffer the torment of the Blood-Sucking Orb, he still wanted to use his own Buddhism cultivated skills to control this evil object. Unexpectedly after a long period of time, the evil energy of the Blood-Sucking Orb silently seeped deep into PuZhi Teacher Uncle's soul. On normal days, PuZhi Teacher Uncle had his Buddhism power to protect his body so he was totally unaware but on that day when he was near to his death and had just left Zhang junior brother and the rest, walked into the village centre and suddenly thought, even though he had passed the Buddhism true way to Zhang junior brother but he might not be able to join Qing Yun successfully!"

FaXiang's face showed his agonizing pain, even his voice was trembling slightly, said, "That moment, PuZhi Teacher Uncle's Buddhism power was greatly weaken and was invaded by the evil energy. As if he was possessed, he actually conceived, conceived the thought to kill all of the villagers in Grasstemple village so that Qing Yun Sect, considering their orphan status, would surely take on those two children, therefore, therefore..."

"Ah!" Lin JingYu roared hysterically, finally unable to restrain himself, the Dragon Slayer Sword and his body chopped towards FaXiang, DaoXuan urgently said, "Quick, quick hold him back!"

Without waiting for his words to finish, Tian BuYi and the rest had already stopped him. Lin JingYu's cheeks were streaming with tears, crying bitterly and even under Tian BuYi and the rest restraints, he was still struggling, hoarsely shouting, "I want to kill all of you, kill all of you ..."

Tian Yin Temple PuHong, PuKong as head, all of the monks bent their heads, with expressions of shame, softly chanting unceasingly.

DaoXuan was silent for like half a day, as if even he also needed a huge amount of mental effort in order to digest this unfathomable truth, after a while, he suddenly said to FaXiang, "Just now you said PuZhi was near his death, then this truth, how did you all know?"

FaXiang remained silent for a short while, said, "PuZhi Teacher Uncle once made an acquaintance with an extraordinary person and received a pill of strange medicine, 'Three days must die pill'. After eating the pill, no matter how grave your injury was, within three days it could evoke your entire body's potential energy and preserve your life but after three days, even if your injuries recovered, you still must die. PuZhi Teacher Uncle took this strange pill and finally reached Tian Yin Temple within three days and told the events' details to my honorable teacher PuHong Master. I was serving my teacher at that time and heard the story. PuZhi Teacher Uncle by then had already turned clear-headed and deeply regretted the heinous evil sin that he had sown. He couldn't wait to die a thousand times to compensate at least a very small percentage and eventually passed away crying in a seated posture!"

FaXiang looked deeply at Zhang Xiao Fan and slowly said, "This was what happened. All of these things, were our Tian Yin Temple PuZhi Teacher Uncle's fault and had nothing to do with Zhang Xiao Fan junior brother. Requesting Qing Yun Sect Teacher Uncles, all of you absolutely must not blame him!"

Reverend DaoXuan sighed slightly, heaved a long breath and was about to say something when all of a sudden, in the quiet great hall, a quiet sound of sad laughter suddenly rang out.

"Blame? Who wants to blame me?"

This laughter was unfamiliar and cold, carrying with it an immeasurable hatred. Zhang Xiao Fan, who had kept his head down all these while with heavy breathings, slowly, slowly raised his head.

That pair of completely red eyes, looking-like blood and with it, a coldness that caused one's hair to stand, stared at FaXiang.

FaXiang frowned tightly and spoke in a low voice, "Zhang junior brother, you, you must take care of your body, what had passed let it pass! The future days are still long..."

"You! Go! Die!"

All of a sudden, Zhang Xiao Fan through his gritted teeth, spitted out these three words. Not one in the crowd did not turn pale, right now Zhang Xiao Fan seemed to have changed into a totally different person, his entire being emitting murderous aura and his face muscles were contorted, looking extremely savage.

From far, Wang ErShu suddenly exclaimed again, "Ghost! Ghost! Another ghost came!"

And this time, his finger, was pointing at Zhang Xiao Fan.

Everyone turned pale, PuHong Master, disregarding his body's injuries, stood up abruptly. The firestick in Zhang Xiao Fan's right hand suddenly shone with brilliant light, the Blood-Sucking Orb looked-like it was being revived again, green light shone everywhere, mixed with Soul-Absorbing stick's black energy, shrouded Zhang Xiao Fan within it. Even his face was gradually becoming blurred.

FaXiang hoarsely exclaimed, "Zhang junior brother, quickly throw away that evil stick, you have already been invaded by that evil energy..."


Zhang Xiao Fan turned and laughed bitterly at the sky, his voice sad and shrill, "What correct path? What good justice? You all have been lying to me. For my whole life, I have struggle to persist, even if I was to be subjected to death, I wanted to keep his secret for him, but, what am I ..."

He stretched opened both of his arms, facing the sky and uttered a long, mournful cry, "What am I ah-----"

This miserable voice, reverberated between Heaven and Earth, captivating everyone and eliciting tears.

The people in the hall, not one did not change countenance, FaXiang flew up and urgently said, "Zhang junior brother, quickly give up this thing, if not you are going to sink into the Evil way and be lost forever..."

Zhang Xiao Fan held his head high and faced the sky, as if he did not notice at all that FaXiang was charging over, everyone held their breath as FaXiang almost grab the firestick but unexpectedly in the mid-air a delicate sound was heard and a surprise attack by a stream of white light shot over horizontally. FaXiang was unable to defend against this surprise attack, a muffled groan was heard in midair and he flew back.

Everyone was surprised and saw a green figure flashed. BiYao appeared in front of Zhang Xiao Fan, facing the numerous Good Faction skilled fighters but her expression was stern with no fear.

Her eyes were slightly red, evidently she had grieved for Zhang Xiao Fan. Not even caring about the rest, she turned and grabbed Zhang Xiao Fan's hand, urgently said, "Xiao Fan, come with me, these people are beasts in human forms, they are all trying to harm you!"

Zhang Xiao Fan dazely acknowledged but when facing this girl, without knowing why, at this Heaven and Earth lonesome moment, the only place where he could trust, without conscious volition he grabbed tight of that warm hand and followed her!

But in this full of Good Faction experts hall, how could they allow them to be so impudent, especially after a while, many of them recognized BiYao as Evil Faction Ghost King Sect Leader's only daughter, immediately the pot exploded.

Today Qing Yun Sect had numerous casualties and it was all due to the Evil Faction, creating a huge debt of blood with the Evil Faction, never to end until death. Right now there were people already blocking the exit and there were even people shouting and asking, starting to doubt if Zhang Xiao Fan really had relations with the Evil Faction?

Lu XueQi, QiHao and the rest turned pale, Tian LingEr and the rest tried their utmost to explain that Zhang Xiao Fan had just battled with the Evil Faction but this voice was so weak, in an instant it was drowned out by waves of raging voices.

After a while, the Good Faction in the great hall had surrounded both the young man and woman in the middle.

Zhang Xiao Fan stared with blood-red eyes, his body trembling slightly, laughing bitterly nonstop. He only felt that the scenes showing repeatedly in his mind were all tragic bloody scenes but it also seemed to be just a blank space, his entire life's belief, faith were all destroyed today.

BiYao was instead much calmer than him, grabbing tightly onto Zhang Xiao Fan's hand and stood with him, whispered, "Xiao Fan, don't be afraid, even if we are to die, I will be with you!"

Zhang Xiao Fan suddenly was shocked and his head seemed to clear for a moment.

But just at this moment a loud voice shouted over, "Who dares to harm my daughter?"

Shua a sound, Qing Long, YouJi and the rest of the Ghost King Sect members appeared one after another and surrounded both Zhang Xiao Fan and BiYao in the middle.

Ghost King looked at his surroundings, right now with only Ghost King Sect's branch strength, it was indeed a gap against Qing Yun Sect and Tian Yin Temple these two branches but he seemed unperturbed, clasped his hands behind his back, looked around complacently, turned and smiled to BiYao, "Yao er, take Xiao Fan and leave first."

BiYao nodded and was able to leave but the action of ignoring the Good Faction members, how could they indulge and also right now Zhang Xiao Fan's status was especially special, Qing Yun Sect, Tian Yin Temple these two great sects, would not let this person leave no matter what.

Reverend DaoXuan angrily commanded, "Stop them!"

Once his command was out, the Good Faction skilled experts who already could not tolerate immediately surrounded them, in an instant the fights started again in this battered Crystal Hall but the situation now was totally reversed, Good Faction had became the one besieging the Ghost King Sect.

Without much effort, Ghost King Sect was already losing ground, BiYao was still tightly holding onto Zhang Xiao Fan's hand, looking around worriedly but Ghost King was instead, still smiling and looking at the situation with composed expression.

The pressure from the surrounding Good Faction men were getting stronger, the several members of Ghost King Sect had already been cornered into a small circle and the situation was looking precarious, unexpectedly at this moment, sharp whistlings were heard from outside the Crystal Hall, strange rays of light flashed and the next moment miserable cries were heard incessantly.

The Good Faction were shocked and after a while, they saw figures dancing in the air, it was God of Poison, YuYang Zi and SanMiao Fairy leading the rest of the Evil Faction three great sects over to support.

The Evil Faction skilled experts joined the battle one after another and the situation immediately reversed. God of Poison unhurriedly walked over and stood there, beside Ghost King who was looking at them with an expression of gratified, his eyes looking at the battle in front of him and with a smile on his face but his lips moved and he spoke quietly, "Old brother, you are indeed ruthless!"

Ghost King smiled slightly and said, "Old senior, regardless of everything, is willing to risk great danger for our Holy Sect, someday your name will surely pass down through all ages, for Holy Sect future generations to eulogize."

God of Poison gave a bitter laugh, threw him a stare and cursed quietly, "Utter rubbish!"

With this big group of Evil Faction forces arrival, Qing Yun Sect strength were originally greatly diminished, Tian BuYi and the rest although were holding up with difficulty but one could not fight against the odds and were immediately pushed back, the situation turning dangerous by the minute.

Reverend DaoXuan witnessed the whole scene, his eyes looked as if it was going to shoot out flames. Within one day, the Qing Yun Hill which were sacred and inviolable, were being abused by these Evil Faction by their killings, it was Qing Yun Sect ever since their founding, the greatest shame and humiliation.

But the important thing was instead the situation below and in this period of time, he had made some resolution again and raised his arm.

The Evil Faction leaders of the four great sects by now had not entered the battle, their sights were all centered onto Reverend DaoXuan, one look and they knew that this old thief wanted to risk his own life again and activated Zhu Xian Sword Formation, how could they let him do what he wanted to, immediately the four figures like an electric power shot out, they unanimously leapt over to Reverend DaoXuan.

And at this moment, as if it had received some commands, the spiritual beast Water Unicorn which had been lying outside the Crystal Hall, suddenly gave a terrifying roar and charged in, its demeanor extremely ferocious. This type of ancient huge beast, in fact would definitely not be under any cultivated master. The sound of the incoming attack was swift and fierce, it would not be a joking matter if one was to be hit, Ghost King and the rest were blocked by it and in a flash, the Water Unicorn had already rushed over to Reverend DaoXuan's side.

It lay beside Reverend DaoXuan, opened its gigantic mouth and spitted out an object, Reverend DaoXuan stretched his hand over to take it.

The Evil Faction crowd were greatly shocked, looked over and saw that it was really a long sword but right now there was no colour on it at all and seemed to be cast from some strange rare stone, the sword hilt and body were merged together and it looked like it was some ordinary-looking stone sword. And indistinctly on the sword body, veined patterns were everywhere and also seemed to be slightly worn-out, there was even a faint crack on the sword body.

So the Zhu Xian Ancient Sword looked like this and lying inside the Water Unicorn's mouth, this was something nobody thought of.

After a while, when the ancient sword Zhu Xian was in Reverend DaoXuan's hand, a strange thing suddenly happened, in an instant from the ancient sword's body, an unimaginable blazing white light floated up, only within a short period of time it had completely enveloped the entire huge Crystal Hall, the crowd was appalled and one after another they stopped fighting.

But in that light, Reverend DaoXuan's body was seen wavering a few times.

Ghost King and the rest had already experienced it and without needing to say anything, they immediately pounced up. Tian BuYi and the rest shouted in anger but it was already too late to assist. Unexpectedly although Reverend DaoXuan's body was weak, his left and right leaning onto the Water Unicorn's body, his right hand that was holding onto the ancient sword Zhu Xian slashed down in front of him and in an instant the white light was like an enormous wave, toppling the mountain and overturning the seas, gushed over. God of Poison and the rest retaliated with their power at the same time, both powers collided and a loud boom was heard.

The Crystal Hall that was already broken by half, right now even the surviving crumbling walls also collapsed with an explosive sound, dust flew up everywhere. Ghost King and the rest unconsciously stepped back and their faces' expressions changed. The power of the Zhu Xian ancient sword was really unimaginable.

But despite that, Reverend DaoXuan shrouded within the Zhu Xian light rays, Pu a sound spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood but he disregarded all else and forced himself to float up to the Water Unicorn's body. The Water Unicorn gave a loud roar, bared its fangs and brandished its claws, and flew up towards the sky.

In between Heaven and Earth, suddenly it was left with only that Zhu Xian brilliant light, glimmering with resplendent light rays, flourishing increasingly. Accompanied with waves of hym and incantation chants, that extremely magnificent seven-coloured energy sword, again appeared in the sky and incessantly cloning single-colored energy swords, the lights brilliant and colours vibrant.

Not one in the Evil Faction did not change countenance, God of Poison resolutely stamped his feet and impatiently said, "This formation might is really too powerful, we cannot use force to overcome the enemy, we will retreat first."

Ghost King although he saw Reverend DaoXuan looking like he was on the verge of collapsing but he could not understand that even though this person was obviously severely injured, how could he still stimulated this kind of extremely essence-consuming earth-shocking formation? Just that once the formation had started, its might was no trivial matter and he after all, dared not used his Evil Faction disciples' lives to gamble. He heaved a long sigh, flew up and signaled to his disciples to retreat.

Chapter 84: Blood curse - Part 2

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Inflatuation=Forbidding Blood Curse

(Inflatuation incantation mentioned in Part 5, Chapter 1 Sadness from mooy/Shuang Shang)

BiYao pulled Zhang Xiao Fan and was about to take flight when suddenly a figure flashed in front of her, it was Lu XueQi blocking in front of her and that TianYa celestial sword in her hand, blue lights were flashing. Lu XueQi coldly said, "Zhang junior brother is from our Qing Yun Sect, quickly release him!"

How could BiYao be willing to let go, she angrily replied, "Leave him here to be killed by all of you? Why don't you all kill me first!"

After speaking, without speaking more, Heartbroken Rare Flower flew out and attacked.

Right now Zhu Xian Sword Formation had already enveloped TongTian Peak, the sky had gradually darkened. Someone from Ghost King Sect saw that BiYao was fighting with Lu XueQi and immediately returned to help, the Good Faction also started to join in and once again the battle started.

Inside, Zhang Xiao Fan felt agony and he felt a wave of brutal cold-blooded thought screaming and shouting violently in his head, a feeling of destruction that wanted to massacre countless of human lives which felt terrible but yet captivating at the same time, flooded his mind.

The firestick seemed to follow its master's thoughts, red, green, gold three colored light rays took turns to flow but very obviously that red light was becoming stronger.

FaXiang was watching from the side and felt alarmed. Ever since he saw Zhang Xiao Fan at Kongsang Mountain, because of that secret, he had viewed Zhang Xiao Fan in a new light and right now whatever happened, he did not wish for Zhang Xiao Fan to sink into the Evil Faction, in a flash he leapt towards Zhang Xiao Fan to grab that firestick.

BiYao panicked but was tangled with Lu XueQi and the rest, she could only urgently cried out, "Xiao Fan, watch out!"

Unexpectedly Zhang Xiao Fan seemed not to have heard and allowed FaXiang to grab the firestick. FaXiang was delighted but in the next moment expression on his face changed greatly, he felt the firestick's ferocious vicious current gushed over like tidewater and Zhang Xiao Fan, who had always been simple and honest, in front of him, he suddenly revealed a hideous grin, like an evil spirit grinning hideously.

"Ah!" FaXiang cried out loudly, he was hit heavily on his chest with a blow from Zhang Xiao Fan using his firestick, sprayed out a mouthful of fresh blood and was thrown back.

Zhang Xiao Fan let out a long howl towards the sky, his eyes bright red. He jumped into the battle and made his way to BiYao. The firestick glowed brilliantly with red light, it seemed to be rejoicing, together with its owner laughing wildly and diving towards death and fresh blood.

Lu XueQi and the rest, one after another, tried to avoid, no matter what, they could not use their full strength against Zhang Xiao Fan. But the Zhang Xiao Fan right now seemed to have already sank into craziness, his eyes filled with immeasurable hatred, every stroke of his was fatal, in a short while he had already forced the crowd back.

BiYao was extremely delighted, she pulled Zhang Xiao Fan and said, "Let's go!"

Their bodies soared up and flew towards the exit.

And at that time in the horizon, the number of energy swords were like mountains and seas and Zhu Xian Sword Formation had already started attacking the Evil Faction. And this time, Reverend DaoXuan seemed to give all out, not only the rain of swords fell down sharply, that enormous seven-colored main sword in the sky was also manipulated by that invisible incantation, carrying with it the power to split the Heaven and break the Earth, charged down rumbling.

This sword formation main sword's might, how could it be taken lightly, one sword attacked down, in an instant within an area of several zhang, blood and fleshes flew everywhere, close to ten people were killed without even the time to scream and even the extent of the remnant force, YuYang Zi was unable to avoid in time and his left hand was cut off. Immediately he cried out miserably, like a bolt of electricity, his figure escaped in a flash.

And at the same time, Reverend DaoXuan who was in the air, was also spent. His body tilted and almost fell from the Water Unicorn, after much difficulty he managed to hold on. He looked down, in just a short period time, almost half of the Evil Faction people had fled but there were still a few at TongTian Peak and the last person in it was Zhang Xiao Fan, BiYao was pulling him and leaving in a haste.

When DaoXuan was in the mid-air, he had already seen Zhang Xiao Fan sank into the evil way, when he was fighting with FaXiang, Lu XueQi and the rest, his attacks were ruthless and heartless, moreover his demeanour right now was deranged, clearly he absolutely could not be reason with.

But in this person, both Qing Yun Sect and Tian Yin Temple two great true ways skills were in him, and furthermore in his hand, an extraordinary evil object. If they let a tiger return to the mountain, he might in the future, turned into a deadly evil, far surpassing an ordinary Evil Faction person.

DaoXuan sighed quietly in his heart but he had made up his mind in that short moment. Even if in the future he would be talked about by all the people in the world, he still would not leave this exceptional time-bomb behind.

There and then Reverend DaoXuan gathered his remaining spiritual power, instantly all of the coloured energy swords in the sky shone brilliantly at the same time, especially that seven-coloured sword formation main sword, expanded suddenly by a big half. With a loud sound, it shook the Heaven and Earth, like an ancient God mad with rage from afar charging down, directly towards Zhang Xiao Fan!

"Ah!" Not to mention the people in Evil Faction turning pale, even the Good Faction, Tian Yin Temple and Qing Yun Sect members, not one did not change countenance, Tian BuYi and SuRu's faces were white, Tian LingEr cried out in fear and fainted.

And at one side, Lu XueQi clutched her TianYa celestial sword tightly, her face white, even the TianYa sword in her hand was trembling slightly.

That shocking enormous sword struck down from the top, it had not even reached the ground where ge ge deafening sounds were heard. The ground of one zhang circumference around Zhang Xiao Fan cracked completely, violent winds screamed and shrouded him within, it was already an inevitable death scene.

Zhang Xiao Fan with his red eyes wide opened, his body trapped by that invisible sword energy and unable to escape. Unable to hold back the grief, indignation and bitterness in his heart, he could only look on helplessly at that terrible huge sword in the sky, rapidly descending with immeasurable murderous intent, opened his mouth and bellowed crazily.

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah...."

The cry shook the surrounding open grounds , Heaven and Earth changed colour, only that Zhu Xian strange sword, like a cold-blooded object used to exterminate the entire Heaven's deities and buddhas, still coming straight at him mercilessly. It looked like Zhang Xiao Fan would soon become a deceased soul under the sword, with his body smashed to pieces and bones grounded to powder.

Suddenly, the world seemed to quiet down, even that Zhu Xian Sword Formation's earth-shocking force stopped breathing for that moment......

That once familiar gentle, fair and clear hand over the years appeared beside Zhang Xiao Fan, with faint, clear bell sounds, pushed him aside.

As if it had slept deeply for a millennium, ten thousand years, at that moment a voice quietly spoke, for one's beloved lover, softly sang:

Spirits of the nine nether worlds, various celestial deities and demons, with my blood and body, offer as sacrifice......

She stood in the raging storm, her slightly red eyes looking at Zhang Xiao Fan but instead on her fair and clear face, there seemed to be a faint smile.

That wind blew her light green dress, fluttering and dancing, like the world's most poignant scene.

Zhang Xiao Fan's heart sank down.

Suddenly, he opened his mouth and roared madly but was forced back by the violent storm; he leapt up and pounced towards BiYao like he was mad but was flicked back by that mysterious energy, red-coloured tears flowed out of the blood-red eyes, dripped past his cheeks.

That woman in the storm, spread opened both of her arms, facing the sky full of pouring swords, facing the enormous sword that had ravished the entire Heaven and Earth's might.

......Three lives seven generations, forever in hell, only for love, never regret even in death......

The violent winds suddenly changed direction and became an immerse vortex encircling BiYao, that graceful and beautiful girl was pushed up by that violent winds up into mid-air, to face that seven-colours rotating enormous sword.

She at that moment, was the only illumination between Heaven and Earth!

After a moment......

Countless blood-coloured vapours in a flash exploded out from her body, congealed into sparkling, crystal-like red jade and forming a blood wall in front of her body, at the same time above the fair and clear face, nine streams of indiscernible faint mist floated out and merged into that blood wall.

That blood wall instantly bubbled, like a passionate infatuation fire blazing ceaselessly and carrying with it all of its passion and despair to burn, exploded out incomparable magnificent radiance glory, going up against the sky!

Against that Zhu Xian main sword, collided with a loud bang!

The magnificent glory was so dazzling, nobody could open their eyes.

Indescribable deafening sound shook the entire horizon vault of heavens, the unstoppable Zhu Xian sword was thrown back and the numerous energy swords in the sky were thrown into disorder. And at TongTian Peak, the peak quaked violently, stones flew up everywhere and on the mountain, numerous enormous cracks appeared as if it was being cut, like the end of the world had arrived.

Indistinctly, a slender melancholy figure slowly fell down from mid-air.

Between Heaven and Earth, suddenly it turned silent, only a voice, heart-wrenchingly screaming crazily.

"No ......"

Endless darkness shrouded the entire world, he was shivering in the darkness, not daring to move, not daring to face, not daring to wake up!

But, eventually he still woke up!

Trembling hand, slowly tightening and releasing again, slowly, opened his eyes, as if like this, also needed all of his courage.

A ordinary stone room simply furnished and plain. He got off the bed slowly, not daring to think of anything, even the firestick beside his hand, he did not look at it again. As if receiving some guidance, he walked towards the door and slowly walked out.

A long passageway outside the room, quite a number of people quietly shuttling back and forth but regardless who it was, once the person saw him, would immediately stepped aside and lowered his head.

He vacantly walked, as if a voice was calling out to him. Very soon he walked to a corner, there was a big stone room over there and the door was unlatched. At the other end of the corner, a familiar sound was heard, like the tone of a person in his memory called Qing Long.

"Mr Ghost, you are the world's number one remarkable person, I beg you on behalf of Wisdom Queen and Wisdom King, save......"

Following it was a sigh, a low voice spoke in the darkness, "I am indebted to Ghost King Sect, it's not that I did not do my best but what Miss BiYao used was our Holy Sect most tragic 'Forbidding Blood Curse', it was also the infatuation curse handed down since ancient time. This cruel curse will use all of the person's essence, blood and flesh to activate it and then absorb the body's three immortal souls and seven mortal forms for smelting. Only with such blatant disregard for everything else then it can have the power to go against Heaven. But the person that is using this curse will surely have his soul scattered and unable to reincarnate forever. I too, really do not have any solution!"

Qing Long's rough voice said, "Mr Ghost, but......"

That voice interrupted, "I understand what you are saying. That's right, the rare treasure, 'He Huan Bell' on Miss BiYao, did at that moment, forcefully absorbed remnants of one soul from the three souls and seven mortal forms that was forced out from her and kept it inside the bell. That is why the body of Miss was not destroyed. But, but this art of calling back the soul skill, had already been lost for thousands of years. Only thousand years ago in the foul place at the southern border, a short-lived black shaman tribe was heard of having this rare skill but had since been extinct. This, this pardon me that I am really powerless!"

Qing Long was silent, after a long while he then said, "But, but sect leader he, not eating and drinking for several days, now already again...... Mr Ghost, he has always respected you, you try to advise him ba!"

That voice slowly said, "Ghost King sect leader is extremely grief-stricken, after some time, he will naturally get better......"

Qing Long was about to say something when suddenly his body shook, as if he had discovered something and turned his head to look over. He saw that weak and pale figure, walking step by step to the entrance and then as if summoning his greatest courage, finally walked in.

Again silence.

Qing Long lowered his head and kept quiet, in the darkness, a deep sigh seemed to be heard.

In the stone room, on top of the white jade stone platform, a beautiful girl lay quietly there, as if sleeping quietly in a deep sleep. Her father, sat beside her holding her hand, staring foolishly at his daughter.

Zhang Xiao Fan stared dazely, his tears silently dripping down, both of his legs weaken and he finally was unable to hold up anymore, collapsed and sat beside BiYao.

That gentle and peaceful face, since then in his life memories, became an unerasable memory!

In the still stone room, an indistinctly sound of weeping in grief, a soft voice choked with sobs:

"Why are you so silly......I still have not told you, in that ancient well, the person that I saw was you......"

Qing Yun Hill.

Small Bamboo Valley.

Late in the night.

Lu XueQi stood silently at the peak gazing faraway but the night was icy cold, the night sky full of stars twinkling, as if ridiculing the common people struggling in the world of mortals.

Footsteps sounded, the familiar and respected sound of her teacher was heard behind her, "Qi er, why are you standing here again?"

Lu XueQi did not speak.

ShuiYue looked at her, suddenly sighed, walked beside her and quietly said, "You are thinking of that person again?"

Lu XueQi remained silent, agony suddenly appeared on her face and she said, "Teacher, it was not supposed to be like this, it was not supposed to turn out like this now!"

ShuiYue also seemed to become silent, after a long while she gently said, "This is all destiny Qi er. When you meet him again in the future, both of you will be the foes who cannot exist under the same sky, you yourself must remember this clearly."

After saying, she sighed, turned and left.

Leaving only Lu XueQi standing at the same spot, the mountain breeze blew over, she could only feel a sudden coldness over her body. Silently gazing afar, using only the voice that she could hear, she quietly said, "When I see him again......"

The night as cold as water, shinning on her lonely figure.